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the entwining of the flame of the Buddha and the Mother

-by Auriel Bessemer

To All Who Would Be United in the Love of the Buddha and the Mother:
  Courage and patience are the twin-flames of Alpha and Omega in the whitefire core of the third of the secret rays.  Understand then that courage is the thrust of Alpha that sweeps the planet round with the intensity of the will of God in the power of the spoken Word and as the beacon of the all-seeing Eye rotating from the window of the lighthouse, pointing the way of victory to the souls of humanity on the path of Buddhic initiation.
  Courage is the crown of the Absolute and the measure of the wisdom of the soul wherein courage becomes the patience of the Mother--patience as the God-control of energies in motion, patience as the Sun shining in her strength in the solar plexus, rays of starry Virgin shining upon the just and the unjust.  Courage is the wisdom of the soul, the quiet knowing that all mankind shall be made whole in the immaculate conception of the patience of the Mother, whose perfect work shall manifest the day of the Manchild’s appearing.
  The Mother is calm because She is the master of the science of the immaculate conception.  By Her immaculate vision She guards the consciousness and the seed atom of Alpha and Omega.  She guards the blueprint and the fiery matrix of child-man aborning in time and space.  And in the guarding of the all-seeing Eye and the vision of perfection for every child the Mother holds the reins of power, wisdom and love.  Within Her patient heart you hear the strains of cosmic melody, spirals of energy precipitating man and woman made in the image and likeness of the I AM Presence.
  Patience is the virtue whereby the saints do magnify the Lord and the feminine ray becomes the handmaid of the Law.  Patience is the flow of purity waiting for each initiation, keeping the vigil of the wise virgins, keeping the light of the chakras for the reunion of the twin-flames of Alpha and Omega.  And so my soul, Sumedha, heard the call of courage and answered, acquiring the fifth perfection of the Law through the mastery of water and energies in motion in the sea and in the sea of the astral plane.
  As Jesus stilled the tempest with his “Peace, be still!”  and cured the disciples of their dreadful fright so in the midst of a stormy sea where all were affrighted unto the death I entered the inner mind of God and found the key to the perfection of courage.  As Saint Germain when he crossed the ocean wide was upheld by the goal and promise of a new world when all around him entered into the mutiny of their fear’s rebellion, so the soul of Sumedha pressed on in the dead of night, mastering the raging seas by the promise of attainment in the light of Buddha in a world to be.
  Likewise souls mastering the perfections in the twentieth century must here and now come to grips with the dark threatenings, the tempestuousness of life’s storms; for these consist of the return of mankind’s karma and their misuse of the energies of the Mother-flow.  And thus the world in these times is being inundated by the records of the Dead Sea and the blackness of their own misqualified energy.
  Let the chelas of the Buddha and those who have claimed the way of Sumedha as their own now summon the ray of Alpha and Alpha’s thrust, now summon the ray of the Mother and the Mother’s trust to hurl the light into the depths, to reverse the tide of darkness into the whitefire core of the flame of trans­mutation and to bear with equanimity the thrashings and lashings of those who are the instruments of your initiation in the sixth perfection of the Law.
  To endure suffering when endurance is required is a virtue, but you must adjudicate the cycles.  You must know that when courage is satisfied patience will follow with her perfect work; and when the work of patience is perfected it is time for courage to displace the darkness of that space.  Therefore endure all that the great Law doth require of thee and demand answer from the Buddha of the Law for the energy of courage to consume by fire that suffering which is superfluous to attainment of the Ten Perfections of the Law.
  Understand too that the gift of the wisdom of the Law and the instruction which you receive herewith from my own heartflame is the comfort of the Spirit in the days of tribulation when the saints are required to endure all things.  For he that endureth unto the end of cycles, the same shall be saved from the toils of the wicked, from the temptations of Mara and from the negative spirals of his own returning karma.
In love is the gift of patience.  For only love “beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.”  Indeed the man who in love endureth temptation and persecution for his right use of the Law when he is weighed in the great balance of the Buddha shall receive the crown of life which the Lord Buddha has promised to all who love the light in the Law of Being.
  I dwell upon this initiation of the third of the secret rays that you might understand that it is for the entwining of the flame of the Buddha and the Mother within your own fiery core.  Cells of Being marching in pairs emulate the twin-flames of Alpha and Omega.  And when therefore you find no other explanation, no other consolation for the sorrow and the suffering that for a little while precedes the rejoicing and the overcoming, look to God on high, look to the Lord Dipamkara and the disciple Sumedha.  Look to the soul within and hear the voice of hierarchies echoing from the Central Sun of Life:
  “I AM the Lord thy God visiting the temple of being, testing the mettle of the soul, and releasing---unto that soul who has called forth the light of opportunity--verily, verily the opportunity to enter into unity, the unity of the One, by retracing those cycles which although nobly begun have ensued in failure and frustration for want of consecration and for want of putting down the temptation of self-preservation.
  “Extinguish that candle of the lesser self ere it does scorch the garment of the Christed one to be, of the Buddha on the path of golden immortality.  Extinguish the candle of the lesser self.  Leave it not to burn on in the night, for it will scorch the blessed filigreed veil of Cosmic Virgin.
  “I come with energies of Kali to flail the arrogance of the dying ego, of the beast that riseth up out of the sea and of the beast that cometh up out of the earth.  For these would destroy thy sacred alchemy, the alchemy of the union of the soul with God.  This is the goal of life reigning in Sun and sod.  In the detail of the Law discipline thy vanity, O chela!  Become Sumedha, soul of souls, O sacred worth of light in humanity!”
  Let the shavings from the soap-carving of a little child--his carving of the image of the Buddha--demonstrate to parents and to teachers who would instruct these little ones in the Law that if you would prove to souls the light of God without flaw, you must shave away the propensity, the density, the superfluity of vanity of vanities and that personality cult based on the interchange of senseless conversation, sensual vibration, ego argumentation and the development of the human personality at the expense of the divine.
  Look not for human personality in the chelas of the Mother but for charisma of soul and the quietness of Buddha.  For they who follow the Eightfold Path of sacred worth know the Buddha within the heart and the quietude of communion in the heart of God, the heart of Christ, the heart of humanity.  And so in patience possess the soul.  Be the possessor of the lines of force; be the controller of the flow of energy.  Let the light of the Creator manifest in the fourfold aspects of thy being as the four lower bodies of four-leaf clover show the precipitation of the Mother and the Buddha.
  Patience is the holding-on to the reins of the all-power of God in heaven and in earth.  Patience is tenacity, the clenching of teeth for the victory and the willingness to wait--and to wait through the cycles of the night and the day for the coming of the Mother-ray and the coming of the Buddha and the Law.
  You do not know the hour of the coming of the Sun of God into your heart nor do you know the hour of the coming of the Lord of the World.  Therefore in the patience of the saints, in the courage of the righteous, in the wisdom of the masters tarry ye till I come.  Tarry in the City Foursquare, tarry in the New Jerusalem, tarry in the bowl of the chakras.  And while you tarry let the outgoing of your energy flow be the thrust of Alpha and the receiving of the oncoming light as the wave that crystallizes the foam of the Mother’s love.

  I AM the Buddha in adoration of the Mother-flame within you.  Raise up now that Mother-flame that I might behold the object of my adoring.     
                                         -Gautama Buddha:    Pearls of Wisdom 18:25

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