Wednesday, January 2, 2019

at last the scales that have blinded the eyes of the soul

   Your own blessed God Presence, I AM, that is in you and above you is the light of your world, individually and collectively….We are not interested in building personality cults wherein the leader--usurping the position of Christ--is looked upon as the savior of the members; We are intreated in increasing the awareness of God in the life of each individual so that out of his own knowingness can come the great ratification of the ethers of his own world that shall bring into his consciousness the things of the Spirit that have long ben hidden….
  Even the skeptics, scoffers and scientists who have stood so rigidly behind the bars of so-called proven truth--which again and again have ben altered--shall acknowledge the supremacy of the higher Law, and at last the scales that have blinded the eyes of the soul, that have actually hidden his divine potential, shall drop away.     
(by Schmiechen, 1884)
                                  Kuthumi:   Pearls of Wisdom 13:3
To All Who See the Holy Spirit as the Bearer of Truth,

   The truth that frees scatters the chaff of human reason, revealing the perfectly formed matrix of the Eternal God for every individualized life manifestation.  Let the souls of men welcome then their much needed scourging as the balm of Gilead, as a sweet anointing, as the bearer of glad tidings for, whereas humanity seek for earthly comfort, those mighty sinuous men that We would call the heroes of love have one and all recognized their strength as coming from the chastening of spiritual realms….(In Psalm 1) the psalmist of old described these sponsors of mankind’s divinity; to them the Law of the Lord was revealed a a brilliant thread of truth whose presence, whether delicately intertwined or simply woven, could always be felt in the garment of the Lord.
  We deal then with sensitivity--all men are not equally sensitive to the ministrations of the Holy Spirit, for all have not exercised their spiritual senses with diligence and gratitude for blessings felt but not seen.  The natural unfoldment of the sevenfold temple of God-magnificence reveals the true being of man twinkling as a diadem of reality and skillfully placed within the microcosm of the physical body--this temple is a starry doorway into the boundless reaches of cosmos…
  Man’s role as an instrument of the Holy Spirit should be clearly perceived as a spiritual responsibility to manage the energy of life entrusted to his care….But true spiritual experience can come only through contact with the macrocosmic world of Spirit, and this interchange between macrocosm and the microcosm of man’s being is dependent almost entirely upon the development of one’s spiritual faculties….
   As long as mankind are attached by desire to the things of the world the things of the Holy Spirit may seem as foolishness to them….Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit the severed strands are once again united and the body of divine radiance that comprise the invisible garment of the servant-son is once again placed before him as the means of his goalfittedness for a lifetime. …  

             Lovingly I AM    
                                       the Maha Chohan   Pearls of Wisdom 13:4

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