Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The vast drama that keeps the way of the Tree of Life

  …because of earthly affinities the additional boost of power that comes about as the result of experimentation will make a magnet out of their negatives even when they are completely involved in the divine search.  Thus will their own negative momentums, hidden in the recesses of their subconscious minds, draw to themselves more of their kind from the thoughts and feelings of others.  This phenomenon is often the underlying cause of disharmony in religious groups.
  Now we earnestly desire to have the body of God upon earth forewarned about these conditions, for unless the deterrent forces which are imbedded in the psyche of man are brought under the power of divine Grace and emptied of their content (i.e., of the misqualified energies which sustain their forms) they will peer as haunting specters waiting to devour the offspring of all benign activities and to literally turn man’s light into darkness.
  We would do the opposite.  We would create in the lives of the would-be alchemists the transmutative effects that will enable them through awareness and through dedication to the Christ Spirit of living harmony to manifest all good things under divine control.  Thus shall divine Grace fill the temple of the mind and heart of the alchemist and make him truly a wonder-worker for God….
  Confusion too can and should be healed by the fires of the Christ mind.  For we know that the Christ mind is calm yet capable of focusing the fiery energies of the Creator to overthrow evil both in self and in society.  But let us make clear that this is a fire whose burning is controlled by the mind; it can be slow or fast. …
       For freedom to all I remain,   Saint Germain  Pearls of Wisdom 13:14
  The vast drama that keeps the way of the Tree of Life, that guards the alchemical secrets has also been born of necessity.  Man’s disobedience to cosmic Law, his hesitancy in matters of the Spirit, his gathering momentums of destructivity upon earth--these have necessitated the curbing of his activities in heaven.
  In a very real sense then man has been confined to the earth to work out his destiny.  Eden, the Garden of God, and the secrets of life contained therein have been denied him because he would not heed the divine injunction “In the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die!”…
  Why was the flaming sword placed at the east of Eden?  Why was the continuity of existence interrupted by death?  Why did illness, warfare and brutality flash forth and take hold in human consciousness?  Why was anger sustained?  Was it not because people have been afraid of loss--loss of self-respect, loss of individuality, loss of relativity?   Actually what have they to lose?  Nothing but their fears, nothing but their negatives, for that which is tethered to reality can never be lost.
  Let men learn to empty themselves completely of their attachments to the earth; so shall they begin to enter into the childlike mind and Spirit of creative innocence….The meaning of the allegory is quite simple.  So long as man lives according to the “earth, earthy” according to the concepts of “flesh and blood” he cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven, he cannot sustain the heavenly consciousness.  But when in childlike innocence he enters into the divine domain he finds that all of the universe is his--for now he belongs to all of the universe.
  This sweet surrender to the mighty currents of cosmic Law and Purity shows him the need to transfer from the higher octaves of light into the lower ramifications of self the power and the glory, the victory and the overcoming, the transmittal and the transmutation.
  He must shed the glitter and the glamor; he must replace it by light and purity and do all things well.  He must seek for the Spirit of excellence; he must forget limitations and all things that are behind.  He must have faith in that which he cannot yet see and know that Nature herself holds a cornucopia of loveliness and light waiting to be showered upon him when the magic Word is spoken. …
  Humanity are bored, they are frustrated, they are ungentle.  Through what you would call the hoopla of life,they have taken on the phoniness that the dark powers have created, spread abroad and popularized as worldly sophistication—the antithesis of the childlike consciousness. …
“Yet dominion e’er shall muster
Each required grace
To help the world keep pace
With cosmic legions when facing senile moments.
Youth and light appear when facing time’s election.
Shed then all your fears and glow,
Eternal fires of youthful cosmic innocence!”
    On the brink of discovery We remain your faithful teachers of light and divine alchemy,  
                                (by Charles Sindelar)
 Saint Germain: Pearls of Wisdom 13:15


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