Thursday, January 3, 2019

Do not be ruffled; do not be moved.

  Beloved Mother and beloved friends, I rejoice to be with you in this moment.  I have waited long, very long, beloved, to reach this moment when I might stand as an ascended being and in my robes of immortality to speak to you of God’s call to me long, long ago, which I also answered.
  I speak to you, beloved, of art and art itself in so many forms and manifestations.  I have pursued art over many, many lifetimes and in doing this I have perfected my own soul.  I have been able to draw back to myself the fragments of the soul.  And I understand that you are now engaged in this, and I am grateful that our Mother has introduced this and does lead for you the soul-retrieval exercises at quarterly conferences.
  Know then and understand, beloved, that the fragmenting of the soul bears warning and a sign.  If the soul becomes fragmented, it is because the soul has been abused and the light of the soul has been stolen. Your own carnal mind may steal the light of your soul.  Far worse, fallen angels and laggards may come to steal components of the soul.  Once these components of the soul are no longer tied to the soul they may float beyond in octaves and in levels that are dark that may consist of millions of miles across the galaxies.  Once the soul and the body of the soul has been tampered with and ceases to be whole then that soul, she is vulnerable.
  You then have come to this meeting today to call for the fragments of your soul to be returned to you.  I know that the messenger has made it clear to you that in order to hold on to the soul and to bring the fragments back to the soul you must have a very strong heart-chakra--a very strong chakra, a chakra that is greater than the antithesis, that which is the heart of the fallen angels.
  So if you have neglected the raising up and the balancing of your threefold flame regularly through many lifetimes, lifetime after lifetime, then at the moment when you desire to magnetize back to you all of these soul fragments, you find that the magnet of your heart is not strong enough to hold on to those fragments.  And once the soul-retrieval is concluded, then you find that those fragments begin to wander again or they may be stolen.
  I would suggest then that on a daily basis you call to God for the Great Central Sun Magnet to be superimposed upon your heart-chakra.  And thereby even though your heart-chakra is not developed nor [is] the Great Central Sun Magnet developed [where you are], that magnet will be placed over your heart and will hold intact the fragments of soul that you have called back through many prayers and mantras and decrees in these rituals of soul-retrieval.  So you see, beloved, this in itself is a great dispensation--to know that you may have that Central Sun Magnet over the heartflame, over the threefold flame, protecting, protecting the fragments of being.  As you do this then and you call home the sheep from your pastures, from far-off worlds, when all are together and all components of wholeness are sealed then and only then can the soul enter into the path of becoming one with the Holy Christ Self.  So you see, there are steps and stages of development that must not be missed.  When you miss some of those stages then unwittingly you have skipped steps that will be costly to you.
  I recommend then that you realize that once you have placed upon your heart-chakra a replica, a small replica of the Great Central Sun Magnet--once it is placed by your Holy Christ Self, the I AM Presence and the Solar Logoi who control that magnet--you then must maintain your harmony.  For if you break your harmony once you have established the magnet over the heart, then you see, beloved, you have a schism and a discord in your world, which means you have a rent or a tear in your garment.  This may start the process all over again of the fragments of the soul drifting to the farthest corners of the universe and you in your Christ Self having to go forth to bring them home or to rely on the messenger to make this powerful call for you.
  So I give you one more reason why it is important to guard the harmony, guard the harmony of being.  Do not be ruffled; do not be moved.  Recognize that God is your champion, your I AM Presence is your champion, your Holy Christ Self is your champion, the messenger is your champion.  And many angels and saints and ascended beings and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood are also your champions.
  So, beloved, you cannot make it to the octaves of light, permanent being and immortality if indeed you do not bring to wholeness that soul that is yet in the state of mortality.  And she is there because this is the place to which she has fallen.  Now I think I have made myself clear as I wonder if on this my first occasion of speaking to you I have truly conveyed to you my deep desiring.  My deep desiring, beloved, is to share with you the great love of twinflames, especially of ascended twinflames.
  Ascended twinflames who occupy the same fiery ovoid may move through the universes in all dimensions and octaves carrying as it were a sphere (and the spheres of the causal body, as these spheres have been developed over centuries), a great sphere of being that allows twin flames and ourselves specifically to reach untold millions of souls that are in different dimensions of being, different systems.  The universes are far flung, beloved.  We are grateful to be stationed in New York City at the Temple of the Sun, for there so many of different races and backgrounds make their way through that city and then throughout the nation.  So each that comes representing a different evolution of a differ­ent time, a different root race makes one individual or thousands of that same root race have special qualities, a special service to offer.  And then again that is multiplied by the tremendous creativity that everyone has, though many have not touched, in the secret chamber of the heart. 
  Those of you who are artists of one kind or another understand that the greatest art of all is the art of loving and living in the secret chamber of the heart with your Holy Christ Self.  When you are able to do this you know that you are moving closer and closer to your ascension.  Let nothing stop you, beloved, for you are not a point of eternity until you are immortal.  With all of my heart’s love I tell you that no matter what the challenge, no matter how great the pain, no matter what it takes to overcome the sinister force and to beat down the demons of the night, go for it.  Do it.  You can have not only your glorious victory in this life but your eternal union with your twinflame who is either waiting for you in heaven or helping you along on earth.
  I am your beloved Ruth.  I shall be with you always, for I am a part of your mandala.  I seal you in all the love of my heart and I tell you, each one, all things are possible unto those who love.
-Lady Master Ruth Hawkins:  12-30-1996 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana, via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet
   Paul the Venetian and Ruth Hawkins requested that Ruth experience her ascension from the Temple of the Sun, the etheric retreat of the Goddess of Liberty over Manhattan.  The Goddess of Liberty is Paul the Venetian’s spiritual mother.  Paul the Venetian’s retreat, the Château de Liberté, is on the etheric plane over southern France.  But currently he is holding classes in the Temple of the Sun.  Ruth wanted to take her ascension (in October 1995) from the Temple of the Sun because of her deep love for Saint Germain and for America.  So Ruth Hawkins’ ascension flame is now permanently anchored in the etheric octave in that retreat over Manhattan.

  While Ruth was in embodiment she anchored Paul the Venetian’s flame in the earth.  Paul the Venetian said that she single-handedly carried his torch of the love ray.  Since Ruth is now ascended Paul the Venetian has requested that each one of us carry one flame of the torch of the love ray that she held.  We can call to Paul the Venetian and Ruth Hawkins to intensify love in the hearts of people of the world, especially in the youth.     -Messenger E C Prophet:  12-30-1996 at RTR, Montana   

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