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tasks facing mankind today require equal courage to that of those heroes in the past

   While the mysteries of Christ have been contemplated by many, only the few have penetrated the depth of the wonders of his certain knowledge, his inestimable outreach, his power of ineffable light, calculated to part the veils of illusion and reveal the infinite capacity of God to externalize not only in the natural order but also in the spiritual order a kingdom without end.
  The more men meditate upon the Christ and upon spiritual things which buoy up the heart above the restless tides of human thought the more intense will become the light around them and the farther they will see into the internal mysteries of Being.  To relate the life of the Christ to the self is the Father’s intent, for thereby the mighty molding board of the Spirit through His grace may sculpture the living soul into the fashion of the divine plan.
  The life-force in man must be governed not just by reason and desire but by the pure potential of be-ness--the mysterious comprehension of the light by itself.  If the fingers of the Law of God discover anomalies in the life-pattern of an individual and the result be a chastening, it is always for the purpose of greater spiritual fruit and a more abundant life to the one whom God has desired to try.  To know God is to be known of Him, and the rule of order by law establishes in all dimensions a steadfast rise in the comprehension levels of spiritual grace.
  When grace is understood it is perceived as the God-race—G standing for “God” and r-a-c-e for “race,” hence grace or “great race.”  It is a race in the sense that it is a contest between the philosophies of men for the winning of “the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, even as it is swift acceptance by the sons of God of heavenly patterns for the establishment of the divine kingdom upon earth.
Men may say “I am a citizen--I am a native--I am a recipient of the power of a great nation.”  But when the desire for unity is stripped of all spirit of competition, there can be only a cosmic plan, a cosmic dream, the thoughts of the Infinite One.  The lesser images fade into obscurity or to the background, so great is the revelation of the pure intent of the Father.
  Men must seek to raise themselves before they can come to the point of transfiguration.  To raise the self is to bring it to a point where the power of the light can penetrate the substance of their own world, not only by their request but also by their invocation.  Examine the word raise.  The first two letters refer to the power of the Son of God, the power of light itself, the power of Ra.  Then take note that the I (Eye) or lumen, the organ of vision or the ego of being, is the third letter in the word.  This is followed by se (see).  The full meaning of the word then becomes, in all of its glory, “the light of God I see,” or “raise,” which is synonymous with “rays” denoting the extension of the power of the Sun from its center out into the field of darkness.  As it was stated by John the Beloved—“The light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”
  The purpose of our work in this day and age is to see to it that men do comprehend the light and that they walk upon the path of faith.  The meaning of raising the self then is to bring the self to a place where it is capable of discerning the light.  When the light is discerned it cannot help but reveal the shadows that exist in the lower self.  Whereas some men have said to themselves before the light shone in the darkness of being “we are very good,” after they have perceived by the power of the light the conditions they were in, they were ready to cry to the mountains “Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him that sitteth on the throne.” Yet punishment or estrangement is never the divine intent, for there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed, and His mercy endureth forever.
  By the power of truth the exposure of the darkness of the self takes place and then mankind is able to bring the darkness to the light in order that the light can transmute and redeem that darkness.  We deem this the process of the resurrection.  It is a resurging of the uprightness that is now and always has been within man--within the Spirit of man.
  “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.  But his delight is in the Law of the Lord; and in His Law doth he meditate day and night.”  The hour has come when the devotees of the Laws of God upon earth can no longer afford those indulgences which in the past have been so lightly taken for granted.  If the initiatic process is to be externalized in a lifetime, it must be recognized that each day is precious.  Therefore the ritual of the resurrection signifies the raising up out of the darkness all of the shadowed substance that has been superimposed upon man, to bring it to the light and to transmute or change its nature into the nature of light.
  This is the emergence of the “Corpus Christi,” the body of Christ out of the tomb of materiality.  It is the rolling away of the stone of matter which signifies the calcination of the carnal mind with all of its densities.  It is the purification of the countenance, the refusal of the soul to be enslaved by the legions and tribunals of Caesar or the power of the Sanhedrin.   This denotes that the soul must be freed from all banal influences of either church or state, for both church and state have come under the influence of nefarious powers from time to time which have made them instruments of a diabolical sort, even as they have been instruments of great good; hence the soul can no longer afford to brook the tyranny of family, friends or outer conditions of temporal power in any of its forms.
  This does not mean that men should not be subject to the laws of the land or that they should fail to recognize legally constituted authority.  However it does mean that they should recognize the superiority of the heavenly intelligences and not permit the tyranny of mortality to put a yoke around their necks, denying their God-freedom.  By releasing their light into manifestation through the presence of God which dwells in man as the Holy Christ flame within the heart they “rise from the dead” of corporeal substance, of the paper-world-of-illusion that has far too long held man in bondage.  The tangible reality of the radiant living Christ blazes through them because they have willingly and lovingly invoked it through their consciousness and through their flesh forms.  They are able then to summon by the power of the spoken Word the mighty angels who assist each emerging Son to “roll away the stone” and to come forth from the tomb—victorious. In addition to this they stand at the portal of transfiguration and are ready for the second initiation into the reality of be-ness.  That which is within man, that which is the active--divine Principle, the Spirit, the Animus, the Divine Ruach--all in complete harmony, will prevail and man will ultimately reestablish his relationships with God and humanity from the viewpoint of the initiatic level.
  There is a difference between the natural man and the spiritual man.  This was clearly demonstrated in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.  His outpicturing of his transcendental ministry was ordained by the grace of the Eternal Father through my hand, and I stand ready to assist all who would experience the beauty of the Resurrection Spirit in their lives this year.  Each individual can come to a point of conscious knowing of the wonder of the light and none will ever regret it, as they have often regretted mortal passions.
  Now then let us go and see the place where the Lord lay.   Within yourself envision the threefold flame of life and God- intelligence sealing you in His grace daily.    I AM your mentor in Christ,    
                                       Maitreya   Pearls of Wisdom 10:10
   The colossal tasks facing mankind today require equal courage to that of those heroes in the past who faced dragons, giants and mythological monsters.  The underground, boring action of the reverse spirals of egocentric ambitions have so complicated the maze of mortal destiny as to strike terror in the hearts of those who are unaccustomed to the deliverance of a planet.
   We urge an upward gaze to the Source of life who is the sustaining strength of every cosmic emissary, of every ascended master and every Sun-presence of immortal awareness.  Thus will strength garnered from the untrammeled heights of beauty and cosmic purpose be activated in the world of form.  There is no solution to man’s problems equal to the healing energies of heaven and, precious ones, you cannot receive those energies from any outer sources by study, ambition or entanglement in the psychic realm of blatant phenomena.
   The still small voice is the voice of victory.  And though it be but a whisper in the inner recesses of being, saying silently, firmly, determinedly,  “I AM God’s son,to do His will I AM come!” it is enough to give the fervor which the moment requires, albeit we pray that men who seek the spiritual life will honor humility and feel no worldly sense of competition, rather paying homage to those ideals that will mean freedom to every man.
   To keep a constant, genuine vigil with God requires the drawing forth of the total resources of man’s being.  Yet this need not spell an end to one’s active responsibilities involving those karmically accepted offices of service which enable our chelas to minister unto their fellowmen as friends of God and of men—as fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children of the one Life and devotees of the sacred fire.
   Man illumined by the Spirit of cosmic Intelligence becomes central within his own domain, effacing where necessary the carnal will and replacing it by those magnificent bursts of cosmic joy, of cosmic determination, of cosmic recognition and service in order that no opposing factor may have any power to alter or deter the waves of divine intent from fulfilling their purpose in him.
   You do not know, precious ones, what it means to an Elohim gazing downward into the tangled, mortal affairs of mankind to know that there are hearts upturned and consecrated focuses into which the energies of one’s cosmic Life can be poured.  Mankind have become so enmeshed in the spirit of asking help from heaven, as if heaven were aloof to the lifewaves below, that little is thought about the enormous effort and cosmic outreach that the sons of light actually exercise toward an emerging but sometimes unresponsive humanity.
   Our love is great enough to win the freedom of every man, woman and child upon this planet and to do it now, if they will only summon the faith from within their own hearts to accept and believe that this is an ever-present possibility.
   Yet we are practical men and women of the Spirit.  We have seen how human viciousness has daily and often hourly attacked the powers of the Light as these powers have sought to work through human avatars—those who are not yet free in the ascension but who are initiates of our holy cause.  We have seen how these blessed ones have reeled again and again from attack after attack against their energies and persons. Yet they have continued to seek to do God’s will and to help humanity escape from the entrenched forces of reaction to the message of peace and goodwill which heaven has sent to the world.
   Many today, shocked and amazed at the riots that have taken place in the cities of the United States and at the disturbances that have come to the surface elsewhere upon the planet, feel a mounting sense of gnawing frustration.  Fear has entered into the world of some of the chelas as well.  We therefore urge that all shall understand that while the world may rage in its awful madness the calm center of life related to your own mighty I AM God Presence is the threefold flame of the Christ within your heart.  You are the equipoise of cosmic power and energy.  To you is given the sacred fire breath—the realization that the Word that became flesh can spring forth from the fountain of the eternal Presence that beats your heart as you ask for and decree for the freedom of man as never before.  Bearing fruit then in this age and for the ages to come you are winning your freedom and the freedom of all mankind as you consistently maintain your divine position.
   In God’s name, beloved ones, do you think that any mortal power whatsoever can affect the almighty purposes of the Universal Christ consciousness?  I tell you, no!  For while many have wept for the sufferings brought upon the avatars and sons of God down through the ages, it is for the mass consciousness and its imprisoned sense that men ought to weep, for themselves and for their children, for their posterity and all good works they have sought to do that have been thwarted by the Antichrist.
   Without God in the world, without a resurgence of the Christ ideals and the light that is victorious over darknes, men can never know the Spirit of the Resurrection.  They can never know the Spirit of immortal freedom from death as the last enemy and from all other enemies that precede it— as the mighty onrush of cosmic purpose moves upon the waters of human consciousness to fulfill the Christ ideal in individual mankind as well as in the world order.
   I AM Hercules, Elohim of the First Ray, and my outreach into the world of form is to empower every angel, every archangel, every elemental, every man, woman and child to stand fast, unflinching with high courage and faith in the manifestation and victory of God’s will on earth.  For the high road of God’s purpose is open to all who will accept it, who seek not the path of personal power and phenomena but the path of service to the Great White Brotherhood.  Thus the Great White Lodge will be seen as the organization of the lodges of perfection which are the repositories of cosmic wisdom for the earth and whose members provide the means of intensifying the radiation of cosmic purpose upon the planet.
   The enormous tide of misunderstanding that has arisen in the world order is the result of direct manipulation by the powers of darkness that seek to deprive humanity of the great cosmic opportunities for Earth and its evolutions.  This literal manifestation of Armageddon should not give rise to discouragement; on the contrary it should be seen as the measured mark of the cosmic prophecies of old, of the desecration by the sons of Belial of the sacred order of spiritual purpose and, last but not least, as indicative of the time of emancipation for all.
   The thickening darkness in the world makes its presence felt and known, and men reach out as never before for the light of deliverance.  This light is in the spiritual octaves; it can come forth from no other.  Can darkness give birth to light?  Can the grey membrane of mankind’s egomania give rise to aught else but the mucus of decay?  Ours is the resurrection of the possible victory over what men have termed “impossible odds.”   Repudiate darkness by embracing light.  Onward to your God-victory, O planet of Love!
       Elohim Hercules    Pearls of Wisdom 10:37
    From time to time the ascended masters, speaking through the forum of the Pearls of Wisdom, bring forth varied expressions of their consciousness.  Some of these expressions are calculated to work in a mystical sense within the soul of the aspirant, then again the disciple is encouraged by words of good cheer and words of hope, at other times he is corrected or admonished to avoid some of the pitfalls that stand in the path of the disciple today.
  All in all the challenges of the ascended masters released in varying styles through this medium are intended to supply--for the children upon this planet who are able to enter, at least in part, into the Spirit of the masters--a very buoyant, electrifying thread of contact with the spiritual hierarchy.  When properly perused these very personal letters sent from our level to your own will assist the soul in its search for the ever-present reality of God within the domain of the individual.
  Now that the year has come to a close and men await the dawn of a new cycle it is with an abiding sense of hope that I--as Chohan of the Seventh Ray and advocate of pure freedom for this planet in my final expression for the year through the Pearls of Wisdom--choose to extol your continual keeping on keeping on.  The lifting up of the flame of freedom by the ascended masters has its counterpart in the human domain.  When we lift up our torch millions respond in varying degrees.  Students of the light should understand that all people are somewhat limited by their own capacities to receive and to understand.  God does not expect that the limited mind will respond to the same degree that the unlimited one can.  Nonetheless progress is the order of the day and we cannot condone the acceptance by anyone of his present state of progress as being the ultimate, nor do I believe that wise men and women would accept this idea.  For are not all of us who serve together at varying levels of consciousness determined to press on to obtain the higher prize?
 The very transcendence of divine nature is encouraging, for it provides a platform for the most fervent devotee without depriving those whose convictions may be less momentous from receiving some beckoning from on high that will draw them closer to the Divine Magnet.  In reviewing the lives of many of the avatars and ascended beings that are clearly recorded in the akashic records and in examining some of the aspirants for the faith today we are able to see parallels to the divine expression in the lives of embodied men and women.  Thus we see the shaping of emancipation within the unascended souls who follow the vanguard of our light.  And this is most encouraging to the headmasters of the cosmic schools; for unless we were made to feel that the investment of our energies should produce some fruit it would be a bit difficult—even from our level—to continue to serve.  We understand full well then that individuals who do not have our power of vision and perception are, from time to time, sorely tried as they pursue the spiritual path, often not seeing clearly the accomplishments they have made.
  I hasten to encourage everyone who has pursued this path and to say to you in the fullness of the faith that although you may not always see that which is accomplished you may be certain in the name of holy justice that if you have performed your acts of service in full faith--without impure motives and with God-determination--the Most High has certainly recorded upon the scroll of your life through the power of His recording angels those recordings which will ultimately assure you of your freedom.
  Now there are times when you do indeed see through the veil but darkly.  But there is a thinning of that darkened veil and the goals that are ahead, all adorned in their radiant shining, do penetrate the consciousness of the seeker from time to time and bring to him some sweet message of encouragement.
  As the portal of the year is nigh at hand we call to your attention that each year is a ring in a vast eternal spiral.  The cycles of the years then have their own momentums of progress, and there is no time as fortuitous to embodied men as the new year season.  As one cycle draws to a close it has a tendency to firm the desires of the soul for greater expressions of achievement and progress.  Men are also wont to examine the fabric of the past year and to look ahead with hope to that which is to come.
  Naturally there are “guardians” at the threshold of the year—beasts of form created out of the substance of men’s wrongdoings and past failures which seek to decry progress and to belittle the attempts of men to find their own freedom.  The old saying “Hark, hark, the dogs do bark” should be taken into account and then totally disregarded.  For whereas errors have been made by those in search of reality, both God and ascended beings would rather have men and women perform acts that are either hot or cold than to have them lukewarm.  Therefore even errors made in good faith can be forgiven with great ease while the domain of action is regarded as one where men of courage are willing to take their stand for freedom by exercising their rights to do right as they see it and then pray God for a greater revelation of truth each day.
  There are timorous men in the world--men of fear who, fearing to act for God, do nothing at all.  And this is a burying of divine ideas in a napkin, a holding of the talents and graces of God in abeyance, for which men are not held guiltless.  In the holy name of freedom then I advocate that men and women of courage and dedication assess the right as they see it and proceed to move forward in the light.
  There is a basic need in the world for the Teaching to be brought forth.  The darkness of centuries spun in the cocoons of ignorance and calumny has continuously sought to enclose the light of freedom from the public view.  Magazines, periodicals and all forms of media have been enlisted in the downgrading of universal truth and in the slinging of arrows of outrageous fortune at those who would release it.  All the while they are purveying into the public domain and to the public gaze a watered-down form of spirituality that could never in all eternity give men more than the palliatives they seek as a substitute for the valiant and glorious expression of universal freedom which is the power of truth.
  Reembodiment is true.  The Laws of Karma--which are the Laws of the Circle, returning to every man the results of his own acts--are true.  Forgiveness of sins is but a holding in abeyance of man’s debts to afford him a chance to pay them off.  Those who would impugn the integrity of men and women who today take their stand for freedom in the name of the Great White Brotherhood--freedom from fear and freedom for all people--will one day have great regrets as they see how this has denied to those under their center of influence the living truth that would have made them free.
  But we dare not stand back and recriminate or review to any great extent the lives of those who have sought to suppress the truth; rather must we seek to empower those devotees of light who now desire to express truth to men.  They must learn to move with great rapidity in the field of action and honor, to give the truth to those who seek it and to turn quickly from those who reject it all the while keeping the door opened and proceeding valiantly on their way to the building of a better community in the world order.  A great patriot once said “Give the people the truth and the freedom to express it and all will go well.”  But you are living in a time when the floodtide of human opinion seeks to suppress the truth because dark powers that guide those darkened minds who would suppress the truth do not really want the people free.
  We who uphold the banner of freedom and the presence of the living Christ in the domain of world action encourage all of you who have spoken out and sought above all to live according to higher Law.  You who understand that the good that you do shall return to you, to the earth and to the universal order will continue so to do, knowing that this expression is the living presence of God moving amongst men.  It is no blasphemy to accept the fiat of the divine image, for the highest expression of man is the expression of the divine and the highest expression of God is that man who has become the Christ.
  In freedom’s name let our Brotherhood continue to release its chords of universal harmony.  Let us fill the emptiness of life with the reality of goodness.  Let us generate new reservoirs of compassion and let life live.  In freedom’s name I stand with you at the portal of the year, a messenger of cosmic hope,
                                      Saint Germain   Pearls of Wisdom 1:52

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