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Does Holocaust slogan "Never Again!" apply to Uighurs?

1-15-19    The villagers are too afraid to even ask about anyone who has been taken to the camps because it could result them being detained too.  Thousands of miles away, the only thing our families could do was pray for their wellbeing – this is how helpless we all feel.
  And yet, too few know about our plight.  It often feels like too few care.  But the fact remains that China has imprisoned around 1 million of us in camps in an attempt to get us to forget our identities, whether it is our culture, our religion or both.
  In order to defend its actions the Chinese state media has started running propaganda videos, showing Uighurs somehow enjoying these camps and referring to them as vocational training centres. 
  Chinese authorities are also trying to hack social media accounts of activists who speak out online about what’s really going on.  My own Twitter account was attacked by the authorities to find my details – but I survived.
  And there are other transparent PR tactics, such as the recent tour organised by Xinjiang authorities for diplomats from 12 countries.  The idea being that by presenting the region as an “an open place”, as Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said earlier this week, international anxieties over the situation will diminish.
  But really, the only thing that China is drawing more attention to is the fact that only a select few are being allowed to visit the place, as opposed to those who really want to.  If there are no skeletons in the closet then why not open it for the world to see?
  The Uighur issue is not strictly about Islam; religion is just a part of it.  Uighurs consist of millions of people who have been sent to torturous camps.  We are being tormented because, in my opinion, East Turkestan is rich with resources that China needs for its own development.
  Few would welcome being stopped in the street, put in a cab, taken to jail and tortured just because they speak in a different language.  We do not want anyone to name us as terrorists just because we follow a different entity than them.  Uighurs want the world to stand for us not because we are Muslims, but because we are human.  And if China is allowed to butcher a part of the human race so easily, then all the governments and organisations who claim to protect our rights have failed.
  Xi Jinping is redefining suppression with Chinese characteristics and the world should not sit quiet.  The only resolution that the world needs to take up is a real dedication to stand with all of us.
 In a video sent to me by a friend, some Chinese police were viciously beating an Uyghur Muslim whom they had stripped of his clothes, and while one of the police whipped him another brutally kicked him.  The offense this poor man had committed was to possess the holy book of Islam, the
 Qur’an, in his home.  I got sick, my blood pressure went up and I was pained by not being able to do anything against this oppression.
  Late Sheikh Tayyip Okiç told us how he preserved his religion despite the heathenizing policies of the communist regime and the pressures of the government: because we were educating our daughters, and we were giving them the necessary religious knowledge and education.  They grew up, got married, became mothers, and the communists could not interfere in their family affairs, and thus those mothers passed on the religious knowledge and education to their children.
  It seems Red China, although it looks kind of pink from the outside, discovered this that they sent one Chinese to infiltrate every Uyghur family, forcing them to live together.
  Despite all of this we can still do many things….
Believing the positive outcomes these suggestions will bring, I will mention another measure to be taken:  China’s religion is to have a material interest, economic growth and domination over world trade. Today the entire world, especially Muslim countries, buy and consume Chinese goods just because they are cheap.  From time to time we boycott the products of the Zionists because of their oppression of the Palestinians, so why wouldn’t we do the same or even more to the Chinese?  If we boycott Chinese goods for a while as Muslim countries, and make a little sacrifice and buy more expensive goods for a while, then this boycott, not our outcries, would definitely be heard by China.
  As I read yesterday, China will introduce a law making all religions compatible with the Chinese communism.  If the necessary measures are not taken, who knows what they might do in the future!
  Have the Muslim countries who are militarily weak against China also lost their will to boycott Chinese goods!

Authorities in northwestern China’s Xinjiang region have jailed the four wealthiest ethnic Uyghurs in Kashgar (in Chinese, Kashi) city for acts of “religious extremism,” according to an official, amid a crackdown he said is unlikely to end any time soon.
  A source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, recently told RFA’s Uyghur Service that Abdujelil Hajim, Gheni Haji, Memet Tursun Haji and Imin Hajim--all successful business owners in Kashgar--were taken into custody in May 2017.  The four men, whose last names signify that they have made the Muslim holy pilgrimage to Mecca, were later sentenced to a total of 42 years in prison, the source said.
  Chairman of the Kashgar Prefectural Trade Association Abdujelil Hajim--who owns a firm that transports goods between China, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as large tracts of property in Kashgar and Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi--was sentenced to 18 years in prison.
  Gheni Haji, the owner of the Emin Trading Plaza at Kashgar’s Sunday Market; Memet Tursun Haji, owner of Eziz Diyar Plaza at the same market; and Imin Hajim, owner of the Ibnsina Dental Facility; were each sentenced to eight years in jail, according to the source.
  The source’s claims were verified earlier this week by Yasinahun, the chief of security for Kashgar’s Chasa township, who confirmed that the four men topped the list of the city’s wealthiest Uyghurs and that they had all been arrested in May, although he was unable to say where they are being held.  “Gheni Haji, Imin Hajim, and Memet Tursun Haji had displayed signs of religious extremism, so they were arrested,” he told RFA in a phone interview, adding that their activities were characterized as “abnormal” by authorities.
  “I was told that Memet Tursun Haji did not hold a funeral when his father passed away.  Not holding a funeral is one of the signs of extremism.  Gheni and Imin prayed only eight times at prayer service, not 20 as others usually do.  That is also a sign of extremism.”
  Imin Hajim, Yasinahun said, is “a man of few words” who normally kept to himself but had protested police searches of his home.  “He expressed extreme displeasure with our visits to his house related to our security work and said, ‘I am a Chinese citizen, why do you conduct so many searches,’” he said.
  China regularly conducts “strike hard” campaigns in Xinjiang, including police raids on Uyghur households, restrictions on Islamic practices, and curbs on the culture and language of the Uyghur people, including videos and other material.
  While Yasinahun did not provide the specific reason for Abdujelil Hajim’s arrest, he said that all four men had also undertaken “unapproved, private hajj” pilgrimages and been involved with imams who were not sanctioned by the state….“The message I got from this was that the re-education will last a very long time. ” 

  Dolkun Isa, president of the Munich-based World Uyghur Congress exile group, told RFA that China has been “targeting all Uyghurs as potential state enemies” since Xinjiang party chief Chen Quanguo was appointed to his post in August 2016.  “Chen has initiated an unprecedented region-wide purge of Uyghur intellectuals, religious figures, businessmen, and any Uyghur who is not pleased with Chinese rule as ‘two-faced’ people.  He has locked up tens of thousands in the political re-education camps,in much the same way that the Nazis did the Jews, soon after coming to power in Germany,” he added.

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