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You are taken on, so to speak, as novice chelas.

  You come not just to receive the Teaching but to study how the Teaching is imparted so that you also can impart it.  If you have heard a message many times, the purpose of listening to it again is to understand how it was delivered, how a flame is conveyed by a word….
  The light of the Mother is the creative force that gives us the knowledge of how to do things in matter.  It tells us how to create, how to build our buildings, how to have our families, how to teach our children, how to mount the spirals of the path of the spine--the path of the kundalini….
  So the purpose of religion is for the soul to find the pathway back to light….The thread of contact is a very important concept because, first of all, the crystal cord has itself been reduced to a mere thread by the misuse of light, and the crystal cord is your thread of contact to your I AM Presence.  It is your tie to the Brotherhood.
  Why does Morya use that term?  Because he wants you to see yourself as a globule of light, a soul suspended in the sea of maya but placed somewhere on earth with a lifeline to your great I AM Presence.  The Great White Brotherhood personifies the God-flame to you in the person of your Christ Self, in the person of the ascended masters until you can see God face-to-face.
  Another reason El Morya uses that term is that the Masters want you to know that the thread is easily broken.  It has been broken.  When Adam and Eve were sent out of the Garden of Eden the thread of contact was broken with Hierarchy and with the Guru….
  Maitreya explained in that dictation (12-31-1978) that the reason he had not come before was because of the hatred and resentment of the people of Lemuria ever since they had been deprived of the light and power of the Guru….They wanted the Guru’s power but they did not want to give obedience to the person of the Guru.  Southern California is filled with such people today and so is northern California--the whole coast of Lemuria.  One and all they have come back to this point in time and space to meet the Guru Maitreya, to meet the ascended masters, to meet the Messenger and chelas….
  Today they are being given the opportunity to take the Ascended Masters’ Teachings through you, through me, through the tapes, the lectures, the books.  Knowing that gives me a deep sense of commitment and responsibility.  I don’t want to be humanly perfect, but I want to do the best job that I can do to present the Teachings in the best possible way….
  When you are a chela of the Great White Brotherhood your life needs to reflect the qualities and the virtues that people expect.  No matter how dense and dark people are they expect those who represent God to have certain standards….
  Each time the Guru-chela relationship, the teacher and the Teaching is present all who have rejected it in the past and have therefore been outside of the circle of oneness, outside of Eden, must come into that circle once again and see it for what it is.  They will have their human rebellion exposed and they will see the great glory of God.  Then they will have to choose which one they will serve….
  It remains for the Gurus and their chelas to go on pilgrim-ages into the astral plane to rescue those souls.  The levels of the astral plane to which the peoples of this Earth have fallen are as deep as the Pacific Ocean.  If you go out into the streets, into the entertainment industry, to those in the drug culture or to those in a very heavy vibration of greed, you will see people who look totally normal, well-dressed, often wealthy or churchgoers who abide in a level of the astral plane that is simply unfathomable to the child of light.  They are almost as far removed from the soul who still has the thread of contact as the God-Star Sirius would be to the physical Earth….
  Maitreya demands obedience and he demands great love, great self-sacrifice.  If you want a relationship with the Lord God who walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden, you can have it.  But you need to understand that it’s not like the religion of the world, it’s not so easy, not so simple.  It’s the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal Life….
  You are taken on, so to speak, as novice chelas.  It’s not a final initiation; it’s not something you can’t undo if you decide not to become a chela at some point, but your very presence here puts you in this great figure-eight flow….To stand on the platform and deliver a dictation means that I, in the figure-eight flow, take on that whole consciousness and you take on the light….The Masters want the light to flush out the mental body in order to restore in you the mind of Christ; then the light should be anchored in the etheric body….
  “Take heed, all you staff---all who have been here and who have had the Teaching of the Brotherhood this year--Maitreya’s coming demands that you be fastidious about following the directions that have been given, for the staff must set an example for new chelas.”--this was a clear example of how in the real love of (Maitreya’s) Guru-chela relationship it is important to the Brotherhood that Their chelas be completely in alignment through loving obedience.  Rather than stack up one more dictation, one more release of light and Teaching they are basically saying that obedience is better than sacrifice. 
  If we do not learn to obey the outer rules that we have been given, we won’t learn to obey the commands of our I AM Presence and our Christ Self.  If you don’t heed what the Messenger says, God always takes it as an indicator that you will not listen to your heart when your heart speaks or your God Presence speaks. …God is not going to give you that (direct) contact when you are likely to make the karma of disobeying Him face-to-face, so He just puts out representatives.  He puts Himself in the guise of the Messenger or people on staff and says “Follow them for a while and let’s see how you come to grips with your inner consciousness.”…
  God has no attachment to a golden age per se.  He is unattached, desireless; He has only one desire, that you become God.  But He will not impose that desire upon you, He will give you the opportunity to choose to fulfill his desire.
   That is the explanation for the occurrence of calamity and cataclysm.  People cannot understand why God lets suffering happen, yet it is because He values the life of your soul and the integrity of His commitment to you, His covenant of freewill more than He values the end result.  In the Buddha’s teaching this is called non-attachment to the fruit of action….
  You the puppet do exactly what the puppeteer-god says.  If God were attached to having a golden age peopled with physically perfect beings, the only way He could make it happen would be to deny them freewill and just bring it all about.  Of course God Himself would be extremely bored in such an exercise, just as you would be bored….
  What you need to realize is the only golden age that is final and secure is the one that descends to the level of the etheric octave.  Each lifetime if you lead a good life and have light in your aura, when you pass from the screen of life you will go to the etheric cities and temples of light.  Fourteen cities of light are situated in the etheric plane over the oceans and the deserts of the Earth and they are golden-age cities.  When we go there and live there among the angels and the ascended masters between embodiments the memory of former golden ages is renewed in our etheric bodies….So the point at which our great idealism begins to flounder is when we start wanting the things of this world.  Up to that point we’re independent, free, hopeful and if it has not been indoctrinated out of us, we do have the memory of the etheric cities….
  The thread of contact with God is broken by rebellion and disobedience.  But you know, it’s not even broken by that because the Gurus love us so much that They will tolerate our little rebellions and our little disobediences and still not let go.  Yet if you multiply a single rebellion a thousand times, what does it equal?  It equals the rejection of the person of Christ incarnate in the Guru.  Ultimately the breaking of the thread of contact is by your denial that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, that God has made Himself incarnate in His avatars and ultimately in your flesh. …So the requirement of Hierarchy is that you accept God incarnate.  When you deny God incarnate through continual rebellion and disobedience to the Teachings, to the commandments and to the person of the ascended masters the moment comes when the thread is broken….
  What really happens in the process is that the Guru supplies the chela with the identity of the Christ to which he cannot attain until he has slain the dragon of his own carnal mind and can therefore rise into the identity of the Christ.  You can’t have two identities at once.  Either you are the Christ or you have enthroned the carnal mind.  If you have enthroned the carnal mind, you can’t know yourself as Christ until the carnal mind is dethroned….
  The moment you slay the beast and it is gone, your Christ Self comes into alignment and you gain your new identity. However there is a split-second when you lean utterly upon the One Sent—the person of the Guru who is one with your Christ Self.  That is the point of the relationship of trust.  That is where trust is required because when you are slaying the carnal mind you lose the ability to know the difference between the carnal mind and the Christ mind.  The carnal mind is so loud in declaring itself to be the living Christ within you that unless you lean upon the arm of the Lord, unless you have that one to lean upon you’ll go mad.  So whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.
  The gods are the fallen ones who have enthroned the carnal mind within them and they’re all insane by the very act of having enthroned the carnal mind.  So not just by rebellion, not just in the disobedience that can be considered to be the foibles of the child of God is the thread cut but in the ultimate act of denying the existence of the Guru….And I must tell you that if you are of a pure heart and a sincere heart, God will never break that tie because you have made a mistake; remember that.
  He will only break that tie because you blaspheme the name of His Son in your own Christ Self and in the Christ Self of the Messenger and of the ascended masters.  When you look at the thread of contact you see a scintillating chain of light, one link after another just like a linked chain, but the links are of light and every link of the chain is a person or a pure Son of God--an ascended master and his chela.  Everyone in earth and in heaven is a link in this universal chain of Being, and you have the right to remain a link in this great chain when you are obedient to the next link who happens to be your Guru of the hour….
  The greatest miracle of the age is the restoration of your being when you utter the name I AM.  When you utter the name I AM then you are a conscious link in the chain of Being….By thy flame, O Lord Maitreya, by thy flame, O Lanello, impart the essence of thy Word that thy Word be made flesh in these beloved chelas of God.  In the name of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the cause to which we are dedicated, in the name of the Ancient of Days, amen.
-atop Pike's Peak, 1973, and at Shasta 1975     -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  1-8-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles……………………..........................……………………............................……………………..............................
  Do you see then that the opposition being intense is also subtle, extremely subtle and always it is to disturb that thread of contact?  Each one maintains a thread of contact with the hosts of light, with the I AM Presence; and in each one of you that thread of contact is for the very specific purpose to Our cause, the entire cause of the Great White Brotherhood?
  I speak especially to you, you who have come only recently into the understanding of the Teachings.  You have had a calling and a focalization of the thread of contact for many years and even in previous incarnations.  But your absence from Our midst and from direct contact with the ascended masters has been carefully programmed by the fallen ones to keep you from an understanding and an awareness of the great, great import of that thread and of your individual service to life.
  It has then been because of the calls of those students in embodiment to cut you free that you have come, for Keepers of the Flame daily invoke the flame of Life on behalf of those who are a part of this inner mandala.  And they give invocation to the sword of Archangel Michael for the cutting free of souls of light who are bound by the psychic thralldom and the hedonism of the cults of this world.
  I tell you, there are cults of Baal and of darkness abroad in this land.  These are the real cults of the fallen ones, but they have in turn tried to slap upon the organization of the Great White Brotherhood and our Messenger the term “cult” and “sect” and “fanaticism,” and so forth and so on when indeed they are the ones who are the purveyors of this symbolism of the goat of Mendes and of all of the accouterments of satanic rite, even when they know not that they have hitched their wagon not to the star of Mighty Cosmos but to the electronic belt, negative spirals of the fallen ones–those dark stars to whom is reserved the mist of blackness forever.
  See then the intricacies of the Law and of the Teaching.  See then how the thread of contact with Our octave that is maintained by the science of the spoken Word is all that the children of God upon earth have–that thread of contact drawing them into the presence of the Holy of Holies. Thank God for those who yet pray in Jesus’ name.  Thank God for those who yet give the mantras in the name of Buddha, in the name of Mohammed and the great avatars who have walked the earth.  They also maintain the antahkarana; they are the unnumbered souls moving toward the whiteness and the brightness of the glory of the overcomers.
  I come then for a transfer of a portion of my energy.  It is the violet flame.  This transfer then is that you might have that flame of freedom, that violet flame of transmutation for the protection of the delicate thread of contact–your individual contact with the ascended masters, with the I AM Presence, with the Christ Self, with the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and with every soul of flame evolving in the planes of Mater.  This is the meaning of the thread of contact.
  We see then that that thread as delicate heartbeat, as delicate physical focus within you of the heart-chakra, is under the stress and the strain of the travail and the groaning of the birth of Christ in Terra.  I come to give you of my heartflame for the cushioning of your heart, for the cushioning of the thread, for the cushioning of consciousness….
  Now I place around the thread and the most delicate forcefield of the thread a portion of violet flame from my heart.  There it will remain as long as you in each twenty-four-hour cycle will give one call to the violet flame, one simple call such as the mantra “I AM a being of violet fire–I AM the purity God desires!”  Using the name of God I AM and calling forth the violet flame will give to me and to your I AM Presence the authority to recharge that concentrated forcefield of the violet flame each and every day, each and every twenty-four-hour cycle.

  Precious ones, there is a problem in the seeing of selfishness.  For one never knows when one is selfish until one has placed one foot upon the upper ledge, the next step up the mountain.     
(by Sindelar)
                        -Saint Germain:  1-2-1977 at Pasadena via Messenger ECP

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