Monday, January 14, 2019

for each transgression of Thy Law

  In the name and by the power of the Presence of God which I AM and by the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me I call upon the Law of Forgiveness and the violet transmuting flame for each transgression of Thy Law, each departure from Thy sacred covenants.
  Restore in me the Christ mind, forgive my wrongs and unjust ways, make me obedient to Thy code, let me walk humbly with Thee all my days.  In the name of the Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit I decree for all whom I have ever wronged and for all who have ever wronged me:
  Violet fire, enfold us! (3x)
  Violet fire, hold us!  (3x)
  Violet fire, set us free!   (3x)

I AM, I AM, I AM surrounded by a pillar of violet flame
I AM, I AM, I AM abounding in pure love for God's great name
I AM, I AM, I AM complete by Thy pattern of perfection so fair
I AM, I AM, I AM God's radiant flame of love gently falling through the air
     Fall on us! (3x)   Blaze through us!  (3x)   Saturate us!  (3x)
In Jesus' name, amen.  
(Mercy's flame or Purple flame may be used in place of Violet fire.)

(by Ruth Hawkins)


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