Friday, January 18, 2019

to bring forth the new chalice of the new age

   Even as the Liberty Bell tolls the freedom of souls and nations so in the hearts of a planet and a people there are spirals released as the sounding of the great sound of the aum calls those whose time has come to be in light into that home of light, into that heart of the Mother.
  Even so the sounding of the sound marks the hour of judgment for those who have pursued the rebellion against the Law for aeons--aeons of energy spirals far beyond the ken of mankind.  Therefore judgment is meted and judgment is in Our hands.  Judgment brings forth justice--a hastening of the return of karmic cycles and also a hastening of opportunity.
  Opportunity--that golden open portal to unity--is now on the crest of the year.  Skirmishes have been won, skirmishes have been lost—but the light shines forth from the summit of Life!  And to those that have that light and receive that light more is added; and those who have lost that light, those who have turned it to darkness see that which they have is taken from them.  This is justice according to the Law of the Ancient of Days.  The battle for the minds of men, of women and children rages in every area of human endeavor.  Where there is the sword of truth, where there is determination there awareness--true soul awareness--coalesces souls in the divine mandala of the age.
  In addition to this the pollution of the etheric plane and of the beings of fire now takes place as there is an increase of hatred fanned in the hearts of the masses by those who continue to promote division and war and opposition even to souls of light.  There is condensing in the very soil of Terra a hatred of the Divine Mother, a hatred of cosmic purpose, a hatred that is a fierce energy that must be challenged by those who know how to challenge in the name of the living Christ all spirals that disqualify the energy of the Logos.
  Understand then that as there is the rising of the feminine ray and freedom to womankind and freedom to the soul to be the feminine counterpart of the I AM Presence, so the resistance to that rising is borne as a cross by man and woman.  That cross is the hatred of the Divine Mother, of the body temple, of the place prepared for the coming of that virgin consciousness.
  You see then that the Lord God of hosts, and even Kali as She swings Her sword, comes down then to the children of mankind to dash those cups, to shatter those clay vessels and to bring forth the new chalice of the new age, the new consciousness and the new vibration.  For how can We as Lords of Karma with all of the responsibility of a planet and a people entrusted to Our caregiver unto mankind that energy which is immediately distorted by that imperfect cup?
  I release the jewel of my heart unto your heart--it is a jewel of emerald fire!  And in the jewel a seed atom for each one--I implant it now within your heart, O souls of fire!  I place it there if you will receive it by your freewill that there might be released to you day by day, week by week in the months to come the knowing, the seeing, the understanding of taking the bread of the Mother, assimilating the bread and taking the wine of the Anointed One and drinking the cup, the whole cup of cosmic consciousness.      
                            -Pallas Athena:  7-4-1975 at Mt. Shasta via Messenger E C Prophet

    Serapis Bey’s causal body initiation of 14 Stations of the Crucifixion of the Mother  
  The 7 major spheres of causal body start from the white center sphere and run outward; see color spheres in the Chart of the I AM Presence; the 7 secret ray spheres are invisible and not really showable on paper or regular screen.   

 This profound and cycling Serapis initiation began at the December solstice of 1978 with his dictation via the Messenger E C Prophet; the overall cycle runs in total for 200 months, that is, 14 x 14 months which is 196 months (but Serapis added a 4 month wait in order for the very tough 10:30 line to commence).  Each cycle is for one sphere of 14 spheres of the causal body; each cycle runs 14 months.  Within the 14 months the initiation runs from 12 o’clock line around to 12:30 secret ray and 6:30 secret ray—14 stations in total.        
  Within each individual month there is an Alpha pulse of 14 days followed by an Omega pulse of 14 days, and then the extra days of the month are skipped.  
  Thus going day by day we have passed through one overall cycle that ran from Capricorn 1978 to the start of Virgo 1995, thus 16 years and 8 months.  Then began another overall cycle of 200 months running till start of Taurus 2012.  Then another overall cycle began which will complete itself at the start of Capricorn 2028.  So the overall cycle is 16 years and 8 months, which is 200 months in length. 
  All right, so we started a cycle at Taurus 2012, commenced white sphere initiation, 14 months in length, running till Cancer 2013.  Then yellow sphere initiation till start of Virgo 2014.  Then pink sphere till start of Scorpio 2015.  Then violet sphere till start of Cap 2016.  Then purple/gold sphere till start of Pisces 2018.  Then green sphere till start of Taurus 2019.  Then blue sphere till start of Cancer 2020.  Then 7:30 line initiation till start of Virgo 2021.  Then 8:30 initiation till start of Scorpio 2022.  Then 9:30 initiation till start of Cap 2023.
  Wait 4 months, as Serapis did, before the 10:30 line initiation begins, which will be at start of Taurus 2024.  
  11:30 line initiation at start of Cancer 2025.  12:30 line initiation at start of Virgo 2026.  6:30 line initiation at start of Scorpio 2027 and runs till start of Cap 2028.
  (If this math/cycle stuff mixes you up at all or alot, well, you are not alone in that, yet one may persevere till one gets it clear; or find a good, clear, patient helper, but that may be quite rare.) 
  Let’s now run through a 14 month cycle.  At start of Pisces 2018 the 12:00 line of green sphere.  The l:00 line at start of Aries 2018; at start of Taurus 2018 the 2:00 line; at start of Gemini 2018 the 3:00 line; at start of Cancer the 4:00 line; at start of Leo the 5:00 line of green sphere; at start of Virgo the 6:00 line; at start of Libra the 7:00 line; at start of Scorpio the 8:00 line; at start of Sag 2018 the 9:00 line; at start of Cap 2018 the 10:00 line; at start of Aquarius 2019 the 11:00 line; at start of Pisces 2019 the 12:30 line; at start of Aries 2019 the 6:30 line running till start of Taurus 2019.  
  Okay, it’s really not impossible to go through cycles.  Take your time, one at a time, no need to fret.  So we will enter the 11 o’clock line of green sphere initiation on 20 January at 1 a.m. PST, 2019, Sun into Aquarius.  14 days of Alpha stations, then 14 days of Omega stations, each start with a day at 12 o’clock line and finish with a day at 12:30 line and a day at 6:30 line.  

  Hallelujah.  Thanks, Serapis, Amen Bey,
Clara Louise, Mother Mary and
Guru Ma.  Thanks to the lightbearers and all benevolent ones.    

  Sun into Aquarius 2019:  Sun's aspects are at one-eighth of circle to Venus and Jupiter, one-eighth of circle to Neptune, squares Uranus, in parallel declination to lunar nodes.  This is very fortuitous in potential.  One may call-- In the name I AM THAT I AM, Great Divine Director, Seven Archangels, Saint Germain and angelic hosts:  may the solar energies from Capricorn to Aquarius modulate for the greater good, amen.      
 -R, Mt. Shasta

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