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WHO was holding the majority of SHORT derivative positions on stock index markets just prior to 911

12-30-2003    If you look at "WHO" was holding the majority of "SHORT" derivative positions on the domestic and international stock index markets prior to 911, and then reaped over a trillion dollars in profits within weeks from the ensuing collapse of those physical markets, you will find in that group who was responsible for 911.  There is one problem in finding this out.  That being, government controls the release of that information by and through the Federal agencies of the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission).
A small conflict of interest exists here, being that the results of that study would show US government was holding the majority of the international and domestic "SHORT" positions!  The airline stock option transaction at issue and that most people have heard about promoted in the news is truly minuscule chump change in comparison.
Exchange members have access to and keep archive records of the data from their brokerage houses and all other member houses and they are under a nondisclosure agreement.  BUT, it would not prevent them, if they wished to do so, too tabulate the transactions and issue a "Generic" report, a specific and targeted generic report.
Here, you would need to have a significant contact in the financial community of members.  Even though this type of generic report would not violate their nondisclosure agreement, they would be dead if they issued the report based on what it would show and strongly evidence (government investment funds were the primary benefactor), so anonymity would have to be kept when the generic report of the specific stream findings was released.  The generic report would mandate disclosure of the specifics behind the report by public and international outcry.
Yes, government is preparing for an uprising in this country.  So they needed to direct the public eye to a far away enemy so that they can secure control here.  Greed has thrived within government circles.  The results of that greed have been obscene and the resulting damage to the morals and health of this country in response is sickening.
The results of the takeover of the American wealth has been done almost exclusively on paper through manipulation of legislature, the judiciary, and Attorney complex over the last 60 years with the cooperation of the syndicated news media and education.  With the conquest being done by transferring the wealth on paper, the consequences for the "takers" was virtually nonexistent!
The government trading accounts push 65% of the paper in these markets. Government investment funds are required disclosure if pursued.  The CFTC and SEC data tape is definitive for volume and positions held every second of the day. 
-Walter Burien (shown)  to 
 John Kaminski

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