Saturday, October 13, 2018

What power of God have they stolen and perverted into the engines of war

 cormorant at Lake Siskiyou


  Therefore when all the checkmarks hat can be given are given to those whose hearts are right with God we will know how many companies of ten thousand angels of Peace may act to intercede for peace and against war on earth.  Now you tell me, beloved ones--yes, tell me--what shall be the fate then of the one whose heart is right with God who has at his side ten thousand angels of Peace?  
  Well you could respond in one voice, for you all know the answer:  There shall indeed arise ten thousand, perhaps even more, legions of war, of fallen angels out of the pits of death and hell to challenge these angels of Peace and the souls they sponsor.  And therefore you must understand that because you are tied to the lineage of the Hierarchy of Light because your heart is right with God you then in a sense of the word are the leader of that company of angels and you have a responsibility to command them, to give decrees in their behalf even for their protection and to offer at the altar of God such invocations as you customarily give when you are working on your labors….
  These fallen angels have been on the left-handed path a long long time.  When you see them you may be overawed by their power, you may fear them, you may say to yourself “What power of God have they stolen and perverted into the engines of war that they are reviving up on planet Earth?”  And you will sometimes feel that you are David before Goliath….You then must defend yourself against the machinations of the legions of war who attempt to cause you to part from the bonding of your heart in love to the God who is in you and to the God who is in another.  You must remember your determination and even your vow--if you have made it--that you will not be moved from the God-centeredness of love and peace, come what may, even in trifling matters.  For have not trifling matters ignited world wars?…
  And who is giving the mantra in your mind?  It is your I AM Presence or it is the buddha or the bodhisattva whose mantra you have chosen….
  The defeat of war by all even Elohim and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood is top on Our agenda….

  For Our goal is to give you the empowerment of Peace that was given to your Lord and Savior.  Here is the true saying:  “All power of Peace in heaven and in earth is given unto me”--thus his title, the Prince of Peace.       
-Elohim Peace and Aloha:  4-8-1993 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana via Messenger E C Prophet

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