Tuesday, October 23, 2018

only a loving heart can sense what has been assimilated in the depths

779.  Everyone’s consciousness is individual, and only a loving heart can sense what has been assimilated in the depths of consciousness.
  Especially now one should discuss the supermundane cautiously; the consciousness of people is in such turmoil that there could be malicious misinterpretations.  
780.  the influences of the supermundane world cannot be understood by earthly logic.  This should be evident, yet even serious researchers usually attempt to explain these communions by physical laws; the result is absurd, and the research is unsuccessful.
  Influences from the supermundane world can be divided into three basic kinds:  the first is influence over one individual, the second is influence over an entire group, the third are “touches” of the supermundane poured out over the entire humanity.  Those touches were called the breath from the Highest.  One philosopher wishing to characterize these influences called them psychic oxygen. Man cannot exist without oxygen, likewise he cannot avoid the breaths of the supermundane world.
  People are mistaken if they think that communion with the supermundane world can be accomplished only with the help of especially sensitive individuals.  Of course contacts through such people are the most obvious, but in truth everyone is continuously influenced by the touches of the supermundane dwellers.
  It is time to recognize that the worlds are indivisible.  When this is understood life becomes still richer and more beautiful.  It must be remembered though that the laws of the subtle realm are subtle.  In this way one can understand that the contacts with the supermundane world are not accidental nor are they insignificant as it might seem from an earthly point of view.

  It should also be understood that the supermundane touches can be sensed frequently, but only by those of high moral quality.            
                                                       -Morya:    Supermundane 1938          
-Sanskrit seal on the agni yoga group of teachings

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