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people repeat about freedom without even knowing its specific qualities

   85.  Freedom is valuable for the guarding of personality, for the individualization of the attracted energies.  But it is freedom, exactly, that becomes the most perverted conception.  Life becomes filled with tyranny and slavery instead of freedom, precisely the qualities that exclude cooperation and respect for personality; thus some people succeed in planning their existence exclusively out of a special combination of tyranny and slavery.  Of course people repeat about freedom without even knowing its specific qualities.  Freedom should affirm itself in them by the upliftment of consciousness.  Intense searches for freedom show that the spirit potentially strives toward new ascents, yet no one has taught it how to apply this treasure.
111.  Verily the entire perfectment of the heart rests upon moral foundations. These foundations transmute the physical nature and vivify the spirit.  Of course you may be asked "How does this condition stand with the dark ones, when their hierophants possess certain fires?”  It is correct to understand that dark amorality rests upon the discipline of fear.  One should realize how cruel is this discipline!  Whereas we very cautiously take into consideration the Law of Karma and value individuality; on the opposite side are disharmony and destruction, and their foundations are upheld by tyranny.  Of course upon the lower steps fear seems to be a sure method.  Thus the dark terrorizer appears as a severe creditor, but one must have in mind the solidarity of the dark, amoral destroyers.  Often warriors of little experience do not want to know the strength of the enemies, but the heart can be pierced as well through the breast as through the back.  Therefore apprehend the methods of the enemies.          
(by Schmiechen, 1884)
                                -Morya:  Heart 1932
     Invocations, decrees, fiats of the flame of the heart devoted to the light:
(by Sindelar, 1930s)

   In the name I AM THAT I AM:  Archangel Michael and Faith, Micah, legions of the first ray, Archangl Gabriel and Hope:  come, cut free thine in the earth to rise in our finer bodies to thy etheric temples and retreats for the rest and renewal that we need, for the demagnetization, repolarization from all not of the light; help us find our places, our loved ones, please.

  In the name I AM, dear Divine Mother, Thou hast said “it is not real.”  Make use of Thine in the earth, Thy holy avatars and Christed ones, Thy willing souls.

  In the name I AM THAT I AM, may the great Blue Causal Body of Hierarchy be upon Terra and her evolutions, upon the various evolving orbs requiring Thy intercession and overcoming in the flame.

  In the name I AM, beloved Elohim Virginia, may the immaculate concept/divine design beheld by Cyclopea be upon thine in the earth.  In the name I AM, beloved Elohim Heros and Amora, do send forth the magnet of divine love to purge from the community of the Holy Spirit these set against the ruby ray.

  In the name I AM, I call to thee, Justinius, Captain of Seraphic bands, may the golden-platinum chainmail armor be upon me, upon thine in the earth for the word and work of the Lord, with the helmet, boots, gauntlets, shield, sword with yellow-blue diamonds, by Thy grace in the greater good.

  In the name I AM, may the Office of Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood ever be filled and blessed in the energies of Alpha and Omega—in Thy grace and truth, joy and guidance, surrender, protection, selflessness and all that needs must be, amen.

  In the name I AM, may the Office of the Two Witnesses also be filled; may these in divine service lacking reinforcement and support find the blessed reinforcement and support out of the flame of the One.

  In the name I AM, Sanat Kumara, reinforce thine of the first ray, come, fill the gaps of memory, vision, health, constancy, harmony, knowing of divine purposes, by Thy grace. 

  In the name I AM, may these energies not of the Christ in the earth be consumed in the pool of divine love, demagnetized, repolarized and returned to the hand of the Cosmic Virgin for the greater good.

In the name I AM, may these little children contacted by Maitreya remember in our outer awareness the path of overcoming, perseverance, balance, joy, straightforwardness, way of the cosmic honor flame and course-correction for America and the Earth.

  In the name I AM, dear Alpha and Omega, great Central Sun Magnet, great Central Sun Messengers, great cosmic beings serving the Earth, Mighty Cosmos, God Maximus, God Harmony, Mighty Cosmic Beings from out the Pleiades, mighty Elohim, Archangels, Chohans of the rays, great Karmic Board, Spirit of Selflessness in the Great Central Sun, Ray-O-Light, Lanello, Guru Ma, K-17, legions of the Cosmic Secret Service, dear entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, elemental life fire, air, water, earth:
seize, bind, lock and take to the God-Star, to the Court of Sacred Fire and Cosmic Justice the luciferians and satanists whose hour has come for judgment or is past due, with their plots, strategies, nefarious activities with their causes and cores;
seize, bind, lock and take to the God-Star for judgment Serpent and his seed, the Liar and his Lie, the Murderer and his murders, the astral alliance against the Christ over the Hague, the money beast, 666, Jezebel, Blasphemy over New York City, the great whore, abortion and abortionists, the false prophet and accuser of the brethren;
seize, bind, lock and take to the God-Star for judgment the black brotherhoods of India and of Egypt, mechanization man, the entrenched fallen ones of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, America and the earth, the opponents of the divine design, the central bankers and their machinations, the exponents and manipulators of the maya, glamor, karma, moon substance, sex cones, dissonant sound, the drug cartels, the poisoners and sugarers, infiltrators and impostors;
seize, bind, lock and take to the God-Star for judgment the black-hearted, heartless and hypocrites in government, finance, media, medicine, education, religion, biology, chemistry, genetic engineering, in nuclear weaponry and nuclear energy development whose hour is come for judgment or past due, according to Thy will so be it.

  —-Now give some invocations and fiats such as:  Blue-lightning bombs descend! bolts of blue lightning, descend from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun!  Cycles of Victory appear, spirals of Victory descend, I AM an electrode of Victory in action here!  Fire of God descend!  O God, come, take dominion and make us one!  Elohim (9x)  Shiva!  Shakti!  Kali!  Durga!  Parvati!  Have mercy on us, O God!  Burn the light through!  Blaze the light through!  

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