Saturday, October 27, 2018

'Love the Party, Love the Country,” says Chinese Communist slogan

27 oct 
  Australia is home to a tight-knit Uighur community of an estimated 600 families, with a combined population of over 3,000 people.
Most Uighurs live in Adelaide, with other Muslim minorities who have also been targets of the crackdown….
  According to Mr. Fletcher of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, China is preventing Australian and other foreign diplomats from assessing the situation.  Australian officials last travelled to the province in north-western China at the beginning of 2017.
Since then, Mr. Fletcher said, a number of requests to visit the province had been knocked back:  "We have expressed to China at a national level our interest in visit Xinjiang.  We continue to seek approval.”
                       Urumqi, mosque in foreground

10-22-18  CCP banners filled with propaganda lace the inside and outside of mosques. One reading 'Love the Party, Love the Country,” is one of the most common, and has been seen in prayer spaces throughout the region. It stands as a not-so-subtle reminder to Muslims praying that the CCP and China, not God, require their utmost loyalty.‘halal’-signs-ripped-restaurants-1203094

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