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the intensity of the initiations that we had then and that are here again in this hour

I will not allow the shadowed hordes to stand between thee and thy Christhood!  Therefore I send these sendings of sacred fire as keys of light from my heart.  Therefore I AM, I AM, I AM creating an action whereby the crystal fire is intensifying.  And there is a cleansing and a purging and the establishment of the holy light of God in earth.
  We come indeed to clear the way for the incoming golden age.  That age appearing is descending.  Therefore the brides of the Spirit must rise to meet the Bridegroom midair.  Therefore there is the rapture of souls.  And this meeting of heaven and earth is that the New Jerusalem may appear as the golden age.  And the rising and the descending of the golden-ratio spirals is for the establishment of light and the dispersal of all opposition to that light above and below--as the light of the mighty Spirit sphere above and the matter below.
  Therefore strive, strive for the nexus of thy Christhood! Strive to be at that point where error is denounced, truth is proclaimed, and a holy science and a holy religion are wed by the cloven tongues of the Holy Spirit….Open then the white sphere!  And let the flame of God burn brightly upon the altars of these temples this day.  Lo, there cometh one--priest of the sacred fire, thine own Christ Self.  Lo, there cometh one—there officiating at the altar of thy Christhood, there releasing the sacred fire….
  We come into the very midst of circumstances and conditions, especially conditions in the consciousness of the people of Earth that are the detractors of the very appearance of the Manchild.  And yet our release is a fire that intensifies, that expands and that creates a wedding garment and a wedding train to encircle the Earth.  
  Our priority is fire--the sacred fire imparted by Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Zarathustra, Confucius and Maitreya and the holy ones of God.  This is the fire--this is the fire I release to you!  And I tie directly into your heart-chakras.  And I intensify!  And I stir the coals.  And I intensify!  And I release letters of living fire that are ancient letters of the Holy One of God to stand as the sign, as the magnet of the gathering of more and more fire within the heart.  We know what it is to engage in the saving of a planetary body!  We know the requirement of the Law!  We know the science of the sacred fire--and we implement it! …
  Those who are the leaders give their analyses, make their pro­nouncements and say “This must stop!”  But, beloved hearts, aside from meeting and talking about the deplorable conditions they do not understand how to solve the problem of the Satanic hordes’ invasion of the mental belt and the emotional belt of the Earth in these end times.  This is up to an archangel.  And thereto I AM come!…
  Therefore those who have the least light or no God-flame at all are the most susceptible to astral viral diseases which create a forcefield that in turn is susceptible to the murderous intent and to blood rites of Satanic councils who exist both on the physical plane and on the astral plane and in certain levels of the mental plane.  Therefore the fallen ones, who proceed by deliberate design, also spawn their viruses in their astral laboratories….
  Therefore let no thing come between thee and thy God Pres­ence who issues forth the perfect Person of your own Christ Self!  Walk ye in it!  Walk in the robe of righteousness!  Don the bridal veil--sealing purity’s light around the crown, third eye and throat, sanctifying, hallowing the temple of God. …
  Light is present at the heart of a cell or an atom, but it is sealed as though by cement, and therefore it cannot penetrate, interact or establish a fiery flow of the figure-eight.  There is no devotion or love of light or of God to the extent necessary to penetrate the great, great burden upon humanity in these hours of the Kali Yuga….
  There is contagion, and it is a deadly contagion.  And if you knew it, you would understand why God has said again and again through us:  Come apart!  Be a separate people!  Come apart!  Draw the line!  Draw the line of separation and say to the fallen ones:  you may not enter here!  This is the place of the Holy One of God….
  Alchemists of the Spirit must arise and take dominion over the earth!  I command you now in consciousness:  arise into your higher body!  Arise into that flaming vortex of your own I AM Presence!  And realize that that is the position of the archangels and the deliverers of a planet.  And this Earth requires deliverance more than you know….
  War is afflicting this society.  Happy are ye when ye become not happy wanderers but happy warriors of the Spirit!  For those who know what is happening and who can wield the science of the Word can truly care for the many who do the best that they can under the conscription of ignorance that is upon them….
  We begin at the foundation.  Life must rise up!  Flowers in spring must proceed—not out of the tombs of the wicked but out of the living, out of hearts where lilies bloom because they are the essence of the Kundalini-fire. …
  Well, beloved hearts, the Mother wept in the presence of this soul who would not, would not respond--not to her ministrations, not to the ministrations of an archangel, not to the ministration of Almighty God.  He would not--by his own self-proclaimed pride and ambition.  Therefore though the memory be reacti­vated, though the entire scene be re-created, very few if any of these fallen ones repent of their deeds and return in the hour of final opportunity.  There is indeed a doctrine of final ends, of final judgment, of the conclusion of cycles and manvantaras and of the great 
in­breath.  After all the meaning of Omega is the ending--the beginning and the ending of cycles.  It is the Law of the Great Central Sun Magnet.  Thus there are indeed hours of testing.  And the response to the testing determines, yea or nay, where the individual will find himself in the immediate as well as the ultimate sense of cosmos….
  And therefore ultimately from the fallen ones, from the arch­deceivers of the Satanic council and their emissaries there results in this chain of activity the murder in the streets of Los Angeles, New York and across the Earth.  Therefore we must begin at the beginning….
  Lo, we are come!  And we arc our light to you.  And in your per­son we come!  Therefore call for our Electronic Presence and see how you will strike those telling blows for the Lord wherever you are found on the line where light meets darkness and swallows it up, wherever you are found in the warfare of Armageddon.      
(Gabriel with Mohammed, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)
                          -Archangel Gabriel and Hope:  12-31-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles (Pearls of Wisdom 24:9)
    More diligence, more striving is needed.  Walk the path of sainthood.  I walked it and I have never regretted it.  Lifetime after lifetime the sacrifices were nothing compared to the great gifts of God, gifts of wonder, perception, wisdom, graces—compensations for being a member of the Great White Brotherhood on earth….
  You celebrate Lancelot; I am not satisfied.  The only celebration of Lancelot is that you become the knight and you become deft in the wielding of the sword, even the sword Excalibur that can be passed to you by El Morya when you have passed certain initiations with your own sword as the science of the Word and therefore have that very special initiation of the king unto the knight.
  Dealing then the death blows to unreality in the mind, in the feelings, in the physical plane--this must become the celebration of Lancelot.  As I have said before, this is not a joke.  And many men make light of the era of Camelot.  They do not realize the intensity of the initiations that we had then and that are here again in this hour….
  Let the fairest flower of my heart then prepare for you the most sumptuous feasts of wisdom-love that lead to the power that you require to complete the task.  Hearts of gold, it is the power of God that we would transfer to you once you have learned how not to transfer it to the fallen ones.         
(Noah at Erevan)
                                   -Lanello:  2-26-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles


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