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Let calls continue for the containment, for the harmonization of light within the nuclear power plant

    From the heart of the Himalayas I AM come, answering the call of my children.  I hear their cries in the night, I hear the fear that rises from America and from every nation.   I AM the Manu of light and I come to reinfuse the very earth with the will of God.  Himalaya I AM THAT I AM, the God of the mountain; I AM in the whitefire core of Being.  And therefore Vaivasvata, the Great Divine Director and the God and Goddess Meru stand with me for the holding of the balance of the Four Cosmic Forces who guard the throne of the Almighty.
  Who are the Four Cosmic Forces?  They are the manifestations of the LORD God Himself, the living creatures referred to as "the four beasts" who are in the midst of the throne and around the throne of the One God.  Now this mighty forcefield of the Four Cosmic Forces is for the distribution of light of Alpha and Omega and the Trinity of Being unto the quadrants of Spirit and matter.  Therefore we four, appointed by the Ancient of Days, do hold in the very heart of the Earth that balance of light that is so needed in this hour of seeming peril--and indeed a peril of sorts unto elemental life.
  Therefore we come in answer to the calls of our chelas.  By the word of the chela let it be established in the earth, and let that which is the Law of God manifest now.  Let it manifest as “I, the LORD,” the LORD hath said unto me, “I, the LORD, come to manifest my judgments in the earth.”  Therefore we hold the line of light, the maxim light which can be anchored in the earth in time of distress.  And we hold that light for the protection of souls of light against the day of the oncoming judgment.  
  Let calls continue for the containment, for the harmonization of light within the nuclear power plant, within all such installations upon the planetary body.  For the danger signs on the surface are not nearly so great as the dangers beneath--the entire matter of Earth's evolutions using nuclear energy for power when they themselves do not have the full mastery and God-control of the light of Alpha and Omega, of the light of Alpha and Omega in their very own heartflame, in their very own cells….
  And that balance is translated into nature, into the very elements themselves by the four beings of the elements who have drawn nigh unto you in this hour and who continue to intensify their work, their labor, their calls.  They indeed (functioning as they do in the matter sphere) are the very close ones, near and dear to your heart, who translate our light in your service, beloved ones.  They are quick to answer your call when you summon them.  And they wield the mighty power of the Holy Spirit to effect that healing, that change and that balance--that alignment that is necessary not only in the use of nuclear energy but in all of the affairs of Earth and her evolutions this day.
  Therefore it is understood by the Darjeeling Council and by the Council of the Royal Teton that in this day and hour when individuals are using nuclear energy yet have not the God-control, when there are mishaps, when there are unforeseen accidents, they have as it were created the sorcerer’s apprentice.  They have before them the genie which they can no longer control!  It is the energy of Life itself.  It is all-powerful Life.  And thus that it be used by those who are not centered in that Life can only result in further accident, leading to catastrophe….
  Therefore let men seek the further development of solar power.  Let them seek the correct use of the reserves of oil, natural gas and coal and all that can be derived from the sea itself….
  Beloved ones, it is absolutely inconceivable, yet it is the reasoning of the human consciousness to continually experiment with those energies of life about which they have so little knowledge--be it the genes and chromosomes, be it the experimentations in fetal research, be it the introduction of drugs used in the temples of the people without the full understanding of the ramifications.  Beloved ones, Earth is a playground, but man has made of it a playground to play with the energy of God with irresponsibility.  And thus those who are irresponsible are willing to allow to come upon the people of earth dangers that will continue for generations.
  Let the sons and daughters of God therefore challenge those who are in the field of science who were present on Atlantis, who were the very ones who caused its sinking, those who are experimenting in their psychotronics in all sorts of rays.  They then use that energy without the sense of responsibility to Life and to the path of initiation.  By the fervent calls of the chelas of the light we are determined to avert each such potential disaster.
  But, beloved ones, we deal here with megatons of energy which mankind by freewill have set in motion.  And therefore the law of karma dictates:  by the use of freewill so they must know and understand what are the conditions of that freewill and what they have set in motion.  By the great mercy of the Law therefore the calls for intercession--the prayers of millions and the dynamic decrees of the chelas--are being sifted even as the hearts of the people are being sifted.
  As our Eye is upon the sparrow so our Eye is also upon the souls of light as well as the seed of the wicked.  And therefore once again we do call forth the sons and daughters of God to make a more than ordinary sacrifice, to come forward, to be counted, to lead the people and to defend the precious sheep against these inroads of satanic insanity that will not cry halt to the dangers of nuclear energy and all other dangers imposed upon this generation--through chemicals, through pesticides, through incorrect doses of medicine, through all manner of substances which have been fed to the blessed women who are with child and whose children and children's children will yet suffer from the intrusion upon the body temples of those substances that are not in harmony with the light of Alpha and Omega.
  We stand in the heart of the earth with Virgo and Pelleur.  We send forth a signal to elemental life to right and to align the four lower bodies of all children of the light who have thus suffered at the hand of the seed of the wicked and their nefarious experiments upon the people whom they have made their guinea pigs.  O beloved ones, our hearts too cry out to the living God for intercession and for mercy.  And the LORD God has answered.  Our mercy has gone forth.  Our mercy has come in the person of the Woman clothed with the Sun and the souls of light biding in the spheres of Mater.  Our mercy has been sent in a just judgment of all evolutions.  That judgment therefore must cycle through the cycles of manifestation, and that judgment must be of the seed of the wicked.
  And therefore We have heard the LORD God affirm this day that in order to secure the everlasting peace of God upon earth and His kingdom come the children of the light must rise up and give the invocation of the Lord Jesus Christ unto the judgment.  For it is the seed of the wicked who have implanted these nefarious deeds and manifestations in your midst.
  And thus the LORD God has said:  “It behooves all souls of light to unite in a novena of prayer that these fallen ones be bound and that calamity and cataclysm be averted.  For I the LORD God have spoken.  I the LORD God have spoken.” [chanted]  Therefore the heart of Alpha and Omega is One.  
  And for the manifestation of the light in the heart of the earth there is a staying action this day as the fiery coils of light descend to bind those individuals who would wreak havoc upon earth before the fruition of the Word, of the Lamb, of the Tree of Life.  We therefore stretch forth Our hand.  Thus saith the LORD God:  We stretch forth Our hand this day.  And there is the holding action that the children of the light might come forth in the resurrection flame this Eastertide and gather at Our mystery school which We have ordained to drink in, to manifest, to uphold and to become the veritable rods of light--rods of energy, rods of resurrection flame--to hold the balance in the earth.  I have spoken out of the flame of the blue lotus; I have spoken out of the Flame of Universal Life.
  Let men and women of earth heed the warning of the Manus! Let sons and daughters of God proceed with caution.  Let the energy of God be reverenced as the life in the fiery core of the atom.  And let souls of Earth pursue the path of initiation before engaging in the uses of power to which they have not yet applied the fullness of the flame of God-mastery.  Himalaya I AM.  I AM Himalaya.  I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM in the heart of the earth, I AM in the heart of the Atom of Being; I AM Himalaya.  I AM.   [chanted]                -Lord Himalaya:  4-1-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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