Friday, October 12, 2018

One wonders when that fever pitch is going to take place in the Middle East or out of the Eastern bloc

    One wonders when that fever pitch is going to take place in the Middle East or out of the Eastern bloc or out of northern Korea or China.  Blessed ones, there are so many places in the Earth where there are the fallen ones and the evildoers who are determined to destroy the planet that you must realize that they also have this same equipment that you have and by computers may set off nuclear weapons simultaneously.           -Elohim Hercules and Amazonia:  10-14-1996 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana

    I speak to you then of the coming of aliens to this planet--those who are called extraterrestrials, those who have come accompanied by fallen angels and demons.  You have seen them enter.  You have seen them pull down the evolutions of Earth.  And the pity of it all is that some of you have been pulled in their direction and continued in their direction, not recognizing that you originally were never a part of these that have come from other planets such as Maldek and the Twelfth Planet and certainly many others.   These visitors are not welcome, for the most part.  For though they may be benign in a sense of the word yet their goal is not union with God but to be worshiped as demigods themselves.
  Thus what is the point, beloved?  Yes indeed, what is the point--to want to conserve oneself in a physical body or quasi-physical body forever and forever?  Is that not odd that there be some who should just as well wander the galaxies as to find the very heart of hearts of the creation, to merge with it in the planes of nirvana and to spiral upward and backwards into the point of origin of being?  These visitors, beloved, are not the creation of Elohim for the most part.  Therefore they come to steal the genes, the very essence, the life-essence of those who are the creation of Elohim….
  The future of the Aquarian age may lie on the foundation of the wise ones who have not been too proud to take up this path and this teaching and to take it up under a teacher who is, as you would call it, a woman in this earth.
  So understand, beloved, that that pride must go.  It is a pride of superiority of many long centuries behind you.  But today that pride does not serve you well for it causes you to be vulnerable, to have a chink and many chinks in the armour, whereby the fallen ones who know your weaknesses can continually tear you down, break you in pieces and show you just how far your pride will take you.  They mock you!…
  So, beloved, you can see what a weight has been on the planet and how this weight must be lifted.  Can ye lift it up? Can the World Mother lift it up?  Can all of us put together lift it up?  I tell you, it will be an act of all evolutions of this world and of the Great Central Sun also.  For the weight of extra karma was brought by these scientists who were interested in materialistic science only and not the science of the Spirit-- they have brought the heavy, heavy weight of Earth.
  And elemental life since that hour have continually been working to balance that karma.  And many times they have had to resort to tremendous cataclysm under the direction of Elohim and Surya and Cuzco and the four hierarchs of the elementals.  Thus continents, as you know, have risen and they have sunk, and civilizations have occurred on the Earth long before that which you think to be the beginning at the early days of Lemuria.
  Blessed ones, time is vast.  And the weight that is upon your shoulders today is a weight that you carry, a portion of these laggards who have come to Earth so long ago.  Had they not been invited by certain among the people of Earth who desired to save them, to lead them into the light and to help them in bearing their progeny this Earth would be a lighter place.  But in addition to their recalcitrance, their ultimate stubbornness, their ultimate intransigence they then have burdened all.  Think not then that the burden of weight that you carry on your shoulders and in your aura is merely your own. …
  Undoubtedly then you will take the opportunity to call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold of the laggards being taken and even of those who are remaining.  For that will be an assist to them to perhaps see the light and decide they may want to live forever in the heart of God, Elohim.           -Lord Himalaya:  6-29-1995 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana     

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