Tuesday, February 26, 2019

to what measure they can hold firmly to the great realities

  The current snarl of mankind’s entanglements in those struggles of mind and spirit that cause him to become enmeshed in the mechanics of civilization has already created frustration piled on frustration.  And the spirit of man, as well as the mind of man, becomes wearied with the endless sense of struggle that is intended to divide and conquer his very soul….
  Surely, beloved ones, somewhere along even your human thought and reasoning you must have recognized that imperfection which appears to manifest and that perfection which you know within your hearts is the very nature of God.  Can you not see then that due to the presence of imperfection in the appearance world the letter of the Law is far more subject to human manipulation than the spirit thereof which remains inviolate in the world of perfection?  Yet it is to the letter of the Law that so many adhere rather than to the spirit; but God in all His power and wisdom still looks at the motivation of the heart (1Sam. 16:7)….
  If man then desires to do the will of God and to hold fast to that which is good, he must do so oblivious of all momentums of human destruction which have ever manifested in his world, for these have no power to perpetuate themselves except the power man gives to them….
  The elements of God-reality have always been there as the great pondering of the mind of God to produce the fruit of His holy will in the consciousness of man.  How fragile are moments in time as opportunities for the perfectionment of eternity!  Their use however depends upon the sensitivity of men’s souls and to what measure they can hold firmly to the great realities of God.  Stay with the great dream of God and shut out the clamoring wakefulness of the outer mind….
Like a gossamer veil atremble
with the thunder of the Sun,
Beauteous doorway of forever

Swings wide open for each one!      
                                                 -Archeia Mary:  Pearls of Wisdom 15:32

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