Monday, February 18, 2019

I sprinkle you with holy water

  I sprinkle you with holy water as I come in this hour to attend the birth of the Savior.  The Savior who is born in your heart even as your soul is reborn in him, the Savior who is Jesus Christ and whose presence (as in the celebration of six months ago) is part of the processioning of the Holy Family with all attendants, angels and shepherds, wise men, the Lord Krishna and representatives of the elemental kingdom.  Blessed ones, I stand before you tonight in my original garb and identity, for we are of the angelic kingdom, therefore see me as your angel Lanello.  And I bring the glad tidings of this great joy--that the Savior is come to us, that the Savior is born, that he is the infant Child, that he is the Lord of lords and King of kings!
  Therefore know that I join bands of angels who represent Our point of origin and We encircle the earth this night, enveloping the planet in [the causal bodies of] Our twinflames that all might have the quickening of the mind by the power of God Mercury and that the quickened mind might be the vessel of the Christ mind whose mass we celebrate.  As you come to this hour of the Christmas Rose so the Christmas Eve service is a service of forgiveness and violet flame that you may on the morrow truly eat of the flesh and drink of the blood of Jesus Christ, of your Holy Christ Self, of Alpha and Omega who reside in the heart of every ascended and cosmic being and angel of light.  Therefore, beloved, we unveil our offices that you might understand that we serve you as angelic messengers, that we come even as angels came of old and [as that] singular angel [who came] to Joseph to warn him in a dream of the coming of Herod and that [the Holy Family] must escape.
  Therefore find yourselves not in that place of a lesser consciousness or a vulnerable state but make haste to enter into the true ancient mysteries.  For Egypt was not a land of the dead, but Egypt in the ancient tradition carried forward the supreme worship of the One God, even the Incal (“inner calling”) of Atlantis.   And therefore we were there to reestablish that monotheism.  This was a challenge not merely to the black priesthood of Egypt, beloved, it was a challenge to that reincarnated black priesthood of Atlantis.  Thus you see, those who did cause the sinking [of Atlantis], those black magicians who had even entered the office of High Priest in the temple, would not relent but would continue to move against those who worshiped the One God and retained the memory of the golden-age civilizations of Atlantis.  Thus, beloved, “Out of this Egypt of the One God have I called My Son.”  Thus is the Word of the Lord.   And therefore the purpose of [the Holy Family] remaining in that atmosphere was to assimilate the true ancient traditions of the true concept of the One God.
  Understand, beloved, that in this One God, your Mighty I AM Presence is the annihilation of all pluralism, all polytheism and all separate consciousness of separate identities.  Thus the Law of the One is demonstrated in our Immanuel, for that Law of the One is the coming together of all peoples and kindreds and tongues.  And therefore it is a sign unto all people that the Savior descending may cause them to once again be reborn as sons of God.  And that Savior who is Christ the Lord is born this day and every day.
  Do you know, beloved, that Alpha and Omega have for some time desired to see a Christ born every day upon earth, even from the [time] we began preaching in the 1950s?  This dispensation has not always been possible for the denial [by abortion or prevention] of lifestreams who would enter or for individuals rebelling against their path and their karma, being not willing to submit to the living Word and therefore not coming together in holy matrimony or consecrating their lives to that level where the Christed one could be born.  The Lords of Karma seek to make up for lost time.  Therefore They call you to the altar that you may request sponsorship from the beloved Melchior, the wise man of the East, who shall surely follow the star of each aborning child and shall be at that place for the protection, with Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, of the little one.  May you know, beloved, that many lightbearers in this nation and world must be cut free to come into this activity for the sole reason that they might prepare themselves to be mothers and fathers.
  Think of the increase of light on the planet if this mandate [for the birth of a Christ every day] were to be fulfilled, O beloved!  And then decree for it and be fierce as you in your next call for labors (after this labor’s victory is won) might ask for that labor involving the entire conspiracy against the birth of the Divine Manchild again and again and again.
  I have come to you then that you might understand the true embodiment in Jesus Christ of the original High Priest of Atlantis, who [later] became the great emperor of a golden age.  Understand the manifestation of the Son of God and adore that light and that commitment and that unfailing quality of this Lord Jesus Christ who age after age even in dark ages did keep that flame of the World Savior and did not forsake his mission.  May you be commended [to his Spirit] in this hour, beloved--to follow in his footsteps and to prove that in this life you also may stand with your Holy Christ Self, may merge with that Holy Christ Self, might have the fusion of your soul to that Holy Christ Self!  It is the goal that you must seek, as we have said.  It is the most important victory you can achieve, beloved, for this [fusion] results in the capacity for true ministration of the Word.  Nothing can substitute for the fusion of the soul with the Lord, the Holy Christ Self, and hence not long thereafter with the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
  Blessed ones, you must renew this sacred tryst and know how essential [to your victory] is the sacred heart of Jesus--it is as a magnet of the heart of God.  When you are at peace with your Lord and truly at peace in the very depths of your unconscious being then you know that Jesus may place his Electronic Presence over you, not only during the Jesus’ Watch but throughout the seven days of the week.  Strive for this, beloved!  And do not let any [negative] momentum of your past, [any] shortcoming, anything that allows a going here and a going there [cause] you to be divided and conquered.  Do not let the things [of the shadowed self] take you from the love of the Savior who is born this day in the city of David--even out of the causal body of the soul of David--who was Jesus, who is Jesus, who is Jesus our Lord.
  Therefore know that every temptation that beset Jesus and Gautama and all saints who have accomplished [the goal of the ascension] does also beset you.  Do not be put back but rejoice!  Rejoice in all of your goings and comings, whether through the dark night of the soul (of your karma) or the Dark Night of the Spirit when you are in that fusion to the Christ and [you] receive not once but again and again the crucifixion and the challenging of your office [as a son of God].
  Do not move from the spot where you stand in defense of the light!  For if you allow yourself to be overcome by a single test that Satan or the seed of Satan may give you, know that the devils have a heyday and that they consider that you are set far back.  And therefore they move to make mincemeat of you, to “sift you as wheat,” as Jesus told Peter; Satan would have you.  You must take the wise counsel that we have given you, the understanding of the tremendous power of your call for the binding of the dweller-on-the-threshold, naming each line of your cosmic clock and going after those conditions.  Whether you think they are a part of you or not, simply name them.  For if they are not a part of you, beloved, and you truly have the mastery on that line, then you will stand to assist other lightbearers of this cosmos to defeat that dweller, and you will need all of the attainment and the momentum [you can] garner--and the repetition [if but] for the very sake of ritual, for the very sake of the love of Christ.
  Understand that ritual is weaving the strong cords round and around and around that pole of being until the polestar does become a presence so very near and the congruency is not difficult, for you have not allowed one single entity, one single schism in the psyche to come between you and your God.  You do not wait till you are healed of your psychology to seek this union.  You allow the union you seek with such fierceness of heart, beloved, to be the healing of that psychology!  I desire to make myself clear this night:  the fervor and fire of the heart unto its filling of all of your chest cavity is that fiery desiring for union with Jesus Christ, with your Holy Christ Self.  And that fire that does intensify and that desire of love that does increase--these are the consummation of the soul’s flight to her Lord in the alchemical marriage.  Do you see that the alchemical marriage itself is the dissolving of certain elements of schism in the psyche, some of which you will never know about because they are not accessible to the outer mind?  Thus it is true that you do not need to know all [of the] conditions of your psyche [in order] to be healed.  But it is also true that you must know a good part of them [in order] to see them coming and to understand their manifestation and to douse them with violet flame and then move on.
  Know always as an ascended master God-free being at inner levels (and this I claim for you) that you at that point of your inner-level God-Identity do not have those problems and [that] you do have the power to overcome them [as they are wont to manifest in the human].  Therefore you must say “I AM greater than those problems!  I will douse them with violet flame and I will move on!”  It is a question of the will and the power you give to the will of God in your life and the wisdom that you give to the will of God in your life and the love that you give to the will of God [in your life].  Willing your manifestation of perfection [in the here and now] and then bringing up the rear of the records of past lives [for final transmutation], this is the method.  Some of you have pursued the opposite, excusing yourselves for your [imperfection, blaming it on your] negative astrology--excusing yourselves for your human momentums [because you are human] and waiting for yourselves to work through them till you can truly walk the earth claiming your Christhood, acting the part and ministering to souls of light because you know that that reality of Christ is where you are.  Why don’t you begin to be the good shepherd?  Who or what are you waiting for?  [What we see] is almost a lulling to sleep of our very best troops, as though you were falling asleep in the presence of your very Christhood.  Let it not be so!  With all humility you may retain the awareness of the lowly estate of the flesh but never a sense of self-criticism or false humility.  Let that [false] humility stand aside and let the Christ walk through you and speak--and be that love in action!
  And do not go over and over and over again your momentums of rebellion and resistance to the truth, so much so that you do not even perceive that you have failed your tests and failed them so miserably without even a [hint or a] suggestion to yourself that you were in any way out of alignment.  And if a wise fellow chela or the Messenger be not handy, you may continue to delude yourself that you are in a fine vibration.  Let there not be the mocking of God!  Let there not be the mocking of true Selfhood by the supercilious or the proud human consciousness!
  Blessed ones, you have the components.  Some of you have left the parts to your fine Swiss watch lying on the workbench for many centuries.  You somehow think that the parts are equal to the whole:  well, they are not equal to the whole until you put them together.  I say, you all have the parts; put them together and you will see the fine tuning of that Christ expressing through you.  Know that your areas of expertise are the means whereby the excellence of that Christ can readily manifest, and you can increase a wider circle of excellence and expertise as you move along, accepting the challenges on the cycles of your clock (starting from your birthdate), minding the change of cycle each day of the month that marks your birth date, noting the change of chakra, of Hierarch, of line of the clock, of God-quality to embody, and anticipating the challenges to [your expression of that God-quality].
  There are some here of long-standing who still do not keep that chart for themselves, are not mindful of the changes of the cycles according to the cosmic clock and pay little attention to their personal astrology.  Well, beloved ones, [as a result] many of you fall in the mud, I am sad to say it.  You do not apply the teachings given.  All this is given to you not for entertainment but because you need the refinement of calculating your days of victory and knowing that some days require supreme effort to have the victory while others have so much wind for your sails that sometimes you take it for granted and miss the victory even then.
  Let us see heroes and heroines!  Let us see them now come forward to honor that Christ and be that Christ!  Beloved ones, I rejoice in your love for one another that is increasing. This is the mark of the descending Christ in your midst.  It is a joy to behold harmony in so many quarters.  And those of you who have deprived yourselves of that harmony I give you from this night to December 31 to atone for the sins of inharmony throughout this year, recognizing the perversions of all lines of the clock to be a form of inharmony.  Blessed ones, let us see you establish strong spokes on the wheel of life from the center to the periphery.  Now I ask you, won’t you have that great God-harmony through this final week of the year?  [audience:  “Yes!”]  What a rejoicing!  What a joy to defeat those various points where you have allowed yourself to lose your harmony as though it were justified but more so because [the momentum of your inharmony] is a track and sometimes a ditch in the astral body.
  O beloved hearts, the joy of God-harmony and of those who keep it in this cycle shall surely be a very special prize!  The year has a door ajar that will close, and at its closing, as you know, the past will be sealed except on certain days timed by the cosmic clock and astrology of the stars.  Therefore let this open door [of this week] be for the cleansing not only of the past year but of many past years that are also opened.
  Blessed ones, I have come to you with this special gift in this hour–this message which my Beloved has read to you, that you might observe the signs of those things that can come upon anyone simply by the condition of the biochemistry of the body.  May you realize that some of you have been counseled concerning not eating, such as our beloved Edith Emmert, who took upon herself a “fast for God” [as she called it] and therefore caused her untimely demise.  This blessed one in her own mind’s reasoning thought this should be a great gift unto God, a fasting.  But God did not require of her to fast but to stay in embodiment and to keep the flame.
  Well, beloved, those who have loved her should rejoice to know that this day she has been given a pair of tiny wings and that she now has the opportunity to make her ascension from inner levels.  And she has worked very hard to receive this gift and will continue to work very hard to qualify herself [as a candidate for the ascension].  It will not be easy for her, beloved, but she has her wings [and she can learn to fly].
And therefore I come as an angel messenger on her behalf and on behalf of her mentors to tell you that she no longer requires your prayers and that you should direct them to other conditions and other individuals in embodiment.  Thus she shall move on and, passing all tests at inner levels, may one day make her ascension from inner octaves.  I recount to you the scene, beloved, of her passing when she was received even in the Retreat of the Divine Mother and a council of ascended lady masters did gather around her to literally scold her and tell her that she should not have taken on this type of fasting unbeknownst to the Messenger and to the point where it was too late [to reverse the course] when it was brought to the Messenger’s attention.
  Blessed ones, therefore you can see there is a folly in not eating.  There is a folly in taking matters into your own hands, as others have done in deciding when and where they should conclude this embodiment, for they have “lived long enough,” [as they say].  Let not this lie of the sinister force enter the heart or the mind or the soul of any chela on the path!  For, beloved, you should consider it always a plot of the sinister force to take you out of embodiment by one specious form of reasoning or another.  If you are in embodiment, defend your life!  Expand it, increase it, multiply it, strengthen yourself and give your life to decrees for God and what service you are able to muster.  You will never know what balance you hold for the planet.  You will never know how every drop [of your lifeblood], every grain of sand in the hourglass counts for your victory.  Do not shortcut the opportunity for victory, not just a simple victory but a complex and masterful victory!  
  Therefore extend your lifespan and heed the dietary cautions.  Those who overeat and overindulge and do not deal with momentums of gluttony from past lives also reduce their instrumentation while they yet have good health and put themselves in jeopardy of taking on conditions of disease.  The strong and purified body is the best vessel for the living Christ.  Let it be strong in the physical; let the desire body be strong, perpetually desiring God and pursuing prudence and modesty, caution and surely the contrite heart.  This, beloved, is our word to you.  May this body be the temple of the living God for many decades to come, I say--and I speak it of each one of you, for you have much yet to do to graduate with the full attainment of your God-mastery.  Let it be with nothing less, beloved.
  Give the world something and someone to remember!  Give them the gift of your heart to remember you by!  They will need those memories, I tell you, beloved, in days when they must stand alone.  They will need the memory of you in embodiment and your strength and your determination and your unfailing love and faith.  O your example is as a Sun shining!  It is the star of the Christ over Bethlehem; it is your causal body.  Where the world is so full of bad examples may you ever be the shining one!  May you exceed me, beloved; it is my prayer.  And I will help you do so with all of the fervor and love of my heart, for I come with Jesus as a ministering angel at his side.  I come with Jesus to multiply that act of your Christhood.  O be generous in the giving of the love-fire of your heart!  For the more you give the more you are enfired by Love.  Give love and you shall increase love on the planet and in your heart.  And after all, beloved, love is the single and greatest requirement for the ascension.
  I bid you good evening in this hour, and I withdraw to higher octaves and [to] my mission this night with glorious bands of angels.  We go out, beloved, to see whom We may draw into this Community.  Give Us the means; give Us the materials!  Give Us the corrected statements!  Give Us the Royal Teton Ranch News.  Give Us the good news of this activity, of every chela and the Messenger and the path.  Give Us something We can place in their hands, for they do not hear Us with their minds and ears but only with their souls and hearts.  And the intellect is strong and its prejudices are strong and the lies told are strong poison.  Give Us the tools and We will turn around this condition whereby those of the Twelfth Planet have sought to encircle you, to bind you, to set you up in a prisonhouse of walls of hatred that they have created.  I say, beloved, they are as nothing!  And if you can develop that co-measurement with God and the God Presence, you can see that they are as midgets before the Lord God.  Is anything too hard for the LORD?  [“No!”]
  Blessed ones, look at the labors accomplished.  Your call, heaven’s answer--it is there.  Make it and do not be lulled into self-concern, for this remains the disease of this Community:  self-concern that begets fear, that begets a holding of the tatters of your karma round about you instead of opening your arms, letting the breezes blow and letting the Holy Spirit blow through you.  You must be free of your human creation, and then We will shake the bowers of your causal body!  And there shall descend such momentums of supply and light and members that you will wonder where you will put them even on the entire acreage of this beloved Royal Teton Ranch.  With all my love I give you the kiss of Christmas peace!        
            -Lanello Christmas Eve 1990 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana 

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