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Friends, look forward, forget the past; The enemy is the pocket of poison

54.  Friends, look forward, forget the past, think about creation for the future, and I shall come to give you counsel.  Exalt others in spirit and look ahead.    -Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1924
233.  It is impossible to lose one's attainment if the dynamical factors have not been paralyzed.   Thus it is possible only on rare crossroads to inspect one's fundamental changes --this is a gift of evolution.  One should not let dynamics pass into painful self-control; in actions and in results is cognized the right direction.  Therefore We prefer even a mistaken action to inaction.     -M:  Community 1926
506.  Since we know that effects proceed from causes, each spirit must examine his own motives.      -M:  Infinity 2, 1930
253.  Many legends express the danger of having several Gurus.  Let us cite one of them.  "One pious woman had three sons.  Each of them had chosen a venerable rishi as his Guru.  But one of them conceived the idea of increasing his powers by asking two more rishis to be his guides, though his mother had warned him of the danger of such a thoughtless action.”…From every standpoint of knowledge science confirms other laws of life; however one should look with an oblique eye.     -M:  Hierarchy 1931
521.  Upon mountain paths one cannot walk either to the left or right but only straight ahead.       -M:  Heart 1932
22.  But there are no frightful outbreaks of chaos where the spirit is striving toward the higher worlds--it soars above the waves of chaos.      -M:  Aum 1936
503.   It is shocking to realize that man rushes into a hideous abyss without looking ahead further than today.      -M:  Brotherhood 1937
211.  Thus we may observe that at times the Teacher hastens and at other times holds back, watching over many processions of pilgrims simultaneously and regulating their pace.  Much happens that man is unable to see as he marches forward.  The Teacher sets the milestones far into the distance.  
283.  We overcome the idea of time when we are in motion.  We can solve problems when we adhere to the concept of motion.  Be not surprised that in many people there is an intuitive desire to fly, for this is a sign of our epoch.  But people should move even more in thought and thus forge ahead of even the speediest flights.     
314.  The Thinker used to say "Courage is the ability to look ahead.  The wise know that a cloud of dust is finite and that nothing can obscure Infinity.”      
(by Schmiechen, 1884)
                                         -M:  Supermundane 1938
   Children of light, sons and daughters of light, I have come in this hour at the behest of the God and Goddess Meru.  I AM indeed the Goddess of Light!  Understand that this office has been [conferred upon] me for my realization in God of light unto the full God-potential [that can be] accorded an individual lifestream.  Thus the term [God or Goddess] denotes one who is a cosmic being and does ensoul the God-consciousness of his office and ray.
  Therefore I summon you to also become devotees of light.  For you have heard the story of my entrapment by black magicians long ago on the continent of South America, [when] in an unguarded moment [I was locked from the waist down into] the lower portion of the body of a fish.  And so, beloved, [I was] required to remain in that body for eight hundred years before that curse could be broken.  And I did clothe myself [in such a manner] and [I did] serve from behind a counter so that none saw the deformity of my lower part.
  Blessed ones, I know the value of invoking Light!  Light!  Light!  and light’s protection again and again and again.  I know that there can come to any one of you an unguarded moment when the false hierarchy impostor of your [lifestream and your] divine office may come to set you apart from the path of initiation, even in the very hour when God would place upon you the mantle of that office.  And so it is unto the very moment, and I said moment, of your ascension.
  So long as you are in these temporal spheres, beloved, the fallen ones may still seek and perhaps find a [point of] vulnerability [in your lifestream].  For this reason you may understand [how] calamity and tragedy may befall devotees of light who are otherwise constant.  Yet, beloved, it takes alertness at all levels [to maintain wholeness in these lower octaves].  And so when you invoke light at all levels of your being and in all of your chakras, taking care to fill in the weaker places first, you must consider that it is necessary to constantly keep the vigil.  You might visualize yourself as a giant Christmas tree with a candle on every little twig and branch so that a million candles might burn [on your Tree of Life to light the way for millions].  Remember that at every point of every cell of your body there is a nucleus in the atom and there is a central sun to every cell.  These are points of light.  These are, as it were, manifestations of the Great Central Sun at microscopic levels.  Therefore it is well to develop a meditation on light where[by] you see pinpoints of light throughout the body.  Thus come to understand that vibrant health within the body does help to keep the light circulating--thus [one may enjoy] the vibrant mind that is quick and alert and the desire body that is truly aligned with the Law of God and whose desire is to meditate upon that Law, to realize that Law, to be that Law day and night.
  Blessed ones, at the behest of the God and Goddess Meru I speak to you then of black magic and of witchcraft.  But I begin my dissertation on the subject of envy and jealousy, an often-practiced form of black magic that is not seen to be so lethal.  Yet I come to tell you that it is indeed lethal!  For when you have something beautiful, when you have the manifestation of joy and happiness in your family and midst your children there are those neighbors, perhaps unknown to you, or seeming friends or relatives who have a heavy karma in your direction [i.e., are your debtors from past lives], even those on the astral plane, and they do not have what you have, therefore jealousy grows within them.  It grows to a hatred, and to hate [and hate] creation and even to anger, so that by and by as this builds in them, as it gnaws in them they through the evil eye may project [evil] against the beauty of your family, your happiness, your success.  And you may be [caught] off-guard, for you are in the joy of experiencing God’s blessings and grace [as well as] the fruit of attainment from your own Tree of Life.
  Thus, beloved, think about the unguarded areas of your life.  For as you move along the patl the light [you invoke and the light that is your manifest attainment] will deflect from you much opposition and slings sent against you, especially [those which come] through people’s thought and feeling worlds.  You will discover that in their frustration and in your continuous victories [people] begin to direct this energy [of envy and jealousy] against you.
  Beloved ones, if they respect you as adults or in your respective positions, they may not consciously send this [energy] against you but they will send it against your children or your animals or things you may own.  This is an important subject because many of you have increased in light sufficiently, in the first place, to warrant my coming and in the second to be the object of a cruel envy you may not have heretofore experienced.
  Beloved, there is no envy like the envy of fallen angels and discarnates and those who have not the light, who do not serve the light, who long ago betrayed the light and took up arms against that light.  Therefore to them anyone who is a lightbearer, even the smallest child, is anathema, a curse in itself, and they can [have no peace] until that focus [of light], that individual, that property or even that church is destroyed.  Thus [their hatred of the light] becomes an all-consuming hatred born of their envy and born of their jealousy.
  Now that you have the key to light as you have never had it before in your life, beloved ones, remember the warning of Jesus Christ--who is very close to the heart of the God and Goddess Meru, serving as he does on the sixth ray and serving as World Teacher to those [lifewaves] whom the God and Goddess Meru sponsor.  And therefore did the Master not say, “Thy enemies shall be they of thine own household”?   Let us review, therefore, what is “thine own household.”  The household is, first of all, your subconscious as well as the thoughts and feelings of your being.  All that is in the circle of your awareness is your household.  And so the Master has said [that] sometimes you are your own worst enemy.
  The enemy is the pocket of poison, [and I speak of the] poisons outlined in the teachings of Buddhism:  [ignorance; anger and hatred; pride; cravings, greed and passions; envy and jealousy].  These poisons therefore block the light and they become a point of vulnerability whereby those who envy your light might enter your household.
  Therefore whatever is within the psyche, whatever is within the self must be seen for what it is, must be examined in each twenty-four-hour period.  You must review your thoughts and feelings, expressions of desire, kindnesses or unkindnesses and have the sense of knowing what [thought or feeling or act] has fallen beneath the line of the light of the living Christ within you.  And [when you do,] quickly call for that [unseemly expression] to be encircled and bound and call upon the law of forgiveness and the full power of the violet transmuting flame to erase the cause, effect, record and memory of that deed, that word, that thought, that feeling.
  Be on guard, beloved ones!  For it was through such a small entrée [into my “household”] that this imposition was placed upon me [by black magicians].  This was a long time ago. We were under what you call the “occult dispensation.”   We were required to balance 100 percent of our karma in the physical octave and we were required to do so [through] long terms of endurance of the burdens of our karma; and [we were required to] work through it, and there were many black magicians abroad in the world at that time [who worked against us every step of the way].  Thus we did not have all of the dispensations that you have in this hour and all of the cosmic reinforcement that has come to this world in this time, principally through the great sponsorship of Saint Germain and Portia and all who have aligned themselves with them for the bringing in of the Aquarian age.
  So, beloved hearts, understand that this dispensation, in order to be sustained, as you have been told, requires leadership, requires an avant-garde who will go before the children of the light and who will hold the flame [for them] and be watchful and vigilant.  As you make the invocations [to the seven archangels in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence] for the binding of black magic and all who practice it, as well as for the binding of witchcraft and all who practice it, you will be invoking the protection of Almighty God for those children of the light who know not how to invoke it for themselves.
  Remember this, beloved, We and millions who have gone before you have kept the flame for you until you could come to this hour [when you could have the certain knowledge] that you are contacting your Mighty I AM Presence and that there is indeed a response and [therefore you could] feel a certain maturity, a certain confidence in your invocations.  You feel the vibration of light.  You have testimony in the youthfulness that appears in your form and brightness of mind and heart.  All things around you are like the aura of springtime and you are in a circle of light that is drawn by your angelic friends and sponsoring masters.  Thus as you have that sense of security that the Call compels the Answer, as you give testimony again and again to the intercession of Archangel Michael as he intercedes to save your very life, so know, beloved, that this has come to you by way of your own endurance through certain substances of karma, by way of your faithfulness, by way of your constancy, by way of the years that you have practiced the calling upon the name of the LORD [I AM THAT I AM].
  Know then that that momentum does count much for those who newly enter the path who may yet have with them [their worldly] substance [and karma].  Therefore you see yourselves as elder brothers and sisters on the path [to the children of the light]--and you should, even as [you see] the ascended masters [as] your Elder Brothers and Sisters.  And you should remind yourselves [of bygone days] when you felt as a shorn lamb and when you depended upon your father and mother and would run to clutch their hands when the thunder and the lightning descended.
  Understand that there are many babes who enter this path and know not how treacherous are the fallen ones [who would] snatch them away from the Call of their Mighty I AM Presence.  And therefore [these fallen ones] must level accusations of “cult” and all manner of charges against the person of the Messenger to destroy [her image] and malign [her] character and therefore to discourage and disillusion those coming on the path as to the truth of the Ascended Masters’ Teachings.
  Beloved ones, [the majority of them] have not even presumed to challenge the Teachings themselves; for these Teachings are ironclad and they are written in the Book of Life, and they are found in the retreats of the ascended masters by all who are of the light.  There is not one etheric retreat of the Great White Brotherhood connected with this planet or the planet Venus or the planet Mercury that does not contain all of the dictations, all of the writings, all of the spoken Word that have come forth from the Messengers.
  And I tell you, millions of souls are studying at these retreats so that they may be prepared to come into embodiment and deal with the opposition to the very light that they are now determined to embody.  For Jesus and Moses and Elijah and Confucius and Zarathustra and Gautama and Maitreya and Archangel Gabriel have told them that as they have emerged out of the world’s great religions so they [must] now come to the age of the synthesis of cosmic truth.
  These souls of light who [upon their transition] proceed to the etheric octaves [on account of] the devotions they have [practiced] in their own movements, beloved ones, immediately see the planetary equation.  And they see this body of lightbearers holding this fortress of light against all odds and against the density of the mass consciousness.  And they are shown films of Atlantis when the fallen ones controlled the masses and their mechanization man and did move them against the great temples of light [as they are attempting to do today].  And [these souls of light] recognize that these scenes are being replayed [on earth today] and they see how they themselves have been traduced by the fallen ones and led astray from the true teachings of the world’s great [spiritual] leaders and founders of [the major] religions.  Thus they desire to see you hang on and keep the light until they can [return] into embodiment, for their desire is nothing less than to see this world covered with this Teaching and the Aquarian age come in.
  Beloved ones, [these same souls of light] have heard Saint Germain say, as you have heard him say, that considering the conditions in the world today he was not certain that there could be a golden age of Aquarius.  And they have rallied with a great cry and a great shout for their own beloved Saint Joseph and Saint Germain, as they have known him in many of his previous incarnations, and they have determined that there will be and that there shall be a great golden age of Aquarius, if they have anything to say about it!
  And they did send me their letters when they knew I would speak to you that I might tell you, beloved, that they are determined to take embodiment and to take up the work that you have begun and to join you.  And therefore [these souls of light] desire you to know that though the press and the masses may move against you in this moment they are with you from etheric octaves.  And if you will only hang on and prepare the way and prepare them room to come, they will descend and they will stand on the line of cosmic freedom and they will fight side by side with you for your beloved Saint Germain!  [34-second standing ovation]  Thank you, beloved hearts.  I desire you to know that they were applauding simultaneously as you were.
  Therefore I tell you that Helios and Vesta and Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus did make it possible for them to observe the great activities in the heavens and the legions of blue-lightning angels responding to your calls and binding such fallen ones as have endured far too long in their encrustations [of Evil] upon the planet Earth.  For [these fallen ones] have remained, beloved ones, until such as you could come to the holy mountain of God, indeed the place of Mount Zion and blend your voices for this mighty cycle of light until [the] momentum [of your calls and dynamic decrees] should reach that point where such a vast clearance [of the false hierarchy with their astral debris and entities] could be made!
  Beloved ones, all of Hierarchy are encouraged [by your Herculean effort] but especially those who know that these things must be accomplished ere [these souls of light] can take embodiment [once again].  For though they are studying [the science of planetary exorcism] they are not so sure that when they arrive they will be fully equipped to deal with such conditions as you are.  Therefore you can see yourselves as their mentors, perhaps their fathers and mothers, perhaps their teachers, but assuredly as the [representatives of the] Helper and the Comforter on the way.  Blessed ones, there is hope today in heaven and on earth as never before as the result of last night’s victory!  [32-second standing ovation]  Heretofore you have been either holding the line or barely holding the line.  Now we see that you have gone past the line and are entering an area where we can see your calls providing a mitigation factor on the prophecies that have gone forth.  [18-second standing ovation]  Therefore won’t you be seated that I might speak to you of these things.
  Mind you well that the fallen ones watch every move [you] make.  And they have their own dark caverns which are their places of hiding that are the antithesis of ascended master retreats.  They have their computers and their spacecraft and they monitor the lightbearers, beloved, with such exactitude that there is no point worrying you about it except to tell you that they do.
  Thus, it is a time for extreme care and carefulness.  It is [a] time not to be caught off-guard.  For when they see the lightbearers gaining this momentum [of light’s victory] they take their decisions swiftly in their councils to disrupt the entire world order and to use their advanced technologies and their abuses of nuclear power against the people.  They have maintained the watch for hundreds of thousands of years [in their activities of] population control on this and many similar planets.
  Therefore, beloved, understand [that] just as when you become wealthy you find that you have friends and enemies you never knew before, so when you have light and greater light and greater light as well as the sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood you will find the same to be true.  Therefore vigilance is never more necessary than in the moment when your light increases so as to offend even the most archdeceivers in the highest [echelons] of the false hierarchy of the fallen ones.  [Thus we move in] the direction [of caution]; and [on] this subject the Beloved Ones have already spoken to you in this conference.
  I come to tell you therefore that the God and Goddess Meru do hold the authority over all black magicians and the practices of witchcraft upon this planetary home.  [Those] who practice the black arts are on the physical and the astral planes, and they are the ones who will attempt to move against your very best efforts.
  As you are rising to [the] point of a true individual God-mastery which many of you have determined to enter into by the Teachings that have already been given so I say to you, beloved, you must remember to call to the God and Goddess Meru and to the Manus [of the fourth and fifth root races, the] Lords Himalaya and Vaivasvata Manu, [and to the Manu] of the seventh root race, the Great Divine Director, for these are the sponsors of the remaining [root races assigned to] planet Earth.  You must [also] remember to call to the seven archangels and [to] those who have sponsored sometime, somewhere [the] other evolutions who have come to this planet for various reasons.
  So it is, beloved ones, that you must direct [your] calls for the binding of all practices of witchcraft and black magic.  And you must not neglect to call daily for the cutting free of the elementals and little children [from] those hexes and curses that are placed upon [them] to draw them out of the way of their congruency with the great filigree mandala of light that comes from the heart of the Great Divine Director and whose patterns are woven in the veil of the Cosmic Virgin.
  Now therefore, beloved ones, when there is a miscalculation by an individual on the path of just how much protection is needed, when there is a false sense of security and well-being, when there is not a studying and a reading of “the signs of the times” (and that phrase must always be considered in terms of astrology) [that individual may be caught off-guard.  For] there are signs of the times [that can be read in the writings of the stars] which tell you what are the subtle energies that are moving in and through a planetary body that [most people] are not aware of until suddenly that “sudden destruction” cometh upon a household and all are in awe and fright as to how such a calamity could have happened.
  Beloved ones, there is no such thing as a calamity or a tragedy that has not been building and in the making for a long time according to karmic cycles and according to the plots of the fallen ones who themselves use the electronic belt [patterns, i.e., the momentums of the subconscious] of the planetary spheres and of the people against the Earth-plan and the lightbearers of the Earth.  So there are [astral] momentums and pockets of misqualified energy that are vast, and [these] are still accessible [to the sons of darkness [and they do use them] in their warfare against the sons of light]. Therefore it is important to call [to the hosts of the Lord] for the sealing, binding and encirclement of all reservoirs of darkness, [made up] of [the] misqualified energy that these fallen ones collect to use against the lightbearers.  And now you understand why the seed of Satan practice human sacrifice and blood ritual.  For they must take the light of the blood itself; and this light, beloved ones, gives to them an extraordinary energy when they partake of it or use it in their rituals.
  Know then, beloved, that the sacred fire of the Mother that is misused [in perverted sexual practices] upon the altars of these fallen ones [if unchallenged and unchecked by the lightbearers in the name I AM THAT I AM] is also a force that can be used against lifestreams, causing fatal accidents and all kinds of mishaps when there was no karmic reason whatsoever except the karma of neglect to invoke Light!  Light!  Light! and light’s protection.  Therefore know wherefore We have directed the Messenger to bring forth the Archangel Michael tape.
  Now I stand before you so that you may meditate upon my being and contemplate the passage of eight hundred years. Think of eight hundred years upon this continent, beloved, and where [in the cycles of history] you would find it [eight hundred years ago].  What was happening here eight hundred years ago?  You think that two hundred years is a long time, four hundred years.  Imagine being in prison eight hundred years.  People are sentenced to lifetime sentences on this Earth, but I was sentenced [by the black magicians] to eight hundred years in that [lower portion of the] body of a fish.
Blessed ones, I pray that my experience, my enduring and my relentless calling to the light--my relentless love for God, my refusal to have any sense of injustice or any hate or hate creation toward the black magicians themselves but my determination to have only light within me--[will be seen by you as] the means whereby I was ultimately freed from this [incarceration.  And that if you ever find yourself under similar circumstances, God forbid!  you will follow my example.]  And so it was the course, [the lesson in God Self-mastery that I took] in that condition whereby I was well on my way not only to becoming an ascended master but to earning the mantle and the title of Goddess of Light.
  Let your infirmities and your afflictions and your limitations and especially your mistakes teach you the necessity to always be on guard.  Never take chances, beloved ones, with life, [with the Law] or [with your personal] protection; [do not] shortchange yourself [with] your decrees.  Never take a chance that you can get away with being discordant, [never test the limits of the great Law]--for [when you allow yourself to be discordant] there is always a breach of your forcefield and a resultant vulnerability.  And in the time it takes you to rebuild that forcefield and mend the flaws and reestablish that ironclad forcefield of [the] diamond-shining light of God, beloved, there may be an intrusion [into your household by the sinister force].  For make no mistake about it, the fallen ones have every manner of technology, the use of psychotronics and laser beams to move against the lightbearer.
  I come not to cause you fear, beloved.  I come that you might be informed [as to the nature of that Armageddon that is being waged against the lightbearers from the astral plane,] that you might know, [that you might be forewarned and therefore forearmed].  A people who has awareness, a people that is informed may make wise decisions and of course [when you know the truth and you know the Lie] then it is up to your freewill.
  As you know, this nation has been informed again and again and again concerning her vulnerability to [a] potential nuclear first strike by the Soviet Union and yet they do not wish to hear.  How long then will they be the prisoners of their own karma, especially the leadership who have not pressed forward to respond to the voice of the prophet in the land who has told them to raise up a defense, a civil defense and ABMs?
Blessed ones, I tell you, the karma of [the] leadership [of America] for the destruction of a civilization by neglect is a frightful karma indeed!  And for some who have been doing this [lifetime after lifetime] their karma cannot be balanced, it is too vast.  And thus the only conclusion of their life is the conclusion [of the final judgment and the second death] at the Court of the Sacred Fire.
  Thus, beloved ones, when you know the Law you are on guard and you watch your thoughts and feelings sent forth.  You watch your vibration and mood.  You would not even consider to send forth the vibration of the least depression or downheartedness or moodiness [to any part of life], for you know it will circle the earth, gather of its kind and bring back to you on the morrow tenfold and more.  [For this is the irrevocable law of karma.  Like gravity the results are always predictable.]
  Therefore watch.  “Watch and pray” as the Lord Jesus has told you.  For you must surely hold the balance and hold the fortress of light not only on behalf of yourselves and your children and your community but [also on behalf of] those marvelous lightbearers who simply can hardly wait to enter the portals of birth and move among you!   Some have even asked for dispensations to come in their etheric bodies to join you in [your] decree work.  Blessed ones, their petition is being considered. [14-second applause]
  You might also be gratified to know that the angels who are their teachers use your decree and song tapes to give them their lessons in the science of the spoken Word.  [10-second applause]  Therefore as we return to the subject of dealing with black magic and witchcraft ([which conditions] actually do [enter] on every line of the [cosmic] clock as people misqualify those lines) so I would say to you, beloved ones, that the judgment calls and [the call for] “the pulling of the plug on the seed of the wicked,” the dispensation of Helios, should be adhered to daily.
  If I were in your [shoes], beloved ones, having [the] substance [of my karma] remaining in the electronic belt [as you do], I would not let a day pass that I did not recite with full fervor and determination the dweller-on-the-threshold call; for [the light released from your Mighty I AM Presence through] that [call] does bind that dweller for the day, [does] clear some of it [from your household] as you are able to see it and [does] cast [that daily portion of] it in[to] the sacred fire; and thus [your household is] sealed from any act of any fallen one who would enter in [through a point of vulnerability] and use that momentum of [your] dweller against your soul.
  You see, beloved ones, as you have been taught, the soul is not fully merged with the Holy Christ Self.  When that day occurs you will see [taking place] the alchemical marriage, and you will see that Presence of the Christ [with you and in you] and you will have that oneness, and that Christ and the soul will be one.  Thus you shall walk the earth as anointed ones and Christed ones.   Until that hour the soul is not completely clothed in grace and [she] does not have the full momentum of her Christhood which is the only momentum [of light] that is equal to [i.e., that can counterbalance the weight of darkness in] the dweller-on-the-threshold.  The dweller-on-the-threshold, beloved, is the Antichrist of oneself.  It is the not-Self, but it has been fed and fed and fed by substance from your own I AM Presence misqualified by you since [your] first departure from the octaves of light and perfection and [your] entering in to the compromise of relative good and evil.  Thus, beloved, without the Call to the Christ Self or [to] your I AM Presence and then [to] the mighty archangels the soul on her own would not be in a position in this hour to deal with the slaying of that dweller.
  Beloved ones, the burden upon the evolutions of light upon earth is that many of the children of the light have fallen to such a state [of karmic entanglement with the fallen ones and of subservience to their own dweller-on-the-threshold] where[in] they of their own selves cannot make contact with their Holy Christ Self or their I AM Presence.  Therefore seeing this plight of so many souls of God whom Mother Mary was determined to save the hosts of light determined to come [to earth] and sponsor activities that would open the Teachings of the I AM Presence and give [to those souls of God] calls [they could] make whereby through the intercession of the hosts of the Lord that connection could be [reestablished].
  Where the soul therefore cannot hang on to the tie to the Christ Self, [cannot] hang on to the harmony [of the Mighty I AM Presence,] or the [light of the] threefold flame it is [through] the intercession of mighty angels and ascended masters (who do overshadow those who decree) [that the tie and harmony and light are sustained.  Thus] those who call to light [and do not relent] until they are able by their [own] momentum [of light] to [re]establish that connection [and to sustain it are not only blessed, they are saved]!  Therefore you see, beloved, without the dispensations of the Great White Brotherhood or of beloved Saint Germain and Portia [in this century] many souls could not have reconnected with [their Mighty I AM Presence], the source of Life that is real, so far [down in] the levels of the astral plane were they and [so] submerged in the sea of samsara.  What a wondrous gift is the sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood and of Hierarchy!
  Now, beloved, you are surely in a position to be sponsors [of souls] even while you yourselves have not fully embodied your Christhood.  We pray that this will come quickly.  And there are times when that Christ Presence does truly drop around you and [does] stay for periods [of your soul’s sustained attunement].  But as there is so to speak a disintegration of the intensity of the cloud of light in which you dwell, that Christ Self must rise to the levels of [its] native light [in the] plane of the Cosmic Christ of the spheres.  Were the Christ Self to remain at lower levels, beloved, it would compromise its own office.  And therefore it is you who must rise and continually raise your vibrations [and sustain them at the level of your own Christhood].
  Thus when you know that you are thin on prayers and thin on decrees [know that] you are also on thin ice.  And you never know when that ice is going to [give way].  Blessed ones, [I am] speaking to you directly so that you can be forewarned instead of wondering afterwards “What happened?” and “Why did such and such occur?”  You have the key and [you] hold the key for millions to enter the path.  And the millions who have the potential to become chelas of the will of God are just such chelas, just such children of the light [who are] in that plight where they cannot quite reach their Christ Self, they cannot quite reach [their Mighty I AM Presence] and they do not yet have the knowledge in outer physical awareness of the science of the spoken Word.
  Thus We count on you to keep the flame for them until they are able.  We count on you to keep the flame for those [who are] in etheric octaves until they are able.  You are surely Saint Germain’s life preserver in this hour.  And as you are at the nexus between heaven and earth and as Death with Hell [following after] has not [yet] been swallowed up in victory or cast into the Lake of Sacred Fire therefore be aware, be vigilant and let your life be one-pointed in the fulfillment of this mission.  I tell you, beloved, many, many hearts love you and many, many hearts are counting on you.  For in your hand is the torch for which they reach; and when they come, beloved, you may indeed pass that torch [and move on in the cycles of the Cosmic Christ].
  I, the Goddess of Light, therefore admonish you to [make] those calls that will continually remove the children of the light and lightbearers out of harm’s way and bind the fallen ones who come against them.  In this hour therefore I turn over this service to our beloved Saint Germain and Portia.  May you live to rejoice to see what salvation our God has wrought through you!   [24-second standing ovation]

        -Goddess of Light:  10-8-1989 via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana   

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