Monday, February 25, 2019

Do not stray from your attunement; Hear then the fire of my voice.

To All Who Embrace the Spirit of Non-Condemnation in Morya’s Name,
 As you know, dear ladies and gentlemen, the various expressions of Life are infinite in their manifestations above and below.  Unfortunately for all concerned, all too many of those which manifest in this appearance world are totally unlike their original divine pattern of perfection.  It has been said that those who live in glass houses should throw no stones.  And yet since so very few unascended beings are wholly without fault or shadow of a discordant nature, do they not all alike live in glass houses and are they not all throwing stones, at least of thought and feeling, when they look disapprovingly upon another whose way of living seems foreign to the observer?
  For just a few moments here and now while I have your gracious attention upon me and my words may I very gently reveal to you the ascended masters’ feelings concerning all life, especially that which seems so completely bound by unhappy human creation?  The burden and stigma of illegitimacy has fallen upon many a beautiful soul born into this world to those who have not taken the vows of wedlock and who thereby have had called down upon their beings the terrible scorn of a “righteous” society.  Because of this many of you have doubtless known of individuals who were actually ashamed of their own mother or perhaps of both parents.
  In the embodiment of Francis Bacon I was born with this stigma.  And there have been those who felt the beloved Jesus of Nazareth to have been improperly born in his last Earth life, that is, according to their sense of rightness.  Now gracious reader, let me here joyously assure you that no ascended being (lady master or gentleman of heaven’s court) will ever point a finger at another with feelings of blame, disapproval or scorn or ever even indicate to another by tone of voice which makes its hearers cringe that any individual from any expression of life is either lowborn or of a lower state of social equality than anyone else.  Consider the ever-living words spoken concerning our beloved Mother Mary in the Magnificat which say “He hath put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low degree.”
  Today there is a great need for more tolerant understanding and appreciation of, as well as sincere gratitude and reverence for, life itself (all of which is God’s life no matter in what form it may be expressing) not only among people in various walks of life but even among Our Own beloved chelas themselves.
  These virtues are particularly necessary to be personally cultivated now by those who offer themselves as Lighthouse keepers in this illumining activity of my illustrious and beloved brother El Morya.  So I speak to you thus today in the hope that you will not only be interested in my words but that they will inspire you to daily cultivate more and more these ascended master virtues of perfection which you so admire in Us.
  Such a personal cultivation of these virtues will prepare you much more quickly to receive a spiritual visit from myself and others of the ascended host, for thus would you make of your world a much more comfortable place into which We could enter as your divine guest or guests.  For surely Our chelas should not abide within an aura in which thoughts, feelings, spoken words and deeds of cruelty, hurt to life, hard and unforgiving feelings are allowed to generate and live.
  Of course all of Us in our octave live only for the joy of serving life everywhere and setting it completely and eternally free from every shadow.  We love to have you call Us by name, for that assures Us of your faith in Our reality and Our willing ability to accomplish that which you know needs to be done for the greater freedom of life.  Be assured that We instantly answer every such call made in earnest sincerity to Us in the name and authority of the source of all life, the beloved I AM Presence.  Such calls give Us greater freedom to act in your human world of affairs, for We must have your calls as Our authority to act here.  You see, We have victoriously passed through every human experience, finally obeying the divine command to “Come up higher!  Here abide always and go out no more!”
  However such calling into action of Our power in supplication or decree is not nearly so efficacious in the drawing of Our personal radiation of love into your worlds and those of others whom you wish to help as is the practicing in daily living of the supreme God-qualities of courtliness, gentleness, purity and forgiving love.  This way of life I endeavored to establish among the crowned heads of Europe and their courts some time ago, particularly in the court of France in the days when even after my ascension I worked from my home in Transylvania.
  O gracious reader, learn sincerely to reverence the very presence of Life right within your own beating heart, for it is really the living presence of Almighty God within you!  This constancy of “practicing the presence of God,” as that habit gathers momentum in your world and experience, will soon completely surround and actually seal you within an aura of grace, beauty, protection, wisdom and the victorious power of divine Love in all you undertake.  These qualities will saturate all your activities, making your service acceptable to your own God Presence.  Such a qualification of your own life which you may make will be lovingly stored by that great God Presence within your causal body which is the storehouse of the good works of your service of all ages.  This abides around your beloved I AM Presence in its octave of expression.  And into that octave you shall one day rise when you shall have purified, loved and served enough.  And that Presence will say to you: “It is finished!  Come up higher!”  Thus is the ascension individually attained.
  I am grateful indeed for your gratitude and reverence for my words to you today.  They are given to you so lovingly and freely for your comfort, illumination and peace.  I AM the flame of freedom itself in action now in my ascended master estate, and I now offer to you the full-gathered momentum of my lifestream’s victorious use of that flame all through the ages.  Call that freedom flame, that violet transmuting flame, into action every day without fail and accept thereby all it can do for you.  Add to its power all my feeling of its instantaneous action and full adequacy to fill every human need.
  Opportunity is now knocking at the door of your consciousness as I offer to you my victorious momentum of the ages in the use of the freedom flame.  I offer it now so freely, so lovingly and hopefully, and remain      
       Your eternal friend of changeless love, light and truth,  
                           Ascended Master Saint Germain:    Pearls of Wisdom 1:2
  Hail, Keepers of the Flame!  I AM Pelleur and I rise from the body of the earth with beloved Virgo.  Countless gnomes have ascended to this place from the planes of the earth.  They have come in numberless numbers and they are gathered in joy. And in carnival fashion they tumble and they toss one another and they hold hands and rejoice that there are some upon Earth who have not forgot the gentle gnomes who keep the earth element and do purify the body of Virgo.
  Now, my beloved, We have been called to speak to you by Oromasis and Diana and Helios and Vesta.  We therefore gladly address you as Hierarchs of all nature spirits who guard the earth in the earth element.  The manifestation of the gnomes is varied and complex, from those who are very small to those who are the giants of the mountains.  And therefore, beloved, know that the body of the earth is heavily burdened in this hour, not alone by pollution but by the returning karma of the Dark Cycle.  The gnomes of the earth en masse are burdened almost beyond that which they can bear.
  Thus the warning We bring is that you must by all means visualize and direct by invocation your violet flame calls into the earth body on behalf of not only the gnomes but the fiery salamanders, the sylphs of the air and the undines of the water.  The time that has been bought for you by the dispensations of Saint Germain and Omri-Tas is a time that can be extended only so long as these beings [of the elements] can hold the time/space dimension in matter, which they do hold by embodying these planes. Thus, beloved, We come once again to implore you and all lightbearers of the Earth to invoke the violet flame on behalf of the elementals who support the very foundation of your existence and even your four lower bodies.
  Know then that should you fail to make the calls for the elementals, [the consequences will be a further lessening of the quality of life that can be enjoyed on Earth by everyone].  Even though the dispensation is present for the violet flame sea, these elementals have reached the point where [in their purification work] they can hardly bear to move another step for the pollution and the rising tide of man’s inhumanity to man and the disruption of the food chain and of the weather and of the entire harmony of the Earth body.  God Harmony has told us this day that He is lending to us the full support of his causal body and that of the many legions who move with Him, who are all initiates of the flame of divine harmony as it is the flame of the Divine Mother.
  I speak to you from the depths of the vibrations of the mountains, of the earth and the layers of the earth itself, beloved.  Now understand, I visualize the Earth as a sphere of violet flame and we the four Hierarchs of the four elements do invoke daily this violet flame and the seventh ray on behalf of the nature spirits.  We have come with a plea, almost a desperate plea, beloved, for the conditions are grave.  Not only do the elementals find hard the work of cleaning up the mess that mankind have made of this Earth, but they are also bowed down by sorrow, the very sorrow of knowing those things which can shortly come upon the Earth through cataclysm and through other manifestations, such as those things of which Saint Germain has warned you.  The future can be bright if you continue the momentum you have begun at this conference with your violet flame marathon.  It has accomplished much, but [the decrees] have gone of course to the most needed areas--the awakening of the lightbearers and the transmutation of the force generated by the fallen ones against the progress of the light.
  There is a certain class of gnomes who have come with me this day who have studied in the schoolrooms of Earth.  They have been a part of Earth’s evolution and yet they are of the nature kingdom.  They are familiar with mankind and their ways and their needs.  They have received a special education in order to take part in the activities of this Community.  They have been prepared to separate out from Our bands and to join forces with Keepers of the Flame who find it realistic to make the pledge today to set aside even ten minutes out of the twenty-four hours a day to make specific fiats on behalf of the elementals.
  A gnome is therefore assigned to you each one as an experiment.  This gnome will be as an assistant.  This gnome will take direction from you and also impart to you intimations from myself and beloved Virgo as direction as to what needs to be accomplished upon the planet for the continuity of earthly existence itself.  These gnomes will assist you as you give the violet flame calls for the beings of fire, air, water and earth, even as they will call to other elementals whom they will also train to decree and to invoke the violet flame.
  Until the gnomes and the elementals have been endowed with a threefold flame by their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they must make the call under the sponsorship and mantle of your individual Christhood, your individual threefold flame. Therefore it is as much a benefit to the gnome for you to receive him or her as it is to you for the gnome to receive you. It is a mutual pact, if you will.
  These gnomes like to think of themselves as Scouts.  They enjoy being with the Boy and Girl Scouts and the troops of the younger ones of the Brownies and the Webelos.  Yes, they partake in the events of these groups all over the Earth.  They enjoy moving with children in their lightheartedness; for to them children seem most akin to themselves.  Now then, beloved, if you desire to have this companion and you desire also to assist this companion by lending your violet flame momentum and threefold flame and by giving to this one resources of violet flame energy to bring back to many other gnomes, then in this hour you may address the gnome who stands before you now and extend to him or her your invitation to come with you as you move along the path of life.
  I would tell you, beloved, that the gnomes are very loyal.  To them trust is a matter of honor.  When they befriend and are befriended they are loyal to the very end, and they will remain in that association even if abused.  And therefore many of them have come under the [influence of] black magicians and their practices to imprison elementals.
  They are servants of God and of the sons and daughters of God in the highest sense of the word.  This service to life and to the earth body is their very reason for being.  They take joy and a positive sense of pride in the fulfillment of their duties. It is because they are so attached to and so desirous of pleasing you whom they serve that they are often bowed down by the lack of cooperation [on the part of some of Earth’s evolutions] in terms of [their] pollution of the Earth body and by the fact that this pollution does not stop even when it comes to the foodstuffs that are taken in by people.  Thus in the silence of Our meditation We leave to you to invite now the gnome who stands before you to be your life’s companion.  [one minute of silence]
  And so, beloved, I have instructed these gnomes and those who come as contingents of their forces and all who have arrived at the Inner Retreat since 1981 from far corners of the Earth volunteering to serve with you.  They then have been called by me to come into this court to decree with you.  You have known about teaching the elementals to decree for some time and the schoolchildren very much enjoy this assignment. I wish to report to the children that the gnomes delight in singing and decreeing in your presence and they are happy to learn their “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees” and other mantras you give them; therefore continue in your classrooms and enjoy painting and drawing your pictures of the gnomes and placing them on ceramics and keeping them in your heart.  Enjoy then training them, for there are many little children gnomes, many of whom are your age who come to play with you but respect you as their hierarchs.  For they respect all in whom there burns the threefold flame, for their mothers and fathers have so taught them.
  Therefore I, Virgo with Pelleur as We are one speaking to you today seek to alleviate the burdens of all elemental life and not alone [those of] the gnomes.  And therefore all Hierarchs [of the nature kingdom] have commanded [the elementals] to come to your sanctuaries across the world to decree.  As they have already come [in the past] they have shown and been shown what benefit does accrue to them through this process. And they have come to understand just what is the magic of the Maha Chohan and Saint Germain and of this alchemy that can lift from them the burdens of the karmic weight of the Earth.
  We are here then to plead on behalf of those who are too shy to appear to you and therefore hide discreetly so that when you think you see them you reassure yourself that you have not; but in fact you have, beloved.  And often when you fast or if you are very young, it is easy to see them moving behind the trees, shielding themselves by the greenery.  [They do this] because of their shyness, beloved.  But now I ask that you ask for a parting of the veil, for those adepts of the ages who have risen to great attainment on the path of the seventh ray alchemy have always enlisted the elementals in their service. It is to that end that you have already had assigned to you twelve of the beings of the elements, three of them from each of the four kingdoms.  Thus the more you invoke their service, the more you teach [them] and give of yourself to them the more you will see that the divine alchemy that you seek to outpicture in your life will be precipitated because of their help.  For they of course are alchemists.
  But, beloved ones, the variety of elementals is as great as the variety of people on the Earth, and some have been imprisoned on the left-handed path and been taken under [the control of] adepts of the black arts, as you have also been told.  These may be demagnetized by your calls and set free.  Others are truly adepts in the highest understanding of the word, and in their adeptship they desire only to serve the sons and daughters of God.  The elementals have a great task when there is mass starvation, cataclysm and war, for they assist the angels in dealing with the remains of those who have passed on.  The fire elementals [especially] rejoice to release the light in the temple of those who are of the children of men who pass from the screen of life.
  There is an entire contingent of salamanders who have as their assignment to keep the crematoriums of the Earth and to tend those individuals who pass on by using the flame to demagnetize from them the burdens of Earth, to disassociate the atoms and electrons and to send the light back to the level of the Holy Christ Self.  Cremation itself is the epitome of the open door for self-transcendence.  The sylphs and the undines [likewise] act in many capacities having to do with the basic necessities of life.  All in all, beloved, understand that the elementals have a tremendous job to do to see this Earth through to the golden age.
  They believe in you, beloved!  They believe in what you are and what you are becoming.  And they are certain that if you and the generations who come through you continue on this march they will be able to accomplish that mighty feat that is given unto them through Helios and Vesta, assisted by the Elohim of God, which is to bring Earth into an accelerated cycle, a lighter cycle, and to throw off and spin off the darkness and therefore to bring Earth to that elevation in the octaves of light to be truly what it is--a planet ready for the golden age.  
  The preparing of many evolutions and of the [Earth] body itself and of the layers at inner levels is the task at hand.  I tell you honestly and forthrightly that these our children will not be able to accomplish this task unless you help them mightily.  Therefore let all violet flame decrees, calls to Hercules and all other calls that you make always be preceded by your personal invocations on behalf of elemental life and the completion of their assignment.  Their assignment is, after all, you, beloved, and for you.  For are you not the essence and the chalice of the golden age to come?  And have you not already manifested a portion of that age in consciousness?  And are you not the ones who do hold the tie to the etheric cities of light?  Yes, beloved, the elementals see and know this and those who do not are taught by others.  Therefore they say, as is the motto in the kingdom of the gnomes, “You are our hope, you are our hope, you are our hope.”              -Virgo and Pelleur via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet7-6-1991 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana       
-N. Roerich:  Wish-fulfilling Jewel

                                                  Harbin ice sculpture
    Lo! I come.  Lo! Let the light descend.  For I, Chamuel, deliver you now from every force of anti-Love that has moved against you since you stepped forth from the Great Central Sun with your twinflame.  Therefore accept the sword of mighty Love.  Accept the sword that is two-edged that now cuts you free!
  I AM cutting you free, O hearts of light, of all encrustations of all ages that have burdened your souls, your bodies and your beings.  And as I do this I automatically make you emissaries of flaming Love.  Therefore, be prepared to deal with the force of anti-Love that will not leave you voluntarily.  Therefore you must make the fiat with me:  Begone, forces of anti-Love!  [Congregation gives fiat with Archangel Chamuel:]  Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love!
  Now, beloved ones, I anoint you as emissaries of your people, your ancestors, your point of origin through the nations of the earth.  And I use you to send this light to every nation for the binding of the forces of anti-Love in the governments, the economies, in all aspects of the social framework of life.  Therefore in the name of God, in the name I AM THAT I AM We say it again and I cut again through you to the four corners of the Earth:  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love!
  Now use the power of your third eye.  See then the landmarks of the nations, the points and areas of the Earth where you desire to see the tremendous armies of the hosts of the Lord who have come this day in answer to your call.  See them going into those states and nations, those conditions, into the capitals of the nations, into these United States.  Use your third eye now as a beacon on the Earth.  And see how many places you can visualize and therefore have this command repeated there through you as I now establish the power of the sword wherever your vision so rests.  Therefore repeat with me again the command in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence:  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love!
  Now I instruct you [so that you may] understand specifically what is a force of anti-Love.  Love is God.  Therefore every force of anti-Love is anti the God within you anti the light within every person.  Every force that violates the integrity and the honor of the soul and her God is a force of anti-Love as is every force of hate and hate creation delivered by the fallen ones.
  Beloved ones, We stir up a hornet’s nest this day, but it must be so.  We cannot allow these fallen ones to prey upon the children of the light.  Therefore We force the question this day. We drive out by the fiat of the Word the ones who remain in hiding–hiding before the face of the Lord, hiding before the Messenger of the Lord, hiding before the sons and daughters of God.  So understand, beloved, this day We have called the shots and We say We shall be proactive!  We take the tail of the serpent and We bind that serpent-force that is the anti-Self of every individual upon earth!  Therefore the angels go forth!  And in this action, beloved, you can expect a certain amount of upheaval.  You must therefore stand guard to invoke [the seven archangels] again and again for the binding of these forces.
  Think of all that has moved against the flowering of your full God-manifestation in tens of thousands of years and understand that that which opposes God within you is the force of anti-Love and how insidiously it works against you. Insidiously it does insert inside of your own psyche through authority figures or parents or whomever, beloved ones, self-dislike, self-hatred, self-condemnation, self-belittlement and worthlessness.  These vibrations are subtle, but when they are tallied they add up to your denial of the great God-Self within your being.
  To purge your own house of the force of anti-Love is a means of preparing your soul for wholeness and for empowerment--empowerment by the archangels that your fiats might ring forth and carry the weight of the son, the daughter of God who has determined to make it his/her mission in life to deal with the forces of anti-Love.  These forces are self-idolatry, tyranny over one’s own soul and over others, the tyrant-ego dweller, the dweller-on-the-threshold that is there in the unconscious ready to devour the soul as soon as she will rise.
  I AM Chamuel, and I raise my hands and direct light into your heart.  I reactivate your heart-chakra.  I am balancing its twelve petals.  I give support through the threefold flame, the divine spark in the inner chamber, the secret chamber of the heart.  Know this then, beloved ones:  if you will allow me [to tune your heart] and if you will use the mantra to Helios and Vesta [to that purpose], not only will you experience a tuning of the heart by the mighty tuning fork of an archangel but you will also receive the expanded heart-chakra that you might deliver the force of Love.  And when that force of Love flows through you and you do not allow anything in your own consciousness to deny it, to limit it, to withhold it then I say, know that nothing shall be withheld from you, for you shall have conquered that which is most difficult in all the Earth.
  I will tell you why it is difficult.  It is difficult because the forces of anti-Love are the entrenched fallen angels themselves occupying positions in the astral plane, in physical embodiment as well as out of embodiment.  And when they find the man, woman or child who is determined to be Love in all directions then, beloved ones, they go after that one with such persecution, with such hatred, with such a moving against that one.  They conspire through spreading gossip and untruths to bring upon that one almost the crucifixion of the living Christ.
  In this day and in this hour you have great reinforcement by the hosts of the Lord, the ascended masters and the seven archangels as We come forth in a new day offering Ourselves to you for your protection.  Those who are able to give of themselves in this endeavor must know that the price to be paid to receive that crowning jewel of divine Love is to be willing to wrestle with and put down in the name of God every force of anti-Love.  I must tell you this because it is true and it is real.  Look at your saints and sages and heroes, the people who have led nations, who have given their all that freedom might move and be on the march in this age.  Have they not all been persecuted, beloved ones?
  Therefore understand that in a nation where people take pain pills and medications to cover every form of pain possible there is then the denial that the experience of pain has a noteworthy side effect--and that is that it causes one to enter into the understanding that many in the earth are burdened and are in pain.  By the power of contacting that pain you go to the very root of divisions in your own members, in your own four lower bodies, that you might experience transmutation as the very fire of God’s Love itself does sustain you.  And you are sustained as you take your stand not to cower before the fallen angels, the powers-that-be, the people that are pulling the strings in government, on Wall Street and in the economy.
  Therefore I, Chamuel, come to you in the person of the Angel of Judgment even as I brought the judgment of the tower of Nimrod and the judgment of the people in their idolatrous delusion that they could be as gods.  I come therefore into this city for the binding of the forces that move against its victory.  For this city is an ancient site of Atlantis.  This city does focus the fullness of the all-seeing Eye of God.  And above this city [on the etheric plane] is the Temple of Liberty.  It is the temple of the action [of the release of the rays] of the Twelve Hierarchies of the Sun.  And there through the threefold flame [enshrined on the altar] and the [sponsorship of the] Divine Mother [in the person of the Goddess of Liberty] there is manifest the same ancient temple that was present here in the time of Atlantis, [excepting that it is not physical].
  All peoples who require resolution with the heart of the Divine Mother and with the threefold flame and with the Hierarchies of the Sun have followed the rays back to this city and back to this temple that [their souls] might go there nightly (during sleep) for instruction.  This city therefore is key and it always has been key even on that ancient continent.  Understand that you are here for a reason and that the same forces of light and darkness that were juxtaposed on Atlantis are juxtaposed here today.  The strangling effect on the economy of the city through organized crime, the welfare systems that threaten to bankrupt the city and so much manipulation in the money markets–these things are a stranglehold upon the people and they are strangling [the arteries of commerce], preventing the flow of the lifeblood of God into this place.
  Beloved ones, the tampering with the economy by the fallen ones has continued almost since the founding of this nation, as it has in other nations throughout history.  The playing with money and the [buying and selling of currencies] and the effects of usury have brought a yoke upon a people and a nation [and the nations] that defies resolution.  Well, I tell you, beloved ones, the seven archangels do have a plan for the resolution not only of the monetary debt of this people of America but also of the karmic debt.  We will not lay out that plan to you this day, for it involves both spiritual and physical action.  But We will tell you that if you will keep the vigil with the archangels, you will see how We will inject into this economy those solutions that can be made plain and those actions that can resolve the crisis.
  I urge you therefore to stay close to the archangels as the Messenger does go forth to proclaim Us as living, vibrant beings in God who are the helpers of all people upon earth without discrimination.  We do not discriminate, beloved ones.  We serve those who are most open to being served because they have opened their hearts to God and are of a devotional nature.  Yet We assist all for the hour of opportunity is at hand, and this opportunity must be seized by every one of you.  Why not commit a minimum of fifteen minutes a day without fail to giving one of your favorite invocations from the angel booklet just to maintain your tie to Us so that waking or sleeping We may pass the light through your chakras and bring resolution day by day?
  The problems in the economy and the national debt, beloved ones, are problems that defy human solution and they almost defy angelic solution.  There are only two ways out:  collapse or victory.  You might as well go for the victory with all of your might!  For if you do not, then the collapse will come.  Know then that inasmuch as there has been a manipulation of your funds through the [monetary] systems of this government so all of these things can be exposed and divine Justice can come about.  Your key role, which We depend on, is to make the call and demand the answer.  We then give that answer in so many different ways.
  The forces of darkness are on the run.  This you must be aware of; but they are like coyotes.  As soon as they think they are not being watched, as soon as you drop the vigil they move in again.  Know then that the children of the Sun and the sons and daughters of God who have been moving to this calling throughout all ages are [here in embodiment] in the hour when the greatest good can be accomplished.  You have heard of the Fátima prophecies and of many of the messages of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as she has appeared at so many points of light around the earth.  You have heard the warning then of those coming calamities, Earth changes and wars and rumors of war.
  I tell you, there is yet time to mitigate these.  Therefore move for the mitigation and make yourself as an angel of God, a pillar of fire in your town; go be that pillar of fire!  I, Chamuel, with Charity and all hosts of God, summon you!  It does not take twenty-four hours a day.  It takes a commitment, even of a small amount of time, to keep yourself as the open door for Us to step through the veil.
  We have all things except one, and that is a human form and a physical incarnation.  Therefore I use the body of this Messenger to speak to you, and I will use your body to speak to the dark spirits [as you command] them to be bound.  Yes, I will speak through you the words of wisdom.  You must simply meditate and give me the opening that We might yet deliver to the world the solutions for this era.  Shades of night are fast falling upon this civilization.  The only hope is the star of the individual son or daughter of God.  For when darkness covers the land the only light is the spiritual light that you have garnered in your chakras, in your mind and being. Therefore be that light, that city that cannot be hid, each and every one of you.  You have ties to all people on this Earth, O beloved.  Therefore, I, Chamuel, raise this sword once again:  Begone, forces of anti-Love!  [Congregation gives the fiat with Archangel Chamuel:]  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love! Begone, forces of anti-Love!  Begone, forces of anti-Love!
  Now I perform a sacred ritual that is performed by the Archangels and that is taught to you.  Understand that when you take this sword in hand physically and when you direct it as I have directed it before you there is a light ray that goes forth from the sword that does not end.  It crosses the entire Spirit-matter cosmos and it does bind the force of anti-Love on that line.  Therefore if you will take your sword and turn slowly [in place] in a circle and do this daily, as the Messenger has demonstrated for many years, you will know that by and by you will have in fact contacted every line of controversy, every force of anti-Love that has ever moved against you.
  Behold the Chart of Your Divine Presence!  Behold the rays of light!  Behold then how by the power of the aura of an archangel superimposed upon you you may cut across those lines in all dimensions of being, in all directions.  And if you use this [technique] for many years to come, you will contact every point of karma that you have ever made in any direction on any system of worlds and you will be directing the fire of God for its consuming.  By using this action, beloved ones, you are indeed manifesting the presence of the Great Central Sun where you are.  And by the repetition you are literally carving a pathway of the Sun-rays of light to go forth from your heart. When you see the [auras of the] saints and you see the sacred heart of Jesus or the immaculate heart of Mary or the hearts of the archangels or the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain, you can see that your heartflame will also increase by exercise, by allowing [the light] to flow [through your heart].
  You can call to any of the archangels or the archeiai, you can call to seraphim of God and say:  “O blessed angel, O blessed archangel, place your Presence over me now!  For I desire to send my love to the farthest reaches of time and space and into the matter-cosmos.”
  As you imagine all of you doing this and many souls doing it you can see the crisscrossing of rays until the whole night sky is lit up by the stars in the earth–you, the superstars, you, the sons and daughters of God who have recognized the power of your own causal body!  You can call for this causal body and your Mighty I AM Presence to descend over you or call for your Holy Christ Self to descend over you to perform this exercise through you as you perform the physical ritual.  So many simple things, beloved, can be done which--when you understand you are the power of God, the wisdom of God and the love of God in your city--can accomplish great ends.
Therefore I say, stir yourselves!  Move yourselves!  Do not waste the moments or the hours.  Do not waste them in senseless watching of television when you can use the power of God, of His camera--of His all-seeing Eye, of His sending stations all over the universe to direct and to amplify the light of the heart!
  O beloved ones, the capacity is within you, but the fallen angels have hypnotized you to believe that you are helpless. You are not helpless!  You are the divine helpers of God.  We say to you, get in the driver’s seat!  Drive your own chariot!  And know that you may also journey out of the body and you may be with Us and you may be strengthened by Us.  The hour is late, very late.  As Saint Germain has said, in terms of cosmic time you have seconds to save the Earth and turn things around.  But those seconds for you may very well be years and the remainder of this lifetime.
  So know, beloved, that tremendous changes can take place if people will stop dabbling in those things that only relate to the human self and the human body and the human mind.  Transcend all of this!  These bodies will not be your homes after another few decades.  And thus, precious hearts, when you will have fulfilled your lawful life span you will understand that your body of light is waiting.  And that deathless solar body is the body you weave by good works, by the science of the spoken Word, by capturing and holding the energy of God.  Blessed ones, you stand on the threshold of stepping into your own immortality.  Now I say to you, be not satisfied that you will be immortal in so many decades but be immortal now!  Invoke ascension’s flame!  Raise up the Mother-light on the altar of your chakras!  Fulfill your destiny!Fulfill your reason for being!  And you will find that the process of becoming immortal is the process whereby you put off the mortal coil and put on the immortal coil of eternal Life daily.
  Walk the earth then with transparent auras that might be filled at any moment by God and by Us so that you might hold the balance in your city in an area of riot or organized crime.  You are not helpless before these conditions, but you must agree to accept the condition that the Messenger has taught you:  Command the archangels in the name of God! Command light to go forth!  Command the God-flame!  And do not be afraid to do this in your homes out loud.  Do it with authority, beloved ones.
  I come to reconnect you to God by Love and therefore I say:  be bound, ye forces of anti-Love!  For these very forces stand between you and your God simply because you have allowed them into your house.  Do you allow strangers to come into your apartment or your home and mess up your house, mess up your place?  Do you allow strangers to trample upon all that you have?  No, beloved ones!  But you have allowed these interlopers to come into your very body temple to stand between you and the great victory of light.
  Remember, God is in your heart!  You are God’s and you are in God’s heart.  More than this you do not need except the practical application of the science of the Law and the spoken Word.  I, Chamuel, admonish you.  I have admonished you long, long, long ago in another time and place and in another continent.  Some of you at that time, beloved ones, rejected my counsel and the Law has required that I wait all of these many centuries to return again.  The time is fulfilled:  I AM here!  I admonish you to go and be the God of Love!
  Go and be that manifestation and allow nothing else to occupy your temple.  And be ready to defend your citadel of Love by the all-consuming fire of Love that will in answer to your call consume all forces of anti-Love!  Yes, I AM here and I have placed a part of myself with you.  May you keep me with you, for I will show you what God can do through you to make your life more worthwhile than it has been in many long centuries.  I seal you now; and this time I throw to you a flame of Love, pink fire!    Catch the flames, beloved!  For this is the [blessing] my angels rejoice over–my sending the flame that you may catch it and keep it and therefore know the ability to deliver true divine Love to all who may receive it.  I seal you now for your victory in this life and beyond.  You can do it!  Will you?  [“Yes!”]  
  Go with God.     
-Gateway Arch, Saint Louis
       -Archangel Chamuel:  10-4-1992 at NYC via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet
-all-seeing Eye
  …I bring you to the level of the astral plane where undines abide to keep the purification and the balance.   And I show you a certain glimpse of yourselves, a certain glimpse of the planetary body.  How many people upon this Earth do you really know who are not prisoners of something, whether of base desire, whether of their own desire for money--prisoners of their own state of consciousness; prisoners, for they cannot fly as the birds; prisoners, for they cannot consciously leave their bodies?
  I show you this, beloved, so that you will understand and ask yourself the question:  Do you desire to continue to be a prisoner when you are present in the very heart of Life, when the bowl of immortality is your abiding-place, when the great ovoid of Life that is a part of God yet surrounds you?  Yet within your very own psyche you are yet prisoners of past ages, of past relationships, of past interchanges.
  Who then can say, “I am free”?  Your Holy Christ Self can say “I am free.”  Your I AM Presence can say “I am free.”  You can say “I am freeborn and I am gaining my immortality,” but until you have mastered all elements of being you are yet the paltry prisoner of self and hardly better off then the animals you see roaming wild and living out their life expectancy.
  Thus, beloved, when you look at the reality and you look at the timetable of your own lifespan it is well to consider just how determined you are to have that mastery of all planes of self and levels of being.  Consider the fire body, consider the body of the air element, consider the physical body and ask yourself the question:  How can you think you are free when you are yet in mortal form?  Your answer should be “But we are spirits and we soar out of the body at night and we move among the immortals and we journey to their retreats.”  May it be so.  May it be so.  May it be so and not wishful thinking.  May it be so, beloved, for this truly is the tracking of your star, the creating of a pathway through the skies whereby you can arrive at higher etheric octaves and know (out of the prison house of the body) etheric realms where you once were with Lord Maitreya and great adepts and bodhisattvas of Maitreya who now are in the higher octaves of the etheric plane, forgoing their ascensions to return for a coming golden age under Maitreya that they anticipate.
  And so there is a stillness, there is a hush, beloved, as the Buddhas in the higher octaves bow to the Hierarchs of the elementals even as We bow to the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas.  For We recognize the interchange, the mutuality of service that We bear, bringing the minds of the highest souls of the Earth among which We account not a few of you to the level of the buddhic mind, to the level of the Christ mind, to the level of the mind of such as Melchizedek and Zarathustra.
  You have the higher mind of God!  You are God-free beings, but you have allowed that portion of yourself that is the soul to be imprisoned here below.  And unless that element be liberated, beloved ones, you will not liberate yourself or any elemental anywhere upon the planet.  Thus consider yourselves out on a limb, perhaps floating farther and farther apart from the original Mother-ship.  Consider yourselves in a state in which it is absolutely essential that you pursue that wholeness both for yourself and for all evolutions that you might succor and heal and care for and liberate.
  I place a key in your hand.  And this key is on a chain, a very heavy chain.  I place it in your hand that if and when and where at some time, at any time in the future, you find that you have stepped into an old prison cell (such as Phylos did in his Atlantean embodiment) and the door does shut and you have no way to get out, you will have this key, beloved, that I am empowered to give you this night.  It is not a small key.  You cannot lose it.  It is heavy.
  Once you take it and use it to unlock your own prison cell--the prison cell of the mind and of heart and of solar plexus, the prison cell of many levels of being--then I say, when you are the truly liberated man, woman at all levels of being take this key, go forth, unlock doors.  Unlock the doors of those who are imprisoned, who are imprisoned by fallen angels. Unlock the doors where elementals suffer and cannot do their work, for they are imprisoned in the curses of the fallen ones.
  Take the key, beloved.  The key embodies the path, the Teaching and all that you know from ancient times as far back as Sirius.  Some of you go back a long, long way, beloved. Thus you have the key; and the key to the kingdom is love.  The key to the kingdom is sacrifice.  The key to the kingdom is surrender to God, the fearlessness to turn over your very own soul to Almighty God and trust Him with it while you work out that karma.
  Use the key, beloved, for at subterranean levels and at the very basements of the oceans and under the oceans and beneath the beds of the oceans there is elemental life--there are undines and salamanders, sylphs and gnomes.  Yes, beloved hearts, the sons and daughters of God hold that key, for I have given it to you this night.  Yes, Neptune’s locker, you have heard of it.  Yes, you have heard of it.  It is the opening of the depths.  It is the opening of the place of retreats that are in the etheric octave yet congruent with the center of the Earth and places between the center and the upper crust of the Earth.  So know, beloved, that you have come to this Earth on a mission.  Use the key.  Unlock the prison house of souls by writing, by composing music, by finding new ways to lead the soul to that interior point of the mind where the seed of Buddha is sealed.
  We are Neptune and Luara.  Know then henceforth that undines whether ten or a hundred-foot-high may move among you and may be in charge of many areas where there is hurricane, where there is storm, where the seas rise up and overtake the land and overtake homes and peoples.  Know then that mighty undines, working under Us and the Elohim of God, have dedicated all of their lives, a life that begins and ends, I remind you--they have dedicated what they are and who they are to your victory.
  I ask you, beloved, can you do any less but offer to them your life for their victory and their immortality?  You have what they do not have--that threefold flame.  Yet they trust.  Yet they delight in the resurrection flame of their Lord and Savior. And there is no argument among them as to who that Lord and Savior is--Jesus Christ and Maitreya and Gautama Buddha and Sanat Kumara and Padma Sambhava and you and you and you.
  In the mighty action of the trident that bears the emblem of the fleur-de-lis I AM Neptune and Luara, Father-Mother of the undines of Earth.   [30-second standing ovation]           -Neptune and Luara:  10-7-1993 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana   

-Harbin snow sculpture

   Hail, O ye mighty sylphs!  Descend over shafts of devotion raised up by children of the Sun and sons of God.  Descend, O mighty sylphs, for the purification of the mind, for the purification of the lungs, for purification of every organ and system in the bodies of the lightbearers of the Earth.
  Let this purification go forth!  Let it go forth, O sylphs, mighty sylphs.  For thereby in participation with the healing angels you shall bring about healing, healing unto Our servants.  And in their healing they shall turn to serve and set elemental life free. Let Us have chalices in the Earth then that can contain the purity of fire, the purity of air, the purity of water, the purity of the earth and the purity of the spirit.
  So We come, Aries and Thor, by mighty light rays and by your call and by the immaculate heart of Mary you have invoked.  We descend into deep levels of the Earth, into the astral plane, and We are on the march.  For We are here and We also have Neptune’s key.  And that key, beloved, is to unlock the prison doors of those souls who have fallen into the ditches of the astral plane and know not how to remove themselves.
  Thus, beloved, We the Hierarchs of the sylphs count Ourselves also among the saviors of all souls in the Earth who would be saved and those who ought to be saved for who they are and were and can become again.  Some have turned themselves around, but they have turned the wrong way and ignored the wrong-way sign.  And therefore We come with the mighty power of the air, with the mighty power of the entire atmosphere, with the mighty empowerment of the Holy Spirit to breathe the breath of life and the sacred breath itself.  Yes, We are a part of your meditations when you raise up the sacred fire and by the sacred fire breath multiply the fire within you.  Thus, beloved, there are commanding presences in Our bands. There are the Hierarchs who have earned the threefold flame, and they abide in upper levels of consciousness in the etheric octave.  And they in Our retreats are training sylphs and training those among the sons and daughters of God to work with the sylphs.
  You are indeed blessed, indeed blessed by the winds of the Spirit that move through the mountains, that move through the forests, that are charged and recharged again.  Surely there is good reason and logic to live in the high altitudes of the Earth and to make one’s way in the Spirit of God, moving across the mountains of Earth and the mountains of one’s own karma and dispensing with that by the power of the Holy Spirit, by the power of the sacred breath, using that breath always when you invoke the violet flame.
  Hear then the fire of my voice.  Hear the fire going forth through the body of the Messenger and know that you can project that fire also, that you can store it in your chakras, you can deliver it, you can part the darkness and the Red Sea of the mass consciousness.  And you can play such music of the higher octaves, as you have just heard, to neutralize conditions of darkness, to neutralize the misuse of sound and of rhythm and most of all, beloved, of that which you see in motion pictures and on television.  Clear the screen of the mind and do not allow yourself, if you would be adept, to engage in such livelihoods as will take you to the astral plane in the industries of the world.  Choose your livelihood well according to the teaching of Gautama Buddha.  Choose it well, for ye are sons of God unique who can indeed hold the balance for a planet.
  Thus I speak then of the conditions of pollution--pollution in the very heart of the major cities, pollution of the air that quickly becomes the pollution of water and pollution of earth.  And thus that pollution does take life and sanity and oneness and unity from millions and billions of souls upon planet Earth.
  What a pity, beloved.  What a pity that all do not praise Helios and Vesta and call unto the rays of the Sun.  This you can do in the ritual to the Great Central Sun, for the rays of Helios and Vesta are indeed purifying rays.  And as you seek and become one with those rays understanding yourself as an extension of Helios and Vesta in this very Earth, you will come to understand the science of purification by the rays of the Sun.  Until this is fully established scientifically in the Earth give to Helios and Vesta the mantra and the ritual of the ashram of El Morya, knowing that the light of the Sun is able to work transmutation and does in effect multiply the power of the violet flame.
  Know then, beloved, that the power is in your Sun.  Should you choose to invoke that power and to base your own power upon that Sun at every level of being you will find that there can be a staying action in the Earth by the staying of the hand of the LORD God and of Elohim so that Earth changes need not happen.  These must happen for the purpose of purification.  So you see, if you accomplish that work and the work of Omri-Tas in those forty-eight hours you have each month, so precious, and if you accomplish the work of Helios and Vesta, you will know then how the power of Helios and Vesta can multiply purification in the Earth.  This is the need of the hour.
  Every single human being alive with only small percentages of exceptions require the purification of the blood, the purification of body.  Yes, beloved, how can anyone reach the full potential of individual Christhood without that mighty purification?  And ye indeed have the power of Astrea.  Ye who are those who give that decree frequently, daily, you have the whirlwind action of the vortex of the circle and sword of blue flame.  You have that power of purity, beloved, and it can be seen.  We can see it across many miles.  We take note of everyone upon Earth who has that aura of Astrea and Purity.
It is an aura of invincibility.  It is an aura of protection.  It is an aura wherein discarnates do not dare to enter.  You have such a sealing action, beloved, by the calls to Astrea that, I tell you, you are weaving your deathless solar body and doing well.  And many of you are right on schedule with the timetable of your own victory in the light.  See then how the power of Astrea has also sustained all elemental life.  For when you make the call to Astrea and give those decrees Gautama Buddha, the Lord of the World, has assigned a portion of those decrees to go for the blessing of elemental life.  It is good indeed that you end each preamble “elemental life--fire, air, water and earth.”  For by that, beloved, a portion continually goes to what may be considered your favorite charity.  Charity begins with elemental life, for you exist upon the foundations of their service.
   Now this conference is convoked.  It is convoked for the healing of the elementals, and the Blessed Mother will see to this with Archangel Raphael.  May you continue to understand your oneness with all life, counting [yourselves,] angels above and elementals all around you as a team effort of sons and daughters of God, angels and elementals.  It is truly the trinity of life, and the power of that trinity through the Christed sons and daughters is the power to bring Earth into a golden age.  For when you have the key and you use the key of Neptune, beloved, you have the key of alchemy.  You have the key whereby you can begin to understand your role as a son [or daughter] of God, as a ruler in the Earth, as a ruler and defender of elementals.  Those who rule, beloved, are those who serve to set life free.
  Thus do not in any way limit yourselves but come to this altar fresh with a clean heart, a pure spirit and a powerful determination, an inner conviction that is truly profound that the solutions to Earth’s problems are at hand.  And they are in your hand as the violet flame bursts forth from the very center of your palm, from that chakra, as the lesser chakras of the hands of Jesus crucified.
  Know then therefore that all things can be accomplished.  And as you decide to take another turn up the spiral highway of life into higher and higher octaves of [the] elevation of the mind you shall know that God-dominion.  You shall walk the Earth as unascended masters.  You shall walk the Earth knowing that, though you have not shuffled off the mortal coil, yet your immortality shines brightly and has access to the power of God to work change, work change in everyone you know by cultivating a sincere friendship with the body elemental of all of your friends.
  And as you speak to those elementals and calm their fears and teach them how to heal the body you shall know a victory. You shall know a balancing of karma.  You shall know a brightness that shall descend upon you.  And the rainbow rays of God you shall see, and they shall be your very own causal body of light that you are able to first sense and know and then to dimly see and then ultimately to [meet] the Presence of God face-to-face, as Moses did.  The greatest want among all those who are devotees of God is the want of Self-appreciation, is the limited understanding of the all-power of God that is vouchsafed to you every moment and every hour and every day whereby you have the strength, the intelligence, the love, the devotion and the sagacity to enter in to the ranks of the elementals.
  I would tell you, beloved ones, that Walt Disney has done a disservice to elemental life, portraying them as being moody and not too intelligent.  Well, blessed hearts, I wish that you could enter--and therefore I will assist you in entering into the minds of the sylphs, gnomes, undines, fiery salamanders and into the mind of your most blessed and highly intelligent body elemental.
  Therefore recognize that there is indeed an overlay of mankind’s consciousness upon elementals.  And because that is there they are bowed down and therefore they are not necessarily in the best of spirits.  But they are not cross-eyed and pigeon-toed and always fat and always having some sort of a heaviness about them.  You must realize that the work that is accomplished by elementals is accomplished by experts.  Simply look around you at all of life and the absolute magnificence of this planetary body and ask yourself whether demented and lazy gnomes could have accomplished such a task.  I tell you nay.  And therefore root for the elementals!  Pour violet flame upon them and bring them daily to new levels of consciousness whereby even the greater glory of God might appear and they might accomplish that which seems impossible.  But they shall accomplish it by the power of Elohim reinforcing them.  And that task, beloved ones, is the purification of the planetary body.     -Aries and Thor, Hierarchs of air element: 10-8-1993 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana

    Abiding under the shadow of the Almighty One, the I AM Presence, thou art protected by an umbrella of light, the causal body itself.  Stray not then.  Stray not from the Almighty One.  For in the Presence of God thou shalt know Thyself.  But outside of that Presence thou shalt wander and wait, and wonder, yet the mysteries of Light and Life shall not be revealed.
  Let the mysteries descend over the crystal cord.  Let there be the quickening of the mind of God, the mind of Buddha, the mind of Christ within you.  Let it happen this day!  Sweep the houses clean!  Sweep the house of the mind.  Sweep all levels of consciousness that are accepting of death or disease or life’s complications.  Let the piercing rays of thy heart reflect the heart of the higher Self, the Holy One of God.  Let those piercing rays now pierce into the darkest corners of self, unconscious levels, and then again let them pierce into the highest levels of the mind which represent the superconsciousness of God.
  Travelers, aye; ye are travelers and I am a traveler also.  I AM the Mother rocking the soul, rocking the heart, rocking your being in my arms.  And with the rhythm of the rocking there is attunement with the cycles of all cosmos as the inner babe of the heart begins to unfold its mighty purpose, its petals blossoming.  So let the inner child of the heart be known as the Christ Child in you this day.  Care for the Christ child; care for the soul of the Christ child in you.  Seek and find the pathways you must go over and over again.  Retrace them until your footprints press into and become one with the footprints of our Lord.  Thus one day you will no longer walk these pathways, for you shall have filled them in with the perfect wayfaring of the soul who is no longer a wayfarer but has come home to the heart of the living Christ in you.
  I AM the Mother then and I am plowing my garden.  I am using my spade, I am turning the soil.  It is the garden of your unconscious; it is the garden of your subconscious.  I plow row upon row by hand. I insert my spade therefore into the deepest levels of the ground of the very earth, the very bottom of bottomlessness of the unconscious.  I seal it.  I plant seeds of roses, I plant seeds of vegetables, for you have need of nourishment from my heart.
  I am one who loves to garden.  I have made many gardens. But this day by your leave I have entered the unconscious levels of your being, for it is time to turn over the soil to sift from it that which ought not to be.  I would seal the trapdoor of your unconscious through which the forces of darkness have made inroads into your being.  I would seal the opening, then fill the interior with light.  Ask me in your heart in this moment to do this, and it shall be done.  For I see the service and the striving on your part.  I see the soul that is searching and the soul that is wondering; I see you, beloved, longing for wholeness.
  Gather then the fragments of light.  Secure the soul in the perfect ovoid of light; secure that self, beloved; secure that Manchild.  Let the soul rise and rise again, then dip deep into the soil to find treasures lost and to bind misqualified molecules that they might be cast into the sacred fire of God.
Seraphim of God attend me with Raphael and our bands.  I come to make you whole. “How shall I be made whole, my Mother?  How shall I be made whole?”  So you ask.  So it is by the wonder of God.  It is the miracle of God based on your work and your inner work and your work again until no layers of recorded negative karma remain.
  It seems as though there is no way through the human consciousness to bring resolution to records that come up again and again.  And I remind you that when you are on the path of the initiations of the Holy Spirit you will also be tempted, you will also be visited by fallen angels who would tear you from your inner resolution, tear you, beloved, by the sounds of their darkness--guttural sounds of darkness.  So I say to you, beloved, in the very midst of meeting the challenges of your own psyche you must do battle with forces of darkness who know very well what is your Achilles’ heel and therefore they attach themselves to you through your point of vulnerability.  They seek to hold you back in order to stop you from achieving your victory.   Know this, beloved. Inasmuch as you have balanced much karma they know that they cannot ultimately stop you; but they would nevertheless attempt to deter you, to slow you down, to take from you the full prize of the victory of your crown of Life.
  Oh yes, beloved, keep thy counsel and keep counsel with thy God and treasure thy oneness with thy God.  And know above all that it is your attunement with the living Christ within you that establishes the point of your self-mastery.  When you allow yourself to stray from the God-centeredness of your attunement with the altar of God, when you allow yourself to stray from holy precepts embodied in your decrees you make yourself vulnerable to a broad spectrum of “contagious” discarnate entities.  Do not allow these forces of the astral plane to enter your circle of identity, i.e., your forcefield.  Do not allow them to cause you to lose ground.
  First and foremost it is important to note that daily prayer, communion with the Holy Spirit, and the deep desiring for God in all your members constitute your reason for being.  Do not stray from your attunement with the Holy of holies for reasons of business or busyness or money or mundane events that take you from your spiritual path.  This can happen little by little so that you scarcely notice that you have allowed your soul to be stripped naked and that as a consequence you no longer have the action of the tube of light or the deathless solar body, the seamless garment, in your aura.  Remember that fallen ones lie in wait, even as Silent Watchers, an order of the angels of God, keep their watch, and wait.  
  What are the Silent Watchers watching and waiting for?  They are watching over you and they are waiting for you to rise to the level of the all-seeing Eye of God.  They are there to shield the mind and the all-seeing Eye of God within you. They are there to comfort you, to warn you and to lead you in the paths of righteousness.  So know that holy angels of God of immense power are at hand.  Call upon them to defend your right to be the son of God and to receive the divine Manchild in the lotus of your heart.  Remember, I have come as an example; the blessed Joseph has come as an example; the Lord Christ has come as an example.  Therefore mothers, fathers and children, take note that We did come.  We did come to you, beloved, that you might know the way to live, the way to forgive, the way to give and give again.  We have come to teach you the way of alertness and how to respond instantly when the angel of the LORD warns you of danger at hand.  Thus my Joseph took Jesus and me to Egypt in haste there to remain till Herod should pass.
  Yes, beloved, you must be alert to the messages of angels who speak to you within your mind and heart.  If you are surfeited in the things of this world, if you are fatigued, if your body chemistry is out of balance, you may miss the all-important signals from your angel visitants.  Sometimes, beloved, We give you signals at the level of your subconscious mind and you respond consciously in the quickness of the moment; and afterwards you wonder how it was that you had that direction and the reflex of an immediate response.  We are able to give you direction at all levels of your being, including that of your outer intellectual mind.  Certain compartments of your being are already one with God; yet if you do not know this, you will not nurture the seeds of the mind of God that God has planted within your mind.
  Strive for oneness this year.  Disappear as a silhouette into the outline of the Holy Christ Self of your being.  Merge with the higher Self.  And then invoke the archangels for the protection of all lightbearers who know not how to rise to levels of light, out of harm’s way.  Let the momentums of your decrees, your prayers and your meditations bear you aloft to higher levels where none can touch you, where lethal vibrations cannot kill, where darkness cannot surround you. Dwell in the light of the etheric octave, yet be practical in this world.  Seal your aura.  For there is good reason why Saint Germain gave to the Messenger Mark L. Prophet the “Violet Fire and Tube of Light Decree.”
  Therefore, beloved, let us give the call for that tube of light now as an offering to the Mighty I AM Presence.  Together:
O my constant, loving I AM Presence, Thou light of God above me whose radiance forms a circle of fire before me to light my way:
I AM faithfully calling to Thee to place a great pillar of light from my own Mighty I AM God Presence all around me right now today!  Keep it intact through every passing moment, manifesting as a shimmering shower of God’s beautiful light through which nothing human can ever pass.  Into this beautiful electric circle of divinely charged energy direct a swift upsurge of the violet fire of freedom’s forgiving, transmuting flame!  Cause the ever expanding energy of this flame projected downward into the forcefield of my human energies to completely change every negative condition into the positive polarity of my own great God-Self!  Let the magic of its mercy so purify my world with light that all whom I contact shall always be blessed with the fragrance of violets from God’s own heart in memory of the blessed dawning day when all discord--cause, effect, record and memory--is forever changed into the victory of light and the peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ.
 I AM now constantly accepting the full power and manifestation of this fiat of light and calling it into instantaneous action by my own God-given freewill and the power to accelerate without limit this sacred release of assistance from God’s own heart until all men are ascended and God-free in the light that never, never, never fails!
   Do you know the power of your fervent call for the violet fire and the tube of light, beloved?  This power is limitless.  As you offer your words in devotion and love to your Mighty I AM Presence, daily cast into the sacred fire all sin and the sense of sin.  Call upon the law of forgiveness and acknowledge that sin is not real, that death is not real, that disease is not real in God and therefore it need not be real in you.  For as you maintain oneness with your I AM Presence and call forth this cylinder of light not only do you have the protection of your I AM Presence and hosts of angels but you are creating a cylinder around you that can be extended to the Central Sun.  It is an impenetrable cylinder, beloved.  And your soul may be carried through this tube of light to the very heart of Helios and Vesta who are seated in the Sun of this solar system and to the very heart of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun.
  Think on these things; meditate on these things.  Enter into the heart of God.  And know, beloved, that your sacred attunement with God must never be compromised for this or that circumstance, this or that project.  Maintain that attunement hourly and then you will see what pillars you shall become in the temple of our God, what pillars you shall be on behalf of those who suffer and are surfeited in the things of this world and are weary--weary to the bone of mortal existence.
  First give yourself new life; connect yourself to the fountain of everlasting life in the heart of your Holy Christ Self.  Then become the fountain that never runs dry.  And let that ever-flowing fountain pass through your chakras, healing and invigorating them, making them whole and bringing to the heart of God all those souls and fragmented souls who in this day and age can truly be made whole.  Let Christ wholeness then be your call, your motto, your state of consciousness and the level to which you aspire daily.  Keep that level and do not allow yourself to descend from it.  Then you will know true peace, then you will know advancement on the path.  Then you will know that there is never a backward step, for you are always sealed in the hand of Almighty God.
  Take care then, beloved.  Some of you have great light; guard the great light that you have!  Guard the great light that you have!  I AM the Mother of angels, mothering your soul, drawing you back to the center of being which is God.  

(by Ruth Hawkins)
-Archeia Mary:  Christmas Eve 1994 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana 

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