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The key to the victory of planet Earth is the reinstilling and reinfusing in the hearts of all lightbearers

   Yes, I AM the Divine Mother occupying this Retreat of the Divine Mother here over the Royal Teton Ranch.  It is my home away from home and yet I am fully at home.  Many ascended masters and high adepts of Venus have come to place Themselves in this retreat, beloved.  They are with you as the watchmen upon the wall; They are the presence of Venus in this wilderness place.
  Blessed ones, I have been matriarch of Venus for longer than I should care to number the years.  You have been a part of Our home and yet retain the memory of that higher state and the call of Sanat Kumara.  Some of you accompanied him to this planet with the original mission and others have come subsequently to keep the flame of the culture of Venus and to hold the love-flame in this civilization.
  Blessed hearts, the love-flame of the Divine Mother is the most hated element upon planet Earth.  You will take note that once we as ascended lady masters determined to sponsor Summit University, for the very first time since 1973 a quarter had to be canceled for want of registrants.  This is not only because there has not been enough outreach and bringing in of souls but also because there has been such hatred of the Mother directed against this Messenger and Ourselves.
  The key to the victory of planet Earth is the reinstilling and reinfusing in the hearts of all lightbearers and servants of God the true love of the Divine Mother; the love of the Father-Mother God, Alpha and Omega; [and] the love of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, so held in the hearts of those who remain in the Catholic Church and so taken [away] from many outside of that church.
  Blessed ones, it is the force of the hatred of the Mother that you must work against–to consume it, to see it transmuted and to see that the fallen angels whose original rebellion was against the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Divine Manchild are bound.
  Recognize that the hatred of God as Mother is truly the hatred of Her seed, Her issue, Her offspring.  The fallen ones have the knowledge that in the end of the age, as Alpha is the beginning and Omega the ending, so it is the Mother who comes to judge the [seed of the Wicked One] on planet Earth.
Therefore it is they who have desecrated Her image and Her body in the motion-picture industry, in advertising and in every manner possible including the ultimate degradation of woman in the act of abortion itself whereby the true divine feminine is also aborted.
  Thus, beloved, We look forward to Summit University convening the first of the year 1991.  And Qe ask you between now and then to hold your prayer vigils to deal with the opposition to the Mother and to Her children in education, in the situation with drugs, in the situation of the nondefense of this nation which has not the capacity to turn back and destroy incoming nuclear warheads, [in the situation of] the absence of the defense of the minds of children from what is shown on television and from the absolute desecration of their bodies in all manner of toxins and poisons and junk foods. Major of course is caffeine itself, which these children are imbibing from [their soft drinks at] such early ages, as the Messenger has discussed this day.
  We have reached the point of what you might call a critical mass on planet Earth, [and it remains to be seen] whether indeed the souls of lightbearers can survive.  We have touched upon this subject before in [the deliberations of] Our councils and in Our dictations.  And We have said that until something is done [about all of the above] there cannot be sent to Earth those souls who would then run the risk of being lost by having so many toxins [in their bodies] and [by being exposed to] so much programming coming through television and through rock music and [other sources] as to take them far afield from their inner soul memory and cause them great inner soul trauma and grief, beloved ones.  Some of these children who have tried to enter have been aborted and the scars of that experience remain with them when they come again to be embodied among you.  Therefore have profound compassion for these little ones.
  The Messenger has called to your attention the persecution of the child on a planetary scale.  Think of the level of civilization of this modern world and of the wealth of nations and consider the report that 40,000 children die daily on this planetary home.  Can it be, beloved?  Can you understand that there is yet barbarism on Earth even as there is the highest development in certain areas of science and culture?  It is the development of the soul and the spirit and of true oneness with God that is wanting, [and this] creates such schism and such imbalance in the levels of evolution upon Earth.
  When you see black brother killing black brother in Africa, can you not understand how the Divine Mother does weep that there is yet such hate and hate creation?  To kill the offspring of the Mother is to kill the Mother.  Do you not understand therefore that this killing is also an expression of the hatred of the Mother?
  If the Mother Herself were venerated in all cultures and esteemed highly, there would not be the desecration of Her child.  But you see, Mary was not venerated by the then Roman gods or the Sanhedrin and therefore they did crucify her Son.  Thus ultimately the Mother of God is crucified, for every Mother does know what is the crucifixion when harm does come to one of her children.
  Blessed hearts, the Messenger does bear a great burden of light from those of us who keep the Mother-flame.  And she has not in any way turned back or denied the intensity of our presence that We place over and through her body, for she knows that the Divine Mother must be manifest physically.
You must see [to it] the, that the dweller-on-the-threshold within you is bound and that all substance of hatred of the Mother in the unconscious is consumed, which means, beloved, that there must be no strife or argumentation or harsh words or dissonance between any of you.  For it is the breaking of a mother’s heart and it is your “ignore-ance” of your own Divine Mother, your own human mothers and the office of Mother.
  In deference to the Mother Her children do not squabble and grumble and come into conflict one with the other.  Therefore know, beloved, that you will have to settle these problems that you bring upon yourselves, for We will not allow the Messenger to be taken to the level of settling the problems of squabbling children.  You must get along with one another and work together and rise above the pettiness and the smallness of the mind.  You must recognize that it is a major challenge to be in two worlds, and that is the challenge that the one who holds the office of Messenger must accept in order to have that mantle.
  It is a stressful situation upon the body.  And when you as Chelas with a capital C agree to be the manifestation of your Morya, you will take on some of that very same stress.  To bear the burden of the Lord/Chohan of the First Ray by asking to be his representative and the vessel for that ascended master to step through the veil, beloved ones, [is a sacrifice that is not without commensurate reward].
  When you know the presence of the lower self and the presence of an ascended master in the same place you will come to understand that this is no small challenge.  And you will recognize that harmony of your being with that master and with that presence does bring great light to the Earth.  But the greater the light the greater the opposition to that light.
You yourselves have known persecution individually and you have taken that persecution on behalf of the Divine Mother Omega, on behalf of Mother Mary and all of Us who serve that [Mother]-flame, as well as on behalf of your Messenger.  You have been stalwart souls around the world.  You have seen through the lies of the fallen ones, else you would not be here. But I tell you, all of those lies are directed toward the character assassination, toward the desecration and toward the impugning of the moral integrity of the Messenger.
  Be it understood that such statements have been said about Mother Mary for two thousand years.  They have been said about the saints; they have been said about you.  Therefore you know the truth, for your own souls, your own inner beings, bear witness to the light that God has placed upon you.  And you have some sense of co-measurement, [for you have seen] how when the dial of that light is turned up the forces of Darkness will assail at one’s weakest place and [in one’s] weakest moment, whether of fatigue in service or whether in the giving of oneself until that body must surely retreat into the fiery coil of the center of being for recreation and recharge.  Blessed ones, you are soldiers of the cross indeed and you understand the defense of truth.  Now realize just how intense is the hatred of the Mother on planet Earth.
  We have placed the Retreat of the Divine Mother here, and this retreat has been a manifestation for far longer than you realized in the moment of its unveiling.  This Holy City is the presence of many forces of light.  It is a vast temple and city, beloved, and no small retreat.  And therefore those who come are special envoys and initiates of Omega.  They come not only from Venus but from other planetary homes and systems for They see how the battle rages to destroy the seed of the Woman in this age.
  Now then it is well for you to take the bija mantras [for meditation on the Divine Mother and the intoning of the keys that unlock Her power in your chakras.  It is well] for you to offer the bhajans to the [Divine] Mother, to enter into that high state of oneness and attunement in Her bliss and to experience the consequence of the gentle rising of sacred fire on the spinal altar for nourishing of your chakras, for regeneration and rejuvenation of your bodies.  Therefore We are gratified that you have found means to detoxify your bodies with another system and another method that can greatly enhance your progress.
  The statement of Saint Germain remains true that certain substances that accumulate in the brain do prevent the full focusing of the light of your I AM Presence.   I am certain that you realize that [such substances] affect your ability to be one in sensitivity and in vibration with the [highest light that can be focused in the] crown chakra [and your ability] to increase that light of the crown as well as of the third eye.  When it is put this way, beloved, is it not with a [greater] sense of immediacy as well as with a greater [sense of] ease that you are able to look at those substances that you formerly took in (and that took you in!) and to recognize that these must be flushed out by violet flame [with the aid of] these products that are being made available to you, [which detoxify] by physical chemistry?  We look then for those bodies (and correspondingly those souls) that can contain more light.  And We look to the deliverance of [your souls as well as] your bodies, which are the body of the Mother, from all stress and burden and pain and distress that comes about by the accumulation [of poisonous substances in the organs].
  Surely, beloved, the fallen ones have genetically engineered more than coffee and more than caffeine for their own entertainment and to the destruction of the lightbearers, as Morya revealed this day.  For he has shown the Messenger that this is true and that these substances are enjoyed as stimulants by the Nephilim themselves, who brought such products [as well as recreational drugs] from the Twelfth Planet.  Well, they brought many more products [with them to planet Earth than] drugs for [pleasure and simulated states of exhilaration], as you were told, whose harmful effects they neutralized with [special] equipment.  The substances they brought, beloved, included pesticides and all types of contaminants that do not agree with the natural order or the natural vibration of planet Earth [and her evolutions.  Their] knowledge of chemistry [enabled them] to create toxic substances that always produce a negative spiral that turns counter to the positive clockwise spiral, even [counter to] the upward spiraling flame of the resurrection and [counter to] the positive spiral [with which God as Elohim originally charged] every cell and atom of your being.
  Thus they have introduced into the bodies that were provided for the souls of light on this Earth substances that are totally intolerable [and totally] destructive, [causing degeneration, disease and death].  You must understand that this [systematic] destruction of the lightbearers is a masterminded process.  And [these fallen ones] do indeed fear the soul’s contact with her Christ Self and the tremendous power, wisdom and love of the inner God, the inner Buddha, the inner Christ of everyone who is the issue of the light of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun.  They are desperate, they are envious, they are angry.  And they have never ceased in their perpetual hatred of the Woman and Her seed.
  And therefore they are as machines of imperil grinding out that imperil [and directing it] against you, seeking to trap you in every way possible–whether it be in psychological sockets wherein you bemoan your fate, whether it be in [mental and emotional states] of depression that are caused by these substances in the body, whether it be through schism in the psyche, whether it be that they have moved against your parents and those with you to cause all manner of burdens to be experienced by you in your childhood.
  No matter what the case [or circumstance], beloved, when you look at limitation and when you look at the [obvious] determination [of some one or some force] to snuff out your opportunity and your life, look to the Twelfth Planet, look to their organized confrontation with the forces of light of planet Earth and just remember that that Twelfth Planet is the headquarters of Armageddon for the forces of the dark side in this sector of this universe.
  We shall, as We have said, continue to give you [spiritual] labors [to be taken up in your decree sessions].  But, beloved ones, you must understand that this conference has taken place at a certain interval.  As you look upon the walls of the Inner Retreat this night they are clear.  As you look upon the dome it is also clear.  And the legions of Cyclopea have completed seven-eighths of the structure of the grid of light, which is for this Community a manifestation of protection [of] vast [proportions].
  Now, beloved, look across the plain–the plain that surrounds the Inner Retreat at inner levels and extends as far as the horizon, representing the world and [its day-to-day] doings. For on that plain this night there is a mist, and that mist is penetrated by the Eye of God, even the “night radar,” as you would call it.
  Beyond the mist then We see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  They are there, beloved, and they are at rest. They are awaiting the command of the Four Cosmic Forces to go forth [to deliver yet another] release of karmic judgment to the planetary body.  Their time is not yet, but it soon dawns with the dawning of the Sun.  Therefore be prepared and immerse yourselves in calls to Archangel Michael and the Archangel Michael Rosary for the absolute God-protection of the lightbearers and of all things that you must accomplish in this cycle.  [For the Four Horsemen] will go forth, beloved, and they will deliver a severe judgment.  And they will also deal with the adversaries of God and the Woman [and Her seed] on this planet.
  Let it be known and let it be understood that We [Sanat Kumara and I] have met with cosmic councils and the Four and Twenty Elders, as Our beloved Sanat Kumara is truly the Great Guru of this system and the sponsor of this final opportunity that Earth has been given for so many thousands of years.  Therefore We know and We understand, as it has been said, that with the April 23 date there has come a certain finality.  And certain individuals who have persecuted the light incarnation after incarnation, who have surely persecuted the Christians and those followers of the Buddha in Tibet and in China and of every religion upon Earth in its time–blessed ones, these persecutors of the religious upon Earth who do embody the God-flame must know that their time is exceedingly short and that they can no longer persecute that God-flame in these little ones, in these stalwart souls with impunity.
  And they do know it; it is true.  They must know it and they do know it.  They know it, beloved, but they have already made their peace with their own [soul’s] suicide and their own final judgment.  Therefore they have nothing to lose, and they go all out in their attempt to destroy that which will guarantee the path of eternal Life in the physical octave of this cosmos. They have gone forth to destroy all that is godly and all that they know will be the snuffing out of their mechanization man and their creation that is not of God.
  Except those among that creation come forward to serve the Great White Brotherhood, to accept the Lord Jesus Christ, who has come from Our home of light to serve this Earth, except they accept him as the Lord and Savior and are willing to follow the path of balancing of their karma, these mechanization men will not survive beyond the 25,800-year dispensation now drawing to a close.
  That which is of God must expand and increase, and that which is not must choose to become a part of the great chariot of fire of the great Elijah or else be no more.  There must be a conclusion to creations of evil minds who have created a mechanization man only for the purposes of destroying the little ones of God and the holy innocents.  Therefore, beloved, God did send this Son Jesus Christ into the world to give opportunity to every creation, whether God’s or that of angels. And therefore that opportunity has been extended, not for a mere century or a mere 2,000 years but for the full 25,800 years, which as time is measured for the evolution of souls and in the karmic sense of reincarnation is plenty of time to decide to bend the knee before the Almighty and to receive His Son.  Thus, beloved, there is absolute justice in this cosmos.
  Your memories are ancient and go to ancient civilizations and golden ages that predate Lemuria and Atlantis and then to other planetary homes.  May you know that in this hour Earth is a crossroads for fallen ones who are the archdeceivers and archrebels against Christ and his own.  It is [also] the crossroads of the greatest souls of light who have come from various planetary homes down the centuries.  Great avatars have walked the Earth in the physical plane, not the least of whom is Jesus himself.  Earth has known the highest and the lowest, and that spectrum is still present.
  Therefore, beloved, it is the place where the victory of light must be won.  Though it is preordained it is not predestined. By this I say that that which God preordains His sons and daughters must confirm and bring forth in the physical octave and in the matter-universe.  This is the choice of the sons and daughters of God.
  If the battle is not won on this planet as it is intended, it will be taken to another and to another until there may be many souls lost in many systems of worlds.  The battle will rage stronger as the forces of Darkness see themselves strengthened for the failure of those who have not understood that the victory is to those in embodiment who take their stand [against embodied Evil] and are unflinching and unswerving [in their dedication to the cause of the Great White Brotherhood].
  There have been periods such as that known as the Hundred Years’ War.  There have been extended battles, beloved, but none so extended as the continuous battle of the fallen ones against the lightbearers since these fallen ones were cast out of the heaven plane, the etheric octave, by Archangel Michael and his legions of light.
  Some [students of the ascended masters] have backed away from this altar, for they have become weary of the battle.  And they have said “We are tired of continuous labors and hours of decrees.  We want our services to be thus and such, kept simple, and we prefer to meditate than to engage.”   And thus, beloved, they point the finger at the Messenger and they do say “The Messenger is wrong, the Messenger is wrong, the Messenger is wrong.  And therefore we will do it the right way.”
  Blessed ones, when you have climbed a third or two-thirds of the mountain there is only one way to go and that is up!  And when you are in the midst of a battle, the battle of Armageddon itself, there is only one thing to do and that is to keep on fighting to defend your own life and your right to defeat the forces of Darkness.  You cannot take that reprieve [anytime you feel like it].  You cannot take that interlude unless it is given to you by your commander in chief, beloved El Morya.  When there is time for a surcease he does decree it; and therefore this is what this conference has been . But you will pick up on the morrow with the battle and therefore I say be prepared, for tomorrow is already today.
  This is the hour for self-transcendence.  And as you understand that the goal of the path is to increase the light in your body temple [in preparation for] the descent of your Holy Christ Self, then know, blessed hearts, that to clear the physical body, to purify it and to strengthen it will result in far less distress in those periods when we must give you the initiation of increased light.
  I am Lady Master Venus, I embody the soul of a planet.  And I am the Keeper of the Flame, yea, the Mother of the Flame of all sons and daughters of Venus whom We have sent far and wide to the planetary homes to bring the culture of the Seven Holy Kumaras and of divine Love.
  Remember it is divine Love and the love of the Mother and Her physical presence in the earth that will spell an end to the fallen ones forever.  They know it.  And each time that Mother -flame begins to flower within you, each time that light is rising in your temple, each time, beloved, you can be the full expression of that love they come along and send lesser hierarchies of devils to taunt, to tempt, to aggravate, to irritate and to cause strife to the troops, who truly in their hearts do love one another, who truly in their hearts love God with all their heart and soul and mind.
  May you defeat and outsmart the forces of anti-Love that would set one against another over nothing.  The best way to cure such situations is simply to walk away from them, to refuse to be offended or intimidated by anything or anyone, to look into the face of Jesus and remember his words to disciples who would be rivalrous, who would be concerned of who would be the greatest in heaven or the greatest on earth, who would be the favorite, who would be this, who would be that:  “What is that to thee?  Follow thou me.”  I say to you, follow the living Christ and follow the Divine Mother.  Bring Her down into this octave in your own temple, beloved.  Do it for the precious love of the precious little ones who in this hour are not defended.
  Come to Our retreat, beloved, this night.  We would instruct you and prepare you for that mighty mission.  And We shall agree together on earth and in heaven (in that etheric octave) that the souls of light who are intended to be a part of Our literacy army, Our ministers of the Word and Our teachers shall be here come January 1!  And then We shall go out and find them and, as the Lord has said, “compel them to come in” by the fire of Love!  I send you to your victory, O victorious ones!  [28-second standing ovation]
(by Ruth Hawkins, !1985)
-Lady Master Venus:  10-8-1990 at Royal Teton Ranch via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet      

  Sun goes into Pisces on February 18, 3:04 pm PST.  Sun at sextile to Uranus.   (One may call:  In the name I AM THAT I AM, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, blessed Saint Germain and angelic hosts, Jesus Christ and the great hosts of ascended masters, may the solar light of the hierarchies of Aquarius to Pisces modulate for the greater good, amen.)     -regards from Mt. Shasta, r.

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