Sunday, February 3, 2019

Faith may seem to be an ingredient that only children and fools rely upon

    We must also point out that there are areas in human thought and feeling that have never been keyed to the divine potential because they have never been recognized as threads leading to a higher realization of selfhood.  Individuals in their outer sophistication often feel that they have discovered all there is to know about themselves.  How wrong they are!   Man being a creature of the infinite may manifest finite qualities; but this does not mean that he cannot one day discover the blazing reality of the infinite side of himself.  And when he does he will feel like a babe waking up from a long sleep.  He will rub his eyes, scarcely believing what he sees, and he will discover at last that he is a creature of light and beauty.  Will you then overtake with me the great ascended master consciousness by believing that it is possible for man to attain, right while he is in the world and still a part of its necessary functions?  Will you see for yourself--if only for the purposes of experimentation--what a difference faith makes?  Faith may seem to be an ingredient that only children and fools rely upon, but it is not difficult even for the scientist to discover that it possesses a tangibility all of its own.
  Faith will open the inner eyes wide with wonder; it will reveal to you your inner strength.  It will show you aspects of your being that you never dreamed existed, and it will show you how to contact and implement in a practical way the potential that is locked within these aspects of being.  Science is the handmaid of individual and planetary self-mastery, and faith is the open door to scientific discovery that no man can shut.
  Faith is the bridge which the consciousness must build before it can traverse the abyss that separates the finite from the infinite.  Once crossed the bridge is no longer necessary and the arduous journey is forgotten in the joy of discovery and in the welcome of reality.  Therefore it is essential to give faith a chance, even if at first your motive be selfish.  You need to open the door; you need to build the bridge.  You need to believe, even if momentarily, in order that you may become filled with grace and with the great cosmic potential of life that you really are.  We realize that the voice of the world speaks stridently with authority over the human consciousness.  But in listening grace let us not forsake our faith that God is, that the potential of the universe is, that the cosmic Presence within the life of the individual is, that simply, sweetly the life of all is a manifestation of that valiant faith in higher potential that breaks forth as flowers of hope everywhere.  And hope itself, together with faith, brings forth the fruit of cosmic charity.
  How can I or any of the minions of heaven expect individuals to be truly kind to one another when they themselves feel that their acts are autonomous and in no way interconnected with the acts of others?  Once they learn the great law of karma and understand that it is not only the part of wisdom but also of faith and love for them to be truly kind to one another, to work together for the fruition of a world and a cosmic order, but to be no dupes of the divisive forces that assail all that is good and pure and real.
  Men have created various dogmas, both religious and political.  They have said, we are of this order or we are of that order; we are of this persuasion or we are of that persuasion.  The division of humanity’s thought into feelings that support one system of truth to the exclusion of all others is not at all productive of oneness--true oneness as God intended for His children.  A oneness that is superimposed upon groups of people without their realization of union with the Father and the Son, without their faith in the wholeness of the body of God, can produce only a very limited manifestation, one that is incapable of holding the beauty of the cosmic concepts from within but exhibits only an outer amalgamation of distorted views.
   Let all understand then that true faith embraces the nature of Deity, and that His nature unleashed within the being of man is a necessary part of the inner awakening of every soul.  Man has considered outer conditions to be more satisfying than inner communion; and all must admit that to the consciousness that is yet in the state of becoming, these conditions are a temporary palliative.  Yet all must maintain a proper perspective.  Being in the world but not of it, they must be responsible to God and to their fellowmen, fulfilling their appointed role and never submitting to the temptation to withdraw before the job is done simply because they know that the human scene is transient.  For earth is a testing-ground where men must earn the right to be immortal and to be vested with immortal opportunity.  Here they must demonstrate the true worth of the soul that longs to hear the benediction, “Thou hast been faithful over a few things; I will make thee ruler over many.”…
  Won’t you accept my spirit of God-victory through faith?  Won’t you give the hidden springs of your loveliness the opportunity and the power to manifest?  Won’t you be my faith in action?   I thank you.         
(illustration as in Prayer & Meditation, 1978)
                      Archangel Michael    of the first ray of the dawn


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