Monday, February 4, 2019

A homemaker is one who draws the fires of aum of the Central Sun

  The purpose of man and woman in the Aquarian age is to find the leadership within as principle of the Godhead--as Father, as Mother.  There is no competition between these orbs of consciousness; there is a fusion of these orbs that each one might give birth to Christ.
  Women of today must lead the way, pave the way, show forth mastery of the divine feminine within them; they must have freedom to raise the energy of their chakras to release the light.  They must show forth leadership in the return to the all-seeing Eye of God, in the return to Eden not only in allegory but in actuality.
  On Lemuria it was the incarnation of woman that led the incarnation of man to descend from the vision of the immaculate concept (via lowering chakra-energies by misuse of sex in varying fashions,..therefore woman (and the feminine/soul principle) must lead the return to the heart of God….
  This does not mean that women should fight for superficial equality with men; it means that women must lead the way of spirituality because the divine feminine within is the highest manifestation of us.  It is the intuitive faculty of woman (or the feminine principle) that can give man the vision for the victory.  Woman must contain that vision within herself; she must hold that vision for her nation, her community, her planet.  Being a mother and a homemaker is not simply being a slave and a housewife.  A homemaker is one who draws the fires of aum of the Central Sun in the matrix, in the forcefield for the bringing forth of children and for discipling these children according to the Law of God.
  Woman sets the mandala whereby man can go forth to conquer in the precipitation of abundance, in his work, in his profession, in his calling.  Man conquers matter by the action of the feminine ray within himself.  Woman must bring out that feminine principle in man….But there is a period if woman would be mother--would be the mother of God--when she belongs with her children.  When they are young, when they need her flame she must be near.       
-Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  10-11-1975 at San Francisco

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