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here in the home of Mary and Martha and Lazarus, here to find hearts melded together

     I AM come, beloved, here in the home of Mary and Martha and Lazarus, here to find hearts melded together in a mighty congregation of the righteous.  So you have come, the assembling of the elect of God who have elected to do my will in Him….
  Therefore I announce to you that the Word has gone forth on Wednesday past, in the very triumph and the hour of the twenty-seventh, for the remanding to the Court of the Sacred Fire of the one you have known for so long as Satan.
  Blessed hearts, some of you who are our disciples worldwide have known that many years ago, in answer to the call of our Messengers when both were embodied together, Satan was bound and his power reduced.  Therefore for the continuation of the flaunting of the Law of the Person of the Messenger, of the Person of the lightbearers, our Father sent forth the call to me to activate on that very evening the action of the call that would be for the judgment of that Fallen One.
  Therefore let it be known that the remanding of Satan to that court where the Lord Sanat Kumara presides in the presence of the Four and Twenty Elders has resulted in his final judgment.  Therefore rejoice, O ye heavens and the earth!  For that power of Satan is bound, and that Fallen One is judged and will no more go forth among the inhabitants of this or any other world to tempt them against the Person of the Lord Christ!
  Let us say together:  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth in his heaven and in his earth!  Understand that the hour of the second death is following the trial at the Court of the God-Star.  Thus We have heard and We have borne Our witness as to the influence not only of Satan but of the race of his seed called the Satans who have infiltrated every corner of this galaxy and beyond.
  The seed of Satan has proliferated, blessed hearts, as you would not even conceive yourself in the most expansive imagination of your hearts.  Therefore even from that point--bound behind bars, lo, these many years--that Fallen One has had the focalpoint of a race of Satans who raised themselves up against the I AM Race so long, so very, very long ago.  Therefore these who yet strut on earth and other planetary homes remain in that state of an accelerated dissolution and a deceleration.  They have lost the impetus of the original seed and the one who held for them that comparable manifestation which my sacred heart holds for you.
  This one, beloved hearts, has been the personal adversary of my lifestream and all who have come in the fullness of my joy.  This occurrence then, long anticipated and awaited by myself, will result in a new surge of power, wisdom, love, healing, transmutation, contact with my own through the blessed threefold flame of all hearts who are united with me!
  Blessed ones, though that seed is no more in its original manifestation, yet the stalking of the earth by those who are the copies of the original remains a point of alert to the faithful and a sign that in the hour of their own dissolution there is the ranting and the raving in those moments before the interior deterioration will manifest also in the final judgment that is become physical.  Thus all who were his seed and are his seed have also been judged at inner levels with him, for they are one and the same manifestation!   But in the physical octave there is yet the residual manifestation of these lifewaves….
  You realize, beloved hearts, that in the casting out of the Fallen One, out of heaven to the earth, there was then the manifestation on earth (and continuing to the present hour) of the warring of the seed of Lucifer and Satan against the seed of the Woman.  When there is the withdrawal of the point of the cause you also know that the effect must come to naught.  Nevertheless there is a necessary cleaning up of the debris.  And this too is the mighty work of the ages!
  Thus We summon you, O people of God, to understand that the city of Babylon and the person of the Great Whore represent the empire of the Satans in church and in state--the ecclesiastical and the secular manifestation of that civilization of the fallen ones.  Therefore in one hour is thy judgment come, O Babylon the great!  See how in one hour, beloved hearts, is the judgment of Satan come!  And therefore since we gathered last even only a week ago the Earth has changed, the world has turned, the ramifications are vast!   And therefore you understand the why of the coming of Elohim….
  Make haste to be delivered and to deliver thyself under the great canopy of thy Mighty I AM Presence.  Fulfill the Law in all points and come to the place of the heart.  Blessed ones, the fallen ones are depressed, for the communication has gone forth and registered at the very level of the soul chakra of this event.  And they would prepare themselves, hoping against all hope that in their own judgment some merit might accrue to them for their human goodness.  And I tell you, beloved hearts, it will take more than human goodness to save these ones!   It takes godliness, righteousness and the bending of the knee before the living Christ in heaven and on earth.  It takes the adoration of Elohim.  It takes the connection to the Mighty I AM Presence and the swearing:   Lo, I AM come to do Thy will, O God!
  Beloved hearts, they have sworn to do their own will, and that still remains the point of departure unto death and self-annihilation.  For it is God Himself that places His flame in the presence of the fallen ones.  And because there is no God within them therefore they disappear from the screen of both the Spirit and matter cosmos; for there is nothing in them of the body and blood of Christ, nothing in them of the Alpha and the Omega current!  Therefore all that remains is the burning of the flame, the all-consuming mighty flame of Life, even the ascension flame and the whitefire.  Therefore as it is written, Who shall stand in the day of His coming?
  Therefore stand and still stand and receive the messenger of thine own God Self, even thine own Christ Self!  And endeavor to enter in and to stand with that Anointed One and therefore to be refined and purified so that in standing thou shalt still stand in preparation when this own Christed One, thy very own, will draw thee up to stand in the hour of thine own judgment in the presence of thy Mighty I AM Presence!…
  Take care that your decisions are not in response then to the old momentums which have held power over you.  They have no power!  I declare it before you!  But you must confirm it, you must accept it, you must recognize the power of God for the purging!...
  I say then to every foul and unclean spirit that yet is housed in the fold of these garments:  be thou removed!  Go hence!  Be bound by the authority of my sacred heart!  Burn through, O light!  Burn through!  And howl, ye fallen ones!  Ye have no longer abode in my house and in my temple!...Now seek me diligently, my own, and find the fullness of my Presence in thine own beloved Christ Self....
  Now I say, let all fear go hence.  Be gone in the name of Almighty God!  Depart from these temples!  I AM binding! the power of fear and doubt and unbelief in the hearts of the living faithful.      
(by Sindelar, 1930s)
-Jesus Christ:  2-1-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet
   Children of the light, I charge you then:  as you have seen the betrayers of the body of God both within and without the Church therefore go forth and stand upon the rock of the eternal Word which God has ordained unto thee also.  By the Spirit of the Lord that is present with you in this moment let there be the sealing of your heart with the heart of that Christ Self.  For this is my body which is broken for you, and the presence of the Lord with you is thy salvation.
  Therefore let us walk, let us run and let us not deny the inner truth that is the light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.  Therefore you are the light of the world, for the light of God is within you!  Look not then to these fallen ones, these individuals of power who proclaim themselves the servants of the people and the deliverer of nations!  For they come as the death rider, and they bring death and destruction in their wake and plague and pestilence and famine!…
  And I AM the exorcism in this city and in this society of the power groups and the money beast supporting abortion, pornography and child abuse!  For I AM determined in you to rid this city and this nation and this earth of the desecration of the Divine Woman and Her seed and the desecration of the body temple and the sacred life-force, which is the gift of God of eternal Life and of your own victory in the ascension!
  Therefore, beloved ones, affirm this my release in your own dynamic decrees that the challenge may go forth and that the Lord God will stay the hand of his judgment!  For surely, surely the crimes of the people against the living Word in the slaughter of the holy innocents, in the desecration of their bodies must come upon the nation!  And unless there be true shepherds to lead the people in the crusade against all manner of infamy and all manner of abuse of the Word of God, then I say, those false shepherds and their blind followers will also receive the judgment which our God has promised unto the seed of the wicked!
  Understand and hear my cry, O ye people!  For you who hear and you who listen know that where I stand there is the Son of God, there is your direct intercession and your oneness in heaven and on earth.  And there is no division in the body of God, and the saints are one!
  And therefore understand the inner meaning of the Second Coming of Christ when he does enter his temple and live through you, preparing for the hour of your own resurrection and the ascension when you truly do meet the fullness of the risen Christ in the air, which is in the plane of God’s consciousness and mind, with his angels who serve!
  Therefore let the cleansing light, let the crystal ray pass through you that those who are waiting for the coming might understand that the waiting entails the summoning of the armies of the Lord for the binding of the oppressors of my people!      -Jesus Christ:  4-11-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles    

                       -chart of I AM Presence

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