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It is a splendid day to know that we may move forward together; the sacred fire jewel

  People of light, accept your mission of the ages!  Accept your role as the ones who are the protectors of freedom on earth. This indeed is America’s destiny--to teach a way of life that is a form of government whereby each threefold flame and every living soul may commune with God and out of that communion evolve one vote and cast that vote for freedom.       -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 20:31
  Keepers of the Flame, by your leave I AM sent from the Great Central Sun to stand in the midst of this city as a pillar of violet flame, my aura, then, sealing a destiny–a destiny far spent.
  For America has abdicated her role as the nation of Christhood, the eternal Law of God, as the nation wherein The Lord Our Righteousness should raise up a standard, an ensign of the people and a two-edged sword.
   Thus beloved, through your hearts and yours alone, the lightbearers in all the Earth--those who know me and may not know my name but have espoused the Cause of rreedom and of peace–through them I shall continue to work.      
                                     -Saint Germain:  11-29-1987 at Washington, D.C.
  America is destined to bring forth the culture of the Divine Mother that was once on Lemuria and Atlantis and in previous golden-age civilizations.  The founding pyramid of her civilization is the path of the soul’s reunion with the Divine Mother.  The capstone of this pyramid is the highest spiritual teaching of East and West which Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ taught to their disciples.  But in order for the capstone to be placed on the pyramid that lost Teaching must be regained and embodied heart by heart through The Lord Our Righteousness, whom we address as our beloved Holy Christ Self.  On this path of the putting on of the garment of the Lord, the sons of God in America must become the living Word if we are to see the sealing of the capstone of this civilization.  
  The true representatives of the people in every race and nation are the anointed of God, i.e., the Christed ones who have raised up the light of the Ancient of Days within their temples. 
Through the Teachings of the “Chart of Your Divine Self” which unfold the path of individual Christhood (the path of the bodhisattva) all discover the foundation and the consummation of America’s destiny.  Saint Germain teaches that Americans are called upon to champion every man’s right to joint-heirship, with Jesus Christ, of the Presence of the Great I AM.  Under the Master’s sponsorship Americans have a destiny, a dharma, if you will, to bear the flame of liberty, the four sacred freedoms and the example of representative government and free enterprise to the nations of the world….
  Our forefathers believed that through the founding of the United States of America all families of the Earth would be blessed.  They believed that the American Revolution was fought not just for themselves or for the 13 colonies but for the whole world.  They saw their experiment as a gift to all mankind….James Madison wrote in The Federalist Papers (#14) “Happily for America, happily we trust for the whole human race, [the leaders of the Revolution] pursued a new and more noble course.  They accomplished a revolution which has no parallel in the annals of human society.  They reared the fabrics of governments which have no model on the face of the globe.”
  The moving force behind the Revolution and the formation of the United States was Freemasonry.  As many as 53 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons and all but five of the 55 members of the Constitutional Convention were Masons….The purpose of Masonry, writes W. L. Wilmshurst in The Meaning of Masonry, is “the expediting of the spiritual evolution of those who aspire to perfect their own nature and transform it into a more god-like quality.”  The Mason’s goal is to become “a just man made perfect, with larger consciousness and faculties, an efficient instrument for use by the Great Architect in His plan of rebuilding the Temple of fallen humanity and capable of initiating and advancing other men to a participation in the same great work.”…
  Lincoln’s blockade of Southern ports hurt Northern moneyed interests who had been making it rich off the war. A coalition of speculators, financiers and a group of congressmen known as the Radical Republicans determined to do anything they could to restore trade–and thus their profits.  Lincoln’s blockade was also slowly strangling the South.  And so in this matter the Northern bankers had a common interest with Southern Confederate leaders, businessmen and bankers.
Lincoln opposed the financial powers in other ways as well. At the beginning of the war Lincoln tried to borrow money from national and international bankers to finance the Union Army.  According to one source (Appleton Cyclopedia, 1861, p. 296) they wanted to charge him 24 to 36 percent interest.   

                                    -Messenger ECP:    Pearls of Wisdom 31:9
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  The Cave of Symbols is the retreat of Saint Germain in Table Mountain in the Wyoming Rockies.  This is an important focus and many inventions are to be released from this retreat.  Saint Germain uses this retreat along with the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania, India’s Cave of Light and the Royal Teton Retreat.
  One enters through a cavern in the mountain lined with pink and white crystal and then moves on into a vaulted chamber 200 feet wide covered with stalactites of rainbow hue in the formation of occult symbols.  As focuses of the rainbow rays of God and geometric keys to the release of fohat the energy that blazes through these symbols extends throughout the United States and has a most significant influence upon her people, keying into their consciousness the matrix of the golden age and the remembrance of their lost inheritance.
  On the opposite wall at the far side of the chamber there are three arches spaced 20 feet apart:  the first a deep rose, the second a penetrating white and the third a cobalt blue.  These are the focuses of great cosmic beings for the victory of the Christ consciousness in America….
  When the sons of God are once again in control of the great nations of the world the ascended masters will step forth with a tremendous wealth of information that has been guarded in their retreats for ages.   
                                             -Messengers M & E Prophet: The Masters and Their Retreats, S. U. Press, 2003, pp. 430-1
……………………             ....................................................................
In the name I AM THAT I AM:

O Masters of Love in Symbol Cave, 
Come now make me true and brave
By the royal flag of light, radiance of gold, blue and white!

(refrain)  Emblem of America, heart of freedom dear,
Keep our land in integrity,
Always aware that in God we trust,
Each child of the light, now make just!

Protect, defend and arm us with light,
Goddess of Liberty, flood us with might;
Cup of freedom to the Earth,
O America, thy love is heaven’s worth!   
  It is a splendid day to know that we may move forward together.  Fear not, for the release of darkness and karma of the seed of the wicked in recent earthquake and turmoil in Mexico and South America, here and on the West Coast and around the world—these things are for the passing of the old order.  
                             -Saint Germain:  11-17-1985 at NYC via Messenger ECP
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  Hail, beloved!  I AM Zadkiel of the Divine Presence and I come bearing with me the fruit of spiritual desire for man's freedom and forgiveness of self and of others in the world of form.  For the energies men have held in suspension as a result of hardness of their heart has to the present hour, to this blessed moment, kept the mankind of Earth in a constant state of degradation.
  For each time that there is an action of unforgivingness there is a counteraction which produces in the world of form those unfortunate thoughts and feelings that do not permit life to come to a state of precious balance.  Will you then join with me now in releasing your feelings of frustration, of fear, and of torment.  Will you in the world order determine that you will contribute significantly toward the advancement of world harmony by freeing yourself through the power and ritual of universal forgiveness from every error and error-thought you have ever created in any past time.
  For your momentum, precious ones, is always creating its record through the power of action and reaction in the bank of the spiritual records of God.  There are some it is true who in a state of blissful ignorance trip lightly on their way and do not think that they themselves matter much in the divine scheme.  Again and again the archangels, the cosmic beings and the ascended masters have conveyed to mankind-or attempted to do so—some full measure of awareness as to the individual's responsibility in the world.
  We stress then that you are the open door into octaves of light, that your consciousness is able to attune with the higher realms from which We come and is able to act as a transformer of regeneration in the world order that mankind may feel a renewal of their right passions toward the Godhead for the great gift of life.  One of the most marvelous applications which We have is called the ritual of gratitude. When among the seven archangels We stand and face the holy east of regenerate beginning We stand there and emanate great waves of light, the light of Our gratitude back to our divine Source for all the energy that has ever been entrusted to Us down through the ages.
  I want you to know that each one of the archangels represents one note in a grand cosmic scale.  And when We function by levers of infinite harmony, by harmonic patterns there is created a music of gratitude back to God's heart which enables the entire system of worlds in which We function to feel the pressure of Our gratitude back to the Godhead.  This is an experiment which those of you who have some knowledge of your affinity for certain rays can also use from day to day in your own individual service to life.
  Beloved ones, if you will only understand the infinite Laws of harmony and the power of transmutation, you will draw forth then the gratitude-flame from the heart of God for every gift that life has given to you.  And as you do it, as the power of that action of gratitude cascades in mighty concentric waves of light back to the heart of the Great Central Sun,you will find that the law of supply and demand is once again met.  For as you give so you shall receive.  And when the heart of God is made aware of your gratitude at that specific moment the momentum of the Universal is touched, and the response is a chord and a release of an infinite increment of harmony that starts out from the beginning and passes through all life-expressions in time and space, down to the present moment right where you are, and brings into that moment the celestial realization of the universe's gratitude for your love and gratitude.
  This is divine response. This is the cognition of you by the Deity, a renewal of your mind that enables the world to be blessed by God's love-flow through you.  Won't you accept that now in your feeling world?  Won't you accept the pressure of that sense of God's gratitude for your own?  If you will do this, it will enable me to perform specific acts and functions for and on behalf of the family of nations.  For today as you have been apprised in this conference and as you have known prior to coming her, there are many cesspools of recalcitrant energies in the world community that cry out for redemption and change.
  The need for change is apparent in the world order. The hungers of men for change, their thirst for reality causes the angelic and cosmic host to seek new avenues of spiritual blessing, assisting men to develop and unfold the reality of themselves in the world of form. Now We want you to know that there are various moments when the immaculate host will temper their energies to the shorn lamb of man's identity.  This is not governed by mortal law but by immortal Law; this is not governed by human reason.
  And no individual upon the planet has the power to opaque Our light, for We are able to step it up when We lower our voice or decrease it when We raise it, and We can do it vice versa.  It is not necessary, it is quite true, that at all times We should speak in full volume and momentum.  But I say to you all, dear hearts, including those specific ones who crave Our inward knowledge and apprehension, that there are Laws governing Our release of energy that you know not of that are most glorious when understood that enable us to do for the world more by crying with a loud voice than when We speak softly. 
  For when We speak with great volume and power it enables the shard composed of man's mortal substance that surrounds the individual psyche to be shattered.  Now the shattering of that shard by divine light is not an undesirable experience.  When this is done by human momentums of hatred, of resentment, of wrongly qualified energy and that energy leaks into the aura of an individual it has a tendency to upset and disturb the world of the individual.
  But once individuals can overcome their resentment of unusual volumes of energy and torrents of Our power, once they can adjust themselves to the higher vibratory action and understand the law of the electrode which makes each individual in the room who will accept it a vibrating reed in the universal organ of cosmic harmony they will see that by maintaining the pressure of harmony in feelings in their worlds they are able to assist Us in Our gigantic release of assistance to millions upon the planet and to souls waiting at the portals of birth and death, especially those at the portals of birth to come in with a lesser degree of karma than would otherwise be possible.
  For every activity of the archangels is a specific activity.  It is the flow and release of torrents of universal harmony into the world order. Because of the petulancy of generations, because of human selfishness and a craving for expression that is not universal, men and women have become crystallized in concepts of pain and despair.  This is not the will of heaven.  And in this age of great peril when the year itself has cycled through awful happenings and disturbing conditions and when the hearts of men are failing them for fear of what is coming upon the earth We desire to create new visions in the consciousness of the students of the ancient words "Behold, I make all things new.  Behold, I create a new heaven and a new earth, and the former things shall be passed away."
  For surely this generation and its lack of perception and fortitude shall pass away, with its opportunities lost forever.  But individuals who have received the precious seed, to whom is entrusted the precious secret will cognize that the doorway of a new age will once again raise men into the realization of the divine cornucopia; that they will understand that the mystery of the Divine is a continuing one.  And the gap between the positive and negative pole is filled by the spiritual power and energy of the Godhead, flashing forth through myriad individuals on higher planes, dedicated to the release of Cosmic Christ Truth.  You here below, many of you, are children of destiny. 
  Children of destiny to whom was entrusted a specific aspect of the white stone, children of destiny to whom was entrusted a specific functional action in the world of form as well as in the realm of the invisible, to you has been given the jewels and scepter of authority for mankind, to accept not only for presently embodied mankind the fiats of Almighty God but to also accept for the ages the continuation of the pulsation of the divine flame and the realization that the power and energy and love, the mounting dynamism of the mysteries of heaven in the world community must expand and cannot accept the awful crystallization of this age which has sought to imprison it as in a cage of glass.
  Men then passing by see this flame-flower of the divine Majesty not as a thing of action but as a frozen, qualitative activity bereft of its quantitative action.  For if the power of the universal limitless light were to be imprisoned, the universe would stop, activity should cease. 
And thus, albeit men have amassed and used, have garnered and imprisoned vast quantities of the universal supply of energy into the world order and have kept it imprisoned by the substance of gross carnal thoughts, there still remains a universal abundance which is held in abeyance as cosmic gifts and graces for mankind at higher levels.
  And O how We yearn to impart this to men.  But the Lords of Karma in their deliberations from time to time have stressed to Us in the midst of Our zeal to carefully observe the Law lest We bestow upon an age already bent toward destruction so much excess energy that it would tip in the balance scales the whole structure of the age and destroy it as it toppled in upon itself. 
  And therefore the restraining hand of the Lords of Karma and the wisdom of the Divine has cut off at many moments in the history of man their supply of energy as a deliberate action of the universal mind, calculated to restrain the heavy hand of careless men, lest they upset the applecarts of the world and bring toppling the heads of men in revolt, rebellion and disturbing outer conditions which would not provide the avenues of order which man ought to seek and extol as valuable episodes of opportunity to the children of men to live and to learn those wholesome aspects which have always enabled the fabric of society to weave the Christ threads of spiritual illumination into their outer garments.
  We want you then to understand that the power of transmutation is also intelligent.  Some individuals say "If we sin again and again, can we be forgiven?"  The Law of the seven times seventy, so beautifully stated by the Christ, assures mankind of a continual round of infinite forgiveness.  But the Law of the second death which, regardless of outer human agencies or purported statements from higher levels, has not ceased to exist continues to assure mankind that if they persist in a downward course, the burning of the candle at both ends and in the middle, they can destroy themselves or become castaways from the Father's many mansions.  This is not the will of God, this is not the intent of God.  But it is the mercy of the great Law that after individuals have rejected again and again the opportunities and life experiences which have been given to them they are then recalled and separated from the outer personality, the substance of that personality and memory--cause, effect--being cast into the infinite light known of old upon Atlantis as the Maxim Light, the power of the light of the Law, the infinite power of cosmos that stands at the dividing of the way between light and darkness, between the positive and the negative.
  The combination of those energies strips then the personality of man from the soul substance, from the spirit of man.  And he is returned as a young and fresh ego back to the heart of the Father to once again come forth in renewed Sisyphric rounds and to be given experiences so that he may once again begin the journey back to God's heart through the process of restoration.  But the second death involves the personality, the cause, the effect, the record and the memory.  The good and the bad then, if there be any good, of that lifestream is all returned to the Universal.
  This does not happen too frequently, and none of you need concern yourself with it, but it is a factor that should alert all men to understand that continual forgiveness is not the intention of the Creator, forgiveness being a clearing of the record that by the power of transmutation men might rise in the cosmic scheme.  This engenders hope in every heart and is the power of the Universal Christ to mediate the destiny of men, to bring them to a higher order.  It should show each one of you that each person can renew themselves in hope, in faith, and in cosmic charity and, as they do so, reestablish their relationship with the infinite and with the realm of the archangels.  We come to assist you in your transmutation this day.  We come to assist you mightily.  Members of my band, Zadkiel calls!  Zadkiel calls!  Zadkiel calls!  Descend and raise the vibratory action of the individuals who are here to a realization of the power of Holy Amethyst.
  Raise your consciousness.  Raise the consciousness of mankind. Create now the sacred fire jewel around the atmosphere of this room. Transmutation rays blaze forth, creating a giant cauldron of violet flame substance.  Elohim, Elohim, Elohim of transmutation, act!  Bestow now the power of universal forgiveness upon the sons of men.  Let the priests of the sacred order of Zadkiel descend, those invisible yet tangible beings, dedicated to the freedom of man from the records of sin, of death, of shadow, of shame, of misuse of energy.
  Examining the scrolls of each one's records let us now then apply for each one as they join with me in application to the heart of the Karmic Lords for extensions and acts of mercy on behalf of these Thy children that the tenure of their days upon this planet should be increased according to their noble aspirations to serve.   Those who would serve, let them then be extended according to the karmic plan which was worked out by the spiritual mathematicians before I descended, and let the gifts and graces We desire to impart become a tangible part of each individual's consciousness at inward levels.
  It is done, it is done, it is done.  It has been spoken and it is finished.  Noble is Thy work, O God, and most noble Thy activity of forgiveness.  From the beginning, O Lord, Thou did seek to glorify and amplify the passion of perfection in every soul.  Thou didst give to each one Thy great fire rings.  Thou didst give to each one Thy sacred flame.  Thou didst give to each one the Spirit-spark in its natural reality and its power to enter into the heart of every part of space and hallow it, of every part of the stream of time and consume the dross and release the flow of the golden hours of perfection into manifestation forward and backward.
  Out of the nexus of the present hour then Thou did speak.  And behold, Thou didst see the need to glorify Thy creation with that foreknowledge which Thou hast created from the beginning. 
And behold, the conveyance of that knowledge into the present moment is the desire to see each one enter the gateway of the Eternal Now and find that the past and present and future are welded into one concentric whole, one vast diorama of spiritual beauty and purity.  Remove human fretwork.  Remove the vestiges and traces of mortal worry and the propensity to worry.  Replace it by active concern for individual and collective destiny.  Remove excess concentration upon the individual expression of ego and replace it by a divine perception of each individual's niche in the universal scheme.  Remove from the consciousness of man a sense of separation and integrate each soul through the power of the Mighty God Presence into his personal, intimate contact with his God Presence.
  The Law of Love is fulfilled.  The Law of transmutation is acting.  And now withdraw the sacred fire jewel, for I would convey to each one a specific bit of knowledge.  The Lords of Karma have granted that each individual that hears my words and hears this dictation shall receive the impartation of the radiance of beloved Holy Amethyst and myself in cosmic service to this planet to pass through the flame of your heart for a period of one hour while you are sleeping for the next twenty-four days, this flame of transmutation to assist you in understanding and building a momentum, a hunger momentum, for purification and for the expression of the natural powers of the Godhead.
  I see now as through a veil, the veil of your human creation, that many of you have established momentums--and generated them--of limitation for yourselves.  You have actually looked up to other individuals for the actual qualitative and quantitative release of universal power toward perfection that ought to have manifested in your own worlds.  We speak not to condemn you but to reassure you that this need not be a continuing factor in your evolution.
  From this hour, if you will accept it, I am giving and I am conveying a mighty tidal release of infinite power, the power of forgiveness toward every part of life that will help you on the instant to forgive individuals that formerly you have found it difficult to forgive and to forgive yourselves and to accept the infinite forgiveness of God for yourselves and for mankind in generating a period of mercy in the tides of life, manifest release so that individuals and planets in this system of worlds can be the beneficiaries of the thoughts of heaven and that intruding mercy of heaven which comes now in this age of deceit and trouble as a gift of God, a precious dripping of the divine ointment upon the stone of man's recalcination.
  I want you to know then that there are thousands of individuals in this city that are hungry for the Word that We release, that hunger for the vibratory action of freedom which We release into this room upon the focal plane of your identities.  Yet because of religious bigotry, because of religious tolerations and intolerations they would not expose themselves to Us and Our release of spiritual energy, for they know not what they do.  Yet they hunger, they thirst, they call for action, they call for revelation and they remain in the stultified, stratified levels of human density in which they have long been imprisoned.
  I say:  let Us pray for them and let Us say that this hour We can effect a release in this city that should and ought to dislodge some of them from their lairs--that this afternoon and evening they may recognize the need to stream into this temple--which has actually withdrawn to a place 200 feet above the building and remains here throughout this conference to cap the conference with a crown of the mercy of the violet transmuting flame, as the energy of transmutation released from God's heart for His mercy's sake to all the children of men.
  For We are concerned with the struggle for freedom that goes on in the world domain, in Czechoslovakia, in Poland, in Russia herself, behind the bamboo curtain in China and behind the iron curtain everywhere and upon Cuba, that lovely island over which my temple is focused.  O how We long to see the people of that island once again released from their feelings of antagonism toward the people of the United States, that they would send forth the energies of regeneration until that island would-through the natural patterns of life-once again enter into a state of verdure, the beauty of the foliage of the land being also reflected in the thoughts of the people, as the sense of divine abundance would release into the world cornucopia a spirit of loving cooperation which naturally emanates from Our temple of transmutation.
  Won't you accept then in God's name those gifts [congregation rises] which I have given you this day!  Won't you accept in God's name a passion for freedom, a love for freedom from the stain of discord and oppression, self-imposed and imposed upon you by the thoughts of others who have limited you one and all in various means and have denied you that freedom of expression which God's Law, functional within yourself, would express unto all life as the abundant Life?
  In the name of heaven, in the name of Saint Germain, in the name of the Great Divine Director, in the name of every friend who has ever embraced the banner of freedom down through the ages I say:  let us determine that we shall succeed where others have failed.  Let us determine that this age shall accept the fruit of the endeavors of heaven on behalf of the mankind of Earth.  You are enough here even this morning if you will accept the pressure of that in your feeling worlds, to turn the tide in human affairs, to create a greater hunger in the hearts of mankind and a direction toward the forces of light that can and will produce significant changes in the world order.
  If you will accept that now then for and on behalf of mankind, We will extend Our gifts according to the measured limitations of the Karmic Lords out into the world of form to assist all in receiving some measure of moratorium in their world.  We say then to the angels of Our band, go forth!  Go forth to the prisonhouses of the world where men are incarcerated for various crimes and touch them with the coals from the altar We have established here.  Let them feel that the forces of freedom are once again on the march and that hope for the future includes them wherever they are.  Let Us also go to the hospitals, to the old folks' homes, to the places where individuals have a spirit of human lethargy and hopelessness.  And let Us regenerate within them and charge within them Our energy of universal love, restating then their cosmic purpose and whispering it into the ears of their Holy Christ Self so that a surge of Our energy levels goes into the dimensions of their thought and feeling world.  It will act to stimulate not only in those individuals here but throughout the world order a new sense and feeling of freedom, a passion for happiness, a resurge of happiness, a feeling of divine buoyancy and joy as the configurations of immortality unite with man's expressions of mortality in their imperfect forms and seek to stir within them the perfect memory that God has placed there from the beginning.
  I thank you in the name of the Spiritual Hierarchy and I make my face to shine upon you as the Sun.     -Archangel Zadkiel:  July 27, 1968 at Los Angeles via Messenger Mark Prophet
at Malta

-Mark Prophet

  Therefore, beloved ones, as the warning was given already in July so it is given again.  For Church Universal and Triumphant to remain in this octave there must be greater light, greater support from Hierarchy, a greater judgment in the earth and the dividing of the way, individual by individual, of Light and Darkness…. O beloved, take moments then in your day to breathe the sacred fire breath, to give the simple call, to venture in the outside and take in the wind and the Sun and the elements and blend yourself with the universal Holy Spirit of God.  Reacquaint yourself with your reason for being and why you placed your foot upon the threshold of our retreat and did enter.  This was one door [to Hierarchy that was] open to you in this life and you passed through it to much initiation and hard work and inner joy, [eventually coming] to the place of immense self-knowledge in the outer which before was only on the inner….
  Do not defile the temple of God which ye are with discord or dissonance, for angels move about and assist you mightily when you refrain from [engaging] the stresses that come from pulls and pushes of the desire body….Well done, I say!  Keep the faith, for the mark you have won will now be tested by the Tempter from the dark side.  
-Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia: 10-6-1990 at Royal Teton Ranch
     Andean jay

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