Sunday, February 24, 2019

Let the Word of the Lord be upon His Own!

  Keepers of the Flame, I AM here!  [38-second standing ovation]  And I have not come from far, for I have remained with you.  And I am in the glorious spiral of the violet all-consuming flame and my beloved with me does stand above.  And at this moment high in the upper atmosphere Portia does maintain a great sphere of cosmic Justice that by this figure-eight flow through my heart, through the heart of the Messenger, through your own hearts there do go forth now ribbons of violet flame light to cover the Earth with those streamers that you have invoked, that Arcturus and Victoria have invoked and that some violet flame angels of Omri-Tas wish you had invoked more of.  [14-second applause]   Now, beloved ones, won’t you be seated as I address you.
  I would speak to you appropriately of Our world concerns which become our mutual concerns; for the world is very small, beloved….Would that you were on Jupiter in this hour.  Planet Earth has become too small for the fallen ones to cohabitate upon it with the lightbearers….Therefore come then to the realization that when El Morya gave his twenty-four-month sign he knew that even if [the United States] should begin to deploy such deterrents to incoming warheads, it should take an immediate decision and a full-scale attack [on the effort] to bring that into manifestation in twenty-four months.  Yet, beloved, when this nation did mobilize for World War II it did show how [fast] it could mobilize.  And had the will of the Chief of the Darjeeling Council been received and heeded [when] the voice went forth [when he spoke on October 2, 1987 (had his voice been heard and received by the nation)] something could have been done.
  Now you must understand what is this equation of the nondefense of America.  Soviet chiefs know full well, beloved, that sooner or later there will be a deterrent force in space, therefore they know that they have a window of opportunity. And at such time as they are ready and the United States is not, they will realize that to hesitate is to lose that opportunity.  They are supreme strategists, beloved, and they understand this….
  Understand therefore that if you were in the position that the Soviets are in this day--with [social] upheaval and [the] crumbling [of Communism from within] and [the people’s] demands for freedom and an economy that simply will not work and that cannot be rehabilitated in time--[and you were facing] a nation [with] the wealth of this one, having no defense...understand therefore how their minds work.  We do not underestimate our God!  We do not underestimate Elohim!  Therefore We always carry a torch of hope; We however would not leave Our initiates, Our chelas of long-standing vulnerable [to such threats to the peace as exist in the Soviet arsenal].  Therefore having read the handwriting on the wall We did announce to you years ago the necessity of this move [to Montana].  We did announce it to Mark Prophet; We did dictate through him.  And if you will search those scriptures of the dictations that have come forth, you will see that there was a projection into the future that such a calamity could come about if the people of America did not wake up.  Therefore We have sent the warnings through this activity since the ‘seventies, since the ‘sixties.  And the very reason of its founding in 1958 by El Morya was for the purpose and to [the] end that the warning [of the possibility of “the Great War” prophesied by Mother Mary at Fátima] might be sounded to a large body of lightbearers worldwide whom We might care for and protect by giving that adequate warning.
  Has it not come to pass that the Messenger has bought time for you by laying down his life and taking his ascension in 1973?  Has it not come to pass by the dedication and the sacrifice of many [of you] (doing things which perhaps you would rather not be doing, when you would rather be doing other things) [that the staying action of the right hand of the Lord has come upon the nation and the nations]?
  Blessed hearts, this activity has received many a dispensation through the dictations, through the decrees of the students and through their own labor [of love].  Indeed We have bought time!  We have bought time for the Teachings to go forth for many lightbearers to be awakened.  In fact there has been a staying of such a nuclear holocaust for many years.
  Blessed ones, therefore know this, that We have bought that time for the saving of the lightbearers, for the awakening, for the warning, for bringing to the attention of all the people of the world those conditions in China, in the Soviet Union, in Communist countries.  And again and again and in so many ways We have shown that handwriting on the wall.  And yet We could not pry the Western leadership to that point of absolute God-awareness as to what the equation was.  Whether We would bring the facts through K-17 or your own Lanello or myself, I can tell you, beloved, Our legions and Our agents of light have worked very hard and overtime, have knocked on every single door available to us on the planet.  We have attempted to contact every individual who could be instrumental in exposing this military buildup and its intent.
  Beloved ones, We have truly gone everywhere.  In answer to your calls cosmic reinforcements have come and other legions of angels have knocked upon the hearts of the rank and file of the people.  Blessed ones, even those who have heard the Messenger have remained in disbelief!  It is a planetary stupor [that is the karmic condition of the mass consciousness] with which we are faced!
  Therefore Alpha has come and [He has] told you to pray for the lightbearers, and this you have done.  We told you numbers of years ago to prepare the food, and this you began already in 1973 with Lanello Reserves.  This has been an ongoing project since the hour of the ascension of beloved Mark.  Would to God it had been an ongoing project of the United States government, the Congress and the military [establishment]--and America would be on the brink of a golden age, I tell you!
  Blessed hearts, if one could weep, one could say one has already wept all of one’s tears.  And therefore We come this night tearless, and We also come fearless.  We come in that moment of supreme realism that you may now understand through the seeing and the hearing of what has been taught on this film.  You can now equate yourself and your families with such a scenario if you have never been able to do so before. This film has forced you to look at the consequences [of a policy of nondefense] and to recognize that whoever does occupy the office of President of the United States [must be prepared for the eventuality that he] will be faced with that very decision.
  Beloved hearts, according to the timetable of the Soviet Union there is not time left [for the United States] to put in place the necessary deterrent to incoming nuclear warheads. Understand this, beloved, and learn to live with it.  If you are prepared, you will indeed survive and survive mightily.  Therefore let the contingency plans be made by every Keeper of the Flame who is worth his salt and his water and his food reserves, for this comes down to a question of self-worth!  Are you worth this life insurance policy?  Have you been paying out life insurance and car insurance and catastrophic insurance [premiums] all of these years for which you will get nothing?  Can you not pay out an insurance [premium] for something that you will have in hand?
  Blessed hearts, I urge you to reconsider.  I urge you to understand that We have founded this activity for you and for the victory of the light within you that you collectively might be the torch that does ignite the age of Aquarius because you have determined to survive.  Let it be done, beloved ones!  And let us not plan beyond that New Year’s Eve 1989.  Let us have our tasks completed that we might rest in the confidence of God and dedicate those months early in 1990 to decree sessions and classes that do not end, that this court might be occupied with those who continue to call forth the light, for truly it is an hour of mitigation.
  If the forces of Darkness are not to be entirely turned back, then you must begin to deal with the equation as to how much [of their malintent] can be transmuted [by your invocations to the violet flame], how much can [the threat] be lessened.  You have had experience then and a good sense of co-measurement when dealing with personal and planetary astrology.  You have seen a certain mitigation and you have seen certain percentages of those prophecies in the stars consumed [by the sacred fire] through your efforts.
  Therefore you can hope to see a certain mitigation whereby there could be, if such a scenario happens, beloved, less loss of life, less darkness, less pollution, less burden on the planet, upon elemental life [and upon the bodies of mankind] and so forth.  There is certainly a worst-case scenario and there certainly is the minimum that could happen.  Let us understand, beloved, that for this [war] not to occur it would take the complete undoing of the military strategy of the Soviet Union this day.  It would take the healing of their economy.  It would take the resignation of the entire Politburo and leadership to the idea that the people of the Communist world are determined to be free!
  Beloved ones, if [the Soviets] do not go to war, they will have on their hands a wholesale war and revolution [of the people], as you can see [in the] events passing every day [in Eastern Europe].  And there is only one reason why they do not stop their satellite nations from moving toward greater freedom.  It is because, beloved, they have another agenda.  And the activities of their satellites and their activities in glasnost simply play into their hands to keep the people in a stupor, to keep them asleep so that [the Soviets] will have the [advantage in a] greater surprise [attack].
  Blessed ones, let there be therefore the attention to the altar, the allegiance to the altar, and be willing to set aside those things that you think you have to have or do or experience.  It is time to keep the vigil as vestal virgins, as sons of flame and sons of Liberty.
  Blessed ones, there will come a day when your preparedness is complete and this will be a great day for America and for the world.  For that means that your concentration is in service to the light and to the altar, your concentration is on great spiritual growth and the nightly clearances.  I can tell you there is no end to Hercules’ labors that We may assign to you. And there is no end to the volunteers of blue-lightning angels and all hosts of the legions of the seventh ray and the ruby ray who will come forward and assist in that effort.  And the more that can be accomplished, beloved, the shorter the distance [between you and the] light [at the end] of the tunnel [that beckons].
  So, beloved, you are there at the nexus of the figure eight.  You are there at the nexus of the ruby ray!  You are there at the nexus of the presentation of the Dhyani Buddhas.  You are in the heart of Gautama Buddha; you are in the heart of Shamballa.  You are flanked by Maitreya and Manjushri, and you are surrounded and overshadowed by legions of light.  Therefore, I say, let not your hearts be troubled.  Ray-O-Light has been summoned by me, and K-17 and Zarathustra and their mighty legions of light that there might be an unburdening of yourselves of fear and of doubt.  This is not an hour to fear, beloved.  I tell you, you are surrounded as the Cosmic Virgin does enfold you in that swaddling garment of light.
  Blessed ones, you are indeed surrounded and protected and cared for, but you must do those [necessary] physical things yourselves!  You must do those physical things yourselves!  And you must establish the priority.  And when the priority is set keep the vigil and keep the flame and go about your Father’s business and the business of keeping your household and fulfilling your dharma and doing the normal things that one must do if one is an initiate on the path.
  Let there be then the consideration and let it be said that I, Saint Germain, shall never predict with absolute certainty that this war and holocaust shall occur.  I deal only in the probabilities and I deal only with the uncertainties as to the protection of our lightbearers in such a situation.  If you can see the realism of world geopolitical configuration in this hour, then you too must surely see that the chances that this will occur are as great as, or greater than, [they are that] you will have a fire in your house or you will have robbers or you will have an accident or you may have a death in the family.  And all of these [probabilities] are the reasons why you have taken out insurance policies.
  Therefore let it be said and let it be said with the full fierceness and finality of my being:  any and all who have heard me and who are initiates of the Great White Brotherhood who do not make a simple seven-month preparation shall bear the karma of the neglect of the warning directly from the heart of the Master of the Aquarian age!
There are people in embodiment this day, beloved, who are hard of hearing because they did not heed the warnings on Lemuria and Atlantis and even in Pompeii.  Thus if you do not heed the warning [and the worst-case scenario should come to pass], you will be responsible for your failure to heed it and for yourselves or loved ones not being in physical embodiment to complete your [or their] karma.  I only tell you this because it is the Law and you desire to know the Law and you desire to understand cosmic Justice.  And therefore you say “How can cosmic Justice be in place if indeed such a calamity should come to pass?”
  Blessed ones, I will then ask you the question:  what, pray tell, is the cosmic Justice for the millions upon millions upon millions of abortions worldwide?   What is the karmic justice and the compensation to the United States when the highest court in the land and in the world does declare the legalization of abortion and when lightbearers have been denied entry into the portals of birth and therefore lost the opportunity to come into this activity and to save this nation?  Therefore that blood is upon the hands of those who have done nothing about this situation!
  Understand, beloved, that a nation is vulnerable!  A nation is vulnerable who has not defended life in the womb, life aborning and life that is God.  And these vulnerabilities pile upon vulnerabilities as you see the violations of life and of the body temple and the perversions [of the life-force] and the denial of the Mother and the drowning out of the ascended masters and all [of the Teaching] that has gone forth.  I think I need not continue to enumerate [the injustices of a people that leave them wide open whether to the enemy within or to the enemy without].
  The cosmic Justice is that life must become sensitive to life. And if individuals must go through hardship to understand that they have allowed this holocaust to take place upon this soil, then the great cosmic Law does decree it.  In the very midst of all of this Americans have been given the opportunity again and again and again to turn from their outworn religions, to turn from their excuses for real and true devotion after the sacred heart of Jesus Christ.
  Blessed ones, We have cried [out to the nations] and We have been prophets [crying] in the wilderness.  And so We retire to the wilderness with John the Baptist   We retire with Isaiah and Jeremiah and Elijah!  We retire to the Place Prepared and there We are determined to survive with Our bands.  And We are determined to come forth again and We are determined to cover the world with this Teaching because We shall be here.  Blessed ones, whatever the case may be Our determination is your preparedness and We are here to help you. Therefore call to Us and determine that nothing shall any longer stand in [the] way [of your] declaring your victory and [of your] declaring in the face of death and hell itself that you will not surrender one drop of blood or one inch to the hordes of death who would like to take you from embodiment!  Blessed ones, I have said my piece upon this subject and I trust I have touched your hearts and your souls profoundly.  [15-second applause]
  Having so set your sights upon this goal, beloved, I say, therefore continue to invoke the protection of Almighty God, the intercession of the four hierarchs of the elements and the Divine Mother.  Continue to claim your religious freedom and your religious beliefs, including in those beliefs the right to have a fallout shelter, a bomb shelter, food reserves and all that is necessary to implement that survival.  Beloved ones, this is your religious commitment and your religious belief and you should so defend it as such!  And let none cross the solar ring and the ring-pass-not that you draw daily around your forcefield and your projects.  It is important that you are realists but it is also important that you set your minds to the task and mentally admit no defeat, no interference, no setbacks; and nothing shall deter you!
  I say, beloved, a decree is more than words.  It is a mindset. It is a set of the jaw!  It is a set of the eye!  It is the coming of age of the heart.  It is those who understand that when Noah was in the earth he was ridiculed beyond belief. He was ridiculed up and down for decades, beloved ones.  Thus don’t even give [a] second thought to the ridicule but give many thoughts to the manipulation of the mass mind by many disgruntled individuals who would use them to force their representatives to demand some kind of an investigation, some kind of an EIS, some kind of a reason to stop you in your courses.  Let your decrees be [for the violet flame transmutation of all such intentions], beloved ones, and let the remainder of your service in this class be toward the protection of your efforts and the protection of your supply.
  I, Saint Germain, am waiting to release into your hands and use that supply that every one of you needs.  Beloved ones, you must work the works with me!  You must do the decrees with me!  And you must eliminate the gap twixt the spiritual and physical manifestation.  And let that precipitation take place because you are steadfastly holding onto the all-seeing Eye of God, keeping your attention on your Presence, keeping your God-harmony and working at whatever you must work at in order to increase your supply.
  Let all things work together for good to them who love God and [to] those who are called to His anointing and his appointing.  For it is the hour to anoint you!  It is the hour to appoint you!  And it is the hour for you to recognize that We have nowhere else to go to see to it that the light and the Teaching of the Light survive!  May We go to the Dalai Lama and to Tibet?  No, beloved!  It is already overcome.  Where shall We go?  To the heads of state?  Does one [among them] raise his head in this hour [to] really make a difference?  Some speak the right words, but where is the action?
  They are stultified and they cannot get past their karma or the rising tide of the astral sea or the Four Horsemen who ride and ride and ride again and circle the earth and ride up and down on the opposite bank of the Yellowstone, though they may not cross the bridge.  Blessed ones, it is something to see them riding up and down and yet not able to prevail and not able to go against the mighty walls of the Inner Retreat.  May you keep the vigil and keep those walls free!  Blessed ones, I speak to those who are not quite positioned and not quite decided [as to what measures you will take as regards the prophecies].  And I say to you, inasmuch as it can be calculated that the United States [has a] window of vulnerability by the mere absence of defense [against incoming nuclear warheads], I suggest you consider an alternative lifestyle, an alternative positioning of yourself, [if you will,] for a period.
  There are those in the world, beloved, who have decided to take off several years to sail around the world or to do something unique, and then they have returned to whatever their livelihood and calling has been.  Thus I should consider such a move if I were you.  I would consider drawing nigh to this altar and keeping the flame if at all possible, considering your means and circumstance and your family responsibilities.  Blessed ones, Our voice has come to you with the piercing rays of the secret rays and has entered your heart. You must now commune with your God.  I pray then that you will understand how important is your life, how important is your physical temple to God, how important [is your preparedness] to the American people themselves, the majority of whom are not prepared mentally, psychologically, emotionally or in any way to face such consequences as could come to pass.  Therefore the motto stands, I AM My Brother’s Keeper.  And in this hour the keeping of the flame of the brother demands that you keep the flame for yourself that when the brother is in need you are able to assist him.  I show you therefore the place where there has been a great conflagration, a great fire, beloved.  And that fire has burned out and the coals remain and it is night and the coals are glowing.  And one sees the embers of a civilization that once lit the night sky of the whole world with honor, with freedom, with Cosmic Christ illumination.
  We see [these embers in the decline of the old orders just before] the time [when they will be superseded by] golden ages.  We see it in the last days of Lemuria and Atlantis.  And We see it again today, for this nation has indeed not risen to the glory to which she could have risen in the past fifty years had she taken the right steps and made the right decisions since World War I and World War II.  Blessed ones, a series of very bad decisions by very bad leaders who came into power because of the karma of the people, has led to the predicament [of] this day; not one individual but many [are the cause of the American dilemma].  And what is the reason, beloved?  It is because all are marching across the stage and the LORD God has determined that all should play their parts.  People flock to the theaters, they look at the movies.  Yet they have not understood the roles that the fallen ones have played, that the lightbearers have played [nor have they understood] the mess that the press has made [in their role as molders of public opinion, in their] non-reporting [of the facts] or [in] simply reporting that which was not so.  And therefore the media has not been the public servant.  They have not truly conveyed what the people ought to know, but [those] who control the media have conveyed their own agenda.
  Thus, beloved, the people of God who understand the great recourse of the I AM THAT I AM, the faithful in every religion everywhere upon the planet who draw nigh to God even with such a skimpy doctrine to draw upon, these are already under the canopy of their I AM Presence and they have guardian angels.  Yet those who know the full extent of the use of the science of the spoken Word--though no better as people yet better endowed, for they have accepted the truth--they must stand now guardians of the race and of the coming again of souls of light.  Remember therefore that your preparedness after physical needs are met must be a spiritual and a psychological preparedness to deal with whatever the future may bring.  May you be strengthened in your hearts, beloved, and may you understand that the legions of the seventh ray make this Royal Teton Ranch a stopover base as they make their rounds again and again throughout the planetary home.  I speak to you out of the love of my purple fiery heart.  I speak to you as I am with you and [as I] place my Electronic Presence over you.  I summon the gnomes, the fiery salamanders and the sylphs, I summon the undines.  And I call to God for the weather you have requested, but I say, you must call it forth daily.
  The physical voice and the physical body will tell all, and how you use them will determine the victory.  You have many ascended masters and angels who are with you and assisting you.  May you know that and keep a steady course and keep that emotional body steady, keep that mind steady and do not be provoked by fear or doubt or sudden events.  Beloved ones, remain calm and peaceful in your hearts and remember my words, for We look to the future and to the victory.  We claim it, We expect it, We invoke it from Our God!  And We are here to help you.
  May you maintain that stance of absolute conviction that your feet are firmly planted in this soil, that God has set you here for a destiny and not to lose all in this moment [of the nations’ indiscretion].  God has sent you for a cosmic purpose.  You have known it from your birth!  I, Saint Germain, tell you that this is that cosmic purpose!  It is the continuity of life that has the quality of the spiritual golden thread running through it, a spiritual quality whereby the highest souls may once again restore even the genetic code of the race to that highest potential whereby the Christed [ones] may incarnate.  We count on Our chelas to pave the way for the coming of the seventh root race.  Let it be done, beloved.  For many lifewaves this planetary home is a crossroads.  They cannot get beyond it until they get through it.  They must come to the crossroads.  They must deal with their karma her; they must make good here.  They must challenge their betrayers and the sinister force here.  They must overturn them.  And they must fight the battle of Armageddon with the saints and hosts of the LORD and they must have their victory.
  Pray, beloved hearts, that your call will see them through.  For some the only wings they have are their courage, the only armor they have is their love, the only prayer they know is the Our Father or the Hail Mary.  May you see yourselves always in Archangel Michael’s legions, caring for your brothers and sisters; for they are many.  I recede into the violet flame and I take my place above as Portia descends.
-Saint Germain:  10-8-1989 via Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Royal Teton Ranch
   Ho!  Let the Word of the Lord be upon His Own!  And let it descend as the extreme unction upon those who this day throughout the earth stand before the Lord God to give answer as to their deeds, as to the motive of their hearts, and therefore let whatever unction may be accorded unto them by the earth representatives of the Lord be now delivered.  For the hour is come when all must give account before the living witness, before the altar of the Most High God, before the threefold flame within their hearts.
  Therefore the infamy that is upon the earth does receive the blinding light of my own heart.  For I AM the Great Guru descended now with my legions of light and angels of record,who shall render unto me an accounting of the opportunity that has been made of all souls who have descended into these matter-spheres.  For the line has been drawn, and that line is drawn, and therefore the tide of evil has reached a mark wherefore and whereby it shall not exceed it, but those who have brought it to that level shall themselves be judged.  And if therefore the pots be not found to be filled with light to hold that line, blessed ones, that line shall be kept in the etheric octave and yet in the earth there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  I the Lord Sanat Kumara greet the troops of Saint Germain and those who march with the seraphim of God.  I commend you for your light and calling and I warn you where there is an absence of diligence in the shoring up of the light in your members and in your chakras against the day of your own testing and initiation.  For you are called to my service, you are called to the Great White Brotherhood because in ancient times one and all have stood against the enemy and the adversary and in some moment of past time have been put down by these archdeceivers.  For they have garnered the light of the Divine Mother and they have used it against civilization upon civilization against the children of the Sun.  Therefore let the sons of God in the earth know that you prepare for the most extreme confrontation with these fallen ones who desire nothing else and nothing less than to mete upon you death and hell and the destruction of the soul.
  Therefore, I say to you, be prepared!  Enter the sacred fiery heart and never let down your guard, for when you come to that moment of challenge I tell you the breath of life does hang in the balance and the very thread itself.  And therefore let the garment of God be upon you by diligence daily.  Let the sword never be put down.  Let the shield be around you, and know, beloved, that those who would inherit the kingdom of God, the full consciousness of Godhood with me must stand before those who have challenged my office and the offices of the least of these little ones who have no defense but are as lambs who have been shorn even of their coat of wool.
  Blessed ones, the very forcefield and the aura of the sons of God can be in the earth the full power of the Great Central Sun Magnet.  Therefore I say unto you, invoke the Great Central Sun Magnet and know how serious and how complete are the fourteen-month dispensations of Serapis Bey.  Each and every fourteen-month cycle you are calling to the Great Central Sun for the amplification of one of the spheres of the causal body by the power of ascension’s flame.  Therefore on the first of the secret rays you have walked now these ten months since the changing of the cycles.  Blessed ones, understand that this is for your ultimate protection, and We have explained to you that the initiations of the five secret rays, which have succeeded those of the seven, are most difficult.  For here is the place of the violation of the heart.  Here are the rings of light that surround the heart and are closest to the I AM Presence, and it is these five secret rays which the fallen ones and the Watchers have violated to the utter destruction of planetary bodies.  Blessed ones, it is not alone nuclear war but the very splitting and sawing asunder of planets themselves.  This is the destruction that was wrought in those days when in the physical matter universe the Sons of God with full Christ attainment had not descended.
  Now with the descending of the Sons of God and angels of high hierarchical position such as the Archeia Mother Mary there has been therefore the rescue mission of the children of the Sun these two thousand years and longer.  And with the walking of Enoch in the earth and with the coming of the Ancient of Days, my own mantle into the physical octave long ago, there has been intercession while Our shepherds have gone forth to teach and to bring the children of the Sun into a path of individual Christhood that they might put on divine sonship.
  This is the purpose of Maitreya’s Mystery School which We now convoke, and therefore the Lords of the Seven Rays descend this day to take their place as instructors of those who understand and must understand that you come to Our halls of learning for the single purpose of Christed realization and the living incarnation of the Word.  Lo, I AM THAT I AM! and I tell you the hour is now, as has been told to you.  Let there be therefore the watch and the alertness of the light.  For it is not enough to bask in the light or to give your decrees but [there must be] that supreme sense of diligence, that instinct that is ready to pounce when the fallen ones unleash a tirade of darkness out of the pits through their alien individuals, through their spacecraft.  For they come suddenly as thieves in the night to tear from you the sacred love tryst and the spirit of Community; and beloved ones, they stand apart and away, not revealing the terror of their night and their hellfire until that hour and the moment when they determine to deliver it suddenly as a blitzkrieg upon the planetary body.
  Therefore those of you who have not stood against Antichrist nose to nose, as one would say, do not have the sense of recollection of what it means to be in peace and all in the bliss of God minding your business and living your life as good individuals suddenly to have the chaos of the underworld unleashed.  Those who have experienced world wars and been in the midst of battle, they do know and they recall.
  Therefore I say, sleep not but be watchful, for this descent of darkness in your midst may come at any hour and any day!   It may come to assail you and set aside your mission.  I do not come to incite fear but I speak of the realism of the hour, and the realism is that even the sons of God who have that Christhood just above them as a mantle of light do not sense the urgency of claiming it in the full path of God-mastery.
Therefore the Lords of Karma have so asked me that I might deliver unto you that warning whereby the vigil be kept in your heart and whereby moment by moment you sense yourselves ready with the archangels, ready with the hosts of the light, ready to meet Armageddon should it cross your path even at this Inner Retreat.
  I speak not necessarily at all of nuclear war.  I speak of those skirmishes where the fallen ones come to destroy a single living soul, a potential God, one necessary to the mandala of light.  Blessed hearts, these encounters are sprung precisely when the victims are unawares, and this unawareness is also calculated--as they do inundate you with all types of rays and forces of manifestation--subtly to put you to sleep and cause you to be not centered in the heart of Alpha and Omega.  Blessed ones, there are some who will not cross over to see the Promised Land for the very reason of their not taking seriously the messages We have been giving year in and year out.  I must speak again, for the hour is short.  Therefore Earth stands on the pinnacle of entering a great golden age; Earth stands on the precipice of being taken down into the abyss.  And in this hour it is truly the vigil of the hearts of the lightbearers that does count.
  Therefore weigh the expenditure of time and money always.  The expenditure of thy life before the altar of God is most vital in [meeting] the necessities of daily existence and the economics of life.  This [initiation] is a close parallel to the altar experience.  But all other projects and plans must be set aside for the fire of the heart, for the path of the ascension, for that which is most essential.  When you are prepared as Saint Germain has told you to be, beloved, there shall be no necessity to be burdened and the enemy therefore does fear.  For the enemy is a coward.  The enemy is the ultimate coward!  And therefore, beloved, know that the light of God that does not fail when raised up by you is feared.  Thus it is a power play at intergalactic levels by the fallen ones against the sons of God.
  We here now gathered in this assembly and company for this convocation therefore do say to you that We can hold the balance in the physical octave only through you.  This is the Law day by day and hour by hour, and when you are taken suddenly unawares I tell you it is the momentum of your heart and the momentum of your aura and the magnetism of your “Life-field” that does make the difference.  For We may enter in with the speed of light to save those who are under the attack of the fallen ones whereas those who are sometime frequenters of Our chapels and Our services and now-and-then decreers, these place themselves in the worst jeopardy of all.  Beloved ones, between the dark and the daylight is a twilight zone of terror and therefore I say, enter into the whitefire core of being!  Place yourself in zeal upon a course of decrees for some period of time and place yourself diligently before the diet that has been presented to you to see what you can make of it for the balancing of your lifestream in the physical octave.
  Beloved ones, you will require a mind that is sharper than a two-edged sword, a heart that may beat and not become disoriented by the panic of the fallen ones and the changing Earth conditions.  You will require all of your forces summoned unto the victory from the heart of the I AM Presence.  Let the vessels be brought!  Let all vessels that can be found be brought to the altar that We might pour Our oil into them and fill them full that there shall be no oil wanting in the day when the fire must be kept on the altar of being.  You are the vessels.  Let the vessels be emptied.  For I, Sanat Kumara, would fill them with my oil of gladness, my oil of praise and thanksgiving, my oil of everlasting Life!  I would see you get the victory here and now!  Blessed hearts, it does mean the victory of a cosmos.  Therefore I require you now to be seated in silence in my heart.
  I make known to you this day, inasmuch as this is a branch of the Great White Brotherhood sponsored by the level of my office with the Seven Holy Kumaras that in this hour there is the withdrawal of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta from the retreat physical of Mount Shasta.  This entire brotherhood therefore does withdraw and does transfer their forcefield and focus both in[to] the Grand Teton and in[to] another area of the Northern Rockies.  Blessed hearts, this announcement is a sign unto you and let it be a sign unto every heart and let it be known from within.  I give you therefore this report that you might accommodate and understand your position as the pillars in the temple of our God.
  Therefore deliberations at the Royal Teton Retreat continue, beloved, and We express gratitude for the light released and the calls given.  We therefore call to each and every one of you and those who are the creative sons and daughters of God to put your hearts together, to know and to understand how there might be executed a proliferation of the Word and of the Warning and of the Message that has gone forth.
  Let it be so, then, by the release (through the use of such supply as is available to you) of this message that comes from the heart of Saint Germain, that has been shouted from the housetops, delivered by the Messenger and by yourselves wherever you might be received.  Let it go forth then for the people of the Earth must have the warning as they had that warning in the days of Noah, and Noah did preach one hundred years.
  Therefore the Hierarchy was determined (as the Hierarchy is determined today) that Earth might have a full preparation and the lightbearers be cut free.  Understand then the mockery that was upon Noah and how he was mocked perpetually, imagine, for a century of time, warning the people of the flood that was to come.  Therefore let it be known that that warning must sound as the drawing of a line that shall divide the real from the unreal, that those who respond shall respond, those who shall not respond shall not.  This is the work of the evangels of the LORD, the angel messengers  which you are who go before the face of my Presence.  For you are the evangels of the archangels and of the Seven Holy Kumaras and of the Lord of the World and the living Savior Jesus Christ, Maitreya and Kuthumi.
  Therefore know the I AM THAT I AM and know that living Word and know that I AM able to stand in your midst in this hour.  And by the power of the fire of my office I therefore may transfer to you that momentum of light that is yours for the sealing and the protection but only that which may be borne by you without discord, without disobedience to the law of your inner members.  Therefore I say, hasten!  Hasten to present this body, brain, mind and heart, this substance of the chalice that you own in this octave.  Hasten to present it then the living sacrifice in order that you might never again, never again, never again by the grace of God be found wanting in the hour when the enemy does knock at thy door, coming as friend but in reality bearing the witness of death and hell.
  Remember the archdeceivers, remember the archdeceivers, beloved ones.  Remember those who have come as “friend” only to destroy the lightbearers, the creative servants and those who are in the very midst of bringing forth the divine music of God.  See this portrayal in the life of Mozart.  See it again in the lives of many others, how those who have presented themselves as friend of the sons of God have been their ultimate betrayers.  Therefore know that when the enemy speaks peace but does amass his implements of war you must be ready--you must be ready for this one who has smiled the smile of Death and kissed with the kiss of Death.  Know then, O beloved, that you do have a right to live and to live forevermore in God, and We prepare you for everlasting Life and for the conquest of the matter-spheres.  This is not a message of fear; I repeat it to you.  It is a message of quickening and awakening that you might have lawful concern but never anxiety, that you might use the violet flame and that you might see yourself with equanimity in the earth as a fiery instrument of the Lord God!
  Therefore I say unto the seed of the wicked who attack the representatives of Sanat Kumara, Woe!  Woe!  Woe!  Let your judgments be upon you!  For you have assailed the house of the Mother and upon you therefore shall be the return current of that hate and hate creation and that death wish, and it shall be upon you in this hour.  Woe!  Woe!  Woe!  And therefore I say, go down!  Go down and be reduced by the percentages of the darkness that you have sought to move upon those who have served you lifetime after lifetime!  Therefore I, Sanat Kumara, draw my circle, my circle of light around this body of lightbearers of which you shall ne’er be a part wherever you may walk on the face of this earth, and I draw my circle of light around this Retreat and Ranch such as it is intended to be in the final drawing of the lines of the boundary.
  Therefore, beloved, let all who come upon that circle of fire feel and know the wall of light, and let those who are sensitive in this activity know that when you cross the line and enter you have passed through the wall of light of Sanat Kumara, of Lady Master Venus, of the Holy Kumaras, of Our legions of light.  And therefore it is maintained as a wall of light; and may you internalize it, may you invoke it and may you know that the tube of light is the sealing now of the whole house of Israel, of all who are real in the divine identification!
  I AM THAT I AM Sanat Kumara!  I will not leave my own in the earth.  I shall not leave them to become the fodder of those who have determined to make mincemeat of the children of the Sun!  I AM determined therefore by the power and auhority of this scepter to raise up among you true shepherds and Christed ones!  All is set in position for you so to become.  Therefore beware the pitfalls of pride and ambition.  Beware the pitfalls, beloved, and heed the word of my Messenger who has truly the mantle and the training to point out to you those subtle burdens that are upon you that prevent you from being a transparency for the living Word of God.  Without faith in the living Guru it is impossible to please God.  This is the meaning of that which is recorded in scripture:  without faith it is impossible to please God.  It is the faith in the living Christ of Jesus and in those who have worn the Mantle of Guru throughout the ages that enables you to fulfill that which is pleasing unto the LORD.  You will not see of your own that which must be cast out, and this is why those who have rejected all Gurus [i.e., enlightened teachers] become the incarnation of pride, intellectual pride, Luciferian pride and the sense of superiority on the path.
  I say, my angels have come to tear from you the mask and the garments of spiritual pride that block your true attainment on the path.  Know and understand this, beloved, that the voices subtle of the fallen angels so mock Our Own that many have thought they have received visitations of Ourselves and do take their dictations from, supposedly, Maitreya or Jesus or Saint Germain or the archangels.  They have been beguiled and fooled by these fallen ones and by the false hierarchies misrepresenting the Great White Brotherhood.  And in each and every case slowly but surely those fallen ones, speaking to them and whispering in their ear, will deliver a message of flattery as to their supposed attainment and their being chosen and set aside for an extraordinary mission, et cetera.
  Beloved ones, those who will not bend the knee before the living Presence of Sanat Kumara throughout the Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood have no part with this path or the ascension in the light, and therefore they remain outside the courts of Maitreya’s Mystery School as of old in days of Lemuria and Atlantis.  And they would gnash their teeth and they would rush against the lightbearers [if they could], even as in the stoning of Saint Stephen, and move against those who had the Holy Ghost, and they would claw them and would tear from them their very garments!  For beloved, they have come again in the land, and they have stood apart, and they both fear and hate the Messenger and the path of the ascension.  They claim to have it all, but I tell you they have not the wedding garment and We say unto them worldwide:  Friend, how camest thou in without the wedding garment? And without that wedding garment there is no transition to higher octaves.  Though they may misuse the mantras to attract to themselves a light and a glamour of sanctity they have it not.  Go not their way!   For I tell you the false teachers in the land are many.
  I will isolate for you one false-hierarchy impostor of Lord Himalaya, that Swami Rama that does preach out of the United States and does pass his wares.  This individual is corrupt and a fallen one to the very extent and boundaries of this kingdom.  And therefore I say, Woe!  Woe!  Woe! unto this Swami Rama and all who are like him and with him, the false hierarchies out of India who have come as fallen angels, taken bodies of that blessed nation and therefore moved against her people.  And therefore, they may use the light of the Mother to establish the siddhis and physical powers, but they have not the light of the Father, the I AM Presence, and not the sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood.  And the silly women and silly men who have gone after them worshiping them will come to challenge the Messenger “Why do you not proclaim this one?  Why do you not proclaim Krishnamurti?  Why do you not proclaim this and that and the other one who is supposed to be the Christ of the age?”  I tell you, go not after them, for you have the Christ in your being!  You have the kingdom of God within you!  You have my flame within you!  You have your heart-to-heart contact with me and through me to all of the ascended hosts of the Great White Brotherhood!
  I have come for the saving of your beings of light, and many of you have joined me as We came to planet Earth long ago for the saving of these evolutions.  Have you lost and forgotten your First Love?   This is the hour to remember it with the full intensity and fire of your being, beloved.  This is the hour to know that souls are being gobbled up by these false gurus!  Let it come to pass therefore that they are exposed!  they are exposed!  they are exposed! as you name them now and demand the cutting free of all true lightbearers who have been fastened to them by manipulation and, yes, by direct black magic.
  I say the hour is come for the false hierarchs, impostors of my name Sanat Kumara, to go down in the earth; and as my Son Jesus has proclaimed to you to declare their judgment, so I proclaim it this day!  Let the word go forth from this mountain of God.  Let it go forth in the name of Elijah and Elisha, in the name of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ:  and therefore let that fallen one who has turned aside the path of freedom, even that Sun Myung Moon, go down!  Woe!  Woe!  Woe!  I say before all the false gurus of the nation, let them go down now!  For the children of the light have the right to be cut free, have the right to become Keepers of the Flame of Life of Sanat Kumara, have a right to take their stand!
  Let all those who are the sentinels of freedom in the earth therefore keep the watch.  Let all seraphim of God receive my command now issued unto the holy one, Justinius.  Go forth and surround these Keepers of the Flame, four in number.  I charge you, millions of seraphim from the Great Central Sun, keep the flame of Life and cosmic purity to the north, to the south, to the east, to the west in the turning of these sons and daughters of God and children of the light!  Let all who are such, all who have the threefold flame of God and the worship thereof hear then this day:  I send to you from the Great Central Sun four seraphim of God to keep thee in all thy ways. Command them in the name of Jesus Christ and send them on your missions.  They come to protect you and seal you from that encroachment in your beings of the toxins and pollutions of world karma that are descending from the hour of midnight of New Year’s.
  Therefore as the days pass and as you carve a light and as you hollow out a flame in the midst of planetary darkness the darkness does increase and your light does increase and the flame of your dynamic decrees does uphold a nation.  Therefore to assist you in continuing the mighty work begun at this conference I send these seraphim with you, beloved.
  Let it be known that Ra Mu does stand with me upon this platform, that ancient one who has spoken even from the heart of Mount Shasta, and therefore the sounding of the tone of Ra Mu has to do with the changing of earth cycles in the Pacific Basin, has to do with Lemuria and the engines of Mu of the fallen ones and the light of the Divine Mother being raised up.  Both the binding of the darkness and the raising of the light itself, beloved, do portend alchemical change.  Therefore let the violet flame, let the sacred fire go forth and let utter transmutation take place for the consuming of that which could cause physical disturbance in the Earth.
  I tell you, beloved, you are gathered from all mystery schools of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis.  You have known the path, you have known the way of Community and you have known the interlopers who have sought to enter Our communities and temples of light.  You have seen them then, you have seen them again today.  I say, They shall not pass!  They shall not enter this Community!  And if they so do, they shall be bound instantaneously in answer to your call.  Let it be done, I say!  Let the full power of the seraphim of God maintain the watch.
  And now our beloved Mother Mary would have me say to you that her concern for the souls of the earth is indeed grave, and she does therefore ask you with a plea of her heart once again to give that call of the rosary and that single judgment call of the raising of the right hand of the Blessed Virgin, even the Cosmic Virgin, to give it once a day with your fifteen-minute rosary that she might have the authority to act on a twenty-four-hour basis for the binding and the judgment of those who go after the new souls of light and the children of the Sun.  And therefore Our mission is to save all lightbearers of the earth.  Blessed ones, I count on your assistance and I count on it firmly and ultimately.  May I have your word and may that word resound worldwide in this hour from the hearts of all Keepers of the Flame?  [“Yes!”]
  I, Sanat Kumara, have spoken unto you and I call now my Son Sean to this altar.  [Rev. Sean C. Prophet kneels at the altar.]  Now as you kneel before the God and Goddess Meru in the temple of Lake Titicaca, I, Sanat Kumara, say unto you, receive the mantle and authority of your father, Mark Prophet, and know that I stand before you and I seal you this day from the wiles of death and hell as I have sent my angel to prevent them from prevailing over you and your own this very night.  Therefore I say, receive then my anointing and know that all who shall send darkness and the death wish upon you and the force of hell shall deal with Sanat Kumara, and their death wish shall be instantaneously returned upon them.  Therefore assume that role and know that you go forth in the fullness of that mantle of Mark Prophet.  Seize it now and divide the waters of Jordan!
  Who then shall proclaim the Word of the Lord?  Who shall proclaim the coming of the Prophet?  I proclaim it, and I seal you now with the full protection of your office and mantle, and I say you shall live to fulfill your fiery destiny.  Fear not. Death and hell shall not prevail over thee.  And by this mantle you may also decree it so for all of thy members of this household and all members of this Community; and all Keepers of the Flame worldwide may appeal to me through your mantle for this protection against the wiles of death and hell and against the inordinate inroads that have been made by the fallen ones against those new lightbearers that have been entering in as the fallen ones have attacked them.  Therefore this day hence they have no power!  For the Prophet is in the land and he shall go forth.
  Therefore let all acknowledge their own Christhood.  Let all acknowledge the mantle of their own I AM Presence and use it!  Beloved ones, hear me!  For the mantle that is not exercised is the mantle therefore that may be seized from you by the fallen ones.  Exercise and revere the mantle; let none trample upon it.
  Go forth then and fulfill that divine calling.  And so I say it to you and I say it to all, let the will of God be made known and let all other things be set aside for the fulfillment of that mission.  I commend you to the keeping of the diamond heart of Mary and Morya that this Messenger through whom I speak may be with you all the days that she has called forth to extend her service upon this planet.  For this Messenger has vowed not to take her leave of the planet until all lightbearers destined to ascend under this dispensation have already ascended to heaven, and then and only then shall she be the last to enter that open portal and then it be shut.  May it so come to pass, beloved, because you have realized the necessity of being the diamond heart in this octave.  
  In the name of the living Witness I have come.  In the name of the living Witness I now ascend to higher octaves for the concerns of the planetary problem of Evil and these fallen ones marching.  So therefore I summon you, Oromasis and Diana, Aries and Thor, Neptune and Luara, Virgo and Pelleur, Elohim of God from the Great Central Sun.  Come forth now in the victory of the God-flame!  Come forth now and overturn the fallen ones and set back their timetables of war and attack on the economy!  Let them be set back!  Let their darkness be reduced!  I decree it in the name of the living God.  I decree it, for there are Keepers of the Flame in the earth.
  Therefore I AM THAT I AM; therefore let the light go forth in this hour, and I say to all you who are betrayers of the Word:  this day you are judged before the Divine Mother Mary and it is done!  It is done in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  It is done in the name of the Divine Mother, in the name Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, in the name Brahman and the Word.  So I stand, so you stand; and we are the coordinates of the Infinite Fire, as Above so below.  It is done! 

(by Ruth Hawkins)
-Sanat Kumara:  1-2-1988 via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana 
                                                     Noah at Yerevan

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