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necessary for a continuing direction for the charting of the voyage of discovery into the new age

   When you call therefore solemnly to Almighty God for a removal of the cause and core of mankind's recalcitrant and rebellious attitude to the Spirit of Almighty God you will be doing the specific thing which We have decided now should be done.   
               -Great Divine Director   November 5, 1966 via Messenger Mark Prophet
  We have been asked to define prophecy.  Those who lack discrimination, torn between the desire to believe all things and plagued by honest doubt, yearn for clarification from heavenly places.  Remember that all of the sacred books that have ever been written, all of the knowledge that is esteemed by the many religions of the world, regardless of the claims of men to the contrary, have come into manifestation through individuals who were embodied upon the planet.  In other words they have all come forth through man.
  There is and has always been a tendency on the part of mankind to judge the accuracy and quality of spiritual material by the lives of those through whom the material came.  We have said that men should not spend as much time as they do in the examination by mortal mind's measures of the lives or persons of spiritual teachers. We have said that thirsty travelers ought not to spurn a cup of cold water simply because the tin cup in which it is delivered has an imperfection in it.
  If the world of individuals is old, every individual on earth is old in the sense that myriad experiences have created encrusted concepts which it is difficult for men to relinquish.  And thus as in olden times even to the present hour men do examine the sources of information rather than the teachings.  And it is, blessed ones, the teaching after all that is everything.
  That which bears the earmark of cosmic authenticity registers within the "chords" of the heart.  But how shall this be manifest in those whose attunement with their own hearts is sadly lacking, where the brittleness of the mind can analyze only the worded structure of our releases?
  Where then is the sounding board for authenticity?  Men should understand that they themselves need perfectionment as well as attunement with the higher powers if they are to register the genuine perfection which they profess to seek.  You see, frequently seekers for light maintain a very unprofessional attitude in their examination of the various teachings they encounter.  But after all they lack experience in that which they seek.  Therefore there is almost a blind struggle that occurs in the world of individuals on the path toward the light.   
                             -Saint Germain  Pearls of Wisdom 9-17-1967
  For the uses to which this science (alchemy) is presently put must be translated to a higher dimension if mankind are to represent the full benefits thereof.  Unless this spiritual science is applied to the freeing of individuals and society from drudgery, confusion and compromise with the densities of human thought--as is Our wish--the purposes to which God ordained it will remain unfulfilled.  
                                  -Saint Germain:  Studies in Alchemy, ch. 2
  I say to you then, Hierarchy is concerned this day that these same races, these same two groups of laggards now embodied and centralizing their energies in the Middle East, are coming together for that confrontation-the same confrontation which they had on Maldek.  And it is a most volatile situation, a situation which, if the children of the light do not rally to contain their actions, to withdraw their aid to both sides might result in a total war at the end of this decade.
  Now I must remind you of the redeeming factor within the laggard races.  I must tell you that these ones were chosen because they had some spark of divinity left within them; and among them were great spiritual leaders, people of great holiness who also were flung into the astral and were given an opportunity to embody here.  And thus among these races you do find the highest souls of the highest evolution; you find also that these souls of great light have been misled by the Luciferians, just as the holy innocents have been misled.
  And therefore I caution you never to entertain condemnation or prejudice for the laggard races; for among them, if they would but accept the Christ, are those who have the potential to lead the Earth into the manifestation of the New Day.  And many are being brought into this ascended master activity; and some have been born into these races who are not laggards at all but who volunteered to help the cause of light, manifesting therein the golden Word of the Golden Age teaching.
  And thus you can never judge a book by its cover.  You can never judge a man or a woman by name or by origin, by race or religious background.  But you must understand the nature of the mingling of races and the mingling of the blood itself, which is the conveyor of the Christic light and the Christic fohat.  And thus when there is the mingling of the blood there is sometimes a fortification of the power of the Christ in man and sometimes a forfeiting of the power of the Christ in man.
  I say to you then, the Lords of Karma have outlined a separation of the races for the perpetuation of a certain race karma and a certain Christ consciousness that must be outpictured within these races.  And thus, except in rare instances of karmic situations which can only be worked out through marriage, the Lords of Karma have not yet approved the mixing of the races.  For in the larger sense this tears down the golden opportunity to bring forth the Christ rather than raising up greater opportunity for the souls who must embody.  I speak to you of these things because I am aware of the great plots of the forces of the darkness to mongrelize the races; and they expect before a century has passed that there should exist neither a black race nor a white race but a commingling of the two that should produce individuals who have not the capacity to meet the challenges of the yellow race.
  Thus We appeal to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.  We appeal to all people in all nations and in all races.  We appeal directly to the heart of every lifestream upon this planet who has come forth from Maldek.  And We impress these lifestreams this day with the power of the spoken Word, with the power of opportunity; for it is not too late to bend the knee and to confess the Christic light and the power of the Logos.
  I say to you, precious hearts, the misinterpretation of the teachings of Christ has been a great deterrent to the coming into the Christic light of these laggard generations.  For they have the ancient teachings of the ascended masters that were given to them before their fall on Maldek, and they have enough of a divine memory of the Law that they understand that the Son of God cannot be confined to one human identity pattern.  And therefore they see no need to worship Jesus; for they understand—however perverted that understanding might be—that it is idolatry to worship the outer personality of anyone.
  Many of these souls are highly evolved.  And when they come into the awareness of the Christ within them, of the Universal Christ manifesting in all and of Jesus the Christ being part of the hierarchy of lightbearers which also consists of Moses and Abraham and many prophets of Israel, then they see that in the order of Hierarchy the logical fulfillment of the House of David is the manifestation of Jesus, and they acknowledge His triumph.  And so they come to understand the true worship of Jesus the Christ as the manifestation of “the only begotten” Son of the Father.
  I urge you then to understand that there is a great need for the accurate setting-forth of the Law, its publication, its teaching and making it available to all peoples everywhere.  You must be patient with all lifewaves, you must love the Christ within the heart, and you must not differentiate between these souls that I have described this day.  For my explanation is given to you as a point of history, as a point of warning, as a point of understanding why there are such conditions within your midst.
  But when all is said and done, all people are God's people.  All people are His children.  And I tell you that the love of the Cosmic Virgin literally burns in the heart of the Divine Mother until She has become a magnet for the bringing into this activity of all peoples of all climes and races.  And thus fear not to bring in every type and every person of every belief, blind and maimed and halt.  For all will receive the unprejudiced tutoring of Her heart and of the Ascended Master Hierarchy.   
-Great Divine Director   July 3, 1973 via Messenger ECP at Land of Lanello, Colordo Springs
  Thirty-three centuries ago one Ikhnaton beheld the Sun as the focalpoint for God’s consciousness and adored the light radiating forth from the great Sun disc. The pharaoh of Egypt described the universe as a giant egg, a great cell of being in which he conceived the nucleus as the source of that creative force which he acknowledged as the life energy of God. 
  Long before Jesus came to grace the earth with the flame of the Christ, Ikhnaton proclaimed himself a son of God and affirmed the presence of that God within his heart. Not only was Ikhnaton among the first of the monotheists to come to the fore in the history of the Fertile Crescent following the sinking of Atlantis, but he was also among the first of the joint-heirs with Christ to proclaim himself in the identity of the Flaming One, which he acknowledged as sonship....
  Ikhnaton knew God by the impulse of the soul, even as his soul adorned in the veil of innocence was the bride of his Spirit prepared for the alchemical union, for the merger of the pearl of the lower self with the crystal of the higher Self.  And so the alchemical marriage which the priest (the Christ Self) officiating at the altar of the heart is prepared to perform--that is the wedding of the soul to Spirit--will take place in the tabernacle of being in the hour of the ascension.  But along life’s way there is indeed opportunity for the precelebration of the ritual of the return.    -Djwal Kul  Pearls of Wisdom 12-1-1974
 (Saint Germain selected focalpoints for the enshrining of freedom in the capitals of the nations) "in the heart-chakra of the Goddess of Freedom reigning over the Capitol building of the United States, in the heart of the Statue of Mother Russia, in the Christ of Cuernavaca, in the Christ of the Andes and the Christ of Corcovado, in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, in the heart of the statues of the Buddha in the East, in the Taj Mahal, in the great cathedrals, and in the statues of the great patriots, in the obelisks, in the monuments.  So the light of freedom has been implanted as a flame from Our hearts—your heart and my heart and the heart of cosmic beings and the heart of Alpha and Omega.  So in the chain of Hierarchy We are one in the fire of freedom.   -Saint Germain:  11-23-1975 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger ECP
  Yes, I AM a follower of Christ.  I AM a sponsor of the Christ within you, and he too is my Savior.  And thus the Lord Jesus with me serves now to be with the hosts of the Lord the open door for freedom in America and in every nation.  This is that open door which no man can shut.  But I tell you, people of Earth, it is up to you to claim that freedom.    
                               -Saint Germain    June 11, 1977 via Messenger ECP
  Precious ones, We deny not the science of the Great Pyramid, is but the outer symbol of the great temple of your being and the resurrection flame that even now is kindled and does burn as the threefold light upon the altar of your heart.
  Do not mistake then,material objects for your salvation; for one day you will be called upon by me, by the Lord Christ within you, by that Jesus who I AM to stand alone robed in white without assistance from any other source save that light that burns upon the altar of your heart.  And by that light and that light alone you too will prove the victory of life over death and hell.     
                             -Jesus Christ  8-6-1978 at Camelot, Los Angeles 
  Thus he who sits upon the throne is the one to whom all power, wisdom, and love of heaven and earth is given.  He is the one who is God incarnate unto the twelve tribes of Israel.  For they do represent the twelve gates, or paths of initiation, whereby the lifewaves of a cosmos may enter into communion with the I AM THAT I AM.  The I AM THAT I AM is the flaming triad in the center of the City Foursquare.  Without the throne, the great three-in-one of the Lord God Almighty the incarnation of the Word has not dominion.
  No, neither in heaven nor in earth.  But given the throne he is in the seat of authority and therefore is the one who can open the door twixt heaven and earth and reveal to the children of God the one sent.  The one sent is the messenger who stands at the nexus of Life where the sphere of heaven and the sphere of earth meet for the cosmic interchange of God and man….
  Now the twelve tribes and the multitude clothed with white robes and palms in their hands are coming out of the great tribulation of personal and planetary karma.  Day by day they are washing their robes, their auric forcefields and their four lower bodies and making them white—purifying the vehicles of consciousness fire, air, water, and earth—in the blood, the fiery essence, of the Lamb that flows through the sacred heart of the Guru incarnate.
-Sanat KumaraOpening of the Seventh Seal, 1, Pearls of Wisdom 4-1- 1979
  Thus We forge the capstone of the Pyramid.  And from that capstone and from that meditation in the heart of God, in the heart of the resurrection flame, in the heart of the Pyramid and in the heart of the all-seeing Eye We let down Our light, We let down Our ladder, We let down Our line of force, and the children of the light may climb to the highest mountain of internal Being.
  Realize that it is an ancient saga.  Realize this moment and understand that in the turning of cycles indeed Our beloved Portia is the instrument—through one and all—of the light of justice.  I said, the light of justice!  
                              -Saint Germain:  12-7-1980 via Messenger ECP
  We summon souls who would receive the education of the heart, the preparation of the heart, the distillation of the Word—and, finally, the use of the fiery yellow sword.  O how golden is its light!  How penetrating!  And to the very core of consciousness there is that singular descent of the Word….
  There is far too much optimism concerning the ability of men to work change.  Beloved hearts, even if they were avatars (and they are not), they are burdened by a rolling momentum of abuse of light and power, a snarled tangle within the economy and the affairs of state.  They cannot suddenly undo what has been built as a monolith of power and a tangled web of deception and intrigue practiced against the people of the whole world from these citadels of power….Therefore my beloved, pursue wisdom.  Pursue the great gain of the mind of God that is superior to all others….
  We see then a great determination on the part of World Communism to swallow up Europe.  With the crumbling of any of the Western powers that yet remain under the torch of freedom, there could be an entering of an era of great darkness over that continent.  And such a darkness under the dominion of Communism would be that which is calculated to precede an era of cataclysm.
  The possibility of cataclysm in the European continent has long been known by the Brotherhood….But beloved hearts, there is a spirit of pride that is very intense, especially in the leadership.  And thus today pacts are made and established between nations, not on the basis of service to life or the principles of the Great White Brotherhood but on the basis of fear, mutual defense or the need for economic cooperation….
And the curse of the seed of Lucifer as an inordinate Luciferian pride must be first on the list of invocations when you use the Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism.
  There is a well-established hierarchy of Nephilim in Europe in the governments of the nations, in the banking houses, and especially in the economies.  There is a binding of the people to a tradition that is outworn.  And there are levels and layers of substance and records comprising an astral blanket that does indeed hold back the emergent light and the resurrection flame from the full manifestation in the hearts of the people….Therefore seek cooperation with the Great White Brotherhood and not with mortals or their mortality and their enshrinement of the word in a decaying order—the old order that passeth away with the coming of the Aquarian age. …
   O blessed hearts, let the blood of these who have served now be vindicated.  And let us see that all of the collective and cumulative service of the lightbearers shall be now drawn together—and that momentum—into one mighty central pillar of whitefire, of illumination and of the radiating centers of the seven rays arranged in a causal-body manifestation.
  Therefore I am describing to you a flame which We now ignite in the very center of Europe.  And this flame as the fire infolding itself actually contains the seven rays in concentration one after the other in a circular, spiraling, upward-moving fashion so that all of the paths of the root races, all of the journeyings of the early peoples and their migrations to and from Europe might be fulfilled and redeemed and the Christ consciousness of each of the seven rays be maintained for the fulfillment of the fiery destiny of the lifewaves who have incarnated and had their experience on that continent—not to mention and not the least of which are the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel.
  Let all who have gathered there--embodied angels, laggards, rebels against the Cause, the proud, the high and the mighty as well as the humble and the lightbearers--receive the sign of the Ancient of Days and the raising up of this pillar of fire.
  O people of light, people of Europe, this is the opportunity of the ages and the opportunity of the century!  You have been given many by Saint Germain and others down through the very descent of time. Most of these you have rejected, entering in instead to the vortices of war and witchcraft and variance and departure from the divine plan.  This dispensation includes the European continent as well as Scandinavia.  It is a dispensation apart from that which is given to the British Isles; for that destiny is a separate destiny, though it is a cooperative venture of those in Britain and those on the continent.
  Blessed hearts, We send our blessing and We send Our legions of light, for certain bands of the seven archangels are committed to keep this sevenfold flame in the very heart of Europe.  And by and by We will release to you the knowledge of the exact location of the epicenter of that flame.  In its entirety it radiates throughout the continent itself. …
  Angels of the cosmic cross of whitefire, raise up now that cosmic cross and their focalpoint in Rome.  Let it be established for the judgment!  Let it be established for the raising up of the community of the Holy Spirit that the true Church Universal and Triumphant is intended to be!  Saints of the Most High God, bow before the light of Sanat Kumara and be free!
  I AM releasing golden light--wisdom, illumination, and hope!  Scintillating fragments, light rays, infinity penetrating out from my golden heart--wisdom, illumination, hope for the transmutation of discouragement.  All is not lost! O children of the Sun of Europe.  All is not lost.  The turning of the tide of Gautama Buddha has come to America.  It can also come to you because pure hearts, decent and desirous of giving totally to the victory of love, are bursting as flowers in springtime in eastern Europe, in western Europe--in every city. …
  Yes, Europe has a memory of sorcery.  And it is a thick layer of concrete, of superstition, and of black magic.  Beloved hearts, the very success of Hitler’s Germany and the intriguing of the people with that process of black magic can be attributed in part to the great amount of records that existed of the enslavement of the people by black magic and of that substance of former centuries and of the Dark Ages yet being a record in their astral bodies.
  Thus the Great White Brotherhood allowed the complete and total exposure of this vast pocket of darkness in the collective subconscious of that people.  They allowed the coming to the fore of the black magicians—not only Adolf Hitler but all who served with him—so that the people might have exposed this great, great darkness and by wisdom and knowledge expose and denounce it.  It required a statement en masse of the people to denounce and turn back the theories of the super-race and genetic engineering propounded by Hitler and those who were a party to his ideas who were also in the United States.  The warlords, the scientists of fallen Atlantis, were all a part of this conspiracy against the children of the light.
  My beloved, so great was the black magic practiced upon the people that the only way to turn it back was to have it utterly and totally exposed.  And yet,even today there are some who say that Hitler came as a messiah and was a true leader and in the tradition of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Blessed hearts, such ignorance is also the product of the continuing brainwashing at subconscious levels.  Subliminal seduction by way of sorcery is yet rampant in Europe.  Therefore let those who go in the name of the Great White Brotherhood be prepared for a confrontation with the seed of the wicked and of adepts in embodiment employing the black arts to see to it that the entire continent remains divided and enslaved and ripe for war.
  Sometimes when those who are of the light turn their back on the service of the living God and the service of the Lord Jesus Christ the only way to bring them back to their first love and to their devotion is to allow them to see the full extent of what the sorcerer’s apprentice might be, of what truly is Antichrist.  The slaughter of millions, the Holocaust, the destruction of other lives in war, the bombing and destruction of cities--this is the logical conclusion of Antichrist that begins in the heart of a single individual who places his own pride, his own human will as superior to the Christ Self and the indwelling God.  Thus the collective errors and the collective departure of the people from the service of the living God results in totalitarian nightmare and in a war that, had it occurred twenty-five years later, would surely have been planetary in scope….
  Blessed hearts, the Lords of Karma are holding in abeyance and attempting to hold back the threat of nuclear war.  I am certain that you know this is true.  It is their desire to see, before such conflagration or confrontation, the coming together of lightbearers of every continent who will form themselves truly as the armies of light of heaven and earth who will become one body of God upon earth through the science of the spoken Word and the exercise of the sword of peace….
  I pray then that you will not count the personal cost in your life—not the cost of sacrifice or service or surrender or that selflessness which is the requirement of the hour.   -Archangel Jophiel and Christine:  1-1-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles
  Within your heart is written the prophecy of life;  I bid you read it well.  Make your decisions in life.  Surrender to the will of the Lord who rules your temple and to none other.  And go be the Buddha where Gautama has arced his flame of Shamballa in the Inner Retreat.            
                              -Maha Chohan   June 7, 1981 via Messenger ECP
  Though it is written in the Book of Life, though it is prophesied, do not take the defeat of the enemy for granted.  Remember that prophecy is not psychic prediction, but prophecy is an outline and a blueprint of the divine plan that will come to pass, that shall come to pass when hearts noble indeed come together and decree it so!  By the life of action, by the action of your life, it shall come to pass.  I, Saint Germain, decree it!  And as you affirm it and confirm it so it will be so.  The best way to defeat the enemy is to dismember him—blow by blow.      
                            -Saint Germain 10-12-1981 via Messenger ECP
  Why does She wear the veil?  It is because of the veiling of the mysteries of Life and the need thereof.  There is a need for the veiling of the mysteries. There is a need for the veiling of Her face that the profane who have profaned Her name may not look upon Her in their profanity.      
              -Gautama Buddha:  November 8, 1981 via Messenger ECP
  Nothing is preordained.  The handwriting on the wall, the visions of the psychics and the prophets and the seers--all can be changed!  And any degree of accuracy that has been ascribed to any of such as these can only be attributed to mankind’s own course on the treadmill of life that can be seen as the end from the beginning.
  There is nothing mystical or mystifying about the course of human events, for mankind have continued in their sameness.  They have gone through the sine waves, but they have not transcended themselves or the old order.  They have repeated over and over again, outpicturing those old records (that I trust God through you will transmute), and then the re-outpicturing of the past.  Their bodies have become gray. Their brains have become gray.  Their complexions have become gray!  And they are the gray ones, no longer having the life essence sparkling in the temple of being.
  Therefore you see, that which is read is that which has already been written.  And according to what has been written it can be predetermined what should take place according to the very accurate science of Karmic Law and its return in certain cycles and dispensations.  According to the Law in a certain sine wave these events ought to come to pass because it is in direct opposition to the sowing of that very karma in cycles—a decade past, a quarter of a century, a century, five hundred years, a half a millennium, and so forth.  So you understand that psychics and seers and prophets often contact the very formula of the Word that cannot be broken without the Mediator, without the Christ, without the person in physical embodiment who understands the alchemy of the age and the alchemy of worlds.
  Only you, sons of the Most High God, can change the world as alchemists of the sacred fire!  You are on stage.  It is your opportunity. Without you and your Christhood and your call and the spoken Word unto the violet flame, you must understand that nothing will change and what the psychics have seen may very well come to pass.
  I therefore call in the name of Jesus Christ for the multiplication of these loaves and fishes, these sons and daughters of God—that as each one represents a pillar of fire, students of light across the world might tie into that momentum, might receive our book The Science of the Spoken Word and begin immediately to recite the mantras of the free.  
               -Saint Germain December 5, 1982 via Messenger ECP
  Therefore, beloved, I give you the gift of my heart of a new perception of your God-reality and a new perception of the synthetic self that you may see what is dispensable and what is indispensable in your divine/human personality, both of which must be kept until the coil reaches the point of the highest niche in the pyramid of life.    
                             -Lanello  February 26, 1983 via Messenger ECP
   Beloved El Morya takes from his library shelf a large tome bound in a substance like leather and with gold leaf.  It is an old, old book, and it is the history of the I AM Race.  The I AM Race are those who are the descendants of Lord Sanat Kumara.  Let us understand that the seed of light, the Christic seed descended from on high, are those which have this I AM Presence of the Lord God.  Those who have descended from on high shall truly ascend.
  It is the history of this race with which we are concerned in this hour. For all other evolutions and lifewaves upon earth depend for their appearing upon these Sun-manifestations of God.  Those who carry the light of the Sun in their hearts, the original Central Sun, are therefore called the offspring of the Most High, or sons of [i.e., the light emanation of] God.
  Far more lifewaves upon earth, too numerous to number, are the evolutions without that I AM Presence and Christ Self and threefold flame.  In an attempt to take the light of the sons of God it was clearly the design of the fallen angels to create a race—godless and without the divine spark—which race by their sheer numbers should therefore multiply and increase and cover the earth with darkness, thus isolating the sons of God and surrounding them and separating them.
  In addition, as you know, these fallen ones who once had the divine spark lost their light and also joined their own godless creation.  The giants and the overlords and those who have manipulated the life-force and the genetic strain of Earth’s evolutions thus set about taking command of the Earth and standing at the helm of the ship of state, nation by nation.
  Beloved hearts, these individuals have positioned themselves, as you well know, to the right, to the left and in the middle of the entire political and economic spectrum.  Thus you will understand how the seed of light, the seed of Christ and the tares sown among the good seed are now intertwined karmically in many situations upon Earth--a sprinkling of the sons of God and many of the fallen ones occupying seats of power in all fields.
  I review this history that you might understand what are the forces juxtaposed in this hour.  Cycles have turned and are changing as We evaluate the victory of freedom’s flame that  came about through the past presidential election when hopes were very high that the light of freedom might burn brightly.  Since that hour We have seen any number of individuals who by mouth have espoused Our cause—have in fact deliberately moved against that cause, have either misrepresented or not represented at all as they promised to do.
Though We are able to use all to deliver Our Word from time to time it is the consistency, it is the constancy of the Keeper of the Flame of Freedom that is necessary for a continuing direction for the charting of the voyage of discovery into the new age--for the voyage of the ship of state.
  So many changes of hands, so many voices in Congress, so much deliberation and confusion, and therefore a sound policy is not as easy to effect in a republican form of government as it is where there is a single individual or a group of individuals who hold the reins of power. So much for the virtues of the kings of Israel and of Judah.  In one office the power of the Godhead could be directed to the people, monitored and held in balance by the presence of the prophet.
  Beloved hearts, the abuse of that office of power has resulted in the destiny of the new age when the government should be upon the shoulders of the Lord Christ as the individual Christ Self, The Lord Our Righteousness.  Unfortunately those who have not the I AM Presence or the descent of the Son of God have not the indwelling standard, they have not the indwelling Christ Self.
  Thus when the people champion the cause of Truth through that Christ consciousness they may form rings of light even around a fallen one and compel that fallen one, by the voice of the people, to act in the name of God.  The consistency of pressure which must be brought to bear upon such individuals, who have no conscience of their own but only act when moved by power, is not such that We may depend upon it.  For the same winds may blow in the other direction when the people themselves are seized by that which is not coming forth from the Christ consciousness but by some move, popular, that is actually anti-Christ in nature—though it may be coated and colored with virtuous precepts and an abundant selection of quotes from the world’s great prophets and philosophers.
  Thus the same individuals who may be one day an instrument of Our own chess move may the next day appear on the dark side of the board.  We realize then that Our experiment in freedom and in the violet flame and in the tremendous calls that have gone forth for the victory of this nation and the world’s freedom under this administration could only be played out so far.   -Saint Germain October 6, 1983 via Messenger ECP
  There are hearts and minds of freedom all over the world today who are so strong and determined in their dedication to freedom that they affect the entire planetary consciousness!  And therefore their genius does affect all other genes on earth and there is an elevation and evolution of planetary man.  And individuals actually increase their capacity to bear the Christ and give birth to holy children because of the will of a single consciousness of God-mastery held on a point of the Law that will not retreat, will not give up, will not stop until the desired end is reached.   
                            - Jesus Christ  11-24-1983 via Messenger ECP

    Out of the iridescent violet I descend.  I AM Surya of the Sun.  'Surya' they have called me, but I AM the One internalization of the blue flame/God-flame/whitefire of the Will of God, the centerpoise of galaxy—though not in the 'center' by your perception.  (The 'centerpoise' is quite another geometrical point.)  Thus understand that I AM the Infinite One.
  So I have blessed in the beginning and I bless now in the fullness of time one whom I have called, one whom I have sent, one who came by the ruby ray and the compassionate fire.  Thus I give my heart again for the lowering from the causal body of that one of the divine mission appearing to which she came into embodiment….
  Truly God-government is seated in the God-Star Sirius.  Truly the cosmic councils and those who enforce the light in these several galaxies are centered there.  Thus having the Messenger anchoring the light of Sirius, thus having the chelas giving daily the calls to me, does establish [on earth] truly an intensity of the causal body of the God Star—the origin of ye all.
  Whether or not your souls have passed through various systems or planetary homes, beloved ones, you have come from that source.  And from that source the greatest patriots in all nations, the founding fathers of the twelve tribes and of this nation have come.  Wherever you understand the sight, the vision itself of one who contains and understands true God Self-government, you may know that that one learned it on the God-Star and practiced it again, whether on Venus or Mercury or elsewhere.
  Beloved hearts, God-government of and by and for the people through the Holy Christ Self must reign on earth.  This is an hour then of the moving on of the old guard, both of the right and of the left wing.  And therefore both sides seem to suffer loss.
  And there comes a new generation of individuals who do not so identify with the rigidity or the fanaticism or the impersonalness of these causes; but rather there do come to the fore those new-age lifestreams sent with the flame of Sirius and the violet transmuting flame and the beautiful aqua of the Mother and the power of the golden pink glow-ray….
  Beloved ones, I, Surya, send the call from the God-Star.  Understand my plea.  For We are determined to save the nations with a handful (relatively speaking) of truth-bearers, of Christ-bearers juxtaposed against thousands by the ten thousands of the masses of the gray ones who come with their line, with their rationalization….
  Let us come together and reason and see how by the strategy of the God-Star Sirius we are able to turn back the tide point/counterpoint. Understanding how to play chess then, you know that in each move you may have but one chance to check the enemy.  And if, beloved ones, you misuse it and divert your forces to some lesser situation, you find that you will not come out ahead in the end.  Thus one takes the move that is most essential to protect one's position and to enter the point of vulnerability of the enemy….
  I urge you to consecrate therefore the sacred fire and the lifeforce and to raise it up the spinal altar and to use it in the spoken Word for the denouncing and the judgment and the bringing to trial before the Court of the Sacred Fire on the God-Star Sirius—as the Messenger has done for so many a year--of these bottom ten percent of the evolutionary scale.  And I do not speak of primitive man versus developed or sophisticated man.  I speak of the lower evolution in reference to those who have amalgamated the cause of Absolute Evil and therefore themselves become depraved even in their sophistication….
  Beloved ones of light, I speak to you in this hour then that you might understand that it is not the "death" of the seed of the wicked, but it is the removal of their momentum and the layers of their darkness and their karma that is essential.  The passing from the screen of life of the body itself is of little consequence unless all that is behind it—in this case the black sun that they have fashioned through the misuse of the light—is also taken….
  Beloved ones, this is the best and highest solution that can be offered in this hour, given the state of the Earth.  And this is the deliberation of the Cosmic Council and of the Four and Twenty Elders and the Council of the God Star Sirius. ....
  Let us call Christ then Truth--for Truth is surely another name for the Universal Christ.  When individuals espouse Truth at any cost and are willing to face the Truth of reality and unreality then we have a strong foundation for golden-age man and golden-age woman to arise.  Believe me, beloved hearts, when I tell you that so many social programs and solutions simply do not work because there is not a concomitant reality that goes hand in hand with the development of the human potential. 
  Thus we must go back to the path of true meditation and not that auto-self-hypnosis that is taught by the Maharishi and many others who come in the name of the Eastern gurus who have not the true link to the Source and are in fact false gurus and false teachers.  And I must say, they are also black magicians, for they have succeeded in securing the lifestream and harnessing it to a rote performance of an ancient ritual that comes from the Holy Kumaras and is sacred and ought not to be given for the sake of outer gain or manipulation. 
  Beloved hearts, the entering in to the sacred fire is indeed a ritual and it is an initiation.  Can man by himself pull himself up by his own bootstraps?  It is not possible. There must be the divine intercession.  And this is why We speak.  And this is why the system of dictation, initiation, the washing of the waters of the human by the cleansing of the mind and the chakras does come about.     
                                     -Surya    4-7-1985 via Messenger ECP
  The ascended masters have called North America the map of the ‘City Foursquare’, the Place Prepared and the Promised Land for the reincarnation of the seed of light of Abraham.  The tribes of Judah and Benjamin and some Levites have reincarnated among the ‘Jews’.  The other ten tribes of Israel have reincarnated among the Gentile nations of Europe.
  The half-tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, sons of Joseph, are peculiarly tied to the United States of America, Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations--i.e., the English-speaking peoples.  However neither term, Jew or Gentile, can be correctly applied to the seed of light of Abraham who descended from the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara.  For those who are of the I AM Race, being endowed from on high by the Mighty I AM Presence with them, are correctly called ”Hebrew,” or Ibri in Hebrew, meaning “one who passes over” (from the crossing of the Euphrates by Abraham, c. 1950 B.C.).  Ibri is possibly derived from the Hebrew Eber, which means “the other side” or “across,” and may have also been used in reference to the descendents of the Patriarch Eber.
  Abraham, who descended from Eber, is the first in the Old Testament to be called “Hebrew” (Gen. 14:13).  Some scholars believe that the biblical word for Hebrew, Ibri, is equivalent to the Akkadian Habiru, or Hapiru, which is found in ancient texts (c. 2050-c. 1000 B.C.) throughout the Near East.  The term Habiru denoted a social class of people who were “wanderers” or “outsiders” living a rootless existence.
According to theory the biblical Hebrews may have belonged to this larger class of rootless people and thus would have been referred to as Habiru by the more established groups of society.  Some who are called ‘Jews’ and ‘Gentiles’ today are in fact the reincarnated seed of light of the twelve tribes, and some are not.  Thus by their fruits we may know the true heirs of the promises, whose light has now been scattered amongst every tribe and nation and race and religion on earth.  And the light-essence of their consciousness in the Law of the One is the sign of their spiritual inheritance as sons and daughters of the Most High God.      
                             -Archangel Uriel  12-29-1985 via Messenger ECP
  It is a Great Pyramid having many stones--in fact the pyramid of Egypt, beloved, is the size you should visualize as the structure of your own mastery in matter. 

  Ask yourself this question: how many stones may I leave out or remove and still retain the structure?  As in any building some may be taken.  People may come and take souvenirs from your house of light.  But if you omit the precepts and the instructions, you will find that We may not build the next level with you.    
                                       -Maitreya 12-31-1985 via Messenger ECP
  It was given to them to carry the cup of the Christ consciousness and to bring the English language all over the world through colonization and through discovery so that when the teachings of the I AM THAT I AM would be given again to the children of Israel, they would come through English language, the language chosen because it most nearly reflected the angelic tongue that is the source of the original teaching to the original people of Israel.  So it was the destiny then of the English-speaking peoples to carry that Christ consciousness to the new world.      
                       -Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  Path of Brotherhood, pp.141-142
 The twelve sons of Jacob were the progenitors of the twelve tribes of Israel. Joseph, the eleventh and most favored son, had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.  These were blessed by Jacob as his own, being counted, then, as two half-tribes or two whole tribes, depending on what scriptural interpreters you read.  The descendant of Joseph embodied in the English-speaking nations—Ephraim primarily in the United States and Manasseh in British Isles.  The other eleven tribes reincarnated to form the European nations; many were scattered, embodying in every race and nation. The tribe of Reuben reincarnated in Russia.  See “Soviet Invasion of Europe:  Karma of the Great Brothers,” in Saint Germain On Prophecy, Book Two, pp. 123-36

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