Sunday, February 10, 2019

the diamond in the center of the soul

     sundown Feb 9, northern California
    -Rakoczy Castle, Transylvania

     …a new heaven and a new earth which are already taking form within their mind and consciousness--for consciousness when it is oriented around God is like a glowing, golden, fiery Sun.  Holy illumination breathes out a sacred prayer, and Buddha and Christ are there manifesting in the sunlit air the elements of peace and cosmic instruction, of brotherhood and of a turning toward the rainbow radiance of the pure white light.
   All delusion must perish in the splendor of this Sun, for there is a trembling down from heaven of the dulcet bars of heavenly creation.  The tonal values of the universe are now shaking the very substance of the earth.  And We are determined where necessary to unseat out of the realm of mortal pleasure those who have had no other outlook upon life whatsoever than mere earthly enjoyment and its attendant pains.
  We come then to create a new heaven and a new earth in the consciousness of humanity who will gaze upward toward the light and search out the magnificent cosmic civilization that is already created from whole cloth in the mind of God.  We convey this beautiful painting, this exquisite tapestry into the consciousness of humanity.  And as We do so I think that the individual will say, “I bid you welcome.”
  Traveler, come to Our abode! Traveler, enter Our humble home!  Traveler, unfurl the banner!  For We are speaking now not only of the domain of reality for the individual but of the domain of reality for the earth.  The culture of the Spirit is with men.  Christ proclaimed it from the hilltops and from the seaside, in a ship by the shore. Buddha proclaimed it under the Bo tree.  Saint Francis proclaimed it to the birds of the air and everywhere that the imagination of men has been set afire by the illuminating “The meek shall inherit the earth.”  Through the orifice of Self pours the most exquisite reality.  Here in the mountains of India, here in Darjeeling where the will of God is most splendidly known We seek to radiate everywhere into the world domain the comforting aspects of cosmic reality.
  Gone now at this supreme moment in time are the desires of the Darjeeling Council to amplify even for instructive purposes elements of negativity.  Therefore it is Our desire to turn men from darkness unto light, for they have had enough of the night.  They have seen enough of the products of the night spawned in darkness, and they are now gazing upward toward the splendor of the mountaintops, heralding the approach of the golden dawn of cosmic reality.
  The highlighting gleams of the forthcoming new age are already beginning to manifest the  vitalizing elements within the forcefield of a cosmically endowed humanity.  This is so that humanity can have the elements of a new heaven and fragrances of the spiritual living Word, there the fountain of the parliament of Almighty God has been conveyed to the parliament of man.
  We have sought universal Good.  We have sought to create new fragrances of the Spirit.  We have sought to stifle the odors of the past and to lift up only the best of gifts.  We have continually released Our guidance unto humanity.  We have looked over them as from a craggy nest, and We have always sought within Our soul to raise them thence.  We have gone no place, tread upon no holy ground that We have not also desired to share with the hallowed circle of humanity.  We have lit no cosmic fires nor basked in a spiritual radiance that We have not desired to share.  We have gazed upon no inspiration by the writing of the hand of God that We would not have carried as “a message to Garcia” to all humanity.  We are available--but so is the Soul!  The presence of the ascended masters is an adjunct to the natural radiation of the cosmic glow-ray of the infinite fires within yourselves.  You then should understand this.
  Do you love Morya?  Then love the God within!  Love His holy will!  For through this common bond We are knit together and we cannot be separated, so long as the bond be adhered to.  The will of God is not to be trampled upon. The will of God is to be loved and fondled with the fingers of the mind, with the feelings of the soul.  It is as a priceless gift carried in caravans from far-off corners of the universe and through the wendings of time and spatial relationships unto the present day.  An ancient stream from an ancient Source, His will flows onward, back to that Source and to be recycled--always carrying the burden of the bowers of cosmic grace, laden with fragrant flowers from space.  Our every thought--to raise the Word; Our every thought, O living Sword, God is nigh!  Heed Him then.
God is nigh!  He will defend
Again and again and again
The power of victory--the will.
  The will is a mother.  The will is a mother to the son of activity.  And when activity is guided by the will of the Holy Mother then the Banner of the Mother of the World unfolds and heralds brotherhood everywhere.  But it is a brotherhood of illumination--not a brotherhood of darkness or of self-aggrandizement.  It is a brotherhood of givingness, and the abundant life is shared by all.
  None then are without sustenance.  None are without the potential for growth.  None are without the grace of Our octaves of light, for the soul can soar!  And man can rise out of the socket of his density into those radiant patterns that like sweet fragrance or glorious music rise to a crescendo and a pattern of beauty so infinite and rare as to challenge all concepts of unreality, concepts that from time to time are spawned in dens of darkness and carried into the world on vibratory patterns of human discord and jangle.
  We come then today to reinforce the mighty currents of the Spirit in the world order!  We come bearing with Us the power of the mighty angels of God to radiate and to consecrate and to heal the discord--the ill-fitting mantrams of human selfishness that are echoed in the empty corridors of the mind, that in a spirit of loneliness and frustration cry out for assistance in the night!  But none seem to answer, for the call has been based upon human vanity and deceit rather than upon human consecration to the divine ideals of the Spirit.   
  And the fragrance and glorious music is so sweet that all who hear it will immediately recognize it and say:  “O God, this is Thy day--Thy day, O Lord, when Thy light shall be spread abroad as a mighty sea of illumination over the whole earth!”  And here as We manifest this great and mighty ocean of cosmic truth We see the foam and spume and spray and the refreshment of new opportunities born each day which are conveyed then to every little one--everyone who hopes, everyone who cares, everyone who understands the magnificence of cosmic, fiery passions for light and love.
  For love itself must learn to love.  And when you understand this you can take some of the first toddling steps upon the pathway.  You can begin to unfold the patterns of infinite destiny within your life plan.  You can begin to live and to consecrate yourself in that givingness that is always the commonweal of heaven--taking not only into account mankind, the humanity of this earth, but also taking into account all of humanity and the spiritual treasure troves that are manifesting upon every star system in the vast spiral nebulae of space.  For space will be hallowed by the sacred fragrance His Presence everywhere God is!  And wherever He is and wherever He manifests, the power of His love flows forth--a suffusion, an infusion, a transfusion creating anew in the consciousness of men a realization that the Lord is alive forevermore, that in Him they live, in Him they move and in Him they have Be-ness.  And without that awareness, without that understanding they live in darkness and with the gnashing of teeth and a wailing in the unsettlements of confusion.
  Now We come then to consecrate anew here in the world order a spiritual round table, as of old.  We summon the best knights and ladies in the land; We summon the best knights and ladies and demand consecration to God’s will and to the ommonweal.  We hold up the weapons of Our spiritual warfare and We say to all:  be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, generating without fear the radiance of the cosmic fire in your mind and being!  For the perfect love of that cosmic fire will transform the very world domain into a place where Christ can come.  And of a truth to all generations--when the Second Coming of the Messiah is to be accomplished it will be because the hearts of men have readied themselves to receive him and to receive the Holy Grail of purity of purpose and purity of ideals.
  The Holy Grail which holds the cherished power of our Savior’s life will put an end to strife, to gossip, to deceit, to defeat, to unholy alliances.  It will determine for all time--for the merry domain of the old world made new--that We shall seal mankind in the heart of God as We once again seek to build a Camelot where the light--the wondrous light of God--can be esteemed as the Light That Never Fails to give its beams to lonely hearts.
  This will be a uniting of all hearts then in a common grail of infinite activity, transforming the world into a place where the full domesticity of cosmic reality can become apparent to all as they understand the meaning of use of sacred fire of creative will--of the creative essence, of the creative Law--the Law of infinite Love that is sealed in the heart of the divine will and guarded by the Divine Mother as She seeks to bring forth the cosmic Manchild.  And thus the fires of regeneration become the vehicle through which She serves.  Ich dien!  I serve!  Will you join me in that service and keep your pledge?  I thank you.        
(by Schmiechen, 1884)
                 -El Morya:  2-22-1970 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet (below)

           -La Tourelle, Colorado Springs, hq of Summit Lighthouse 1966-76
   The serenity of innocence portrayed in the face of a child of innocence, in all of the radiant outpicturing of the meaning of the soul of God, is beautiful to behold and lovely to encanvas.  In this sense of beauty there is a majesty that far exceeds all of the violence and assertion of temporal power in the world of form.  Yet mankind over the years have been subjected to the betrayal of the innocence of their soul and of their being by clanging and clashing of the world’s episodes of armament and might--human might pitted against human might.
  The end result is always stain and pain and those objects of life that are difficult for the soul of an artist to portray.  For we do not like, we do not enjoy, we do not find excitement in all of the world’s “exciting” battles and adventures, but we find the greatest excitement in tracing the outlines of a rose or of a child’s face of innocence.  For there we speak of the majesty of heaven--that which God hath wrought, that which is true, brave and eternal.
  Mankind may wonder why I reference this idea of painting the majesty of heaven as brave.  Does it not require braveness in the soul of man to be able, in an age of materialism and of faith in mortal strength, to portray the qualities of simplicity and love to mankind?  These are not qualities that bring fame to those who seek through art to portray that which would bring them name and fame.  Therefore artists who seek fame often find that the world will reject that which they would bring forth of simplicity and love, and so they seek--as they do in this age--to draw those lines of harshness and bitterness that are reflective of the unhappiness of the times.
  Yet unhappiness was also filling the cup of life to overflowing in past ages, and those among the peasants and the peasant classes were often without bread and without the necessities of life that are now held so dear by mankind.  Yet the landed gentry and the noble of those ages were also experiencing the bane of unhappiness.  For with all of their ballroom dances and the excitement of their control of sectional, national and world situations they did not find the happiness which they sought but found only a temporary feeling of elation when they were victors over some world situation.
  Gracious ones, the age of innocence has far flown from the world and from mankind, and yet there is a longing in heaven to recreate upon earth that true innocence of Spirit that is reflective of the highest God-qualities.  We therefore in our release to you this day speak of the majesty of an angel’s face.  We speak to you of the great glow of power and of the transcendent love that is in the face of an archangel.  We speak of the reflection of heaven in the face of a babe--yea, in the innocent of heart and consciousness who by reason of their devotion have embraced the power of heaven and of heaven’s truth.
  Certainly you must understand that We are well informed as to the consciousness of mankind and to the conditions of imperfection that are dwelling within mankind’s thoughts.  We know that they are far from innocent, but We would bring to you this day a ray of hope, and We would bring this ray of hope even to those whose worldly sense of sophistication is possessed with a complete or reasonably complete knowledge of the world’s descent into darkness.  We would bring to you the hope of the Christ and the hope of the hand of God which is able to wipe away from the screen of your mind the banalities of all of those expressions of darkness and shadow that have plagued the world for so long.  These are not truth.  These are not holy reason.  These are not holy purpose.  These stem from the ignorance of men, and they create and re-create patterns of pain and darkness which have no part in the mind of God.
  Therefore take faith!  Take hope!  Take renewed courage this day!  God is able to wipe these patterns of darkness from your mind and to replace them with the innocence of heaven in an age that is not of innocence.  This is the plan of God--to fill the world with valiant men and women and to flood into the minds of the youth in this day and age the understanding of cosmic innocence.
  The meaning of this is sweet.  It is the thought of God reflected in the babe of Bethlehem, the thought of God that penetrated the density of two thousand years with a ray of hope.  The thought of God is manifest in each child brought forth into manifestation who receives the holy breath.  With the incoming of that sacred breath of God the child becomes a living soul, clad with the innocence of heaven until mankind--by their thoughtlessness and carelessness--do cast upon the clean linen of that one the mud of human thought, spackling the clean white garments with that which does soil the tenderness of the soul.  But God be thanked and the beauty of God be thanked, for the divine intent reigns supreme forever, and holy innocence is crowned always with the majesty of the Son of God.  Thus the glow-ray of the Supreme One is captured by some artists in part, so that on canvas and by paint and oil men are able to see the beauty of God penetrating through the sunlight of reality.
  As We pause to consider the meaning of holy innocence again and again We would bring this meaning to the feet of kings and priests.  We would bring it to the feet of prophets.  We would bring it to the feet of righteous men and even to the feet of the wicked and say:  Here is thy lost cause.  Clothe thyself now with this which thou hast once rejected in thy youth.  Take it now and accept it.  It is the veil of Christ.  It is his countenance which he has offered to you then and now.  Reject it once, and it comes again.  Reject it again, and it comes again and throughout all eternity.  So long as man shall breathe the breath of God the thought of God shall come again and again.  Men may reject; they may turn aside.  But they can never escape the face of their own innocence because it is the face of God.
  When men understand that the old image, the old boundaries, the old landmarks of cosmic identity must one day be sought by all they will hasten to apprehend that which God has apprehended long ago for all--the victory of the free and not the victory of the spoilers, who in taint have continued to ruin the lives of men by their own lives.  Poor examples are they, filling the screen and the stage of life with all the sordid examples of crime and debauchery, reaping in due course of time the full reward for all that they have sent out.  They are of all men most miserable, and at inner levels their plight is too terrible to paint, too terrible to reflect upon.  For We would rather extend the olive branch of peace and the thought of hope to the world so that the youth of the world may find once again, even in this age of materialism, the beautiful pearl of great price that is holy innocence.
  As I speak these words I see before me the faces of the world’s children.  I see before me the face of their Holy Christ Self--their angel in heaven who always beholds the face of the Father and His radiant innocence.  As I see the faces of the children and the face of God reflected in the face of their Holy Christ Self I say to the world:  “How can you betray them? How can you offer to them the horrible lines of distorted forms of art?  How can you offer them monster creations and abortions from the astral world?   How can you draw in line, by power of hand and mind, those things which belong in the pits of horror and ought to be transmuted by violet-flame substance, never to be anymore, to vanish from the screen of the universe and to end their existence?”
  When the universe breathes through all her pores the substance of the sacred fire--the fingers of God caressing the screen of life with renewed hope--how can men made in His image mar that image?  Yet they do.  And it is temporary, for they have no permanent power to despoil the virgin beauty of God!  Nor have they permanent power to mar the face of childlike innocence!  And nor can they take from you who are adults and who embrace your Holy Christ Self the beauty of the innocence of heaven that is given to you!  No human sophistry has power over the thought of God and the angels.  No human sophistry has power over the infinite hand of Christ and the identity that is soul reality.

I contemplate then this day
The meaning of renewed life
As it flashes forth through mind and heart
Of those inspired patrons of the art--
Those who will take their pen or brush in hand
And ask the power of light to command
That they may trace in beauty
Infinity for all to see,
A touch of God to make men free.

O gracious ones, how the need mounts up
For men of courage, wedded not
To gold of human worth
But wedded to the joy
That takes delight in cosmic mirth.
Peace, tranquility and light--
These are the substances of right.
Gracious ones, employ them
In all thy doings--
Thy hand and head and heart,
Eschewing evil and embracing good.
So then the children of the world may have their food, 
The spiritual bread that beauty brings,
And in their hearts to innocence let them cling
And see the face of God.

  Precious ones, I am releasing today the substance of the thought of God’s beauty into the world.  And I am hoping against hope that the thought of the world will also capture some of this thought of innocence and revert away from that which has so destructively laid traps into which the young and tender fall.
  Precious ones who love light, who love God, who love truth and whose hearts yearn to see the manifest design of God outworked and outpictured, realize that hope liveth on not only in Our hearts but in yours.  It is the hope that God- victory will come to all, that they who sit in darkness shall see a great light, that they whose eyes are blind may have the scales fall therefrom that the power of old that descended to Saul upon the Damascus way may also come to all men’s thoughts, to those who pray and also to those who prey--p-r-e-y--upon mankind.
  Let all come to the Damascus way in order to know that it will be hard for them when they kick against the pricks.  But through the returning currents of their karma which I urge the Lords of Karma to direct they will find that they who have marred the world and have sought to mar it may yet turn to serve the light and to utilize their talents for the release of holy innocence into the world.
  There is so much beauty in the ethereal realms, gracious ones, that my ascended soul reels to behold it.  It exceeds all that I have ever thought it would be, and it is here and it is there, and it is everywhere.  It is awaiting the outpicturing of chaliced mind and fervent spirit to portray it so that none may fear life but draw nigh unto God who is Life.  Thus Life may draw nigh unto you in the innocence of its pure and original patterns which are released into the hand of every angelic being and released into the eye of every lover of God who, in seeing Him, beholds himself.  I thank you.      
(by Ruth Hawkins)
-Paul the Venetian:  5-8-1966 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet
    Light is the alchemical key.  Light is the key to divinity.  Light within your heart responds to light within the heart of God.  The action, reaction and interaction of light
as a trinity of fohat is necessary to break the bondage of centuries of human darkness, human quibbling, human argument that leads only to more human quibbling, 
argument and densification.
  O souls of the One True God, I carry the flame of God-direction in order to awaken within you the origin of nobility of the soul.  Your divine origin is also the goal, and it is the golden light of the Son of God to make you whole.  I AM and I have become divine direction on behalf of lifewaves, some known and some unknown to you.  Divine direction is the “divinity of the Eye” that raises the energy of action in man.  The fires of direction clear the debris that would stultify and nullify the holy blueprint, the sacred plan that God has placed in man.
  As I come to you this night I desire to merge the Electronic Presence of my being with your soul, with your Christ Self that you might have thereon, etched in living fire, God-direction for the golden cycle.  This is the hour when the golden cycle is sent forth from the very heart of Alpha and Omega.  The golden cycle comes blazing down the corridor of the centuries, the millenniums and that golden cycle is a pathway of light on which you can return to God.  Like the superhighways, the freeways of your time, so the golden cycle is a pathway into infinity.  It is a pathway that you take, traversing the houses of the Sun and the twelve stellar hierarchies.  And with each spiral in the cycle you are returning to God as overcomers of each specific perversion of each specific God-quality.
  To be scientific in one’s approach to religion--religion which must serve to bind man to God--is the only way to approach life.  For if you are haphazard about your faith, if you do not understand the intricacy of the Law side by side with its simplicity, then you will find that the most tender blessings of God will pass you by.  These blessings come forth as the breath of the Holy Spirit with cyclic regularity.  In the hours, in the days and in the segments of the year you will find through the understanding of the Law that God reveals Himself to man even as the four seasons roll.  Thus you too must be as Thomas More--a man, a woman for all seasons, for all phases of the manifestation of God’s consciousness.  This is that divine direction which I now impress upon the souls of those who bid welcome to my Presence, fearing not but knowing that ought else must remain within the flame.  For only divinity can enter divinity; therefore fear not the coexistence within you of beings of light, of cosmic forces and energies that descend for your blessing.  For I AM one with God--and therefore I AM one with the God that is in you.
  If your outer consciousness could behold my momentum of perfection, you would be awestruck by the light that God has entrusted to my care.  For thousands of years by His grace I have released that light into your care in increments as you were able to receive it and to believe it and as you were able to want, to know, to be and to become that divine direction.
  There are some among mankind who fervently desire to know what they should do from moment to moment. Sometimes I send them legions of angels who are dedicated to divine direction in order to point the way, to whisper in the ear of child or child-man the direction of the moment or of the hour that is required.  Surprisingly enough the majority of mankind hear the direction, for they are looking for an answer and thus they are receptive.  But they of course think that this direction is an idea or a conviction that stems from their own consciousness, their own heart.  The angels of divine direction are not concerned with tribute in any fashion or manner.  They are delighted that communication is possible through the centers of receptivity in man.  But even when that direction is received crystal clear and with the energies of conviction as well it is often the case that when the angels take their leave of the soul the outer consciousness of that one loses the momentum of that direction and abandons the idea in pursuit of some other answer to the question at hand.
  And so you see, many great ideas, many noble ideas that have come directly from the heart of God to man have been cast aside because of the momentum of personal and planetary effluvia.  This clouds the brain, the heart and the consciousness of the individual, causing that individual to know not the way to go in the hour of decision.  The decisions that you make, one and all and from this time until the hour of your ascension, will count each one toward the victory or the defeat of your soul.
  Therefore do not take lightly the setting of the seal of your energy upon a project, upon a certain activity.  For if the activity [you have engaged in] is not correct and is not of the light, then you will not only have to correct the activity itself but you will also have to wait for the spiral of opportunity whereby you can perform that activity again, which was the correct activity of that hour.  Therefore misuse of the hours must be considered by those who would enter into the disciplines of the Holy Spirit.
  A chart of the hours and of the flames of the hours will be released by the Mother of the Flame at the Ascended Master University, and thus you will see how to claim the flame of each hour for the victory of the light in each hour.  You will see how the forces of light conspire to give you the victory, and you will also understand how the forces of darkness will contrive to tear down that victory and to cause you to lose the impetus and the momentum of the hours.  Thus the dance of the hours is the dance of flames flowing around the cosmic clock in the rainbow rays of God and in the action of the threefold flame.
  I trust that many who hear my words will realize the tremendous amount of material that is prepared for you in each class and in each quarterly conclave of the ascended masters’ activity and how out of that quantity of material no more than 5 percent can be released to you, even though our Messenger would stand from early morning until late at night to give forth the instruction of the Law.
  Therefore it has become imperative that Jesus and Kuthumi, under the direction of Gautama Buddha and the Cosmic Christ, sponsor the Ascended Master University so that those who have a more than ordinary devotion to Our cause which is the cause of all humanity might be tutored in the precepts of the Law and might one day be ordained as ministers of the Brotherhood.
  This is a high and holy calling.  And I urge you who rejoice in the morsels of truth that you have received in these few days together to also consider how great will be the rejoicing of the soul when you reach the fullness of enlightenment that can be yours through the setting forth of the blueprint and the pattern of the Law.  Know that this will provide you with the opportunity to fill in the principles and precepts of the Law all the days of your life.
  Thus the action of the five secret rays is like the polishing of the diamond.  So many children of God are yet diamonds in the rough, uncut, unpolished.  Then comes the action of the secret rays to tutor the heart and mind and to establish the focus of God’s holy will in action in the hand.  And day by day as disciples apply themselves to these teachings they will find that the diamond will become more and more prominent within their consciousness until they are indeed jewels set in the crown of glory worn by the Divine Mother--each graduate a jewel of light, multifaceted for the reflection of the aspects of virtue from the heart of God.  It is the Divine Mother who looks upon you to behold the perfection of the flame, which is Hers to mold from out the fiery heart of the diamond-shining mind of God.  She holds the immaculate conception of the Christ mind that is unfolding within each one.
  I AM the focus of the Central Sun within you, one and all.  And I bequeath to the Mother of the Flame the authority of the Cosmic Virgin to hold the immaculate conception for the divinity of all Earth’s evolutions, to behold through the all-seeing Eye of God the perfection and pattern of the flame that is encased in the diamond--the diamond in the center of the soul.  I AM the power, wisdom and love of God that in truth makes you whole.
  Hierarchy welcomes you into the folds of the Great White Brotherhood, that company of saints, ascended beings, sages and holy men and women of all time who have been 
immortalized through reunion with the God Presence.  You can be a part of this great company as you serve hand in hand on earth to focus the oneness of the goal of the ascension, which is the goal for all life evolving upon earth.  Hierarchy projects you to a vision of the future in the golden cycle when you shall go forth two by two, north and south and east and west across the hemispheres, across the continents blessing and being blessed in the joy, in the discipline, in the teaching of the Law.
  Some who have studied for many years consider that they are wiser than other disciples and therefore they are qualified to teach those disciples.  If you would teach, I ask you to come first as a disciple, just as Jesus came to the feet of the hierophant of Luxor, Egypt even when he was perfected.  And he knelt there and asked to be given the very first precepts of the Law, the beginning instruction.  And the hierophant said “But I would kneel before you and would be taught of you.”  And Jesus said, “Nay, for I would learn and learn again these sacred precepts in order to insure perfect rendering of the great example of the Christ in this age.”  Thus the Lord Christ underwent, from beginning unto the finish, the tests and trials that are given to every candidate for the ascension at the Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt.
  If then this one who was perfected in God, who came into life free of karma desired to submit himself to the very first level, can you not also understand this lesson in humility?  For if you would but learn one precept or one principle or one purpose in your days of study, this one precept might provide you with the key not only to your own ascension but to the ascension of millions who will follow in your footsteps.  This can be so if you will rise to the height of God-attainment as is Our desire for you.  This is the desire that every Hierarch holds for every chela.  For every teacher worthy of the name desires that his students shall excel him in the mastery of the art, the science and the subject matter at hand.
  Therefore may you understand that line upon line, precept upon precept the holy Word will be given and fed to you as manna from heaven for nourishment of souls-- souls who have hungered and thirsted for righteousness for thousands of years.  The filling of the soul with the light of Christ is an advent upon the planetary body.  It is an advent of light.
  I bid you to come to the retreat of the Cave of Light when you are ready.  And I say, do not come until you are ready.  For the doors will not open and the welcome mat will not be out unless you have fully prepared to surrender your all, your life, your service and your will to the will of God.  And then We may require that you serve for a time in another retreat before you are accepted into that Cave of Light.  Thus realize that the disciplines of Our branch of Hierarchy involve the tethering of the soul to divine direction.  If you cannot hear that direction, then you will not be ready for Our retreat.  Thus you see, you must be tutored in developing the sensitivities of soul consciousness so that you can be certain--when the Lord God through one of His emissaries places the rod of power upon you and gives you the key of light and the rod of power--that you will detect that direction and follow it to the fullest capability of your consciousness.
  Thus discerning God-direction is a science in itself, and you will learn much of this science at the Ascended Master University.  You will also learn it in the retreats of the violet flame, presided over by Lord Zadkiel and by Saint Germain.  For these Hierarchs prepare souls for the Cave of Light, and thus They should be appealed to.  As you retire each night and take your leave of your physical body your soul travels in its etheric envelope.  And if you invoke these masters ere you leave your body, They will guide you unerringly to the place prepared, to the manger, to the haven of light in one of the retreats of the Brotherhood where the Christ can be born in you and where you can bear the Christ for all mankind.
  God-direction is a flame that is greatly opposed in the sons and daughters of God.  This is because God-direction manifesting as God-power is the God-quality that is the origin of all cycles on the twelve o’clock line.  You must understand that if the forces of Antichrist can prevent you from receiving God-direction, then they can cause you to abort not one but many cycles in your life.
  How many among mankind have regrets and remorse over decisions wrongly made, sometimes because of an emotional imbalance or because of a lack of the facts or a lack of knowledge surrounding the decision?  It is important that you erase those regrets through the mind of Christ, that you invoke the violet flame to transmute every wrong decision, every wrong direction, every wrong turn in the road.  It is important that you are willing to follow the lines of energy that have taken you far, far away from the center of your God Be-ness and that you are willing to retrace those steps.  For you know, precious hearts, you can retrace those steps joyously if you will carry the violet flame and roll up the dust into a scroll and put it to the torch, if you will roll up the markings in the dust that you have left as error, as the tracks of chickens along the way and as the turkey tracks in the snow, as Morya says.  So each left-handed turn along the pathway of life will leave those tracks along the way wherein others will also falter and fail to make the right decision.
 Thus in overcoming the momentum of opposition to divine light and divine direction you must also unwind the momentum of poor direction, of a lack of direction in your life.  Then with the consummation of that goal and with the transmutation of these energies you will find that you can tether your total being to the one-pointed goal of service to God and man which culminates in the ascension in the light.  [14-second pause]
  Those who have accepted the reality of my being will now have fulfilled in them the imprint of the Electronic Presence of my being.  May it forever be a bulwark of protection and perfection in you until the hour when we meet in the divine embrace of immortality won.  I AM the Great Divine Director!  I AM reality!  And I AM the flame of God-direction for the Ascended Master University!  It is done; it is manifest.  And they shall not pass, those forces of the night that would deprive you of your opportunity to become the Christ.  I thank you, I bless you and I bid you good night.      
(by Sindelar)
                  -Great Divine Director :  9-1-1973 at Atlanta via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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