Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The night is long passed.

  There are many in the world who would spread abroad an oppressive fear that is without justification or purpose….
  The Father’s care for even a tiny bird speaks to the hearts of many of His consideration for each one….He assigns to each man his own factors of judgment; He assigns to the Karmic Board the judgment of a planet….
  Without consulting Him some through the misuse of their freewill have darkened the door of their understanding, consequently the lamp of true knowledge has not been lit.  But had it been possible these through their unlawful gathering of power would long ago have wrested control of the universe from the Lords of love, light and wisdom….
  The night is long passed.  Again and again through repetitious cycles the world has fulfilled a portion of its destiny only to let it slip away in a moment of frustration, in a turmoil of ignorance, in a sense of nonfulfillment; such has been the great failure of man to realize his true purpose.  Now the builders come, the helpers of the Christ, those who see in themselves the role of wayshower.  Inflamed with hope they do not exceed the purposes of their design….
  The feelings of discontent which come to humanity in those moments when all of their tiredness is spent, when all of their energy is likewise gone and they feel very much alone are also a manifestation of the soul's desire for reunion with higher spheres….
  God has spoken, and they will now listen; His joy will fill their hearts; His flame will burn and never be quenched.  Through love let them live, and let their flame be eternal.            -Meru:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:48
        -Lake Titicaca

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