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Make a place ready.

  During the service before Elohim Hercules’ dictation the Messenger gave a teaching on how to access the qualities of the first ray.  She said:  “The key to accessing the power of God, the will of God, the perfection of God and the protection of God is to tap into the very core of God’s fiery love.  The Manus have come not just for a conference or a day or a year but to use us to assist in planetary transcendence....I have created a meditative cassette that brings to us all of the pink decrees in a very intense and deep and profound, prayerful way.  So with our choir I am leading you in the recitation of these decrees on this new cassette, the Love Meditations.... The point of this is to give devotion.  Devotion comes on all of the rays.  If we skip the devotional aspect of the ray, we are skimming at the top and not going to the very depth and core of the fire of that ray….
  This is the time to send forth intense fire of your heart, and the intensity sounds in your voice and in your devotion. Your goal is to reach the great God-Star, the point of our very beginning in Sirius, to pour forth such tremendous love to God that in that love and the love fires we bank we can then build a tremendous next step of the power, the first ray.  To enter the first ray we must have that deep love.  Those of you who truly know El Morya, Archangel Michael and all the great beings that are on the first ray, you must realize that the outer appearance, the outer shell or armor or presence is tremendous power but the inner core is an intense sacred fire of pink and deep ruby and rose, and that is the true source of power.  There is no one who has achieved on the first ray who does not have that tremendous inner sacred fire of love.  And if they do not have it, they are not truly on the first ray.”
   Hail, sons and daughters of Elohim!  Rise in the flame of blue that now bathes you unto your soul’s victory!  [32-second standing ovation]  Our feet are planted in the Earth this day.  And this is a rejoicing to my heart, for you well know that I, Hercules, did take incarnation and in that incarnation made karma and then balanced that karma by performing the labors of Hercules.  Now in this hour my beloved Amazonia who has long held the balance above does join me.  And both of Us have our feet firmly planted in this Earth for the victory of the blue-ray masters!
  We have come to reinforce the reinforcements!  We have come to stand by you.  Never before in your use of the decree to Us has there been such a dispensation for using that decree to focus in the earth the ribbons of blue fire and white lightning, the ribbons of the action whereby there is a literal disintegration of substance—substance misqualified.  I therefore promise you, beloved, that each and every time you give your call to Hercules in multiples of nine you shall have the multiplication thereof that you have not seen since my original physical presence in the Earth.  You can use this decree to summon the great teams of conquerors who work with our legions.  We desire to cover the Earth with the action of the Elohim of the first ray.  And We are joined by all other Elohim, yet Ours is a most specific dispensation, for We are the ones and the only ones allowed to be so physical in the earth at this time.
  I tell you, beloved, it is an opportunity that you have earned. It is an opportunity that the saints in the earth have earned.  It is an opportunity, beloved, for those who have toiled and have been having the burden on their backs of these laggard evolutions and who have toiled and been enslaved by them. Yes, beloved, We the Elohim of the first ray have come to turn these things around!   [33-second standing ovation]
  How can you resist, beloved?  You can’t!  You cannot resist to make the call by the power of nine multiplied by the power of nine again and again throughout the earth.  Surely it is an hour to bring to the attention of the children of Elohim and of the root races what is the opportunity to conquer in the earth.
I tell you that the days are being shortened for the elect, and for the elect’s sake they are being shortened.  For if there were not the shortening of the days, then as it is written and spoken by the Lord Christ, no flesh should be saved.  Thus We are the fulfillment of the prophecy made two thousand years ago by your elder brother and Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  It is come to pass now.
  And so you have tarried throughout the Piscean age, waiting and waiting and waiting for the coming of the Word, for the coming of the lost Teachings, the lost arts of healing.  Yes, beloved, you have waited.  You have waited and it does come to pass, for the physical octave is visited by all beings who have attainment on the first ray.  And I will tell you, beloved, all beings have some attainment on the first ray else they would not be a part of the Great White Brotherhood.  And this includes yourselves, beloved, and you are developing that first ray by your use of the throat chakra and the power of the Word that you trust implicitly.  Now, beloved ones, let us be seated and contemplate what we shall do with this splendid Christmas gift in July.  [11-second applause]
  The written word, the spoken word, the power of the decree, the geometry of the first ray, the clearing of the sixteen-petaled throat chakra: all of this is empowerment.  If you have come to seek the empowerment of the first ray, beloved, I tell you, this was the right place to come to.  [10-second applause]
If you would receive further empowerment, you have already been told to balance the threefold flame and the white-flame of the Mother.  If you would truly receive it, then guard the spoken word.  Guard the spoken word.  For as you keep that word in harmony and in peace, as you are diligent about it and seal those lips before you speak an unkind word, you shall take note that your power grows day by day.  If each day you should give the decree to Hercules nine times and continue to multiply that without missing a day, imagine the momentum, beloved.
  And remember the teaching given to you by the Messenger earlier today:  to secure your harmony in the immense power of the first ray enter the precincts of the love ray.  Enter into the heart of adoration of your I AM Presence.  Enter into the heart of your Holy Christ Self.  Enter into the heart of forgiveness, self-forgiveness.
  I have not seen a single individual who has not forgiven himself who has maintained harmony.  Therefore seek early forgiveness.  Forgive others.  And if you do not know how to do this, ask me, ask Lanello, ask El Morya, ask Archangel Michael.  We will help you to forgive yourselves.  This then will bring harmony to your being, for knowing the forgiveness of God will restore to you your sense of Self-worth, true worthiness in God.
  Now then, beloved, let me be the first to tell you and the last that guarding the fire of the blue ray, keeping that sapphire blue is your commission.  And I promise you that you will rise in the ranks of the peerage of the ascended hosts day by day as you make your harmony and your love the foundation of the power of the first ray.
  Empowerment is not given and taken away, given and taken away.  We do not place a mantle upon any one of our chelas and then withdraw it for a single infraction, a mistake, [and restore it for] a picking-up of dropped stitches—a going here and a going there.  All have sinned, fallen short of the mark, all have received forgiveness, and most have received restoration through the resurrection.  What is that to thee?  Follow thou me.”  Let not therefore the sense of sin be the open door to the carnal mind of your own being, where you point the finger at yourself and many others.  Be rid of all of this; it is useless and worthless.  Make a mistake, clean it up and get on with your life.
  We will not allow this gossip of condemnation, criticism and judgment to be upon any of Our servants—that means all of you throughout the earth.  Therefore if We come to defend you by the mighty power of Elohim, so defend those who are the weak and the burdened and who are so filled with condemnation that they can scarcely achieve a thing in this life.
  Empowerment of the first ray—consider it.  Consider that there are sixteen points of initiation within those sixteen petals.  Draw the sixteen-petaled throat chakra and see how the four-times-four, those petals, relate to certain activities of yourselves having to do with the throat chakra.  Perfect the use of the spoken word.   Do not use the word for anything that is unwholesome or unholy, degrading to any part of life.  Let your words always be an upliftment.  Let them be a support; let them be encouragement.  Listen to the words I am using and decide which sixteen of these words you will apply to your daily life.
  First and foremost, let not the tone of voice be condescending, a put-down of another.  Teach your children not to speak sarcastically of others or toward others.  Know that the Word is one with God.  Know that the Word is sacred, that the throat chakra is sacred, and that it is God’s gift to you of empowerment, most notably rehearsed by Archangel Michael.  So, beloved, treasure this gift.  It is your passport to immortal life!  Do not compromise it.  Compromise anything else [or nothing else!] but do not compromise the power and the Science of the Spoken Word.
  Now learn to use the word in communications.  Learn to use the word to disseminate teachings and information, to do so logically, simply, with refinement so that all can understand the meaning of something that seems to them to be complex but it is not complex, beloved.  In the Beginning, God—God the One, God Elohim, a unity, a plurality.
  We come, beloved, and there are such reinforcements that I dare not even show you what it looks like to see encamped on the mountains, the hillsides, the valleys of the world millions and millions and millions of first-ray reinforcements.
[34-second standing ovation]
  Now select ones from these vast numbers come.  They come to overshadow you.  They receive you as you are, whether imperfect or not, whatever your state of mind.  Feel such profound love that is the balancing factor of the first ray. Some of you are so overcome with identifying El Morya and others of us as stern, hard masters that you have never discovered what profound love we have for you.
   So now, beloved, these singled-out ones come.  Their presence is over you, accepting you as you are for the moment, then tutoring you to gain ground, to hold ground, to be mature in the light. They come, beloved, for the balance of the four lower bodies.  It is a physical healing and a spiritual healing.  Look for it through this conference.  Look for it as the light pours to you through the Messenger.  Look for the healing of the heart and organs of the body and members warring within that body.
  Look, beloved, for the pattern of Adam Kadmon, the spiritual father and prototype of the race.  That one’s blueprint is superimposed upon your etheric body.  And for that, beloved, as you magnetize the decrees to Us you will see the filling-in of the blueprint in the physical body.  You will know healing.  You will know healing and you will know it through the hands of the Messenger.  You will know it from the stars above, whose causal bodies shine in the night, and from the stars below, twinkling from beneath the waters of the sea, reflecting the above.  We together move in your midst.  We tarry not.  (We have our mercurian streak as well.)  We send you forth empowered to the extent that we can trust that you will not misuse that power.
  Clock yourself daily.  Note when you feel you have been out of alignment.  Correct it immediately, forgive yourself, and go back to the flame of perfection and move on even without skipping a step or a beat.  This is the way of the conquerors.  If we make mistakes, we immediately correct, atone, do our penance and move on.  And if others choose to remember all of the past that they have ever seen of us, so let them remember it.  They will stew in it, beloved.
  One way or the other:  either stew in the past and others’ pasts and point the finger or put it all into the flame and move forward.  You cannot have both.  Either you will point the finger of scorn at the best servants of God around the world or you will put that into the fire and call for the grace of God and the grace, the amazing grace, of Amazonia to be upon all.  Living in the self-transcending fire of the infinite blue We are forever your Hercules and Amazonia.  Now We march!  [42-second standing ovation]
-Elohim Hercules and Amazonia:  6-29-1995 at Royal Teton Ranch via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet   
    The incarnation of God, beloved, is indeed empowering when you have it, when you internalize it, when God is not only a seed of light within you or a profile of Ishvara but in actuality a God that has expanded because you have pursued the God consciousness.  Incarnation can be a spiritual incarnation.  Sometimes it is said “That one is an incarnation of beauty,” “an incarnation of absolute success,” “an incarnation of the gift of music.”  What do you incarnate? Whom do you incarnate?  Begin to think about it now.  What and who lives within you?  If you can resolve this conundrum, you will come to understand that all lesser inhabitants (which may be voices of the night, of the astral plane, demons, records that are negative), all these various elements that you may have allowed to occupy your temple are, quote, “incarnations.”
  So the goal is to call to the I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self, as the Messenger has taught you, to occupy the four lower bodies, to occupy the quadrants.   For in so occupying, then those quadrants shall be filled with the light of the I AM Presence and the Holy Christ Self.  “Occupy till I come,” saith the Lord.  So you must call to higher levels of being+ to occupy lower levels of being so that you do not walk the earth [with both] that which is above the belt, [which] is of God, and that which is below, [which] is the electronic belt of the records of karma with which you wrestle in your therapy sessions.
  So I give you a moment to ponder.  Decide if you will, or even consider and think about, now what would be if you could will it so, the aspect of God who would incarnate in you. Whom would you invite to occupy your temple?  For example, who of the many manifestations that you see out of India, out of Buddhism, who and what, what vibration, what master?  [16-second pause]  I dare say you will ponder this for many days to be thoughtful, to consider.
  But I would make the point that since you seek empowerment to work the works of God in the earth and since the incarnation of an aspect of God in you is key to that, you would see to it that in the service you would render and the empowerment you would receive, you have enthroned God in your temple and cast down all idols, all idols of the self.
  And as that incarnation is adored by you in the path of devotion, so in that path of devotion you would come to experience increments of empowerment as that God-manifestation in you would be secure in the level of your attainment, the level of your honor, the level of your sealing the harmony of being and saying:  “Thus far, no farther!  I shall imitate, I shall follow the path of the imitation of my God within me.  And there shall be no other gods before me, behind me, to my right, to my left, beneath, above or in the internal folds of my being.”
  Christ and Buddha have called you to occupy the temple until their coming.  You must go first, clean out the Augean stables.  Make a place ready.  Scour the inner four lower bodies with violet flame.  Put the circle and sword of blue flame and ring-pass-not *
around yourself.  The point here is to make oneself the fitting habitation of God.  God living in you eventually calls you to his heart, bonds with you.  So now you are not two but one.  You in God and God in you move about the earth.
  Now you can understand a certain terminology of the ascended masters:  “I AM a God-free being, I AM a God-manifestation, I AM God who dwelleth in my temple.”  Now you can understand what it means to be a God-man--it means to be the full manifestation of God as male and female.  These temples were once inhabited by your Holy Christ Self with the exception that these were bodies of a higher vibration that sustained immortality.  Thus you could walk the earth as immortals and as God’s/[as Gods].
  Understand then the right use of that term:  as God’s, meaning as belonging to God; and as Gods (in the plural), for when you are an extension of God and God is individualized and indwelling in you then you partake of that God and you are no longer a hu-man but a God-man.  When you understand this properly you will see that it is not idolatry but it is the logical succession of whence, how and whither:  Who am I?  Why am I here?  Surely not to be a mortal forever but some day very soon to put on the garments once again that I lost of my immortality.  I commend you then to contemplate the inner God, to remember the teaching of Christ:  Do not look for the kingdom here and there, but look, for the kingdom of God dwelleth in you.  The consciousness of God dwelleth in you.
  I desire that you should note the power of the diamond and the fiat “vajra."  The greater the momentum of godliness within you the greater the power of your spoken word to send forth the thunderbolt with the word “vajra.”  I AM the Vajrasattva.  When you say that name vajra I also am a part of it.  And once again you see the Eastern teaching--that even the vajra, the spoken word of the thunderbolt, is personified being as God.  So I give you this thunderbolt, this vajra.  But I tell you the condition:  use it in love, use it in purity; never, never use the powers of God to destroy your enemies, for you will immediately be stripped of all power should you do so.  Never use the name of God or a fiat or a mantra when you are not in harmony, not centered in love and wisdom and the will of God.  Be careful with the use of the spoken Word, for you have more energy than you have ever had by the use of that word.  Do not misqualify it; do not become fanatical; do not ever give fiats if you have not first controlled anger or other emotions.  The use of a word such as vajra is holy, profoundly holy.  For you to use it, beloved, I am taking a calculated risk, a risk in so giving it to you.  But I point out, as I have just said, its misuse will create an instantaneous loss of the gift permanently.
  Therefore be sparing.  And when you are exalted in your mantras and prayers to God and you are aloft in the music of the spheres begin with a quiet “vajra.”  Begin it within the soul and in the heart and whisper it “vajra, vajra.”  Test it, hear the sound, feel the sound.  Use it gently until you know when you know you are out of control or in control and therefore able to use it.  Since people become upset very quickly and often for no good reason and emotions run high, I recommend that you use standard decrees to deal with those energies and save your “vajra” for those moments of bliss in God, whispering, then softly, then more strongly but never really shouting.
  I tell you this, beloved, because the diamond of this thunderbolt is able to shatter centuries of layers of karma that must be broken up as you would break up hard substance.  Earth needs a shake-up; it also needs a shakedown.  Know then that We come to accelerate this planetary change on behalf of all who have spoken today and at this conference.  May you see the plausibility of God dwelling in you and honor that Presence by correct speech, right mindfulness and the Eightfold Path of the Buddha and the Christ.
  I AM Vajrasattva.  I am in the Earth and I tarry, as others do, for the hour of the victory of the sons and daughters of God.  And so I say to you, sons and daughters of God, claim your victory in this hour and stand upon it in the name of Vajrasattva!   [34-second standing ovation]        -Vajrasattva:  6-30-1995 at Royal Teton Ranch

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notes by the Messenger & staff:        In the mystical path of Vajrayana Buddhism Vajrasattva represents the principle of purity and purification.  We read in The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion that “Vajrasattva embodies the capacity to eliminate spiritual impurities of all kinds, particularly neglected commitments toward one’s teacher and one’s own spiritual development.”
  That is a very interesting way of approaching Vajrasattva--neglected commitments.  One of the first lessons that El Morya taught me is, do not make a commitment unless you are absolutely certain that you will fulfill that commitment.  Do not be glib with your words, promising this and that and never coming through with that promise.
  In Vajrayana Buddhism Vajrasattva is not only a divine being but also a state of attainment.  The Vajrayana school teaches that those who are close to soul liberation, or nirvana, can reach the state of Vajrasattva.  Followers of this school seek to become a Vajrasattva--a diamond-souled transcendent being.
  The name Vajrasattva has been variously translated from the Sanskrit as “Diamond Being,” “Diamond Nature” and “the Indestructible-minded One.”  The root vajra means “diamond.”  In Hinduism it refers to a scepterlike symbol of the thunderbolt.  According to Buddhist teachings the vajra cleaves through ignorance and therefore represents the indestructible nature of the Buddha’s wisdom and the victory of knowledge over illusion.
  One Buddhist text describes Vajrasattva as “the Being without origination and destruction, the all-good, the soul-substance of all, the enlightened one” (Jnana-siddhi, quoted in Shashi Bhushan Dasgupta, An Introduction to Tantric Buddhism [Berkeley, Calif.: Shambhala, 1974], p. 79).  Another text says of him “Perfect knowledge is his only eye.  He is the stainless embodiment of all knowledge, pure, all-pervading, the subtle seed of all creation, the immutable.” (Jnana-siddhi, chap. xv).
  In Buddhist art Vajrasattva is depicted as a white Buddha.  Dilgo Khyentse says “We visualize Vajrasattva above our head, utterly peaceful and smiling, brilliant white like a dazzling snow mountain illuminated by the rays of a hundred thousand suns.  He sits upon a thousand-petaled white lotus and a moon disc.  In his right hand he holds a golden vajra at his heart center.  In his left hand a silver bell resting at his hip.  He is adorned with five silken garments and eight jewelled ornaments.
  “We should visualize Vajrasattva not as though made of flesh and blood but like a rainbow in the sky.  He is pervaded by the wisdom and compassion of all the Buddhas” (Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, The Excellent Path to Enlightenment, explained by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche [Boulder, Colo.: Nalanda Translation Committee, 1987], pp. 46-47).
  Vajrasattva is the synthesis of the Five Dhyani Buddhas and he has the attainment of all five.  The ascended masters teach that Vajrasattva embodies the five secret rays and the five elements as well as the five personalities of the Five Dhyani Buddhas.  The term “Dhyani Buddha” is roughly translated from the Sanskrit as “Meditation Buddha.”
  The Five Dhyani Buddhas are Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi.  They are not historical figures, like Gautama Buddha, but they are “celestial Buddhas”--transcendent beings who symbolize universal divine principles or forces.  They represent various aspects of the enlightened consciousness and are healers of the mind and soul.   Each of the Five Dhyani Buddhas embodies one of the five wisdoms. These wisdoms antidote the five deadly poisons that are of ultimate danger to the soul’s spiritual progress:
1.  Vairochana’s All-Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya antidotes the poison of ignorance.
2.  Akshobhya’s Mirrorlike Wisdom antidotes the poison of anger, hate and hate creation.
3.  Ratnasambhava’s Wisdom of Equality antidotes the poison of spiritual, intellectual and human pride.
4.  Amitabha’s Discriminating Wisdom antidotes the poison of the passions--all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust.
5.  Amoghasiddhi’s All-Accomplishing Wisdom, the Wisdom of Perfected Action, antidotes the poison of envy and jealousy.
  The five wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas are integrated in Vajrasattva.  In addition the ascended masters teach that Vajrasattva embodies a sixth wisdom--the Wisdom of the Diamond Will of God, which antidotes a sixth poison--the poison of non-Will and non-Being, fear, doubt and non-belief in God, the Great Guru.
  Each Buddha has a bija, or seed syllable, which represents his essence. Vairochana’s bija is Om. Akshobhya’s, Hum. Ratnasambhava’s, Tram. Amitabha’s, Hrih. Amoghasiddhi’s, Ah. Vajrasattva’s bija is Hum.  We can invoke the Five Dhyani Buddhas and Vajrasattva by giving their bijas or their bija mantras.
  The mantra always begins with the Om, says the Buddha, and concludes with their seed syllable.  These are the six:
Om Vairochana Om!  [given 3 times]
Om Akshobhya Hum!  [given 3 times]
Om Ratnasambhava Tram!  [given 3 times]
Om Amitabha Hrih!  [given 3 times] 
Om Amoghasiddhi Ah!  [given 3 times] 
Om Vajrasattva Hum!  [given 5 times]
+   The Messenger has taught this call for clearing the four compartments of the mind:   I call to my mighty I AM Presence to occupy my superconscious mind.
I call to my Holy Christ Self to occupy my conscious mind.
I call to my Holy Christ Self to occupy my subconscious mind.
I call to my mighty I AM Presence to occupy my unconscious mind. 
  * Ring-pass-not.   
  In a dictation given on July 3, 1973 K-17 said:  “In situations of danger [the ring-pass-not] is an added protection, sealing your tube of light in an armor that is like the bars that are placed on automobiles so that when they roll in their testing they roll on the bars.  This means that when you are in situations and you have to roll with the punches and with the knocks there is a ring-pass-not that is an extra protection that seals you from the intrusion of violence against your physical body....Thus I urge you to call for the ring-pass-not, to keep it about you.  For it will insulate you from the mass consciousness, and it will also serve as an electrode to intensify the action of the all-seeing Eye of God so that you may perceive those threats and dangers that are sent against your lives as you seek to preserve the honor and the integrity of Our flame.” (“Agents for the Cosmic Christ,” Pearls of Wisdom 17:12)
  Lord Maitreya in a dictation on December 30, 1973 spoke of harmony as the key in the center of the ring-pass-not.   He said:  “I draw a circle of fire around you.  And that ring of fire is known as a ring-pass-not.  So long as you maintain the Law of harmony and acknowledge harmony as the key in the center of the ring, nothing can pass that ring.  When you break the harmony you must quickly call upon the law of forgiveness, reestablish the tube of light, call to Archangel Michael for protection, and reinvoke the ring-pass-not from the heart of Maitreya.  If you will remember this throughout this life, you can always have a focus of the ring-pass-not.  But you see, inharmony released from within will immediately dissolve that ring; therefore it must be reinvoked” (“A Heart Initiation” in Pearls of Wisdom 27:46)
 Archeia Charity in her October 5, 1975 Pearl instructed:  “Take the ritual which the archangels practice at the rising and the setting of the sun when the torch of love is passed by angels of the dawn and angels of the dusk. Take the ritual of the archangels and make it all your own, and prove thereby the victory of love on Terra.  Prove that your love is the holy habitation of the LORD God of hosts and that this love, by your will firmed in the fire of God-determination, will not be defiled by the hordes of the night.  Stand... facing the chart of the I AM Presence and make your inner attunement with the star of your divinity.  Meditate upon your heart and the flame therein and behold the arc ascend into the center of the Divine Monad.  Now take your right hand and dip it into the fires of your heart and draw the circle of our oneness around yourselves as you stand in adoration of the One.  Visualize this circle, twelve feet in diameter, as a line of sacred fire.  It is your ring-pass-not.  Within that circle of oneness is the forcefield of Alpha and Omega; and you focus the t’ai chi, the plus and minus of cosmic energies, where you are.”  


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