Monday, July 17, 2017

When the archangels therefore announce the coming of the victorious son of God who will change the pathway

         approaching Shasta summit

         The advent of the ever-new is resurgent, uplifting, joyous, brimming with hope.  The archangels, mindful of the beauty of purity that like a snowy blanket of whiteness covers the barren earth, see in the tiny diamondlike matrices of the frozen crystals the filigree points of light that reveal the wonders of God in nature.  We think of the great hope of the Father of all for every soul who approaches the gates of birth.  With what joy the soul trembles momentarily in the chalice as it passes through that gateway into the miniature form of the physical mantled whose tiny expectant heart waits through the long night for the precious first rays of the golden dawn.  Now old things filled with fear are put away and joy is cherished as an orb of power; the intangible yet luminous faith is about to be made tangible once more, and the hope of fulfillment becomes the fulfillment of hope….

But I say, fear not, for the Lord is with thee who uphold truth in the world domain, who are courageous enough to consider the protection of the youth, of the aged and of the divine design in the dazzling whiteness of His purity to be of more worth than all other conditions.  These will see to it that the Christ-image is preserved not only at the Christmas season but throughout the year; these will understand that the angelic hosts are messengers of glad tidings to men of goodwill everywhere and that we are determined to stand by the side of those who have the courage to uphold the Law of Love, the Law of Light which is the sun of true illumination, and the Law of Life that values more than the wayfaring of the little self the emancipation of the soul as a son of God.

No man can long deceive the powers of heaven yet heaven must maintain an immaculate concept toward the world, for only God is real, and only justice and goodness endure.  When the archangels therefore announce the coming of the victorious son of God who will change the pathway in which the world has elected to walk you can prepare for the time when men shall study to show themselves approved of God, when they shall master the sciences and the arts as vehicles of Christ-wholeness, when they shall found universities of the Spirit whose educators will cherish the young as a precious trust, when they shall yearn for the presence of the angelic hosts and for the wisdom and feeling of God’s love they impart, when they shall call for the ennoblement of music and the sacred tone of service rendered for the sake of service, and when they shall do all things well in the Master’s name.  When all of this shall come to pass then we of the archangelic level will feel that our work of fashioning the feelings of man in the divine image, in the Christ concept has at last been begun on a universal scale….

Vitalize and lift up the image of the Christ in the consciousness of the millions of Earth’s evolutions, knowing full well that God is thinking with you as you think with Him.         
                                 -Archangel Gabriel:           Pearls of Wisdom 12:49      (illustration:  Gabriel with Mohammed, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)

summit of Mt. Eddy; lighthouse at Porto, Portugal

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