Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fleeting pilgrims --those cognizant of the great paths

Black Butte cinder cone offshoot of Shasta, maybe 2500 feet tall

Mt. Shasta from westside

young Sequoia near pine and such, it will outgrow the others by far

670.  Give these notes anonymously lest someone from some dark corner make accusations about a self-interested motive.       -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

300. Fleeting pilgrims - thus are called those who are cognizant of the great paths.  Only through a realization of the brevity of the earthly path is it possible to comprehend the grandeur of Infinity and learn the process of perfecting the spirit.  Security has no existence whatsoever, and the illusion of security is a most pernicious specter.  Yet without relying upon the physical world, one should learn to value every crumb of it.  Let each movement of Fire recall to us the power that maintains the balance.  If the planet is equilibrated by the inner Fire, each being also will find support in the fire of the heart.       -M:  fFery World 1933    

-N. Roerich:  Agni Yoga, 1928

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