Wednesday, July 26, 2017

the desiring of those who are not born free but who are in bondage is greater than those who know the flame

-Messenger E C Prophet at the podium of Shasta 1975

In the stillness of each heart I enshrine the flame of freedom!…And the desiring of those who are not born free but who are in bondage is greater than those who know the flame of freedom and have received the fanning of the fires of freedom within the heart.  Therefore I respond to souls throughout the planetary body overcoming bondage in whatever form and the tyranny of the carnal mind in whatever form.  I come as a patriot of light unto all nations, enshrining the flame of freedom in the hearts of patriots everywhere attuned to the fires of freedom.  I greet the morning Sun as the light which God has placed within your hearts….I come to pour the oil, the sacred oil of gladness, as an unguent of healing, as a medium of initiation, as the anointing of the body of God upon earth for the trials and the triumphs which are to come….

As that great patriot (Saint Germain) came of old to me, came then to inspire freedom and the Constitution of the United States so I come also passing the torch of freedom which has been mine to carry, summoning the lightbearers, calling all to the circle of harmony and the Law of the One, the One out of the many.  So is the flame of the Christ consciousness that rises as a fountain of light a tribute to all peoples and all nations who have come to this soil and this continent for the great gathering of the elect—for that time in history when by the power of the spoken Word  ascended masters, hierarchies of light, should talk with mankind again and walk with mankind and prepare the way for the second coming of the Christed One in the hearts of all mankind.  This is the destiny of America:  to set forth that City Foursquare that is the foundation for the new order of the ages, the order of the freedom, the order of the Aquarian Age.  And from that square the pyramid of life does rise.  It remains for a people fervent in devotion to the flame to place the capstone on the pyramid of this civilization wrought by man in God and God in man….

America is a nation consecrated for Aquarius and for that flame of freedom.  To the efforts of all who have given their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to this cause I add my own flame and my ascended consciousness and my causal body.  And I give to you this day that momentum that can be yours for the fray, that momentum of light to carry as a momentum of victory, as a burden of responsibility, as a burden before the Fourteen Ascended Masters who focus the mandala of God-government to this nation….

I reveal myself to the faithful!…Fear not for I AM here!  And I stand at Shasta where I stood before the Master Saint Germain* to consecrate each soul to the receiving of that cup and that elixir, that living flame, to the receiving of that initiation and that oneness with the hosts of the Lord.  I come to consecrate and to initiate those who are willing to have their vibration brought into the dispensation of the Divine Mother and of the Holy Spirit!

I AM Godfre!  I surely am that frequency and that life and that love which you have known!  Behold then the continuity of Hierarchy!  Behold the message to the new student and to the student of long standing that is the Teaching of the I AM Presence and the chart of the I AM Presence that is the key to your immortality!  It is the key to your ascension!  Take that as the Law and let it be the legacy that you give to mankind—that you make your life count for Saint Germain….

I tell you, precious ones, the only way to defeat the forces of hatred, of greed and of war in whatever form they manifest in whatever society is by the flame of freedom….Therefore conquer the self!  Conquer the tyranny of the self!  Conquer the flow of life!  Learn the art of alchemy, not the art of war; learn the art of freedom.  Learn the art of flow of sacred fire.  Be a patriot who enshrines the sacred fire in every heart, in every nation.  Be one who accepts the calling of God to send forth light daily to all peoples everywhere yearning to be free.

Mankind are truly one in the flame….Understand that you can never again live alone unto yourself but you must live all one for God and man and for the victory.  This is the responsibility for bringing in a golden age!…

Enter into the Fraternity of the Great White Brotherhood!  For many here who have not heard our word before yet have been called and have been already initiated by masters of the Great White Brotherhood in preparation for a cosmic mission upon Terra—I say, welcome!  Welcome to the forcefield of Saint Germain!  Welcome to the battlefield!  This is where the line is drawn!        
-Godfre:  7-3-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet    *in August 1930                  

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