Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ours is the task—and not an easy one at that—of awakening a distraught humanity

   In all walks of life men are experiencing struggles because quite frankly their attention is turned to the outer self rather than to the inner Self.  If they would reckon honestly they would perceive that the outer self is in a constant state of vacillation and then they would be more inclined to tie themselves to wings of faith.  For angelic wings are actually pinions of light which are able to cut men loose and set them free for all eternity from those vibratory actions of the human senses which constantly make of their consciousness a literal yo-yo--now up and now down.  It is constancy that we would give to you as our gift of faith, for constancy is the power to overcome those oppressive human traits that have never given to any man his freedom….

Ours is the task--and not an easy one at that--of awakening a distraught humanity whose hopes for peace and reality have again and again been dashed to pieces by human nonsense.  For what else can you call it but human nonsense when individuals constantly create a jangle of sounds and scenarios that tense the nerves and create a sinking feeling in the belly of their captive audiences?…

Realize that the Law of the Infinite One is ever accurate in all of its judgments and manifestations.  Be unconcerned with mortal considerations except to see to it that you yourselves are not guilty of the karma of placing oppressive obstacles in the pathway of your brother….The light we dispense from The Summit gleams upon the mountain of truth, of faith and of hope.  It is a staunch light that will stand for truth and know that error will never be vindicated but only truth….nor should you be willing to sacrifice the ascended masters’ standards on behalf of those who refuse to toe the mark.  You can call to me and to my sword of blue flame which is a tangible manifestation of the sacred fire from God’s own heart to comfort you and to cut you free from all negation….

There are upon the planetary body old records of karmic hurts, personal vendettas and hatreds of long standing, for these are carried over from one embodiment to the next until they are transmuted.  These records are constantly being revolved in the minds of those who should know better and those who do know better--….they strengthen the bond of iniquity and darkness upon the planet.

We who serve the great light and know the power of freedom to elevate the race insist that humanity shall now understand, and understand clearly, that there is only one reason for man’s life upon earth and that is in order that he might find an unyielding uncompromising faith in the unfolding destiny of his life under the hand of infinite grace….The archangels are dispensing to you this season their love together with their wisdom, for we are buoyantly, joyously, determinately blessing you with our faith that will move mountains of adversity and prepare the way for blessings without number.  
    In the full faith of your overcoming victory I remain   
                   Archangel Michael         Pearls of Wisdom 12:47   (illustration as in Prayer and Meditation, 1978)

                                    Light’s Protection
In the name I AM THAT I AM, my own holy Christ Self, holy Christ Selves of all mankind, in the name of the immaculate, eternal higher life and purpose I decree:

1)   Light’s protection manifest, holy Brotherhood in White, 
Light of God that never fails, keep us in Thy perfect sight!

(refrain)  I AM I AM I AM protection’s mighty power
I AM I AM I AM guarded every hour
I AM I AM I AM perfection’s mighty shower—
   Manifest, manifest, manifest!

2)   Lord Michael, mighty and true, guard us with thy sword of blue,
Keep us centered in the light’s blazing armor shining bright!

3)  Around us blaze thy sword of faith--mighty power of holy grace,
I AM invincible protection always, pouring from thy dazzling rays!

And in full faith I consciously accept this done right now with full power, eternally sustained, all powerfully active, ever expanding and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the light and free.  Beloved I AM, beloved I AM, beloved I AM!
    The key to God-success and God-happiness is in drawing nigh to the beautiful givingness of the Christ character….

God already is and He can say with all the power of His light “I AM.”  But man even in his present state is but a creature of becoming who can only say “Through the power of God I AM.”…All who destroy the character of God in themselves, who permit themselves to lie and to steal, to depart from principle and to compromise the Law, all who are pleasure-mad and live only for themselves know it not but they are entering into the vortex of the bottomless pit.  This is the pit that never exalts but always draws the soul downward into a consciousness of continual demand for more of everything to be gotten.

And how well the statement has been made “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35), for that key which truly unlocks the blessings of eternity and supplies man with his own natural spiritual grace is his givingness in accordance with universal purpose.  God is the Great Giver and He has given to all that they might multiply the gifts they have received through giving them away, for the only gifts that men ever retain--which they have first received from God--are those that they give away.  In reality then if we are to ever achieve solidarity of Christ-love upon the planet it must be a solidarity that submits itself to purpose and principle above persons, places, conditions and things, that enters into the all-knowing mind of God, and that gathers the fragments of light, shattered now and dispersed upon the planetary body, into one cosmic summit of universal reality, a beacon set upon a hill that cannot be hid (Isa. 30:17).

While men are often prone to preserve their personal idiosyncrasies, the great Cosmic Law desires to free them from all sense of drudgery, of fear and of turmoil and to give them once and for all a sense of the dignity of God and the true worth of their being.  It is the being born again, the being born with the Christ Universal, the being born in the hope of pouring out so much divine love and light into the world matrix that at last the very substance of the world’s corrosive thought, of the world’s thoughts of fear and doubt will be erased.  Then will being be vivified by the emerging consciousness of the Universal Christ in every man….

Be wary, beloved of the light, for the Law is unerring in its design, nevertheless it has never postulated man’s destruction….Will you understand then that his star of the east within you is a symbol of immortal greatness that shall come forth on the true vine.   

        -Meru:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:48                               Lake Titicaca and Iguasi Falls


 -black walnut and cedar

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