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nature and man shall be one

-chart of the I AM Presence

The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and they that dwell therein.  I AM God Tabor and I have come with the angel devas of the mountains and of the pines of East and West, of the Rocky Mountains and of the Himalayas, of the Alps and of the great Pyrenees and the Andes.
I come with the light of the fiery core in the heart of the rock, in the heart of nature, and I proclaim the unity of the God of nature and the God of man.  Not only do I proclaim the unity but I cause the action of the fusion of the sacred fire that is in the heart of man with the sacred ire that is in nature.  I challenge before you in the plane of Spirit and the plane of matter all elements that cause mankind to be divorced from nature. I say there is a vein of darkness that has existed for far too long upon this planetary home--a vein of darkness, of the dark deeds of mankind’s doings that has separated him from the Spirit Most Holy in nature.
Let the veil that hung between the Holy of Holies be rent in twain--the veil that separated the consciousness of man from his God. This is the day the Lord hath made for the unification of the God within and the God without. I say, O mankind: be still and know that you are God in manifestation, that you have the oneness of life and the potential of reunion with the flame of the Divine Woman and Her seed.
Let Earth send forth the praise of the glory of God!   Let fire and air rejoice! Let the waters tremble with the music of the spheres! For I am come for the fusion of the four quadrants of mankind’s consciousness--as above so below.  And I declare from this day forward there shall not occur that separation, that division, but nature and man shall be one.
Do I imply that man should return to the level of animal?  Nay, I say: let man be raised to the level of God and let all creatures also be raised into the awareness of the Holy Spirit.  And the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and there shall be peace. Therefore I come with the ray of transmutation that is the fire of the Holy Spirit to consume mankind’s lust and carnal nature and desire to kill and be killed and to bring harm to elemental life.
If mankind would live in peace with the birds of the air and have them form the cross of the Christ as they did for Francis of old then they must come into harmony with all of nature. Do you know that when man partakes of the flesh of his fellow creatures he takes into himself a portion of elemental life which ought not to be within the sacred temple of Being? Man then finds himself at enmity with animal life. And there is fear and division where there ought not to be, and wars are perpetuated. And when man goes into nature he considers that he should become as the beasts of the field.
I say, let all of that be past! Let those who love the light come to the feet of the Buddha, the Lord of the World, who harmonizes angelic life, elemental life, human life in the one flame of adoration of the Motherhood of God.
I AM Tabor, God of the Mountains!  And upon the mountains there was given to Moses of old the tablet of the Law, the Ten Commandments. Have you thought of the test of the ten pronounced by Mighty Victory as having begun in ancient time when the Ten Commandments were given to Moses for the salvation of a people and for the alignment of their energies with the Holy Spirit?  And so the Law was given, and upon the foundation of the Law came forth the grace of the Christ Consciousness. And it is ever so when mankind harmonizes his consciousness with nature and with the laws of nature: then he comes into union with all of life.
Until you sense the oneness of life you cannot maintain the harmony that will give you dominion over the earth. Harmony of all life, of all cells in the Body of God is the answer to all of mankind’s problems. Do you not understand?  The angel devas who keep the balance of the mighty forests tall upon the mountains and the hillsides of life, holding the balance of the intensity of mankind’s own effluvia in the cities of the world--these angel devas and elemental builders of form wait with arms outstretched to receive man into the heart of a tree.
Have you thought upon the concept of hugging a tree, of pouring forth the love of your heart to a tree and feeling the love return in the immense cycles of the building of the tower unto the skies, the mighty pines of life?  How often do you pour forth your love to the birds of the air?  And do they come and eat from your hands?  Or do they fear you because they sense that you have partaken of their very flesh?
When will the reconciliation occur?  When will mankind surrender his desires and be content in the oneness of the consciousness of the Holy Spirit?  Earth stands at the cusp--yea, the doorway of a golden age and at the portals of life the mighty consuming fire!  And each man and each woman who would pass that portal must walk through the fires of the Holy Spirit and be baptized by the sacred fire and thus be renewed to be received into the kingdom of our God.
All initiates of the sacred fire must come to the place where nature is the God-control of the Christ-flame and where the God-control of nature is found within that flame.  And when you come to the place where harmony with nature is of all importance to you you will learn the gentleness of the ways of life, the gentleness of harmony with all life. And the love of God will flow through the heart chalice, through the very pores of your being, through the fires of the mind.  And angel devas thousands of miles away will return the impulse and all of life will be a constant flow of the mighty tides of Being, and you will feel the energies of self flowing into nature, being raised and being purified and sent back to you as the authority of the Christ. For you stand as that authority in the midst of nature, and all of nature rises up to serve the Christed one.
O mankind, heaven waits for the alignment of your bodies and for the desire to wax strong within you to receive the Holy Ghost that you might be transformed and walk the earth as masters of life to perform those feats that were performed of old by Elijah, Elisha, by Enoch, by Christ!  Would you walk upon the water?  Do you not know that the water desires to have you walk upon it?  Do you know the thrill of the elementals, the mighty undines who guard the tides of life and the great seas and the waters under the seas and the great flow?  Do you not know that they rejoice in man’s rejoicing in his communion with water?  Their joy is to serve you, O mankind of Earth!  And your joy must be to serve with them, to command the life-essence of the Christ to flow to the elementals, to infuse them with rejoicing and newness of being and fire and the Spirit to bring the Earth into a golden age!
I say, walk upon the hillsides and in the forests,  walk in nature and among the flowers and make nature your dearest friend.  For in the blending of the energies of mankind and elemental life there is to be found the key to the golden age.  Do you not realize that the separation of man and nature has been a plot from the very start?  Yes, I say, a plot, and I do not consider that that word is overworked.  I consider that the forces of darkness have plotted again and again in a mighty conspiracy of darkness against the children of the light.
They shall not prevail, I say! For the thunder from Mount Horeb thunders forth this day! And the thunderings that go forth are the mighty lightning of the transfiguring energies of the Godhead that roll and descend into the heart of the Earth to give that balance that all life requires to move into the spirals of the transfiguration.  As Christ was transfigured before his disciples so I say to you and you, be transfigured before mankind! Be transfigured before the beings of the elements! Show forth the radiance that is in the heart!  Show forth the mastery of the Christ and go forth as conquerors of life!
There is no power anywhere in any time or in any space that can hinder the mighty flow of the God of the Mountains and of the destiny of the sons and daughters of the flame to reunite with that flame! I say to you, one and all, accept the victory! Accept the victory this night of the spirits of nature! Accept the possibility of your own victory in this life! Be sure as you stand in the flame and as you invoke by the power of the I AM name, the Presence of your divinity, be certain, be fearless and know THAT I AM GOD in the heart of the flame!
I shall release now certain energies of the sacred fire and the inner fires of your being.  And my angel devas assist me, and these energies shall be released in each one here and across the planetary body who has a certain attunement with the Christ consciousness.  And it shall be for the release of light to a mighty people and a mighty nation and nations and races and those who are willing to bear the chalice unto the hour of the fulfillment of the cycles....
Cherish well moments of communion. For one day you will long for that communion, and it shall be a memory-- and the fires of Mem will be the source of contact that will carry you into an unknown land.  And you will yearn for the succor, and your memory will tell you that I, Tabor, have spoken and that I have come in the Presence of the Comforter to establish that comfort within you that shall be unto you the flame of becoming in the hour of greatest need.  I AM the God of the Mountains!   And I return to the heart of my retreat in the Rockies where I shall send forth to you at any hour that you make the call in the name of the Christ the rays of the diamond shining mind of God that shall be the lifeline and the salvation of your soul!                      -Tabor:  4-28-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
So God has desired to nourish the feminine aspect of your being that is the soul consciousness.  And thus He has sent forth His angels to carry you on wings, the wings of a great eagle, to that place in the wilderness known as the Royal Teton Retreat where I AM and where many stand to feed the soul consciousness, to nourish the feminine ray aborning within you.
And thus you know me and you know my face, as of old in China we sat upon the banks of the river and discussed the flow of life, the eternal flow that gives to man the sense of eternity. And the stick that floats upon the water as the bark of life is indeed the vehicle of the soul that travels along the streams of eternity, stopping here and there to rest against a rock, to gather with the leaves and other sticks as they twist and turn, enfolding and enfolding down the river of life.
And thus the great Tao is realized in you as you have come from China and from my schools where you have been embodied, now to incarnate upon Western soil and here to bring forth the flower of the golden lotus and to understand the currents of life, of Alpha, of Omega, of the yin and the yang, and so to balance a life perhaps too passive in the active outreach for the mind of God, for the action of God by wisdom's flame.
Illumination is the illumined action. And so you must take the flowers of illumination gathered of old in China and bring them now as a bouquet to the role of the feminine ray unfolding upon this soil.      
                             -Lanto:  4-29-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger ECP
Hearts afire with God-determination, I salute you in the flame of the direction of God which I AM by invocation, by authority and by dominion.  I am called the Great Divine Director for God gave to me that name, a name whereby mankind might identify with the cosmic spirals of divine direction that are initiated within His consciousness and within my awareness of that consciousness.
I am the founder of the House of Rakoczy.  And in our mansion in Transylvania, where there has been established on the etheric plane a sacred temple of the Maltese cross there are enshrined records of past civilizations of glory and blueprints for a golden age to come....And thus the seventh ray, the fanning of the fires of freedom, continues behind the iron curtain and without.  For mankind above all yearnings, above all desires, yearn to be free. The quest for freedom, the thirst for freedom have provoked many a revolution and many an uprising as mankind have sought to overthrow oppressors of one form or another. ...
I say then it is time for freedom to be enshrined with God-control.  When freedom is found within the soul of a man or a woman--the freedom enshrined as an opportunity to elect to do the will of God--then do you know what takes place?   Freedom in the soul becomes a magnet, and to that one is given God-power!  And God-power--do you know to do what with?--to initiate spirals of God-direction.  Thus by embellishing and ennobling the fires of freedom within the soul and within the heart you may earn the reward of the all-power in heaven and in earth that is given unto the Christ to give to whomsoever he will. 
And so you see how mankind have lost the opportunity to have the power that freedom requires as a backing, as a thrust, as a motivating, activating principle.  Mankind by their misuse of the energies of the violet flame have lost the ballgame!  And they are completely out of the ballpark, as you would say....
All cycles begin in the house of twelve (o'clock).  And I am the authority for that house for this solar system, this galaxy and for yourself as well.  I enshrine the God-power that heaven desires to bequeath to you.  But heaven waits to see what you will do with the fires of freedom.  And therefore as a testing action of the Great Law there is given to you this night an extraordinary amount of the fires of freedom that come forth from our retreat in Transylvania.  To you is given the violet fire in excess, in abundance, to do with what you will.   For I have determined that you shall go forth from this conference with the buoyant joy of the freedom to be in truth that which you are--a God-free, Christed-free solar being commanding cycles and energies and worlds within worlds!
And so you shall go forth--somewhat like prodigal sons of old.  For God gives to you this night a portion of the inheritance of freedom.  And after a fortnight the Lords of Karma shall observe the record of your works, your thoughts and feelings to see what you have done with the fires of freedom for mankind, for self, for country, for elementals, for life.  And then we will see what portion of God-power can be given unto you, what portion of the omnipotence of God can be entrusted to your care.
Yes, this is the testing of a group of devotees.  It is also the test of certain members of Hierarchy who have stood to sponsor you.  And I am in a position to say, being a member of the Karmic Board, that it would be well for you to pass the test if only to support those ascended masters who are supporting you.  For they are the dearest and truest friends that you will ever know.  They are real and I AM real, whereas those who live in illusion, who support illusion, who sponsor illusion, they themselves become a mirage upon the deserts of life....
And so for every evil under the Sun either there is a remedy or there is none.  God has provided a remedy this night to balance the pouring-forth of the vial of man’s karma.  And this is the remedy; this is opportunity, this is how God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that the world through Him might be saved. The Son of God is the Sun of Christ-awareness in each one.  This is my Body which was broken for you; and thus the Only Begotten, fragmented into a million billion starry bodies, became mankind’s individualized Christ-awareness.
Go forth, I say, and claim the Earth!   All that the eye can see--claim it from the height of Megiddo.  And behold, claim it for the Mother, claim it for the Cosmic Virgin!   Claim it for the Divine Manchild!   For the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.
It is our privilege to stand at that place at the hour of the twelve where all cycles of God-goodness and God-power begin and where all cycles end.  And thus it is the position of Alpha, the beginning, of Omega, the ending, and of the culmination of all cycles of manifestation.
I AM the Great Divine Director.  If any man requires divine direction let him come to me this night or any night of the year to ask what God has in store for him.  And as you ask so you shall receive the plan divine as a scroll within the soul that shall unfold to make you whole.  This is the Law and the prophecy that shall not fail.  Ask and ye shall receive.
If you would know all that God has in store for you, come to me and I will be your mentor on the path until you are surfeited in the direction of God and you say:  O Great Divine Director, let me go!   Let me go forth to live the direction of God and to study under another hierarchy of light that I might also learn of God-love/God-might, God-mastery,/God-light, God-control, God-energy and God-obedience, God-will and God-wisdom, God-illumination and God-harmony, God-gratitude and God-victory, God-justice/Godly-virtue and God-power; God-reality every hour, God-vision and God-mastery, the energy of the free, God-victory, God-victory, God-victory!      
-Divine Director:  4-29-1973 at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet   (by Sindelar)
All the way down to the individual family unit in society mankind are becoming intolerant of the lie, for they know that without truth as the divine standard civilization has no foundation and there is no  place where the Christ consciousness can be precipitated.

This then is the power of the spoken Word, and when you call to the power of Cyclopea and Virginia for the release of the all-seeing Eye of God, when you claim your identity as one--one with every other servant of God upon earth,one with every servant of God in Hierarchy in heaven--then there is a power that flows from the Elohim….Based upon the momentum that you have generated in the giving of your invocations to the all-seeing Ee I predict that the rising momentum of light that will shatter the darkness will come after the new year if you continue and intensify, magnify and multiply your calls.  For now there is among the student body a movement for exposure, a movement for the light, a movement for vision.  And above all disciples of the ascended masters desire to see God as He is….

I say, be relentless!  Pursue Truth in all of Her glory!    
 (by Sindelar)
                        -Elohim Cyclopea:  8-12-1973 at Santa Barbara via Messenger ECP

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