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awareness--true soul awareness--coalesces souls in the divine mandala of the age


           Hail, Alpha!  Hail, Omega!  Hail, O Great Central Sun!…I come into the hearts of devotees everywhere, I come spiraling the secret rays!  And they bore through the consciousness and they bore through the atmosphere and the density of the mass hypnosis of the race.  So let the secret rays descend!  Let them come now reinforced by legions of the Great Central Sun Magnet!…

Now be prepared, for the action of the secret rays is nigh!…It separates light from darkness….Those who would be the witness to the Holy Spirit draw nigh to Me now and know that the secret-ray action of the fiery core must weave as a basket-weave a protection of consciousness.  As the veil of the Mother, a veil that is placed over the soul, the secret rays protect mankind from other rays that are not benign, rays that sift through the cosmos, through the material universe sometimes penetrating harmfully the atmosphere of Earth as the ultraviolet rays of the Sun and at other times being completed blocked and shielded by the forcefield of protection of the Elohim.  The secret-ray frequency is an energy that draws mankind into a light, into a dimension….The perspective of the mystical way is given in the mystery school.  This understanding is the necessary tool that is altogether required by those who would rise in consciousness, who would be stepped up in vibration….

If you do not approve of the vibrations of Terra, do not condemn them!  I say, challenge them!  And reeducate souls waiting for the flame of life.  There is no worse enemy of the light than the one who is sent from God to elevate a race who instead utters the condemnation of the Luciferians!  If you do not like what you see, unsee it!  Have you not the power of the all-seeing Eye of God?…Use the fire that God has placed within your heart; let it not remain dormant any longer!…

How can God release His energy except through mankind?  God releases His energy to Me in this moment!  Ye cannot receive it because your chalices are not big enough!  Turn your back on trivia and vanity, I say!  And let the balloon of consciousness be launched this day!  Let Hierarchy have a place!  It is the same old story—I come forth, I AM Cosmos!  I desire to come into Terra and there is no place prepared.  I must go to the manger; I must be received there in the midst of elemental life who yet have the spark of the Holy Spirit….I say, I expect lightbearers to give answer to the thrust of Hierarchy!  I expect there shall be striving and the pursuing of the fiery destiny of life….

I AM Cosmos in the heart of the secret rays!  I bid you joy, freedom and the starry body of your causal bodies.  Be free, be whole, rise up and take your stand!         7-4-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
             When one beholds the flow of light in that moment--that cosmic moment--when a planet is impelled into a new socket of cosmic energy it is as though beholding a giant chessboard to see how point/counterpoint the light is released….Freedom can come to mankind only when mankind know the truth.Most what what mankind deem to be truth is partial or relative truth.  Very few have the contact with the I AM Presence and with the Eye of God whereby they can perceive what is the truth of the hour.  Angelic hosts come forth to reinforce the truth which shall give freedom!…

Skirmishes have been won, skirmishes have been lost; but the light shines forth from the summit of Life!  And to those who have that light and receive that light more is added; and those who have lost the light, those who have turned it to a darkness see that that which they have is taken from them.  This is justice according to the Law of the Ancient of Days.  The battle for the minds of men, women and children rages in every area of human endeavor.  Where there is the sword of truth, where there is determination there awareness—true soul awareness—coalesces souls in the divine mandala of the age….

Understand then that as there is the rising of the feminine ray and freedom to womankind and freedom to the soul to be the feminine counterpart to the I AM Presence so the resistance to that rising is borne as a cross by man and woman.  That cross is the hatred of the Divine Mother, of the body temple, of the place prepared for the coming of that virgin consciousness….

Mankind know not what they do!  According to the survey taken by the Keeper of the Scrolls we have seen again and again that mankind abort the Law of Life, abort cycles, abort the incoming of avatars who are sent by the Lords of Karma to rescue mankind--all of this in ignorance.  And understand the ignorance is the rebellion of the fallen ones who incite mankind unto acts of infamy untold since the days of Noah when the wickedness of mankind rose to the heights of darkness….So that hatred directed against the seed of Woman in this age comes forth as record and memory of past ages as energy spirals come for transmutation….

So this is the hour, and therefore the beings of the elements, according to Saint Germain, ought to have equal opportunity to receive dispensations of the violet flame and of freedom’s flame inasmuch as they bear the brunt of karma is this period….And therefore that energy is released in this moment by the Elohim through the hand of the hierarchy of Cancer, the (solar) hierarchy of the Mother….Let us see how the nations one by one are also receiving that energy (up for transmutation).  And because it is not transmuted that hatred of the Mother-flame is causing distortion in government, distortion of the cosmic honor flame, distortion in the economy….

We see then that the hope of the world, as the flame of hope anchored in the snowy peak of Shasta, is the invocation of light, the carrying of light and the correct and accurate knowledge given unto the Keepers of the Flame of those certain cycles which change, which are specific in each of the twelve months requiring the challenging, requiring the flow of energy from the Elohim anchoring that energy in your four lower bodies and releasing it unto those areas of specific need….

Distortion, the bending of the mind, the warping of the mind, the pressing-in upon the minds and the emotions of mankind through the mass media of those wedges of darkness is a serious challenge.  For you see, the fallen ones have sought to program mankind to the lie of the fallen ones….See then that if mankind do not answer the call to the marriage feast, if they do not come willingly to receive that energy and come dressed in the wedding garment--signifying that they have exchanged the old cup for the new chalice---then they shall remain in outer darkness, in weeping and gnashing of teeth.  And when the energy flows it will flow then to the canceling-out of an identity that is not forged in the light of the Law of Being.  

The light must come!…go forth and speak the Word and hold onto the hands of those children of light who come near the flame and yet do not understand that flame because of the shroud of the impostor of the Divine Mother that has been placed upon them.  Yes, that impostor known as the Great Whore (the entire astral plane) has sought to take the children of the Mother from Her hand before they could understand Her word, before they could decipher the meaning of Her coming and Her Teaching!  See then that  they are torn not from the crucible of Life!  Hold their hands!  Talk to them and walk with them, O children of the light!  See how they know not and understand not the way, for the light of the Mother shone in the darkness of the human consciousness and the darkness comprehended it not.  

I release the jewel of my heart unto your heart…and in the jewel a seed atom of cosmic purpose for each one.  I implant it now within your heart, O souls of fire!  I place it there if you will receive it by your freewill       
                    -Pallas Athena:  7-4-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet


-Auriel Bessemer:  Keeper of the Scrolls, ~1971

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