Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Messenger of the Brotherhood's plan for the reengineered Summit Lighthouse

  We must rise to the level of the Christ-mind because it is our solace, it is our refuge, it is our mentor, it is the one thing about us that is permanent….

  Each group is led by a team or process leader who functions as a servant leader as opposed to a boss,… (who) puts you in tune with their Holy Christ Self…”the level of my heart chakra and above so that I do not have to descend again into the lower levels of my human consciousness.”…

  Our church’s current mission statement is as follows:  “Our mission is to publish and apply the teachings delivered by the ascended masters to their Messengers Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and their anointed successors**, in order to restore the original one-on-one relationship between the soul and God and to liberate the souls of planet Earth.” …

  A certain amount of internal focus is necessary.  If you don’t have your house in order you’re not inclined to have guests over for dinner.  Initially in our reengineering we’ve spent some time to be clear in establishing our new direction and structure.  Now we need to shift more toward meeting your needs and toward involving you in decision-making which we call customer-focus….

  Key among our cultural paradigm shifts is moving from fear to love.  Vertical organizations tend to promote following the rules and pleasing the boss….We realize that divine order is based on these fundamental and everlasting principles--love, not just as a word but as a fiery intensity whose torch we take and with it we ignite other heartflames that don’t have that momentum; justice, holding the scales even though we are blind, we are blind so that we can be fair and judge not those whom we look down upon; let us embrace faith where our parents never taught us faith, where we did not know faith;…trust, compassion, honor--just to name a few….

  Therefore in moving from rules and regulations to principles and values we are trusting that you will choose wisely.           -Messenger E C Prophet:  6-30-1997 at San Diego  

-the Messengers with friends at Maui, 1972

**Now don’t tell me that really David Drye was anointed as spiritual director of the Summit Lighthouse—raise your hand if you anointed him or know that an ascended master anointed him to such position!   -r    LET US MOVE ON!

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