Monday, July 24, 2017

the Christ-identity of every man, by every man is the means whereby the forces of freedom can sever the cords that bind

Self-imposed limitation bars man from effectively grasping cosmic principles and thus denies him access to the consciousness of the ascended masters.  From the beginning the power of the Universal Spirit has sought to convey higher grace to all men.  While man in many ages has earnestly sought to find deliverance from a host of problems and to unleash the secrets of nature within himself, he has also created a great deal of adversity by his self-erected barriers.  These being both mental and emotional have prevented the great cosmic light from acting in his world.

We stand ready and willing to shatter the forcefield of human delusion and to crete in the consciousness of practical men and women of today an awareness of the divine mysteries that will open the door to new possibilities for everyone.  Long have men mocked the progressive revelations of science.  Is it any wonder then that the science of the mind and of the Spirit should be lampooned by those who seem to derive personal satisfaction from imprisoning their cosmic-minded brothers and sisters in the earthbound molds which they have created around themselves?…

Many suspect charlatanism in all of the various phenomena associated with the Spirit.  Let us make clear that there are pretenders here as in every field but there are also those who are adept in the spiritual arts whose hearts are wholly dedicated to the unburdening of humanity….

I tell you truly that the intricate ideas piled up in the memory body of humanity often become an oppressive weight which does not give wings to the hungry spirit yearning to soar.  By a like token the dire threats that seem in the hands of impersonal nature to bode ill to human are only the accretion of man’s personal inhumanity to man.  Therefore when I speak of the vibrational storehouse let it be understood that I am referring to the hatred and great harm which men have done to one another over the centuries….We are concerned that superstitions sheltered in the subconscious minds of spiritual devotees should come to an end.  I refer to the altogether human attitude of fatalism which olds a controlling power over the lives of many today.  For example people become obsessed with the idea that somewhere along the line they have committed offenses against God or man for which they must be destroyed.  The overpowering weight of this concept frequently holds them back all the days of their lives….The acceptance of the Christ-identity of every man, by every man is the means whereby the forces of freedom can sever the cords that bind the souls of men….

Oh, won’t you let go of these thoughts regardless of what you may have done to someone else in the past?  Won’t you trust the lovingkindness of God to exonerate not only yourself but also all humanity from the weight of their iniquities?  To this end the light of the Christ, the light of the Eternal Sun first blazed into manifestation:  to annihilate the darkness and to flood the mind and being of the creation with hope.  Therefore in order to enhance the value of the light mankind must welcome into their hearts the cosmic science--the application of the Christ mind--which the great Brotherhood of Light also acknowledges and expands so beautifully throughout nature.

When you greet the morning Sun you may lovingly say “O mighty Presence of God, I AM, in and behind the Sun, I welcome Thy light which floods all the Earth into my life, into my mind, into my spirit, into my soul.  Radiate and blaze forth Thy light!  Break the bonds of  darkness and superstition!  Charge me with the great clearness of Thy whitefire radiance!  I AM Thy child and each day I shall become more of Thy manifestation!”       Lovingly I AM   Helios         Pearls of Wisdom 13:29

                                   recent sunrise, sunset

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