Friday, July 14, 2017

If man looks for purity of heart in himself he will look for it in others

                                      -Queen of Light by Sindelar

 Let us consider the curved longitudinal lines of a special mapping for the Earth.  Here in this system of mapping we can conceive     that a north-south axis for the North and South American continents runs through Minneapolis-Saint Paul, through Panama City and Santiago, Chile. 

 In order to orient along this main axis of the two western hemisphere continents one must run the east-west axis for North America through Minneapolis-Saint Paul and in doing so the west point is Los Angeles.  

In terms of South America, basic logic allows us, I conceive, to run the east-west axial line through Sao Paulo and Rio as the east points.  Hence I show a map for South America that keeps with the main western hemisphere north-south axis, and I have placed a 12 points of the clock round about the axes, as shown.  (For North America I am not showing a map on this system with a 12 points of the clock layout in line to the main hemispheric axis, however it does run up through Minneapolis-Saint Paul and thence into Canada, while the east point on the North American axis is in eastern Canada.)  Now it may be that for South America that the whole South American scheme should center on Lake Titicaca, but I didn’t go that way herein.       -R, Mt. Shasta, CA
  We would ease tension and not create it.  Yet the appalling waste of time that is engaged in by mankind in the pursuit of trivial affairs may one day be regretted.  People say that they do not have time to pursue spiritual studies, prayerful intercession on behalf of those in need, meditation and the things of the Spirit.  And many shun faith in spiritual endeavors until they themselves come to the place where they are sorely in need of assistance from on high….

When those who are supposedly engaged in the business of serving the spiritual needs of man--whether in the East or in the West--do not uphold the principles of truth and honor, when they manifest a spirit of criticism towards individuals or segments of society and their own lives afford meager example of Christly virtue, those who look to them to set the example for the age are often keenly disappointed….The damage that is done by these would-be leaders who go forth in my son’s name but carry not his Spirit is incalculable.  Yet I would speak to those who have suffered the pangs of disillusionment and I would say to one and all:  remember, in order to have disillusionment you must first have illusion.  Look only to the real which God has implanted in every man and then you will not be disappointed in the unreal which man himself has unwittingly created or accepted in his world.

Strange as it may seem there are some individuals who have consciously sought to manifest evil.  These dark spirits, pursuers of luciferian tendencies, mistakenly think that the knowledge of the world is the brilliance of reality which they seek, and they look upon the kingdom of God and His wisdom as though they were foolishness.  Observing the great caravan returning to the heart of the Father we are concerned that the simple beauty of the pure in heart shall be the goal of every man.  If man looks for purity of heart in himself he will look for it in others, and if he does not find it he will want to invoke it.  Yet in this strange drama of living to rise in an ever-ascending spiral of cosmic reality men must also understand the significance of true discrimination….

Evil deeds are self-declaring, whether they are practiced by saint or sinner….But if the saint stand behind the shield of personal egoism, defending himself as one who can do no wrong, he will not retain the purity of heart that will enable him to see the path that lies ahead (Matt. 5:8)….

There is a certain danger even in the statement “All is love.”  For whereas all is love as it exists in the highest consciousness of God, love in order to be practical in the world below must be willing to recognize the weeds in the garden that are to be plucked out.  Those who are blind to these facts of life and those who lead the blind will personalize the weeds and defend them as though they were their own.  For many through pride have fallen from lofty positions, but the pure in heart shall see God within themselves and within others.  They shall be unafraid to name the condition that is acting in their worlds and they shall be careful to differentiate the real from the unreal in their discernment of others.  Yet courage is needed for evil is not personal, it is simply magnetized to the world of men by reason of their own lack of faith in themselves.  If men had faith in themselves they would find it easier to have faith in God….The self is the gateway to God….

The Hierarchy warns that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing, that some of these know they are wolves and that some know it not.  Notwithstanding, all can rely upon the Christ of their own being, upon that great reservoir of celestial light that pours out the precious nectar of his holy wisdom, the oil of his anointing and the waters of purification upon all who will receive him.      
                             -Archeia Mary:         Pearls of Wisdom 12:44   (portrait by R. Hawkins)

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