Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We say, make the miracle and you make the pathway to our abode.

-osprey nest

  The miracle of the child’s heart, even in countries behind the iron curtain, steadfastly reaches up through all the drama of nature to hold reverence with life in the malice of consciousness.  It is as though the beauty of a miniature star of hope glistened in the mind and being of the child.  But with the passing of the years the confusion and brittleness of the synthetic consciousness distorts, destroys and defiles in the consciousness of the maturing soul the wondrous purity of God that links all of nature in a comprehensive whole of the Christ radiance….

The glory of God that shines behind the veil, known to us of the angelic hosts, has the power in its penetration to transmute every trace of hatred, of shadow, of darkness and of stain in the world until at last the fairyland of cosmic wonder that God would make of all of nature is seen by men, and as they glimpse this vision the internal nature of me is changed by nature even as nature continues to be changed by man….

We say, make the miracle and you make the pathway to our abode.  And it is truly the sense of the miraculous that enables man to both receive and to benefit from the simple ministrations of cosmic Law--the blessings of the healing of the mind, of the healing of the emotions, of the healing of the physical body, of the healing of the memory body as the stings of past errors smart the consciousness of man….bear in mind that the garment of the Christ with all of its ethereal beauty is already sheltering the heart of an infant humanity.  

We say “infant” because with all of their scientific knowledge and their treasure-house of natural resources mankind have ignored--in the coarseness of their thoughts and in their overconcerns for self and those immediately connected therewith--the need to feel a real world thought.  We speak not of a thought of union that would unite the world for the sake of political, economic or religious control, but we speak of the thought of union that unites each monad, each point of light with the Central Sun of cosmic Innocence….

The blood of Christ is always translatable into the life of Christ, for the life is in the blood and the blood is in the life.  Therefore when we think of the purple and golden rays of ministration and service it is to think of the Master and of his love for humanity.  The pouring out of your life-energies in cosmic service makes you to follow in his footsteps, and then we of the angelic hosts will minister unto you        -Listening Angel:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:50

  In the words “He hath put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low degree” (Luke 1:52) are to be found the reality of the Law.  In the promise “Draw nigh unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you” (James 4:8) is the fulfillment of the love of the Law.  And in the observation “God resisteth the proud but giveth grace unto the humble” (James 4:6) is seen the wisdom of the Law.

When we hear from the ascended level the pleas of men for the bringing in of the kingdom, for personal assistance and to increase the power of the individual we must of necessity answer according to the karmic record of the supplicant, and our answer must always take into account, precious ones, the karma of example you have set before men, the manner in which your lives are lived….

In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol the character of Scrooge is shown as he hearkens to the voices of the world and then again as he hearkens to the voices of the spiritual hierarchy.  But all are not so fortunate as he was to find that the door they have closed on spiritual opportunity is opened again….Jealousy, greed and ignorance are the principle forces that prevent the manifestation  of  the angelic blessing “peace on earth, goodwill to men”—and this is true of both the secular and the religious worlds.  The  motivations of envy and human avarice continue to be the directing mentors of man’s unrighteous conduct, hence my sheep are not fed the living Word because the moneychangers in the temple continue to make merchandise of them.  This is why Hierarchy has elected through this forum of the Pearls of Wisdom to release the vital and living truth that all who gaze upon it may live….

How pitiful that men do not understand that I AM alive forevermore (Rev. 1:18).    Oh, they understand this with their ears but not with their hearts, for again and again they seem to be of the opinion that I am far away and not nigh at hand…Therefore the mature image of the Universal Christ which I present to the world today is full of greater saving grace than the image of the past, for the expansion of the Spirit is the forte of the ascended hosts and of every man who will understand that when he is rightly oriented, when he is pursuing the upward path God who giveth the increase (1Cor. 3:6-7)  is steadily multiplying his spiritual powers and graces.      Pearls of Wisdom 12:51
                                           -Jesus Christ:     Pearls of Wisdom 12:51  (portrait by Sindelar, 1930s)

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