Friday, July 7, 2017

I dare to speak of freedom!

229.  Testing is applied continually in the community.  The newest forms of life are not excluded from testing.  You know that we are opposed to school tests announced beforehand.  Likewise we are against announcing in advance the testing periods.  These superficial acquisitions of knowledge and hypocritical lines of conduct do not hasten but delay development.  I do not recall any outstanding public figure whose training was subjected to these hypocritical conditions.
                                         -Morya:  Community 1926

310.  Usually after an attack is discovered there comes an improvement of condition.      -M:  Heart 1932

202.  It is possible to show that many false illnesses are announced by physicians when they do not recognize the basic cause of sensations.  Moreover the cause itself of inflammation is superficially studied.      -M:  Aum 1936

463.  Thus communities can be kept together by the force of thought.  But some are so afraid of thought that they decline everything relating to this domain.  Such people should not be attracted, their approach ends in treachery.  More than once communities have been moved away in order to free them from undesirable people.  It is easier to announce the dissolution of a community than to disclose those who can do harm.  From such a situation one can more easily comprehend why the Brotherhood is to be found in an inaccessible place.   Therefore too each one who knows about the Brotherhood will be careful in giving out his information.  People cannot bear it when they are unable to understand something.  Such understandings are stratified slowly.  Very rarely is the chalice filled to overflowing. As a synthesized center the chalice preserves the most essential, indescribable accumulations.     -M:  Brotherhood 1937
     I am looking for recruits, for I am organizing the order of those lightbearers who will be the catalyst for world freedom  transcending, yes, the national boundaries, yes, the planetary  boundaries, yes, transcending even the finite thimble cup of  consciousness which cannot see or understand the plan and yet desires freedom.  Take my hand for I have walked of old among those who have served on this and other worlds defending  freedom.  And I too have gone the way of Zadkiel’s retreat where the crystal fires of Holy Amethyst, of your own meditation are there focuses of the violet flame coming forth from the Great Central Sun, dispensing through the consciousness of an archangel and an archeia the light of freedom and of far-off worlds.

The hosts of the Lord are encamped round about the soul that is willing to accept the discipline of freedom.  This discipline is the holding of the reins of God-power and wisdom and love; it is the holding of a grid of consciousness to ensoul a civilization.  Have you the determination and the discipline of those who have gone before you who have kept the flame?…

I dare to speak of freedom!  I dare to speak of America as that place where freedom is enshrined as a flame!…I AM come and I remain within your heart a living flame if you will allow me to tarry there.  In the name of the Christed One I bid you adieu.        

-Saint Germain:  7-4-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger of the Brotherhood E C Prophet

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