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he quality of patience that invokes the all-seeing Eye

all-seeing Eye by Sindelar

                   Let serenity on the brow of the Divine Mother be the quality of patience that invokes the all-seeing Eye, that compels into manifestation within you the vision without which the people will surely perish.

Life is incomplete without the vision of the goal.  I AM the Elohim Cyclopea come to give you the vision that will make you whole!  It is the vision of the victory.  And the path that leads to the victory is the path over which the flame as crystal fire flows from the heart of Mother, enshrining souls in the mandala of perfection.

I AM Cyclopea!  I hold within my brow God’s awareness of life as the all-seeing, all-knowing manifestation.  It is the vision of God that holds the cosmos, the precipitation of Mater and of the planes of Spirit.  I hold the destiny of galaxies.  I hold the  formula of cycles unfolding, unfolding and infolding itself.  Now let the hearing of the ear and the seeing of the eye be the perception of your own immaculate divinity!  Your origin is in purity, not in sin; and you have been told that there is no original sin for souls originated in God, conceived in liberty, conceived in the heart of the Cosmic Virgin.

Therefore I raise my hand; it is the hand of an Elohim and I pass it across the forcefield of your consciousness.  And I wipe away the sin that has confined you to duality, to relativity, to relative good and evil whereby you know not the way for you know not Identity.  Be cleansed of that momentum of “original” sin!  Be purified by the vision of Virginia, my consort! Now see and hold that fiery destiny locked—and I say locked—within your heart.  For your own Christ Self holds the key and you must take the key and unlock that destiny.  Masters ascended or unascendted will not take from you the joy and the glory of unlocking that sacred formula of Identity.  I hold the chemistry of that formula; I hold the plan of the components of Identity.

I AM Cyclopea!  I inititate the spiral of the all-seeing Eye of God for a people and a planet, for the destiny given unto this nation to hold the vision for all nations of the new order of the ages!  Therefore I come as the instrument of the Godhead to place at the etheric level the capstone of the all-seeing Eye upon the pyramid, the four sides of the temple of being in Mater.  I place that focalpoint within each individual here who by freewill silently within the heart asks to receive the etheric blueprint of the all-seeing Eye which is the key to the proper functioning of the chakra.  I place it there for all who will hear or read my word and I place it upon the pyramid of America.  Now let the etheric matrix come forth from the heart of God!…

Know then that that beam of light, that beacon that comes forth by God seeing perfection of all creation is a lifeline that you may call forth, that you may use, that you may seize and follow to the center of life!  And therefore when you have hold of that lightbeam of the Eye of God no force, no magnetism, no pull of death, decay and disintegration can tear you from the path of initiation….

And I leave you with this word:  watch.  Watch that you enter not into temptation; watch for the initiations of the all-seeing Eye.  Guard the vision and thereby guard the victory!…I AM Cyclopea!            7-3-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

-Lake Siskiyou sunset

                                                           at Harbin, China

from Mysteries of the Holy Grail, 1984

-Glastonbury area

-Joseph of Arimathea


Initiation at King's Chamber of Great Pyramid by N> T. Miller

swallows approaching their nests

at Harbin, China

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