Thursday, July 20, 2017

because man sees a piece of the mosaic rather than the pattern of the whole

swimming Lake Siskiyou

        ….because man sees a piece of the mosaic rather than the pattern of the whole his concerns may rise to the point of danger.  Let me here and now then for the sake of humanity, for the individual, for religious expression upon the planet remind you that this generation shall pass, its mistakes and its errors shall become part of the history of mankind’s experience, but the Lord of Life and the flame of Mercy shall endure forever.  Would it not be wisdom then to identify with the enduring side of life rather than with the passing fanciful fragments of the moment?…what is needed is neither total self-sacrificing service nor total sacrificing to self but a balance of universal love that perceives that the individual’s mission is enhanced by reasonable service to others, to God and to cosmos.  I come therefore to remind each one that he serves others best who serves self wisely, and thus the purification of motive is called to your attention….

As you examine all these things try to find out the why of the motivation behind each goal.  The motivations behind some goals whose end is just may seem rooted in selfishness.  These can be reinfused with purity by prayer and attunement with cosmic purpose, while other goals may clearly be seen as a drain upon the total man….

Be aware then of His mercy for you and as it infuses your soul realize that to you it is also given to express genuine compassion and mercy for others.  The mercy of forgiveness that latches on to a fragment of hope for tomorrow for every soul is far superior to the consciousness that lashes out at everyone with feelings of resentment….Will you realize the great strength that there is in this union of devotees who serve under the aegis of the Great White Brotherhood to nurture the best gifts in so many among humanity?   

                                   -Kuan Yin:    Pearls of Wisdom 12:52  (portrait by Ruth Hawkins)

                       -Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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