Friday, July 14, 2017

as long as the shapes of darkness fill your mind how can the light penetrate your being?

  You will find, blessed ones, as you pursue the pathway to our abode with the full reality of your being that we are well adjusted, balanced and wholly sincere in our offerings of higher wisdom which are designed to cut across the lines of the human domain and establish the ascended masters’ sense of victory and God-control.  But as long as the shapes of darkness fill your mind how can the light penetrate your being?…

Freewill is but an open door.  Through this door humanity may walk and choose their dwellingplace on the other side.  If that dwellingplace be a mansion of light, well and good; if it be a hovel of darkness, how pitiful.  Life is opportunity and freewill is the gift of opportunity to all, but the use you make of it will always be yours to determine.              
-Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:45  (Francis Bacon by N. Hilliard, 1578)
  Although they have been warned that the powers of darkness often masquerade as angels of light, the children of God are often fooled by the masqueraders.  Wise then is the student who will kiss the opportunity to learn discrimination and who will rejoice when the steadfast hand of progress becomes a hand of chastening, for the fruit of the Spirit is ever and anon the reward of man’s conscious willing acceptance of the immutable law of his own being….

What a pity that men do not realize that the best instruments are sometimes partially strung….Coming into manifestation from a common source the “diversity” of the people of the world is a witless cloak that conceals their common origins.  This shroud of pseudo-independence, while purporting to give man a “feeling of freedom that makes him his own man,” binds him even more tightly to the festering rood of delusion….Men are full of vanity and they are unwilling to see the sorcery of their natures consumed by the purifying fires….

From every attack we will rally, summoning the continuance of the faith in the hearts of the faithful who have seen that the adventure that will illumine the holy road to perfection is a gem of such worth as to merit all one has first received from God.  What price is glory?  It is the prize, the greatest prize that fills every moment with delight….

Let us make all words of His will live in the self; let us perceive them in others whether they are there manifest or not.  But above all let us retain always in the fragile moment the discernment of living truth.       Victoriously I AM      
                        El Morya   Pearls of Wisdom 12:46   (Fiat Rex by N. Roerich, 1931) 

                           -black walnut

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