Friday, July 28, 2017

mark a path that is clear that all who walk may follow in the footsteps of the ascended hosts.

             Earth is destined to be a star of freedom, a star in the crown of the Cosmic Virgin!  And I AM a champion of that flame, that light and of the seed, the sons and daughters of God who walk the earth.  I send forth this Messenger to deliver the Word of Hierarchy and I set my seal upon the brow of all who espouse the cause.  You who will go forth in the name of freedom, claiming my name and my momentum, which I have bequeathed not alone to America but to all who fervently pursue the vow of unity, you who will go forth carrying that fire will also have the momentum of my flame!  For I stand this night to once again sponsor the patriarchs, the patrons and the patriots of freedom.  I sponsor those who will take the mantle and the fire and the sword; I sponsor those who will reckon with the responsibility of an age.  I come to place then the authority of my life in those who will give their life also to that cause….

The hosts of the Lord are encamped round about the soul that is willing to accept the discipline of freedom.  This discipline is the holding of the rein of God-power, wisdom and love; it is the holding of a grid of consciousness to ensoul  a civilization….then the masses cry out “He is a nonconformist! He doesn’t fit!” and there is the heckling of those who dare to stand apart, to do something of sacred worth that brings forth a unique flame.  And therefore those who would walk in the discipline of freedom must be willing at times to walk alone and apart, knowing full well that the Lord’s hosts walk also with the soul that stands alone, feet firmly on the rock of the Real Self, the Christed One, the Anointed One….

Here (in America) we are free to set forth the Teachings of the ascended masters; here that freedom has been won!  And therefore you have come to declare “I AM THAT I AM!”  I tell you, there are places on Earth this night where you would not be allowed to utter the name of God in public….Glory to the Flame, glory to the thirteen who comprise the mandala of light!  Glory to the five-pointed star whereby all mankind learn the testing of Mighty Cosmos’ secret rays!  Glory to every achievement that God has won in manifestation, that man and woman have won in God in each and every nation upon the planetary home!  Let freedom resound, let spiritual freedom be found!

As I raise my hands I contact the chakra of the soul, the chakra of freedom.  And from my hands now I release through the hands of the Messenger a ray of fire that will penetrate your soul.  Let it come if you will, let it realign that forcefield if you will!  Let it bring the consciousness of soul freedom into balance so that you will know the meaning of true freedom….Marvel not that when the fires of freedom come, the elements of a non-freedom and a false freedom feel the grain and feel the friction of the entering-in of the pure wine of that fire, the pure and concentrated elixir that is the alchemicalization of soul consciousness….Your soul awareness when purified, when aligned, when quickened by the seventh-ray action of the Holy Spirit will give you unerring perception and a reading of vibration.  Take care that you do not anticipate that correct reading before you have been cleansed, for many vibrations of deception have invaded the souls of mankind….Wait then upon the Law of Being!  Wait upon the influx of the violet flame and be diligent in application!  Not everyone who declares “Lord, Lord” enters into the center of the I AM Presence.  Beware then the talking about the Teaching and the living of the Teaching.  Let the doers of the Word become the Word incarnate!  And let them show forth that the Teaching is more than conversation!…For mankind in this age are perceptive and they know the real from the unreal….

Now see how you can take the light, the fervent light of freedom, and mark a path that is clear that all who walk may follow in the footsteps of the ascended hosts.  Out from the Great Central Sun Magnet come the angels of freedom, come the angels bearing the Banner of Freedom!…I have more to say to you yet I will reserve that teaching of the Word for the inner temple of the heart.  And if you will call to me I will come to you and take you into my retreat for that special training this night unique to your own soul.  And I will reinforce the singing of the atoms and electrons in those who would espouse freedom yet know not yet the vibration of freedom.

I release it unto all!  And I stir the fiery cauldrons of violet flame….I AM Freedom!  I AM come and I remain within your heart a living flame if you will allow me to tarry there.              
-Saint Germain:  7-4-1975 at Lake Siskiyou near Mt. Shasta via Messenger of the Brotherhood E C Prophet

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