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we strive to insulate each current

-N. Roerich Agni Yoga, 1928

III, iii, 15.  Seldom do we choose the water routes.  The element of water is in opposition to the magnetism of the mountains.  The arrows of the lightning pierce the water without accrual of results, but we strive to insulate each current.        -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925

137.  Weak minds think that they remain without connection with the guide-- the details of daily routine reduce them to ordinariness. But indeed amidst daily routine it is possible to grow flaming thought.  As a metal is forged with an ordinary hammer and as seed filled with the great substance of life is gathered with an ordinary sickle, so amid ordinary matters look for the thread of greatness.     -M:  Community 1926

401, 645.  Not blows of a fist nor threats but light-winged ascent carries one to the gates.  Beware of soulless routine!... Prana descends from the higher spheres; but any labor produces energy which in its essence is similar to the spatial energy.  Thus the one who knows the common essence of energies can sew shoes, or beat rhythms on a drum, or gather fruit.  In all these the higher energy is generated since it is born out of the rhythm of cosmos.  Only a low consciousness dreads the rhythm of labor and thus builds its own prison.  It is difficult for humanity to understand that a king and a shoemaker are comparable in every respect.       -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

176.  People loathe especially the routine of daily life; for them it is the symbol of weariness and descent, whereas for us the daily routine is perfectment and ascent; it opens the gates to Infinity.  One can learn to love daily routine because it tempers the spirit and gives one courage to contemplate the endless chain of the ages of labor.  For some these ages are a menace, but a refined consciousness will accept them as the source of endless creativeness. Beautiful cults become dulled on account of daily routine, but how wondrous is the realization that daily devotion and a flaming love are offered to Hierarchy.
-M:  Hierarchy 1931

273.  How can a self-denying leader become affirmed in the understanding of a small daily routine?  Only when a spark of devotion to Hierarchy burns in the heart will one find the gates open.  Only gratitude to the Teacher can reveal the entrance to the gates.  Each one who has chosen his own path must realize the loneliness of his orbit, because only love and devotion for Hierarchy include the spirit in the chain of light.  Thus each one determines his own karma.     -M:  Hierarchy 1931

126.  Evolution should be accepted from life, amidst life and for life.  The beauty of evolution is not an abstraction, for each abstraction is a misconception.  One should well remember this concept of evolution as a vital capacity; thus we shall approach the most complex formulas where the symbol aum will not be an inscription but the expression of the highest ingredient.  Let us exercise our consciousness toward this.      -M:  Fiery World 1933

340, 463.  With all attentiveness each one must banish from his thinking all that which can bind him to ordinary daily mode of life.  Means and opportunities should not be sought in everyday routine.  It has been observed to what an extent we do construct in an unusual manner.  But right now one must strike still more with unusualness.  Look upon this as a means for success.  People have entered a narrow place; one should not follow their prejudices; these must be subdued from an unexpected quarter....
People are so carelessly engulfed in an everyday routine of life that even the most striking thing appears dull to them.  Ingratitude, laziness, unwillingness to respond to the heart--all are engendered by darkness of existence.  But the fiery path shines with the fire of the heart.     -M:  Fiery World 1934

603.  In order to harken to the voice of the heart it is not necessary to be poor or rich, lofty or lowly; it is not even necessary to be very learned.  Verily thought is an ocean with all its currents.      -M:  Fiery World 1935

247.  Cognition has nothing in common with treachery and blasphemy.  Where foul speech makes its nest do not look for true cognition.  No one wishing to preserve a very delicate flower places it in a wallet.  The subtle requires the subtlest handling.  Not only during high holiday festivals but also in everyday life one should beware of rending one's garment.   -M:  Aum 1936

319.  Many dragons stand guard to impede each advance.  Multicolored are these monsters!  Among the most repulsive is the drab dragon of everyday routine.  It would make an empty grey cobweb of even the most lofty communion.  Yet even in everyday life people know how to preserve the freshness of renewal.  People wash themselves daily and find themselves refreshed before the next task.  Likewise spiritual ablutions should not become dusty drudgery.  Few know how to overcome the dragon of everyday routine. But such heroes multiply their forces tenfold, and each day they raise their eyes anew unto the heavens.    -M:  Aum 1936

341.  It should not be thought that somewhere enough has been done for education.  Knowledge is so much an expanding process that continual renovation of methods is required.  It is frightful to see petrified brains which do not admit new attainments!  No one inclined to negation can be called a scientist.  Science is free, honest and fearless.  Science can instantly alter and elucidate the problems of the universe.  Science is beautiful and therefore infinite.  Science cannot stand prohibitions, prejudices and superstitions. Science can find the great even in quests of the small.     -M:  Aum 1936

92, 108.  Detested labor is not only a misery for the unsuccessful worker but it poisons the whole surrounding atmosphere....Undoubtedly many people cannot apply themselves in the way they would like.  There exists a remedy for lifting such a blight.  Scientific attainments show that above the everyday routine there is a beautiful domain accessible to all--the realization of finer energy.  In experiments with it one may be convinced that farmers often possess a goodly store of the energy.  Likewise many other fields of labor aid the conservation of energy.  Therefore amid the most diverse labors one may find uplifting strength....
And so it is in cooperation--if instead of a full brotherly collaboration half of what is offered is suspicion and doubt, then what kind of success can be achieved?  It is needful to cultivate one's capacity for cooperation, beginning with the most routine tasks.  It is a mistake to assume that cooperation is manifest in great deeds if it has not been present even in everyday ones.  One should look deeply into the depths of one's consciousness and ask oneself whether the spirit is prepared for cooperation.     -M:  Brotherhood 1937

324.  Above all we value the achievement of harmony in everyday life.  Most of human life passes in such routine, and people should be evaluated by how they stand this test of daily life--whether they can preserve harmony in their domestic environment, resist petty irritations and rise above boredom.    -M:  Supermundane 2, 1938

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