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Do you know that your own destiny as a blueprint is a scepter; He who rides the white horse

       Do you know that your own destiny as a blueprint is a scepter of power?  Do you know why that is?  Because it is a complete plan, complete in the mind of God, and wherever you have wholeness, completeness, a reflection of the Almighty there you have power.  And therefore I say to you this night:  invoke the power of the fire within the seed, the pattern of your divinity.  Claim it and by its authority go forth to conquer the world without which is yours to command in the name of Almighty God.

How can you go forth without a map of life?  How can you go forth without the rules of the game?  How can you go forth without a sense of mission, of purpose?  These three aspects of the threefold flame are locked within the seed.  There is a saying, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”  When we look upon the children of God who come anew into a focus of our Teachings and we see how their hearts are joyous at the treasure that they have found and we see others who have been here for some time we see that there are some among them here and there who would go forth and conquer the world without first having the scepter the dominion--the plan, the knowledge of the Law and the sense of mission.  Do you understand, beloved ones, that when you try to accomplish these things without the proper tools you are rushing in where angels fear to tread?…

Therefore I say, come and sit at the feet of the masters.  Put on the garment, the cloak of Elijah.which is the cloak of your own divinity, the robe worn by your own beloved Holy Christ Self.  And when you have worn that robe for many a month and absorbed the consciousness of the Christ from the tapestry that is woven therein then think about going forth in the full power of Elijah, of the priests of the Order of Melchizedek and in the footsteps of my Son, Jesus.  Do you recall that he himself was tutored for thirty years for a mission which lasted only three years?  It is not then the time which counts, of which so many feel that they have so little, but it is the mastery which counts.  For he who has self-mastery can work all miracles not in time but in eternity….Therefore why go here and there seeking the Law when it is within?  Go only where you are taught how to go within, how to find the Law, how to bring it forth and create the world without that is your world within….

No matter what the age or the face, God rejoices and is reflected in the smiles of those who rejoice to find Him….Let this focus then be a cradle for the incoming souls of light, for those who are being born again, for the emerging Christ consciousness….And it will take, beloved ones, in comparison with our octave only a very slight raising of the consciousness of the earth for mankind to reach the place where they can behold their teachers--where their teachers shall no longer be removed into a corner but they shall see their teachers face to face….remember that there are many more angels in the sky than there are people upon earth; for each one of you there are thousands.  Therefore live in their consciousness and develop the feeling that as you go about your seemingly mundane duties you are walking and talking with angels and entertaining them unawares….

In the name of the World Mother I bless you with the love of my heart, with the healing flame from our retreat, with the wholeness of your own divinity.       -Archeia Mary:  10-4-1970 at Santa Barbara via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet
by Ruth Hawkins

      O fruitful abundance of the sacred Laws of God, how thou hast been trampled upon again and again by human feet until the sands in the hourglass of mercy seem to be utterly depleted!…Yet we still pray for mercy and forgiveness for those hearts that have so carelessly trampled upon the very garments of cosmic loveliness which are the fabric woven with angelic hands and endowed with the sense of the eternal Womanhood of God.  You have thought of Him as Father; think also of God as an Immaculate Mother.  Of old and in previous ages this was called the cult of the Mother because it represented in the children of men the cultivation of those beautiful spiritual energies which are your own blessed forte….

Tonight I have been selected by the hierarchical masters of the Karmic Board to present to you a solemn warning that upon all mankind will destruction come. In some cases even the good will suffer side by side with the evil, for it is not always possible to exercise cosmic discrimination.  When the grossness of darkness manifests all are subject to the vale of darkness.  Only the light of the heart remains to cheer those souls who recognize with full devotion that tremendous eternal love-ray concept that connects their heart through the darkest night with the heart of God….And how few are the leaders who are pledged to give to mankind a divine equity upon which men can rely….

Through the ages human struggles are so unnecessary.  There are only a vying in and among mankind with one another for those trophies of human desires that in reality are as straw cast upon an altar to be burned….It is never enough for mankind to simply have appreciation; heaven will be satisfied only with your manifestation of light.  To appreciate the value of light without distributing its great tributaries of light into your consciousness is an error of humanity….This is because the education of human values concerning divine values is somewhat nonexistent in the world community.  They do not understand just what heavenly values are for they do not allow the screen of the mind to reflect those values and those feel the magnificent passions which are the nature of God….

And only the heart of a World Mother can feel and see at inner levels—if necessary even through my angel representatives.  Think about this, O mankind, for each angel peeping through the veil betwixt heaven’s experiences and the experiences of earth is in reality my vision and the vision of the Mother of the World….for the elementals have communicated recently with one another and they are preparing to execute cataclysmic strands of destruction that have only begun in the world order.  And this shall come to pass unless the Teachings of God shall be fulfilled in the hearts of many men and women presently totally dedicated to their own selves without understanding the great needs of humanity….O humanity, let your faith be not in that which condemneth, that which is of the carnal mind, but let it be that faith which valiantly succeeds….Do you see that the torch that must pass to the ages may well come to some of you with the flame extinguished because the woes of mankind have grown very great and those who are heirs of this age will find themselves bereft of much of the intended reality that ought to be conveyed?…

Will those of you who will accept my trust this night, the trust of the ages, to preserve the Christ-values within your hearts and the hearts of all mankind stand at this occasion [audience stands] and recognize that only by a pact of pure love fulfilled among men can we now preserve intact  in the world community that undying love which will not crucify my Son afresh nor put him to an open shame but instead will exalt his name and the name of God and its values high upon the pole of life--that now the brazen serpent may be raised in the wilderness anew, a symbol of mankind’s victory over death and over mortality.  Must your little self triumph when your giant God-Self may find its winged victory in the world community and the triumph of every heart will sob unto the victory of Life?…

For all can triumph / Through the light of the Eye of God,
Through the light in the mind of Christ.
The radiance of my Son/ Establishes this night
The unity of the One./ He who rides the white horse to victory,
Ruling with the rod of iron,/ Shall unify the nations,

Triumphing in all/ As the Christ-pattern of all ages.        -Archeia Mary:  7-3-1972 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet

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