Saturday, August 5, 2017

they will not stop or wait for a nation that is not ready

-goldplate of Romanov family

  For the hosts of light are coming, they are coming in grand array.  And they will not stop or wait for a nation that is not ready; they will continue to march, and they sing the anthem of the free, they sing the anthem of victory.,,,those who do not follow the upward spiral, the spiral which they bring, must be left upon the shores of life to go into a downward cycle of darkness like prehistoric times.  The choice is in the individual.  The choice is in many individuals united as one--one body of free men dedicated to the preservation of the noble ideal of the Christ, the child in arm in every heart….
Come forth and let mankind be free!  Let them be free by the power of that flame within--indomitable, invincible, victorious now and forever!  So it is written in heaven, so let it be written in earth!  So write it, beloved ones, you are the writers in this age.  Write it with the sword of truth, with a pen of fire, with the power of the spoken Word!…

Out of the light and down the centuries I have come nurturing the Christ in you all.  I remain ever watchful, a guardian of the flame.  And I ask you to take up that high calling so that it might be written in the pages of history:  “These are they who loved not their lives unto the death; these are they who overcame by the blood of the Lamb, by the essence of the sacred fire.”  I anoint you this day with the Balm of Gilead from my heartflame….at the head of all the legions of light is the World Mother who comes to claim Her children, who comes to take Her children home.  She moves forward, and none can stay Her hand.       -Archeia Mary:  7-2-1970 at Santa Barbara via Messenger E C Prophet
by Ruth Hawkins

               In the heart of the lily is the resurrection flame and in the heart of the flame is the Christ risen and ascended….We set the pattern of victory, we set the pattern of purity on behalf of evolutions whose time has come.  Ye are all ideations of the One God-Flame sent forth and now it is time to rise into the maturation of your own God-flame.  Let us invoke then the resurrection flame from the base of the pyramid in the center thereof, and let it swirl around the body holy, the temple foursquare of man and of God in man….

You are all mothers and fathers of God, of the God-flame aborning within you.  And it is not sacrilege to so deem yourselves--for God must be born in man, God must be nurtured in man….Let a whirlwind action now occur!  I call to the mighty seraphim and the angels of my band:  angels of the Holy Spirit, let the dove of peace be upon their shoulders and let the perfect power of the peace of the whirlwind be known by these hearts this day!

O Most High God, beloved Alpha and Omega, I plead on behalf of a wayward generation!  Almighty One, descend this day into the chalice of my heart which I place above this focus.  And I call for the cup of crystal fire mist in the heart of the City Foursquare to be poured into the cup of my consciousness that I have held these many years on behalf of the Christ aborning in the precious children of God upon Terra.  Let it pour now, O Alpha and Omega!  Let the contents now be lowered into this octave.

And now I say, angels of my band, place a miniature replica of my cup around the hearts of these gathered here so that they might also contain that elixir that cometh down from the Father of Lights in whom there is no shadow of turning.  So let the sword keep the way of the Tree of Life within them.  Let the Almighty appear within the heartflames and let that essence circulate through their four lower bodies until the Cosmic Cube is established….

Consider yourself a rose in the heart of the World Mother and consider that that rose has an infinite number of petals ever replacing themselves by the power of the resurrection flame so that often you may take from your heart a petal of the rose of the World Mother and give it to one who does not know Her fragrance or Her love and say unto them “Tarry here that I might tell you about the petals of a Mother’s heart, about Her love that is given freely to all.”  And then tuck that petal into the heart of that one and promise him that if he waters that petal, that petal will also become a rose like unto the one you wear.  Let the multiplication and the fragmentation of the World Mother appear this day by the power of Her love anchored now within you!…

I give you the thread from my heartflame that you might begin to weave the seamless garment;a nd so all hearts are tethered my heart even as I am tethered to the heart of the One God….And so it is your time, it is your place.  You are the ideas that have come full cycle, ready now to stand in the heart of the flame and to experience your own resurrection.  So be it.       -Archeia Mary:  4-9-1971 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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