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So be the wave going forth

         Now I dip into the chalice of fire….Receive the fire from on high and be consecrated with the holy oil of consecration, for in this hour of great world need and travail you must be clothed upon with the wedding garment, the seamless garment of the Christ--the armor of the Lord and the fire of His consciousness which is indeed thy armor, thy shield and thy exceeding great reward.

I come then for the express purpose of charging you as representatives of the Cosmic Mother, of the Christ and of the Father Supreme to be in the world of form the representatives of the divine Trinity.  The balance of the sacred fire within you one and all is the key to your divinity and the key to your service in the world of form….he who has withheld a portion of the self and hidden it beneath his garment and cloak will find that when the winds of God blow, that portion that has been set aside will be exposed and man will go down because he will not have the immaculate wholeness of the perfection of the Deity.  Beloved ones, it is suicidal to reserve any part of consciousness for oneself--is not your consciousness loaned to you from the Godhead?…

Beloved ones, the key to mastery which was taught to us by the great hierophant at Luxor as we prepared for the final mission of our service--the key that he gave to us that so often meant so much in the hours of trial--was to impersonalize evil and the carnal mind, not only to impersonalize one’s own frailties but also to impersonalize the invectives that are slung by others….

For up to the age of seven there is the great opportunity of sealing them in the fires of the Christ.  Whatever is impressed upon the clay of consciousness during the period of formation and the first seven years is most important….Will you call for the sealing action of the sacred heart of the World Mother around these blessed ones?  Will you see them enveloped in purity?  So will a great service be rendered…O beloved ones, there is a mainstream, a great tide, a great wave of energy that carries the souls of men down the path of mediocrity.  And those who are not anchored to the divinity at an early age are swept away by this tide….

I ask you to unite with the Body of the Lord upon this planetary home and to determine that no level of officialdom either in religion or in government shall stay the hand of the Almighty or of His plan for this age….Rise then as sons and daughters of the flame and be anointed of the World Mother.  And I bring forth the OM-E-GA [chanted].  From the heart of the Sun receive then the fire within your heart.  Let it expand, let it expand, let it expand and take dominion over the earth!            
-Archeia Mary:  10-9-1970 at Santa Barbara via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet (portrait by Ruth Hawkins who is shown below    


               I come to inspire you unto that joy of victory which shall surely be your own if you will plant your feet surely upon Terra and plant your hands firmly into the air raised up unto the star of your own I AM Presence.  I say in this Moment, this cosmic Moment:  claim the victory of the light!  Claim the victory of your ascension!  Claim it now I say, for this is the holy day of decision!  

Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your response.  May you know that your response heartfelt reaches the angels of the Great Central Sun who have come forth on a special mission this night to seal your inner vows, to seal your victory.  And therefore by that decision and by that confirmation of the victory of Terra so you seal your heartflame in a coil of fire, in a coil of energy that shall go forth to fulfill its cosmic purpose….Now show me also as the days pass into the years how you will retain the fervor of victory!….Now see then how you have come from north and south and east and west; and many have not known even my name or even that such a being as Mighty Victory existed before this conference, and many have not known  of the violet-flame angels or of the gracious Sanat Kumara, our hierarch of light.  You see then you have proven to the Lords of Karma what I said in my request for a dispensation of victory--that it would be possible to draw to Shasta 1975 souls sincere, souls yearning to be whole even though they knew but a small aspect of the Law, and by the fire of the Brotherhood to draw them into the lodestone of the light of the Mother and the light of the I AM Presence.  And thus you have responded!  

And so by the alchemy of your fervent love, most precious to behold, there comes forth this night a momentum of victory for your soul.  And I have stood before the altar of Almighty God in the Great Central Sun and I have made a pledge on behalf of every soul who has given of his energy and his light in this conference.  And I have made that pledge that my momentum of victory shall be as a mantle of protection, as a sphere of light and as a momentum that will draw not only your soul but the souls of all whom you contact into the joyous flame of victory.  So be it!  It is my calling, it is my offering, it is my honor to bring to you the flame of my heart.

And now angels of victory release unto each soul the scroll that foretells the day of the ascension in the light.  Do you not know, precious hearts, that the day and the hour of your ascension as opportunity has been written by the Lords of Karma?  And if you fulfill your calling and your election and if you apply your energies in devotion and remain in the center of the flaming will of your own I AM Presence, if you will fulfill all that is required by the great Law for your soul you will come by the spiral of Victory released this night to the day and the hour that God already knows for your victorious ascension in the light.

Think of that—the goal that you scarcely knew before you contacted the Teachings of the Law!  Now you understand that God has first conceived the plan, that God has placed within your soul the conception of that plan.  And now by the joy of victory with freedom’s fire you are free as the dove to move into the center of that mandala which the Lord God has so lovingly compassionately created as your very own….

With the announcement of Alpha of the judgment of the Fallen One (Lucifer) I come to announce an open door, an open opportunity for the blazing light of victory to flow across Terra unobstructed by the shadowy figure of that Fallen One who in that cycle was wont to challenge and to test and to accuse and to oppose the children of the light so blest.  Now then the cycles roll!  And I would tell you that that one, that fallen one that is called by the name of Satan a number of cycles ago was also bound and remains bound.  And therefore for that thousand-year period of the binding of that one there is hope, there is opportunity, there is the most tremendous momentum for the expansion of the flame that the world has known for thousands of years.  Now see how opportunity as the open door stands before you!…

See then that you understand that Victory’s flame is the momentum whereby you challenge every lie and every remnant of the seed of the fallen ones….This is the hour when light goes forth by the power of the spoken Word, when light goes forth!  And in your name—the name of the I AM, in your name—in the name of the Christ—the fiat “I claim that energy for Saint Germain!” will cause the ones of the night to tremble and to falter and to fall, and then the inrushing of the angelic hosts as they bind the tares and take them to be burned at the harvest, the harvest of the Lord’s hosts, the harvest of the children of the light.

This is what I am saying.  I am saying that by the fiat, by the command challenging all that which opposes the Christ consciousness on Terra, all that you see as threatening woe, will go, I say, it will go down before the authority of your I AM Presence!  Now try me and see how that light will swallow up the darkness!  See how the light of your Presence will restore the planet to the golden age!  I AM Victory and I know whereof I speak!  I have seen the conquering of worlds, of maya and effluvia by light, and I have seen worlds come into a golden age that many an ascended master had long crossed off the list….

So be the wave of light going forth from Shasta!  Carry the light of Ra Mu and the golden oil of the crown of chakras!  So be the wave going forth north, south, east and west even as you have come!  So go forth as rays of the Sun and claim Terra for victory, victory, victory!  Victory, victory, victory!  (Audience joins:) Victory, victory, victory!  Victory, victory, victory!  So be it in the name of the living God!  I AM that flame, I AM your flame to claim, I AM with you to the end of the cycles of error and to the fulfillment of the cycles of the truth.  Be thou made whole in Victory!        
7-6-1975 at 11:11 to 11:27 p.m. PDT via Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet
       Good evening, ladies and gentlemen…. Catch them by the toe if you must but hold on to the children of the light!  For I have a plan and that plan is the divine direction of the light.  And I say to you one and all that the light is all-powerful, that the light is flow, that the light will claim its own!  And therefore speaking with that friend along the way know that the light within the heart of the friend will be victorious,   And when I say know, I mean decree it so with all of the love and the fervor of your heart….

When you know that the light cannot fail, that it does not fail then you place the emphasis on the invocation of love that consumes the cause and core of every deception.  Moment by moment within your heart let the prayer go forth that the divine plan of that soul be lowered into action….Now then make the call for the divine memory of the soul to be brought into outer manifestation according to the divine plan and call for the quickening of the Christ mind and call for the penetration of the all-seeing Eye!  Let the ascended masters have their try with your friend!  Let them have the opportunity!

 I have watched how many of you have let go too soon, and you have not been determined enough to make an impression of light but a bit chary in your conversation, being willing to retreat at the first sign of rejection or belittlement of the Teaching.  I say:  press on!  For all that is of error that has been superimposed upon the freewill of the friend can come to naught as the Holy Spirit releases the breath of divine Love.  There are many ways to approach the soul, many ways to release that soul.  I am not concerned with interfering with freewill, I am concerned with the liberation of that will!  And I am tired of mankind being bound in the shackles of a false ideology and a false doctrine!  At least then let us determine to clear the debris so that the soul can live and see and make right choices!  As Saint Germain has said, we demand equal time!  And if the ideology of the fallen ones must be proclaimed, then let the ascended master Teaching be shouted from the housetops!…Release the healing balm of love!

And where the cup of cold water is required extend that cup…Let us never let go of a soul until that soul has said “Leave me alone!  I will to go unto perdition.”  And then even then shall we leave the soul?  We shall pray without ceasing….And so I say, let us implement the plan of Hierarchy with compassion, with wisdom!  And let us be ready for any eventuality, any alternative; let us be flexible as teachers, not unbending but willing to walk the way of souls crying out for that fire….

Understand then that in answer to your call the sacred fire will rush forth as an arrow and it will pluck those threads that mar the image and that interfere with the design, the fine needlepoint of the Cosmic Virgin.  What you cannot do the sacred fire will do, I assure you!…

Be relentless with your call!  For you never know when one more call will cause the crumbling of that wall of Jericho, that wall of recalcitrance, that wall that seals the children of the light behind the borders of the Adversary’s consciousness.  See then that the call you make in the name of the Christ to arrest the spirals of darkness and deceit is a call that acts 24 hours a day to stop that action of the fallen ones even before it is manifest! …

Now it is time to preserve the culture, the science, the education and the religion of the Mother and in preserving that forcefield to simultaneously withdraw all that has been implanted there.  Now then by the authority of your I AM Presence I send forth the fiat:  Bind the seed of the fallen ones!  Bind the spirals of the fallen ones!  Bind their lethargy!  Bind their boredom!   Bind their compromise!  Bind their false teaching!  Let it be bound by the causal body which I AM!   Let it be bound by the causal body of each one!  

And now let the fervor of Mighty Victory be carried through divine direction, through discipline and freedom!  For the discipline of the will of God and the freedom of the violet flame are the converging of the spirals of Alpha and Omega for the victory of a planet….Let the leaders receive from my causal body and your own the impetus to divine direction and not human direction!…

I AM forevermore the consciousness of divine direction!  So receive that pulsation from my causal body and follow the course, the divine direction unto the day, the hour, the fulfillment of your stars in the ascension in the light!  I salute you one and all!  I know you one and all!  I claim you as you have been claimed by Almighty God.  I claim you for the flame of purity in the divine direction of all life.

-Divine Director:  7-6-1975, 11:36 to 11:55 p.m., via Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet       (portrait by C. Sindelar)

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